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BEHAVIOUR MATTERS to Dan Ariely and Kelly Peters

Chatter that Matters

Dan Ariely's life, as a teenager, changed in a flash.  Dan was living in Israel when he was caught in an explosion. When he regained consciousness, he found himself in a burn ward, his home for the next three years.  Dan described his life there as a 'side actor'.  His friends moved on with their lives, while his life and every decision involving his treatment were no longer his to control.  As he dealt with his horrific pain Dan came to the conclusion that so many of the decisions on how patients were treated, were wrong.  These insights and observations set Dan on a path of education and discovery.  Today, Dan Ariely is one of the world's leading thinkers on how we think, feel and behave. Fifteen million people have watched Dan's TED Talks. A multiple-best-selling NY Times Author, a Professor at Duke University, and a co-founder with another extraordinary mind, Kelly Peters of BEworks, a Canadian consultancy with a global reputation. On Chatter that Matters, Dan and Kelly chat about why we make bad and irrational decisions, why others' bad behaviour might encourage you. We also look at how has COVID has stripped us of our freedom and control. Dan and Kelly will provide you with coping mechanisms and strategies to reclaim your sense of control and make better financial, career, and life decisions while offering compelling advice for business and political leaders.   TW: @DanAriely FB: https://www.facebook.com/DanArielyOfficial   LI: https://www.linkedin.com/in/danariely/ IG: DanDanAriely https://danariely.com/   Kelly Peters TW: @KellyBEworks FB:  https://www.facebook.com/kellypeters LI: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ikellypeters/   BEworks TW: @BEworks FB: https://www.facebook.com/BEworksInc   LI: https://www.linkedin.com/company/beworks   IG: @BEworksInc   To chat with Tony Chapman. Web:    https://chatterthatmatters.ca Web: https://tonychapmanreactions.com Twitter – @TonyChapman – https://twitter.com/tonychapman Linkedin – https://www.linkedin.com/in/tonychapmanreactions/ Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/chatterthatmatters/ Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/Chatter-that-Matters-111890333544575/ Youtube – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcGvzmw9MFkUcGylrFA2xCQ RBC - https://www.rbc.com RBC Future Launch - https://www.rbc.com/dms/enterprise/futurelaunch/index.html RBC Future Launch - Up Skill - https://www.rbc.com/dms/enterprise/futurelaunch/rbc-upskill.html


16 Apr 2021

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Kelly Peters on Bringing Scientific Thinking to Business

The Human Risk Podcast

How can we use creativity to solve complex business problems?That's what Kelly Peters, my guest on this episode does.Kelly is the CEO and co-founder of BEWorks, a purpose-driven company whose goal is to transform society and the economy through scientific thinking. In simple terms, to use behavioral science to get better business outcomes. BEWorks supports Fortune 100 companies and governments to solve strategic challenges, through creative thinking.On the show, we talk about how Kelly came to set up the company, the kinds of problems they help solve and how they go about it. We also explore the impact COVID is having on business and business models. During our discussion, we talk about:Dan Ariely - https://danariely.com/VCRs - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Videocassette_recorderDVDs - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DVDFor more on BEWorks visit their website: www.beworks.com. You'll find Kelly on Twitter: https://twitter.com/kellybeworks


24 Aug 2020

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Kelly Peters: The Power Of Data Evidence & Scientific Thinking

B.E. GOOD! by BVA Nudge Unit

Listen in to hear:– How a VCR changed everything for Kelly and got her interested in behavioral sciences– Kelly’s roots in financial services and building empirical models to help predict risk– How she learned that listening to people never helps us get at what they truly need and value– The most satisfying aspect of Kelly’s 10+ years of applying behavioral science– Kelly’s perspective on freedom, unity and liberty – and how this relates to the American and Canadian responses to COVID-19


17 Aug 2020

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Ep 12. Closing the Gap (ft. Kelly Peters)

Questioning Behaviour

Sarah Bowen and Merle van den Akker interview Kelly Peters about the gap between behavioural science in academia and business. Kelly Peters is the CEO and co-founder of BEWorks, a company dedicated to bringing the world of business into an age of scientific enlightenment. Who better to discuss the boundaries and gaps between knowledge production in academia and “the real world”! In this episode, we get to know Kelly and her own personal journey into behavioural science as well as her vision for how behavioural science can elevate and empower businesses to tackle complex challenges. Finding Kelly Peters: Kelly’s twitter (@KellyBEWorks): https://twitter.com/KellyBEworks BEWorks twitter (@BEWorks): https://twitter.com/beworks LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/beworks/?originalSubdomain=ca The BEworks academy: https://beworks.com/beworks-academy/ Questioning Behaviour Socials: Facebook: @QBpodcast (https://www.facebook.com/QBPodcast)Insta: @questioningbehaviour (https://www.instagram.com/questioningbehaviour/)Twitter: @QB_podcast (https://twitter.com/QB_Podcast)LinkedIn: @Questioning Behaviour (https://www.linkedin.com/groups/8928118/)Music: Derek Clegg “You’re the Dummy” https://derekclegg.bandcamp.com/

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6 Jul 2020

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Kelly Peters (CEO & CoFounder, BEworks)


BEworks is the world’s first commercial consulting team dedicated to the application of Behavioural Economics to real-world challenges. Recently the firm developed a Work From Home Diagnostic Tool – we caught up with Kelly Peters, BEwork’s CEO and CoFounder, to hear more about what inspired the Tool’s development and how they work with clients to apply its principles. *To watch a recording of their recent Webinar ‘Identifying and Overcoming Barriers for Returning to Work using Behavioral Science’ you can get in touch with the BEworks team using this link.


