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71 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Dave Ramsey. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Dave Ramsey, often where they are interviewed.

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71 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Dave Ramsey. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Dave Ramsey, often where they are interviewed.

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#381: Debt Is Never the Answer with Dave Ramsey

The EntreLeadership Podcast
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While many people stubbornly subscribe to the you-have-to-borrow-money-to-make-money philosophy, Dave Ramsey knows that idea is just a bold-faced lie. And he learned it the hard way. Forced to file bankruptcy in his twenties, Dave started over from scratch and has since built a multimillion-dollar business the only way he knows how: at the speed of cash. That’s right, over 25 years later and now with a team of nearly 1,000 people, Dave is—and has resolved to remain—debt-free. Tune in to hear Dave explain why debt is never the answer, no matter how tempting an opportunity may be—or how dire the circumstances (we’re looking at you, COVID-19).

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Jun 29 2020



Dave Ramsey's Baby Steps, Memorial Day, Biden Defines Voting Black and George Floyd

That's NOT Christian
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That’s NOT Christian is a podcast by five urban believers who discuss current events and push the envelope on traditional religious subjects with a touch of humor.

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Jun 02 2020

1hr 30mins


938 Dave Ramsey: Master Your Money In a Time Of Uncertainty

The School of Greatness
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“You don’t die from fear.”


Why is right now in these financially hard times the best time to make money? (1:20)

What lessons have you learned from the recessions you have endured? (6:30)

What do you tell people that have not been financially responsible? (13:21)

What’s the worst investment and best investment someone could be making right now? (21:29)

What was the greatest lesson that your father taught you? (31:41)

What’s the wisdom you’ve learned from your partner? (33:40)


Why losing your job is an opportunity (2:00)

What a recession is (4:11)

How many jobs are being lost per case of coronavirus (5:12)

Why now is the time to invest (9:42)

What pressure is good for (17:01)

How desperation and greed can poorly affect your investment (21:10)

The purpose of repentance (28:21)

How listening to your partner can help (36:18)

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Apr 08 2020



Dave Ramsey, Infinite Banking, & Land Flipping W/ Sid Christensen

The Wealth Without Wall Street Podcast
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How could creating passive income streams make a difference in you and your families lives right now? As Wall Street’s volatility continues to shift day after day during Coronavirus, what can you be doing not only to generate more income for yourself, but also add more time to spend with your family?

Our guest on today’s episode, Sid Christensen, explains how using Infinite Banking Concept to fund land deals and rental properties allowed him to change his family’s life for the better. He talks about how he found out about Wealth Without Wall Street and his initial skepticism towards IBC and real estate. However after taking the chance and diving into rental properties, he is now working to show others what financial freedom can look like for them. Sid also gives advice for those who are just getting started or thinking about getting started and the most important things they need to learn to minimize mistakes and maximize their success.

If you’re wondering how transformative passive income, IBC, and financial freedom can be in your life, this is an episode that shows first hand how much it means to a listener. You don’t want to miss this episode!

Top 3 Things You’ll Learn:

  • How having a positive attitude can actually increase your success and help you overcome roadblocks faster.
  • How to stay consistent with land deals, especially when you are first starting out.
  • Why IBC works so well with land deals, and how it can help you reach your financial freedom goals faster.

Guest: Sid Christensen

Sid’s career goal has always been simple… to make money. While working various full-time jobs, he started off on his financial freedom journey by learning from mistakes made in investing, experiencing the Dave Ramsey approach, and then finally in 2018, he tested the waters by creating his opportunity fund with whole life insurance. Soon after, the Financial Freedom Formula became clear to him and he chose a passive income path that worked best for his needs; land flipping. He quickly saw over $2,700 a month in passive income, all while working towards spending more time with his kids.  

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Apr 02 2020



Hope is More Contagious than Fear: Dave Ramsey, Rachel Cruze, Ken Coleman

A Message of Hope
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It’s scary out there, but hope is greater than fear. In times of crisis, facts are your friends. So get the facts and other common sense guidance on life and money from thought leaders Dave Ramsey, Ken Coleman, Rachel Cruze, Chris Hogan, Christy Wright, Anthony ONeal and John Delony.

