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47 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Brene Brown. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Brene Brown, often where they are interviewed.

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47 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Brene Brown. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Brene Brown, often where they are interviewed.

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The Power of Courage with Brene Brown

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On today's show we'll hear part two of a speech from author Brene Brown on why we should trust in the power of courage.

Show Notes:

Original Video - https://youtu.be/wMV77xYdEa4

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Aug 24 2020 · 22mins
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Don't Be Afraid to Fall with Brene Brown

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On today's show we'll hear part one of a speech from author Brene Brown on why we shouldn't be afraid to fall.

Show Notes:

Original Video - https://youtu.be/wMV77xYdEa4

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Aug 17 2020 · 21mins

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Chapter 6: The Cowardly Lion- "Lions and Triggers and Brene Brown, OH MY!"

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EmKay and Tara were NOT READY for the Ted Talk DEPTH the Cowardly Lion would roar into this episode!  From investigating courage, shame, societal expectations, bullying, and more, Oz has officially become a therapeutic escape and lens for life lessons as they continue whole heartedly down the yellow brick pod.  Thank you for listening!   
Show Notes:

Tara: @taratagtickles
EmKay: @emshray

Original music by Shane Chapman

Aug 08 2020 · 1hr 12mins
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Awakening, Near Death Experience, Brene Brown , Stand Up For Health, I Am That I Am

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My guest this week shares his awakening and near death experience with us.

From Ham...

 I Am That I Am : Illuminating The Divine Within Ourselves and One Another 

"When we walk into our story and truly own it, we get to write the ending". - Brene Brown 

 Even when we’ve been chosen and given a clear sign from God that our prayers have been heard, it remains up to each one of us to stand up and answer the call….make the choice to serve.  

This discussion will explore one man’s journey from misery to finding his mission.  How a death sentence can illuminate so much about life and the choice that each one of us can make to change our mindset and alter the course of our lives anytime we choose.  

I encourage everyone to visit my Events Page on my new non-profit organization’s web site.  standup4health.org  I am building a like-minded community of wellness advocates, empowering underserved communities by providing educational tools to inspire healthier living through physiological optimization.  All of my events are free to the public.  

I invite you to join my newsletter to receive periodic updates on events and recommendations for sustainable and healthful living solutions and how all of us together, as a collective whole, can stand up 4 health and make a real difference in the lives of those underserved in our communities.   

Social Links:  

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SU4Health/

Instagram: untethered.ham 

Twitter: The_Fitness_Guy

Jul 18 2020 · 1hr 22mins

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Language Learning and Brene Brown

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Tweet Language Learning and Brene Brown Buongiorno. Welcome to The 5-Week Linguist Show. Today I wanted to talk about languages and the work of Brené Brown. I must admit I’m a little late getting to the work of Brené Brown. You hear the name everywhere. So I finally just had to check it out, and… Read More Language Learning and Brene Brown

The post Language Learning and Brene Brown appeared first on Real Life Language.

Jun 29 2020 · 34mins
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Episode #64 Brene Brown’s Lessons On Vulnerability

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Vulnerability is usually seen as a weakness, so the last place you would expect to find it (or feel able to show it) is in the workplace. But Brene Brown’s work shows us that vulnerability has a place in all aspects of our lives - from leadership to parenting. It is the secret to getting the most out of others and the most out of ourselves. According to Brown, vulnerability is “life’s great dare”. If we want the best human experience, we need to go all in.

Jun 29 2020 · 24mins
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Book Review: Brene Brown's Rising Strong

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Our book review for April is Brene Brown’s Rising Strong. The entire premise of the book is how to get back up when life has thrown you down. Given that every one of us will get knocked down in life, learning how to rise and write your own story is one of the greatest skills we can cultivate. 

Especially during this uncertain time of a global pandemic, Brene Brown’s insights can help us weather the storm and regain some control. 

