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Sour & SaaS - Season 5 Episode 1 - with Jeremy Epstein, CMO at Gtmhub

Sour & SaaS

It's time to break down real SaaS marketing problems - with a sour twist. Garrett Mehrguth interviews marketing leaders from around the world while they're challenged to get their words out - puckering with sour candy they consume throughout their conversation.The Guest: CMO at Gtmhub, Jeremy Epstein


2 Sep 2021

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How to market a crypto company with Jeremy Epstein.

The DeFi Download

This week's DeFi Download episode features a conversation between the CEO of Radix DLT Piers Ridyard, and Jeremy Epstein, founder of Never Stop Marketing and Co-Chief Investment Officer of Crypto Futura Fund. In this episode, they delve into crypto marketing and address topics like community building, tribalism, and what it's like to brief generals in the Pentagon about the blockchain.Jeremy is the author of three books about the intersection between blockchain and marketing. He has written nearly 1000 blog posts on the blockchain and the impact of crypto-economics and has served as an advisor to OpenBazaar, Dapper Labs, the cryptocurrency FAME, DAOstack, Storj, Arweave, Formatic (now Magic), SingularityNET, Zcash.Jeremy is also a mentor on the Outliers Ventures program Base Camp, and he has twice briefed three-star generals at the Pentagon on the impact of cryptocurrencies.01:17 Jeremy's viewpoint on marketing in the cryptocurrency space and how it differs from traditional marketing.02:59 Given that Bitcoin is a community project that became valuable due to the collective belief of people wanting it to be so, how has Jeremy seen the sophistication of ways of thinking about building communities change over the years since Bitcoin's inception?6:23 What is the crypto world bringing into the traditional world, according to Jeremy? Is the traditional world being inspired by what's going on in crypto, or is it being forced to adapt and change because people expect a new type of interactivity?7:49 The emergence of tribes and tribalism in the crypto space.19:21 Jeremy discusses his experience briefing the Pentagon.22:15 Jeremy's crypto moment and what made him realize that crypto was more than just a strange technology fad.26:27 Jeremy's advice on constructing a project's narrative or story and how to think about it from the perspective of an external consumer.29:03 How Jeremy assisted Zcash in refining its marketing message.31:04 Radix's experience working with Jeremy as a marketing advisor.36:12 What are some of the upcoming innovations in the intersection of marketing, public ledgers, and decentralized applications?38:29 What is the definition of Wallet Relationship Management? Is the concept in conflict with the desires of the crypto community?Further resources:Company Website: Never Stop Marketing Twitter: @jer979Blog: Never Stop Marketing Blog Books & Publications: neverstopmarketing.com/download


21 May 2021

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Building a Community of Visionaries, with Jeremy Epstein

The Unified-CXM Experience

I’ve never met a CMO who isn’t resource constrained. Whether you’re a startup, or a Fortune 500 company, we’re all asked to do more with less. Today, Gtmhub CMO Jeremy Epstein shares his unique perspectives on being a CMO at early-stage startups. We talk about how building communities of like-minded people can help you break out of the pack, and the magic of micro-experience moments that can enhance your brand. You can find Jeremy on LinkedIn (www.linkedin.com/in/jer979/), or sharing his marketing thoughts at blog.neverstopmarketing.com.


9 Apr 2021

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Starting A Consistent Business Strategy Execution With Jeremy Epstein

B2B Go-To-Market Leaders

Nothing can come out of an excellent business strategy if the people behind it lack consistency and focus. Therefore, everything on the marketing side boils down to proper strategy execution, which involves communication and collaboration. Vijay Damojipurapu sits down with Jeremy Epstein to talk about how every CEO must learn the ins and outs of marketing or risk becoming ineffective business leaders. They discuss how well-targeted implementation of strategies can successfully transform marketing from a cost center to a revenue driver. Jeremy also dives deep into his work in the world of crypto and OKR as the CMO of Gtmhub, helping business leaders fully embrace the full potential of their plans and work on it before it's too late. 


