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Ultimate Flexibility | Bejay Mulenga

Conscious Leaders with Ruth Farenga

Bejay, at the age of 25, is a multi-award winning serial social entrepreneur and the youngest award winner of the Queen’s Award for Enterprise Promotion. He is founder of Supa Network, the Business Building Club, and many more ventures. Bejay's leadership approach is extremely flexible, from where staff are based, to their employment contract, to how long a project will run. But this flexibility is not synonymous with chaos–it is grounded in discipline. He runs data-driven organisations that are continuously improving. Bejay seems to recognise that to help people grow they need to shadow others and collaborate. He says “you can’t be what you can’t see” and he models the behaviours he wants others to adopt. He is keen to truly engage with the people he works with to give them facetime, whether that be online or in person, so people can tune into the work culture and feel heard. What’s clear is that Bejay prioritises his wellbeing. He has strict routines around no meetings before 10am, cycles regularly and embraces nutrition. He’s keen to share this with colleagues and staff so they can take from it what they wish.


24 Sep 2021

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S2 | Episode 4: The Supa Power of Community - A Good Conversation with Supa Network Founder, Bejay Mulenga

In Other News Podcast

Having started 8 side hustles in the last 10 years, this man definitely knows a thing or two about running and sustaining enterprises. In this episode, we talk to Supa Network Founder Bejay Mulenga, and we discuss the importance of self awareness in business, the concept of earning, learning and returning, the inception of his entrepreneurial journey and popular purchases at his school tuck shop and more! Follow Bejay and the Supa Network on: Bejay: IG: @bejaymulenga | Twitter: @bejaymulenga | Pheonix Programme Instagram: @phoenixprogramme Supa Network: IG: @supanetwork | Twitter: @supanetwork As always, please do follow us on socials - IG: @inothernewsuk | Twitter: @inothernewsuk | Candace IG: @candgoods_ | Twitter: @candgoods


27 Jul 2021

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We Are Taking a Break: Our ‘Path to Purpose’ Special – Bejay Mulenga , David Smart, Okezie Morro, Solomon Smith and Ola Animashawun

How To Be a Success: Ordinary Men Living Extraordinary Lives...

Hi everyone, I have some big news today, ‘How To Be a Success: Ordinary Men Living Extraordinary Lives’ is taking a break!I want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone AROUND THE WORLD who has listened  to our podcast! From Bejing to Barking; Los Angeles to Lagos; Moscow to Madrid; Chile to Colorado; New Zealand to New York; Manila and many many more… THANK YOU! Today’s episode is going to be a compilation of words of wisdom from some of our best guests!Keep listening out for when we are coming back and in the meantime Stay Blessed!  0:00 The Beginning  - Bejay Mulenga  - Excluded at 12… Award-winning Entrepreneur at 20!Bejay Mulenga is an award-winning entrepreneur – at 20 years old he was the youngest person to receive Her Majesty the Queen’s Award for Enterprise Promotion and has gone on to consult and work for brands such as Sony Music, Uber, Coca-Cola, Facebook, River Island, and Nike.  In ‘The Beginning’ section Bejay tells us about growing up in East London and being excluded from school 40 times...12:30 How Did You Get That Job - David Smart - Mentor ExtraordinaireDavid Smart, is founder of Music Tech Training Centre and a freelance mentor to ex-offenders. Before starting the Music Tech Centre, David spent 7 years as Head of Music at Feltham Young Offenders Institute where he helped rehabilitate and mentor young men. In the ‘How Did You Get That Job’ section David tells us about starting his own business and getting the job as Head of Music at Feltham. 27:11 The Battlefield of the Mind - Okezie Morro - Hollywood Actor and StorytellerOkezie Morro, is a successful Black British actor who starred in the Netflix series The Mist, has featured in several Hollywood movies including World War Z and Red Tails. He is also the creator and producer of the Youtube children’s show Tata Story Time, where brilliant black actors perform fantastic stories written by African heritage authors.  In ‘The Mountain Top’ section Okezie tells us about: how he keeps mentally and physically motivated and how he made his move to America. 36:21 The Mountain Top - Solomon Smith - Founder and CEO of Brixton Soup KitchenSolomon Smith is the founder of Brixton Soup Kitchen, an organisation that has received numerous accolades and been featured on BBC3’s Amazing Humans, Channel 4, BBC Radio 1xtra and the Evening Standard Top 1000 Influential list. In ‘The Mountain Top’ section Solomon tells us about working with 350 corporates including Puma, Adidas, Nickelodeon and Channel 4; giving away 178,000 hot meals and much much more!39:58 The Things I Wish I’d Known  - Ola Animashawun  - A Truly Self-Made ManOla Animashawun is the man responsible for countless black plays being produced in the UK and around the world. He is Creative Director of playwriting consultancy ‘Euphoric Ink’ and founder of the Royal Court Theatre’s famous Young Writers Programme. In ‘The Things I Wish I’d Known’ section Ola tells us about the determination that was born out of his chaotic childhood in foster care and the best advice he has ever been given! HashtagsWho Do You Want To Be?  Follow Your Passion…  Know What You Want!   Have a Plan!   Be The Light… Keep Your Focus!


