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Rocky V

The Everything Sequel Podcast

Listen as Mike and Tom discuss the 1990 sequel Rocky V. You'll hear how little they think of this movie and why, many musings on what might be wrong with John G. Avildsen and his directorial choices at this time, and whether or not there's anything they appreciate about this film at all.

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7 Jan 2022

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Episode 269 - The Rocky Journey Part 5 - Rocky V (1990)

What We've Watched Podcast

We continue our journey through the Rocky franchise with what was intended at the time to be the final Rocky movie--the now infamous Rocky V


24 Sep 2021

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Rocky V

Reel Bros

While Rocky V (1990) is generally regarded as the worst installment in the franchise, it holds a special place for the Reel Bros. Also, the boyz talk about James' upcoming hair transplant procedure, crazy psychos and school bullies. 

1hr 35mins

24 Sep 2021

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Episode 10 - Rocky V

Crimes Against Pop Culture

Crimes Against Pop CultureLet's get ready to jibber-jabber!  On this week's episode, Gerry and I watch and discuss "Rocky V."  I have to say that I have watched some shitty movies in my day, but this comes really close to winning the WME (Worst Movie Ever) title belt.  Listen as we rant about the plot holes, the aging of a favorite son and why one character looks older than when he was killed off.  We also contemplate the Latin translation of a certain spherical body part.  As with all the other movies we have watched, Gerry and I spoil the shit out of this one.  So if you haven't seen it, watch the movie first or we will ruin the ending for you.  ROCKY WINS!!!  There, now you don't have to watch this shitty movie.Listen Here!Subscribe to iTunes!

9 Sep 2021

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Rocky V, Ep. 61

The Bagel Boys Show

Climbing the Rocky(s) part five: Rocky V. Going back to his roots may be the end of Rocky and this miniseries as we know it. Will we survive the death of the franchise? Will Rocky finally retire from boxing? Will Little Rocky Jr. fight Paulie Claus? Listen to find out!

1hr 28mins

22 Aug 2021

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'90s Stallone - Rocky V (1990)

All '90s Action, All The Time!

WARNING SPOILERS AHEAD "You don't own me! You don't own me! Nobody does! I want my respect." - Tommy Gunn And we're back! This time looking at the 90s action films of Sylvester Stallone. Scott and Craig kick off season 2 (Kyle is on one of his top secret CIA missions so can't join us this season) with an in-depth look at what many consider to be the worst entry in the Rocky. But is it though? Yes, it turns out it still very much is but that doesn't mean it is not fun to talk about. Not at all. Listen as we talk about how the film hilariously ham-fisted attempts to bring the series back to it roots, just how inexperienced real-life boxer Tommy Morrison was an actor before taking the role of Tommy Gunn  and how Don King probably should of sued given how much George Washington Duke (Richard Gant) is based on him. Elsewhere in the episode Scott and Craig are amused by Tommy's obsession with not being a robot, the worlds shortest teen rebellion phase and the fact anyone would trust Paulie (Burt Young) with there money. Plus, Scott is mightily confused as to how Craig can be a Stallone fan and not have seen the Rocky sequels (before this episode he had only seen the original and Creed). "All '90s Action, All The Time" is produced by Scott Murphy, Kyle Hintz and Craig Draheim. Music by Elyssa Vulpes. Editing by Scott Murphy.

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26 May 2021

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Rocky V with Droob G. Larkman

Rotten Treasure

This week, guest Droob G. Larkman joins us to discuss the 5th installment of the Rocky franchise. It’s like Rocky, but bad. WTF is a Power Lunch? What is the perfect number of cigarettes to smoke in one’s lifetime? What is Jim’s mom’s beef with Mr. Rogers? "The dead Grandma scene is so overplayed." - Droob G. LarkmanDroob would like to let y'all know that they are currently watching all 40 seasons of Survivor. If you have a lot of free time and kind of like Survivor, Droob welcomes you to join them in this endeavor.Like/Follow/Listen: https://linktr.ee/rottentreasure

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13 May 2021

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Rocky V

That Was Unnecessary

The TWU crew discuss the most depressing entry in the "Rocky" series. The film in the series that got real about CTE (sort of) and had some pretty messed up behind the scenes details that no one really talks about now a days. This ain't no pie eating contest. 


14 Apr 2021

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The Hyper Space: Podcasting in the 25th Century

This week, BABBLING WITH BALBOA returns with a deep dive into the controversial Rocky V. After the crowd-pleasing epic of Rocky IV, were audiences really clamoring for a broke and brain-damaged Italian Stallion? Over 30 years after its release, we discuss whether it's a film trapped in the 1990s or is there a better, more nuanced Rocky film inside this one trying to get out?

1hr 9mins

15 Feb 2021

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Rocky V ft. @RynoRoll (Ryan) | EP 13

¿Who Diss? Been Watching ...

Long overdue and thank god @rynoroll (Ryan) was free to jump in or better yet said, beat up on 1990’s “Rocky 5” starring Sylvester Stallone!! Do @whodissis1 and @rynoroll love to hate it or hate it to love it? How did Rocky Jr. grow 5 years between Rocky 4 and Rocky 5?? CAN ANYONE EXPLAIN HOW THE FUCK PAULIE OF ALL PEOPLE IS THE ONE TRUSTED WITH THE STALLONE FAMILY FINANCES??? Punchy Brain/Rocky Logic AND MORE on “Rocky V” - EP 13 of "¿Who Diss? Been Watching" ft. @rynoroll (Ryan) !! Join me EVERY SATURDAY (times vary) on IG LIVE to watch it happen, well... LIVE!!! Comment, ask questions, make suggestions, etc!!!  IG LIVE!!: https://www.instagram.com/whodissis1/ PLUS: I'm always looking for guests to talk about these films in depth and that might just be you!! Hit me up!! DON'T FORGET TO SUB TO THE YOUTUBE!!! WE APPRECIATE YA!! https://www.youtube.com/user/whodissis1--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app

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9 Feb 2021