Here is what we cover in this episode:

  • What the 3 steps of Rising Strong include
  • Why it’s so important to get curious about your emotions
  • Why the messy middle is a non-negotiable 
  • How to deal with grief
  • How to own your story 
Apr 28 2020 · 31mins
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Trusting Yourself After a Setback - We Discuss "Self-Trust" from Brene Brown's Dare to Lead

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This week, we'll take a dive into Brene Brown's book Dare to Lead. Today, we talked about "self-trust"... I think you'll find it very relevant.
Apr 06 2020 · 53mins
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The Genius of Brene Brown

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Grace and Zach sit down to share the definitions of Brené Brown’s most important concepts. They would not be married without the work of researcher Brené Brown PhD LMSW, so listen up! Zach celebrates that the show hit 10,000 listens this week (5:20), and they share their “We’re In It With Ya!” story about accessibility (7:30). PSA: Every definition discussed in today’s episode can be found at https://brenebrown.com/definitions/.

The first words are the foundations of Brown’s work: “vulnerability” (17:20) and “shame” (19:00). Grace and Zach review them in the particular context of marriage. Next is “integrity,” which closely relates to “value” (23:40). Grace emphasizes the importance of practicing your values as a spouse, bringing you integrity. Brown has also defined “connection,” interestingly enough (28:10). 

One of Grace’s favorite concepts is “true belonging” (31:40). She and Zach spend some time picking it apart and discussing how it looks in marriage. They then discuss Brown’s controversial definition of “love” (38:40), something Grace is also passionate about. Lastly, the créme de la créme, is “wholehearted living” (45:00).

If you found this episode helpful, help others find the podcast! It can be as quick and easy as texting it to a friend or rating the show on iTunes. Grace and Zach would LOVE to hear from you--how you found the show, how it’s helped you, and your thoughts on the ideas it shares. Connect with them on Instagram @thenewlywedshow or personally with Grace @gracewjensen. 

Feb 06 2020 · 50mins
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899 Brene Brown: Create True Belonging and Heal the World

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Yes, one of the MOST requested guests on the show (since I launched it), has been this incredible woman.

She has one of the most watched TED talks of all time. She is a three-time #1 NYT bestselling author (and soon to be four). She has changed the face of emotional intelligence, relationships, and self-acceptance for millions of people.

But her area of expertise is one that not many people are willing to talk about — shame and vulnerability.

I’m talking about the one and only Brené Brown.

Brené is a research professor at the University of Houston. But once her TED talk blew up the internet a few years ago, she has appeared on much bigger platforms around the world, including Oprah, the New York Times, and many others.

Not only have her books changed millions of people’s perspectives on what it actually means to be brave, authentic, and loved, she has started a conversation that has created a ripple effect among other thought leaders.

I’ve been aware of her work for years, quoted it in my books, and followed her patiently, waiting for the right time to interview her for the podcast.

The time came a couple of years ago, on the eve of her newest book launch, and what we discussed was so powerful. I loved this episode so much, I decided to re-post it at the top of this new year as a reminder to all of us about how important these topics are.

Not only did we get into what it means to truly belong (the topic of her newest book), we got real about the tragic events happening in our country and what we get to do to change what’s going on.

  • How do we find out who we are? (6:08)
  • What is the time in your life you have been the most alone? (11:13)
  • If you had a message to give to our nation’s leader, what would you say? (44:45)

  • What belonging truly means (3:45)
  • What makes people complex (7:01)
  • What every parent needs to know about when their kids grow up (13:44)
  • Why parents are so defensive about their parenting style (18:52)
  • How to support men in being willing to discuss vulnerable topics (24:30)
  • How to handle speaking up about sensitive topics (30:01)
  • Why people hold onto hate (33:50)
  • Why our avoidance of pain is causing so many huge issues (36:35)
  • What Brene would say to all the men in the world (46:36)
  • How to deal with shame (since we can’t get rid of it) (48:58)
  • Plus much more…

If you enjoyed this episode, check out the video, show notes and more at http://www.lewishowes.com/899 and follow at instagram.com/lewishowes

Jan 08 2020 · 1hr 2mins