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Episode 189: Muskrat Falls Double Crossed Innu—Is Any First Nation Safe?

Mi'kmaq Matters

Innu entered into Impact Benefit Agreement with Canada and province of Newfoundland and Labrador regarding Muskrat Falls hydro development, but economic promise to Innu have been undermined by a pending rate mitigation deal—a double cross that has alarmed First Nations across the country, who wonder if the same thing could happen to them.This week, we speak with John Olthuis, a lawyer for the Innu Nation.


17 Aug 2021

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More Reaction To Muskrat Falls Deal, Pride In Labrador, and The Two Waynes

Labrador Morning from CBC Radio Nfld. and Labrador (Highlights)

Pride festivities have come to an end in central Labrador, but they're just getting started in Labrador West. We get an update from Martina Lavallee, a Safe Alliance volunteer, and Corinna Wentzel of the Labrador West Pride Committee. We get more reaction to the Muskrat Falls rate mitigation deal and a response to concerns from the Innu Nation that they were not properly consulted in the federal-provincial deal. We hear from Labrador MP Yvonne Jones and the provincial Minister for Indigenous Affairs and Reconciliation Lisa Dempster. The Waynes are both back! Wayne Walsh is here to talk about the Netflix movie Moxie, directed by Amy Poehler, and Wayne Button tells us about The Code Breaker by Walter Isaacson. A youth justice day camp is hoping to come to Happy Valley-Goose Bay this year. We speak with Kevin O'Shea, Executive Direction of the Public Legal Information Association of Newfoundland and Labrador. Finally, after a year of staying home, young people in Labrador West are flocking in droves to sign up for minor soccer. We hear from organizers, coaches, and players.


30 Jul 2021

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Reaction To Muskrat Falls Deal, Backyard Bioblitz, and House Doctor Peter Lin

Labrador Morning from CBC Radio Nfld. and Labrador (Highlights)

Following yesterday's announcement of federal assistance regarding Muskrat Falls and electricity rate mitigation, we hear from Innu Nation Grand Chief Etienne Rich and Torngat Mountains MHA Lela Evans. Also, for Throwback Thursday, we hear former Innu Nation Grand Chief Joseph Riche speak in 2011 about the New Dawn Agreement. The Nature Conservancy of Canada is launching a citizen science event today, and we find out how you can get involved. Piers Evans joins us. Finally, Dr. Anthony Fauci says COVID-19 cases in the U.S. are headed in the wrong direction. We talk about what we can learn from rising case counts in the States with CBC House Doctor Peter Lin.


29 Jul 2021

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Federal Bailout for Muskrat Falls

The St. John's Morning Show from CBC Radio Nfld. and Labrador (Highlights)

Residents of this province have been spared from a major spike on their power bills, the CBC's Zachary Delaney took to the streets to ask people what the deal means to them.


29 Jul 2021

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Ottawa au secours de Muskrat Falls

Flash info

Le gouvernement fédéral versera des milliards à T.-N.-L. pour compenser les coûts de Muskrat Falls. Logan Mailloux écarté du camp d'entraînement du Canadien. Une nouvelle canicule aux portes de la Colombie-Britannique. | Joane Prince (journaliste-présentatrice)


28 Jul 2021

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Introducing newcomers to Labrador indigenous cultures, Innu class-action lawsuit, little done on Muskrat Falls report and a heartwarming story from Cartwright

Labrador Morning from CBC Radio Nfld. and Labrador (Highlights)

On today's show, we find out about a program at the Labrador Friendship Centre introducing newcomer Canadians to Labrador Indigenous culture and history through workshops. A class-action lawsuit against a Catholic religious order by Innu claimants is now open to victims in Labrador. We hear from the lawyer behind the lawsuit. It's been nearly nine months since the release of the final report of the Muskrat Fall inquiry and the provincial government has barely made a dent in adopting a sweeping series of recommendations aimed at helping the province avoid a similar debacle in the future. Terry Roberts brings us that story. The holidays are said to bring out the best in people. And for a good example of human kindness, we turn to Cartwright this morning. We find out how a local mitt making group made a home for a local resident.


30 Nov 2020

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Ep. 2 How is Muskrat Falls Going?

The Indy Podcast

Drew thinks Cher is sexy, Andie talks Nalcor update. Drew's reading some Ursula LeGuin, potting some Bonsai, Andie snuck in two cans of wine to watch the Mister Rogers documentary. ★ Support this podcast ★


8 Nov 2020

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Indigenous business impacted by COVID, what we know and don't know about the latest Covid cases, what's in the provincial budget for Labrador, Muskrat Falls costs & Ches Crosbie

Labrador Morning from CBC Radio Nfld. and Labrador (Highlights)

On today's show, we hear about a report from the Atlantic Province's Economic Council that says more Covid support is needed for indigenous businesses and communities. CBC News has been trying to find out more on the latest cases of Covid-19, but details from the health department are scarce. We pull back the curtain to tell you what we know and what we don't. We tell you more what was in the provincial 2020 budget from Labrador. The final costs are in for the Muskrat Falls inquiry, and the data reveals the province and Nalcor Energy paid a steep price for legal fees and other professional services. CBC's Terry Roberts breaks it down for us. The PC's are happy to let Ches Crosbie lead them into another election. We hear about the party's AGM this past weekend.


5 Oct 2020

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Nalcor CEO Stan Marshall - Muskrat Falls Time Line

VOCM Shows

Nalcor CEO Stan Marshall - Muskrat Falls Time Line by VOCM


29 Sep 2020

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Muskrat Falls, shrimp quotas, Labrador MHAs, Rigolet gas station update, NG wins legal challenge and a glider for research

Labrador Morning from CBC Radio Nfld. and Labrador (Highlights)

On today's show, we hear some reaction to news from NALCOR about the impact of COVID-19 on the Muskrat Falls hydro project. Labrador MP Yvonne Jones weighs in on the conversation about the lack of local shrimp quotas for waters adjacent to the Inuit Land Claims Agreement. We also hear from Labrador's four MHAs about issues in their regions. The gas station in Rigolet will once again be run by the Inuit Community Government. But residents will still see an interruption in service starting tomorrow. The Nunatsiavut Government celebrates it's recent court victory after winning a legal dispute against the provincial government. We'll have the details of what it is and what it means. Scientists are using gliders to collect data along the North Coast of Labrador. It's part of a long term project to verify the consequences of climate change.


29 Sep 2020