30 May 2020

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Kelly Peters (CEO & CoFounder, BEworks)

A New Normal

BEworks is the world’s first commercial consulting team dedicated to the application of Behavioural Economics to real-world challenges. Recently the firm developed a Work From Home Diagnostic Tool – we caught up with Kelly Peters, BEwork’s CEO and CoFounder, to hear more about what inspired the Tool’s development and how they work with clients to apply its principles. *To watch a recording of their recent Webinar ‘Identifying and Overcoming Barriers for Returning to Work using Behavioral Science’ you can get in touch with the BEworks team using this link.


30 May 2020

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In Our Community Episode #36 - Kelly Peters, Brickhouse NYC -

In Our Community Podcast

“Master of Musicality,” King of New York recipient, Co-Founder of Brickhouse NYC, and founder of X-Factory, a very well known figure in the urban dance community, Mr. Kelly Peters took the time to join Coach Hidi on episode #36 of this podcast. We dug deep into our passion and love for dance, where Kelly got started and what dance means to Kelly. Words of encouragement segment of this episode is definitely one that you don’t want to miss! Listeners, please don’t forget to subscribe to our show and leave us a comment on iTunes!


25 May 2020

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Dance Do: Paying Respect and Homage to the Foundations and Mentors Before Us (guest Kelly Peters)


1woahmangig, Carly, has the opportunity to talk new school, old school, and everything in between the commercial dance generations with THE iconic and influential dancer, choreographer and co-owner of NYC’s Brickhouse dance studio, Kelly Peters.


25 Apr 2020

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Social Distancing Edition - Marketing & Hiring in Uncertain Times with Allie Kelly and Kelly Peters of JazzHR

Tech Qualified

During this episode of Tech Qualified, Tristan Pelligrino and Justin Brown chat with two marketing leaders from JazzHR. The conversation features the CMO, Allie Kelly, and the Content & Communication Manager, Kelly Peters, of JazzHR. The conversation provides a glimpse into their backgrounds, uncovers how the organization leverages content within their overall marketing strategy and dives a little deeper into what JazzHR has done to respond to the uncertainties prospects face right now. Episode Highlights: Allie Kelly and Kelly Peters each discuss their professional work experience and what has brought them to JazzHR JazzHR helps organizations streamline their hiring process, especially smaller organizations that don’t have the internal infrastructure in place to manage the entire process Allie discusses the transition JazzHR has made from a complete “on-premise” team to a fully remote team The two professionals discuss how JazzHR has become a way for organizations to leverage remote hiring practices Allie breaks down the unique offer JazzHR developed to help health care organizations with their hiring process during the coronavirus pandemic With applicant tracking software, there are a number of solutions available to companies and the market is crowded JazzHR has a big commitment to helping out their channel partners JazzHR is essentially a 100% inbound organization, using content and other marketing initiatives to drive demand for their software  Even though JazzHR has a price point that seems transactional, the sales process operates very much like an enterprise sale because it touches everyone within the organization JazzHR has an extremely low churn rate and content plays an important role in this process The organization leverages feedback from customers to generate ideas and content topics JazzHR uses a lot of data to build helpful reports and other educational content for prospects and customers Engaging with peers and colleagues remains one of the biggest sources of inspiration & information for their existing roles                                     Key Points: JazzHR created a completely free offer for organizations in the midst of this pandemic situation and built an entire campaign around it to get more traction and simply help their community JazzHR’s marketing team brainstormed ideas on how to respond to the social distancing situation and settled in on a solution that just aimed to be helpful JazzHR commits to taking a thought leadership approach to attract prospects at the top of the funnel Resources Mentioned: Allie Kelly: LinkedIn Kelly Peters: LinkedIn JazzHR: Website Motion: Ultimate Thought Leadership Course for B2B Tech Companies


10 Apr 2020

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Kelly Peters, CEO of BEworks: Think like a scientist to make better business decisions

Leading Into The Unknown

“Our intuition is beautiful and can give us tremendous insights, but we also need to recognize that it's misguided." Kelly Peters explains how her “irrational passion” for behavioral economics led her to co-found the first management consulting firm dedicated to bringing scientific thinking into business strategy, and how leaders can make smarter decisions by incorporating behavioral economics into their operations.Kelly Peters is the CEO and Co-Founder of BEworks, which provides scientific research, evidence-based strategies, and fully implemented solutions to their clients, which include Fortune 500s and governments around the world. She has also overseen the launch of several business ventures that capitalize on insights into consumer behavior. Kelly is a Faculty Lecturer of Applied Behavioral Science at the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management, as well as a regular lecturer at Cornell and Harvard, among other schools. Hosted by Tom Andrews: For the past twenty years, Tom Andrews has been helping Chief Executives lead their organizations through transformation, most recently as the President of SYPartners’ Organizational Transformation practice. He has recently founded a new organization, TJA Leadership, which integrates leadership development into organizational and cultural transformation. Tom has helped design leadership curricula for GE’s Management Development Institute at Crotonville and the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, and regularly speaks at Fortune 100 companies and other high-performance organizations.


19 Nov 2018