5 Jul 2021

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Bejay Mulenga - from the Tuck Shop kid to Supa Network

Jimmy's Jobs of the Future

For this episode I’m joined by Bejay Mulenga, Founder of Supa Network.I first met Bejay at the 2014 Conservative Party conference. He was about to speak in front of 3,000 people just before George Osbourne took the stage- no mean feat at 19 years old.He told his story about his first foray into entrepreneurship- setting up a tuck shop for his school, making £15,000 in his first term and how he transformed this business into a franchise of tuck shops. By 16 years of age, he was operating a £200,000 business with plans to train 5,000 young entrepreneurs.He received a full standing ovation.Fast-forward to today and Bejay’s Supa Network has supported over 10,000 young people at 81 locations across the country, doing everything from improving their digital literacy to working with Apple in developing their stores into learning centres. Talking about the changing the landscape of the education sector in response to the pandemic, Bejay cites the amazing work of Jack Butcher as a prime example of the creator economy.We also discuss the fascinating emerging career of a Learning Designer- the educational equivalent of a UX designer for a dev team- and how a focus on learning design can affect a business or product.Ever since that first speech in 2014, Bejay has always been someone to offer me adifferent perspective and it’s always refreshing to speak to him.Jimmy's Jobs of the Future is hiring, read more on our next chapter here and you can sign up to our newsletter here.A reminder you can follow us onInstagram: @JimmysjobsTwitter: @JimmysjobsAnd most importantly on LinkedIn


2 Jun 2021

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Bejay Mulenga - Excluded at 12… Award-winning Entrepreneur at 20!

How To Be a Success: Ordinary Men Living Extraordinary Lives...

Bejay Mulenga is an award-winning entrepreneur – at 20 years old he was the youngest person to receive Her Majesty the Queen’s Award for Enterprise Promotion in 2016. Bejay founded Supa Tuck at 14 years old, a franchise of student-run tuck shops in schools and has gone on to consult and work for brands such as Sony Music, Uber, Coca-Cola, Facebook, River Island, and Nike.0:00 The Beginning – Growing up in East London and being excluded from school 40 times...0:00 How Did You Get That Job – How Bejay started his first business at 14 and much much more…0:00 The Battlefield of the Mind – The greatest struggles Bejay has experienced in life...0:00 The Mountain Top – The greatest moments in Bejay’s life so far including taking his dad to Buckingham Palace! 0:00 The Things I Wish I’d Known – The advice he would give to young men on how to push forward in achieving their purpose.  Hashtags Excluded from school 40 TimesBrady Arts and Community CentreChanging the NarrativeResearch, Research, ResearchSupa TuckFinance, Finance, Finance AnxietyImposter SyndromeBurnoutServiceGenerational WealthWho Do You Want to Be? Email us @info@economicsandthespirit.com The Good Man AudiobookThe Good Man on Audible.comLinks Bejay's Website The Supa Network Guided Values Worksheet CreditsIcon made by Freepik from www.flaticon.com


3 May 2021

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WE IN A PANORAMIC!!! Ft. Bejay Mulenga

The Last 3 Digits

This week we are joined by the great Bejay Mulenga to discuss his journey as an entrepreneur and how he is managing in this coronavirus environment. We also discussed the covid vaccine developments as well as the US elections. Hosts: Bola Sol:  Twitter.com/Bola_Sol Instagram.com/Bola_Sol YouTube.com/BolaSol www.BolaSol.co.uk Nego True:  Twitter.com/NegoTrue Instagram.com/NegoTrue YouTube.com/NegoTrue Facebook.com/NegoTrueOfficial www.NegoTrue.com DISUNOMICS: twitter.com/_NOMICS instagram.com/disunomicspod instagram.com/thelast3digits/, twitter.com/thelast3digits, 3digitspod@gmail.com  #TL3D

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12 Nov 2020

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Entrepreneurs 101 - Bejay Mulenga, Supa

Ideamix Radio

Bejay Mulenga got his start in entrepreneurship at just 14 years of age when he took over his school's Tuck Shop to gain practical experience in business. Since then he has become a serial entrepreneur, creating a series of successful businesses under his brand Supa Network all before his 25th birthday. Bejay channels his passion for entrepreneurship into serving his community with both for profit and non-profit ventures. Bejay's dedication to bettering himself and his community makes him a great role model and mentor for his Gen Z following. Listen to hear his inspiring story and unique insight on building businesses at such a young age.


10 Sep 2020

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Becoming Limitless with Bejay Mulenga

Limitless Podcast

Welcome to the "Becoming Limitless" series, brought to you by Limitless. We are an entertainment and change platform that seeks to unlock the infinite potential of aspirational talent from disadvantaged backgrounds. This series is all about the role that equity plays in success, those moments where you got access to someone's black book, mentorship and sponsorship that have enabled people to reach their full potential. In this interview, we catch up with the inspirational Bejay Mulenga who is a serial entrepreneur and change-maker. He talks to us about how he began his entrepreneurial journey, and what success means to him after achieving so much at such a young age.This episode is also dedicated to Nathaniel Ogeleka a dear friend of ours who sadly passed away but is the very reason why Bejay and I met.


9 Sep 2020

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How to start a marketplace and community | Pip Jamieson & Bejay Mulenga - Business Building Talks

No More Tea

Talk and chat with Pip Jamieson, founder of The Dots UK. We discuss how she started the company, her routines. You can follow me on socials Instagram www.instagram.com/bejaymulenga Twitter - www.twitter.com/bejaymulenga My Website - www.bejaymulenga.com


5 May 2020

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Supa Network | Interview with Bejay Mulenga

Barclays New Frontiers

In this seventh episode, Barclays' Tom Easterby is joined by Bejay Mulenga, Founder of Supa Network and award-winning entrepreneur aged 23.  Recorded live at our 2018 New Frontiers event, Bejay discusses his work in brand marketing, the labelling of Generation Z, and the challenge of young age in the world of entrepreneurship and commerce.


25 Feb 2019