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120 Keegan White - How to get out of your own way: Overcoming self-doubt and self-sabotage

A Different Life Story

Do you ever talk yourself out of the dreams that you have or the goals that you set for yourself?  Do you struggle to trust yourself or second guess the decisions that you make?  Do you find yourself sabotaging yourself again and again no matter how many times you think this time will be different?  If you're like many of the hundreds of women I’ve coached over the past 13 years, let me reassure you that there’s nothing wrong with you. It’s actually the programming in your subconscious mind that needs a reboot.Keegan White is a Mindset Coach who teaches heart-centered women in business how to overcome self-doubt so that they can make more money and have a bigger impact.  Combining her experience in long term recovery from drugs and alcohol, meditation and mindfulness trainings, she is an expert on women’s inner dialogue, reprogramming the brain, and overall well-being.    Keegan's 3 top tips:1. The importance of learning to trust yourself after active addiction no matter what phase of recovery you are in.2. The key to unlocking your ability to stop struggling and second guessing yourself lies in your subconscious mind and that once you shift your core belief about yourself anything is possible.3. That negative voice in your head is a part of you but not the whole sum of you. www.keeganwhitecoaching.com https://www.instagram.com/keeganwhitecoaching/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/heartcenteredmindsetcoaching Are you ready to learn how to silence self-doubt?Get access to a free, 10-minute video training: “5 Simple Steps to Silencing Self-Doubt.”Learn the 5 step process in our FREE Video that will kick self-doubt, procrastination, and perfectionism to the curb.Click the link to get your FREE video.  https://keeganwhite.lpages.co/silenceselfdoubt/ If you want learn more about living a fantastic life after alcohol, check out my book! https://www.amazon.com/My-Steps-Sobriety-fantastic-without-ebook/dp/B089ZPD21S/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=stephan+neff&qid=1595922770&s=digital-text&sr=1-1https://www.amazon.com/Kindle-Store/b?ie=UTF8&node=133140011&nocache=1526718783253 And follow me on Instagram, YouTube and Facebook!https://www.instagram.com/adifferentlifestory/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQ5Rgw59jOX4y3iDeMAXpwQ https://www.facebook.com/adifferentlifestory


16 Jan 2021

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Keegan White, expert on women's inner dialogue, well-being, and mindset for entrepreneurs

Unleash Your Life w/ James Leath

Keegan White, Expert on women's inner dialogue, well-being, and mindset for entrepreneurs. Let the good times roll!   What is self doubt costing you in your business and your life?Whether it’s perfectionism, procrastination, or impostor syndrome, self doubt has been running the show for too long and it's time to kick it to the curb so that you can step into what you are capable of. Connect with Keegan at:   www.keeganwhitecoaching.com —> Free Gift https://www.facebook.com/keeganwhitecoaching/https://www.instagram.com/keeganwhitecoaching/https://www.linkedin.com/in/keegan--white/

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1 Jun 2020

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Shining in Sobriety with Keegan White

Freedom to SHINE

Today we are talking to Keegan White, the founder of Shine in Sobriety.  She been placed on this planet to teach people how to heal. To heal from their patterns, habits, and beliefs that have been holding them back and keeping them stuck. I began my own spiritual path of healing over a decade ago when I walked into a treatment facility to treat my addiction to drugs, alcohol, and an abusive relationship. Now, being 13 years sober herself, Keegan has a unique view on life through the eyes of a person in long-term sobriety  - she knows the ins and outs of how we as humans escape from reality using many kinds of strategies. From the obvious: drinking, food, binge watching, social media to the not so obvious; our thinking and how we can get stuck in habitual thought pattern loop that keep people from moving forward. It is her mission is to guide you toward a mindset makeover so that you can rise above negativity, break through barriers, enrich your enjoyment of life, and expand your capacity of joy.  In this episode we discuss: - Her vulnerable and awe-inspiring story. - Here Aha! moment at yoga teacher training. - Being Sober curious. - Why having a support system after AA allows for continual expansion in one's life.  Find Keegan on all the social media @shineinsoobriety and at www.shineinsobriety.com If you enjoyed this episode then please spread the light and share it with a friend!  You can find me on IG @katherinekoroll


23 Jul 2019

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Taming the Inner Mean Girl with Keegan White

Dharma Drops Podcast

Mean Girls the movie might be "fetch." But the inner mean girl voice isn't. In this episode, I'm virtually hanging out with coach and speaker Keegan White. And she is teaching us how to tame the inner critic--or the inner mean girl. In turn, she reminds us that we are not our thoughts. By kicking the inner mean girl to the curb, we can build resilience, improve our health, and empower ourselves to live our best lives. Plus, Keegan is offering a free guided meditation for all Dharma Drops listeners! Along the way, we talk about yoga, dance, celebrities, the importance of movement for overall wellbeing and health, TV, historical fiction, and more. Ps. Keegan mostly works with women, but if you are a human and have a brain that thinks--this episode is for you!  Keep up with Keegan at: Website: https://www.thekeeganwhite.com/home Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thekeeganwhite/?hl=en To learn more about the Rebecca Warfield Yoga + Dharma Drops offerings, click below:  Dharma Drops Book Community: https://www.rebeccawarfield.com/shop/dharma-drops-book-community SOULopreneurs: A Global Sisterhood of Women in Business: https://www.rebeccawarfield.com/shop/soulopreneurs-intro-membership/soulopreneuers-a-global-sisterhood-of-women-in-business-intro-membership


24 May 2019

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Keegan White: How Standing In Your Truth Can Be The Most Empowering Act You Ever Do

Biz Babes with Soul Podcast

So excited to have my beautiful and amazing friend Keegan White on the Biz Babes With Soul Podcast. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


13 Apr 2019