Mar 27 2020



Money Matters! Financial Peace University's Rachel Cruze (daughter of Dave Ramsey) [Best Of Catalyst] - #074

Catalyst Health, Wellness and Performance Coaching
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Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University is one of the single most impactful organizations for helping people get their finances under control and move toward a debt-free life. Rachel Cruze spent her entire life hearing the concepts as Dave's daughter, and she now plays a critical leadership role in the organization. In the midst of her busy schedule, she was kind enough to join us on this episode in early 2019, which was so popular, we just HAD to bring it back as a throwback episode. 

If you're looking to get your finances on track or take them to the next level, you won't want to miss this episode with the gracious and wise Rachel Cruze!

Mar 09 2020



Dave Ramsey vs. Robert Kiyosaki - Is Debt Good or Bad?

The REtipster Podcast
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061: What's the deal with debt? Is it a crucial tool for building wealth or a detrimental curse to a person's long-term financial health?

(Show Notes:

In this episode, we're talking about two competing ideologies from two GIANT names in the business and personal finance space - Dave Ramsey and Robert Kiyosaki.

Dave Ramsey is perhaps the most well-known radio personality who introduces each of his radio shows saying,

"Debt is dumb, cash is king and the paid-off home mortgage has taken the place of the BMW as the status symbol of choice."

Robert Kiyosaki has sold tens of millions of books and is noted for saying things like,

"Good debt helps you get rich, Bad debt makes you poor: If you want to get rich, load up with ‘good debt’. When you want to become rich fast, it is important to have enough starting capital, and borrowing ‘good debt’ helps multiply the capital that you start with."

They can't both be right... can they?

We'll explain our thoughts in this episode.

Feb 18 2020



The Dave Ramsey of Dog Training

Elite Pet Podcast
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Most people struggle with sticking to a plan to successfully train their dogs to reach goals they have set in mind. Most people struggle with creating financial plans to "win with money". In today's episode, we will be talking about a financial program run by financial guru, Dave Ramsey, that has some applications we can take to working through a program successfully with our dogs to reach our training goals. We can take lessons learned from other plans that are just as difficult, if not more so, to work through and apply them to our training plans.

And as a reminder, for those interested in our online freshman course, here is the link:

Feb 10 2020


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Jon Shearer served as head of digital products at Dave Ramsey, creator of Financial Peace University and numerous other products designed to teach healthy personal financial practices and get out of debt. This was during Ramsey’s migration as a company from a content producer and radio show, to a digital-first brand that can meet people where they are and support them practically.  

Jon talks about the highs and lows of leading a digital transformation, and how great technology had immediate impact on the company’s reach and revenue. He also gives great advice for navigating the recurring struggle between tech and business.

Topics by time stamp:

1:06 — What is digital transformation? How to ensure that you don’t get in your own way, and kill the very idea that could be the new life of your business.  

6:25 — Jon’s journey at Ramsey: where they started and how they evolved.  

12:19 — Leadership, aka, how to scale your team under you, why leadership in tech is different from other areas, and how to help other leaders understand tech within the organization. 

22:48 — How to create a culture where technology and commercial sides of the company understand each other, and work really well together. 

40:09 — What Jon is focused on right now: Advising and mentoring in leadership “wherever people are present”.  

Feb 01 2020



The Dave Ramsey Debt-Free Investing Plan With Brad Spencer (Ep 247)

Rental Income Podcast With Dan Lane
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Brad had a ton of consumer debt. He followed Dave Ramsey's baby steps to pay everything off. Once he was debt-free, he decided that he was never going to borrow any money ever again.

On this episode, Brad talks about how he only will invest in a rental if he has the cash to buy it outright

We talk about why he thinks investing without debt is the best way to go, how he saved the cash, and how he has been using the cash that his rentals generate to buy more rentals.

Jan 28 2020