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Stephen Osterer - Baseball Development Group

The Gestalt Performance Podcast

In this interview, we hear from Stephen Osterer. Stephen is the Founder and Director of Player Development for the Baseball Development Group.

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16 Oct 2019

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Baseball development & recovery with Dr. Stephen Osterer

Play Ball Kid Baseball Podcast

Dr. Stephen Osterer is the owner of Baseball Development Group. He is a chiropractor, strength and conditioning coach living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. A traumatic elbow injury in high school almost derailed his chances to attend Cornell University and pitch for the Big Red. In the process of seeking out treatment options, Dr. Osterer developed a strong passion for manual therapy, rehabilitation, and sports performance. The concept of combining these into a career led him to the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College (CMCC) where he completed a Doctorate of Chiropractic graduating Cum Laude with clinical honours. Since graduating, Dr. Osterer has gone on to oversee the health and performance of hundreds of amateur, collegiate and professional baseball players, recently culminating in opening up the Baseball Development Group - a high-performance baseball training facility in Toronto. Sammy and Dr Osterer discuss: How he discovered weighted balls back in high school and led him to understand pain & injury. How studying to become a chiropractor helps him in his work with the Baseball Development Group. The well regarded Baseball Recovery Resource book that Dr Osterer developed. What were the surprises he found in his recovery process research The best recovery tip for high school athletes How is baseball development in Canada different that in the United States The @FlatGroundApp and Rawlings sponsored special recruiting showcase event he organized recently with assessments, top coaches and the latest technology. You can follow Dr Osterer on Instagram and Twitter. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/playballkid/message


30 Sep 2019

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Episode 84: Stephen Osterer, Baseball Development Group

The Farm System

On this Episode, we sit down with Stephen Osterer the Director of High Performance at the Baseball Development Group. Stephen’s Twitter: twitter.com/drsosterer This podcast is brought to you by our partners over at Baseball Cloud; Professional data for the amateur player. Baseball Cloud allows players from all over the country to consolidate data from their performance into a centralized location. This allows players, coaches and scouts to efficiently track, compare, and view the player’s results, through the use of graphs and a multitude of other visual analysis tools; within seconds. Learn more about their software at baseballcloud.com and follow them on social media at BaseballCloudUS. This podcast is also brought to you by our partners over at Yakkertech. Yakkertech is the gold standard for measuring spin rate, velocity, trajectory and most important, spin axis of a pitched ball. No other system captures such clarity on a moving ball. Learn more about their system at yakkertech.com. Remember to share this episode, follow us, and rate this episode! Don’t be afraid to leave a little feedback either! Twitter.com/farm_system Instagram.com/thefarmsystem/ Facebook.com/thefarmsystempodcast http://bit.ly/TheFarmYouTube


19 Sep 2019

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Episode #32 Strength, Speed, Movement and Finding Quality Professionals for Athletes with Stephen Osterer, Terry Phillips and Kyle Rogers

Muscles and Management

In this episode Gerry sits down with the three men behind Baseball Health Professionals, a new venture aimed at connected athletes, parents and coaches with quality professionals in the realms of healthcare, strength training, physical therapy and more!Dr. Stephen Osterer, Dr. Terry Phillips and Kyle Rogers are three of the best minds in the fields of baseball and sports performance training from multiple vantage points such as chiropractic care, physical therapy and strength and speed training. They give their takes on assessing athletes, how often athletes should be playing their particular sport versus training and tying all these aspects together to build stronger, better moving athletes and baseball players.Then, the trio discusses Baseball Health Professionals and the inspiration behind their successful attempt at linking quality professionals with those in need of care. From the minds of three very accomplished professionals in the industry, hear all about how they go about working with their clients and athletes and how their insight can help you as well. All this and more on this episode!Support the show (http://www.challengerstrength.com)

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7 Aug 2019

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Pitch Counts, innings limit, and playing in the Ivy league with Dr. Stephen Osterer - 092

Patrick Jones Baseball

A former pitcher at Cornell University, Dr. Stephen Osterer talks about his experience playing in the Ivy League. Dr. Osterer has own facility in Toronto, Canada called the Baseball Development Group. We talk about the best ways to train pitchers, weighted balls, and get into the infamous pitch count/innings limit debate for pitchers. Products I recommend: blastmotion.com Code: pjb25 for $25 off Pocket Radar See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

1hr 4mins

27 Nov 2018

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Dr. Stephen Osterer- Chiropractor and Strength Coach, Co-Founder of Baseball Development Group (Toronto)

Ahead Of The Curve with Jonathan Gelnar

Subscribe on iTunes Subscribe on StitcherSubscribe on Google PlayRecover for baseball: Key concepts, thoughts, and practical applications by Dr. Stephen Osterer Coupon for $15 off- AOTCrocks Quotes You can get away with throwing year round as long as we’re managing how much throwing we’re actually doing. I take the vantage point of pitchers being a lot less fragile than we give them credit for. One thing we focus on more is quantifying and qualifying range of motion. Its fairly easy to gain strength but a lot of people don’t fully appreciate how difficult it is to make changes in range of motion. At the end of the day we’re creating more movement options for hitting/pitching coaches to use during skill acquisition. There are some things we need to look at more with a critical lens.  Just because it works for a specific individual doesn’t mean we need to throw everything at everyone. Whats the purpose, whats the rationale, why are we doing this and is it doing what we intended it to do? I used to throw everything at everyone because someone was doing it and saying it worked. I think we can be better than that. How we recover in season should be significantly different than how we recover in the offseason Resources Link to CARs article Eric Cressey Driveline Fangraphs Motus Routledge Textbooks Rob Grey Contact baseballdevelopmentgroup.com @drostererWebsite and Social Media sites for the show www.aotcpodcast.com Twitter @aotc_podcast Facebook Ahead of the Curve Coaches Facebook group Instagram aotc_podcast


26 Apr 2018