17 Mar 2021

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Jeremy Epstein: Using OKRs to drive better marketing outcomes

The ABM Conversations Podcast - for B2B marketing professionals

In this episode, Jeremy Epstein, the CMO at Gtmhub takes us through his practical and immersive experience on "How to effectively use OKRs to drive better marketing outcomes?”He dives into:--> What makes OKRs so interesting?--> How is it different from other strategy execution methodologies like BSC?--> How the adoption of OKR begins at a company - the right stage for you to adopt OKRs--> How many objectives is too much? Why OKRs fail at some organizations, and a lot more...After listening to this episode, if you have more questions and want to get in touch with Jeremy, he's at jeremy AT Gtmhub.com


15 Mar 2021

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S1 Episode 14: The Future of Cryptocurrency with Jeremy Epstein

The Actionable Futurist Podcast

Cryptocurrency and especially bitcoin has been one of the most over-hyped technologies this decade. To better understand the opportunity for cryptocurrencies and blockchain, I spoke with Jeremy Epstein, CEO of Never Stop Marketing, who has 20 years of international marketing experience.Most recently, Jeremy was VP, Marketing at Sprinklr which grew from a $20 million valuation and 30 people to $1.8 billion valuation and 1400 people in 4 years.Today, Jeremy is a highly sought-after marketing advisor in the crypto/blockchain industry and has worked with some of the leading and most innovative projects including OpenBazaar, Zcash, and DCorp.He's spent the last 4 years deeply understanding the world of crypto and blockchain and his insights in this episode should help you better understand what lies ahead for this much discussed technology,In this episode we covered:What interested you about cryptocurrencies?Why is cryptocurrency so misunderstood?Why crypto represents the next evolution of the internetThe value transfer revolutionRe-engineering Blockchain in 2019?Is Blockchain always the best solution?The open public blockchainHelping the 2Bn unbanked peopleCreating a global trust layerStakeholder capitalismThe problem with bitcoin - humans are greedyWhat does it feel like to own crypto?Facebook's crypto ambition - LibraThe rise of surveillance capitalismThe problem with Facebook launching LibraHow holding bitcoin increases its valueParticipatory capitalWho is responsible for promoting the benefits of crypto?Blockchain can help with insurance policiesRapid insurance payments using smart contractsSending donations using bitcoinThree things for next week1. Read the bitcoin whitepaper2. Buy some bitcoin3. Send someone some bitcoinFor more on Andrew - what he speaks about and replays of recent talks, please visit ActionableFuturist.com follow @AndrewGrill on Twitter or @andrew.grill on Instagram.


18 Nov 2019

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Jeremy Epstein: Blockchain Can Make CRM’s Future Decentralized and Disrupt Ownership of Data

One on One Interviews

I recently caught up to Jeremy Epstein, and I mean literally caught up with him, as we recorded a conversation while he was walking in the forest near his home. So this was definitely a different kind of conversation, but a fun one in addition to being extremely informative and insightful. And we cover a lot of ground as Jeremy Epstein touches on the current state of blockchain development, how the number of tech startups has grown roughly 20X over the past couple of years, the industries being impacted the most, and his future prediction of how blockchain will disrupt CRM as we know it today.


30 Aug 2019

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Jeremy Epstein talks marketing and blockchain

Let's Talk Marketing

CEO of Never Stop Marketing, and global subject matter expert on the intersection of marketing and blockchain, Jeremy talks about his passion for blockchain and its potential to transform marketing.


16 Jun 2019

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Jeremy Epstein – Crypto Explorers

Smart ICO Investor Podcast

HomePage Home Host and Organizer of the Crypto Valley Trip & CEO of Never Stop Marketing Jeremy Epstein joins the podcast this week to tell the story of the genesis of the trip and give info on whats to come. Make sure to mention this podcast when you apply for the trip. Home The post Jeremy Epstein – Crypto Explorers appeared first on Smart ICO Investor.


29 Jun 2018

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INT04 – Jeremy Epstein

The TechSalesShow

Welcome to our forth interview with a business leader on The Tech Sales Show!  Jeremy and Bobbyfirst crossed paths in 2005 when they were both Business Productivity Advisors at Microsoft.  Bobby and Brian rehash their time at Microsoft and dive into a lot of interesting topics.  While Jeremy is the CEO of his own business […]

7 May 2018