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Ep. 573: Truck De India: Rajat Ubhaykar on India's truckers

All Things Policy

Truckers are the unsung heroes of the Indian economy, working gruelling hours and spending weeks at a time travelling the country's vast highways. And yet most of us know very little about their lives and stories. Anirudh Kanisetti speaks to journalist and author Rajat Ubhaykar, author of Truck De India!: A Hitchhiker's guide to Hindustan, about his months spent travelling the country with truckers and what it taught him about India, their journeys, and the policy challenges that these transporters face.You can buy Truck De India here: https://www.amazon.in/Truck-India-Hitchhikers-guide-Hindustan-ebook/dp/B07Y8R2YXYYou can follow Anirudh on twitter: @AKanisetti(https://twitter.com/AKanisetti)You can follow Rajat on twitter: @rajatub(https://twitter.com/rajatub)You can listen to this show and other awesome shows on the IVM Podcasts app on Android: https://ivm.today/android or iOS: https://ivm.today/ios, or any other podcast app


13 May 2021

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Rajat Ubhaykar – Hitchhiking Through Hindustan

Travel Writing World

Today’s episode brings us to Mumbai, where Rajat Ubhaykar speaks with us about his travels hitchhiking through India with truckers. His adventures were published in his new book, Truck de India!: A Hitchhiker's Guide to Hindustan (Simon & Schuster 2019). Part travelogue, part immersive journalism, Truck de India! is a fascinating glimpse into an industry and an experience that is largely off-limits to westerners. We also speak briefly about the cultural and linguistic diversity of India and travel writing about the country. You can read more about Rajat's book and adventure in a series of questions he answered here. You can get reach out to Rajat Ubhaykar on Twitter.More Episodes & SupportPlease consider supporting the show with a few dollars a month, less than a cup of coffee, to help keep our show alive and advertisement-free. You can also support the show by leaving a positive review on Apple Podcasts or in your favorite podcasting app, subscribing to the show, and following us on Twitter & Instagram. Lastly, consider using our affiliate links to purchase your books. If you use our links to make a purchase, we will receive a few cents commission at no additional cost to you. These funds help keep the podcast alive and ad-free.Finally, join the Travel Writing World newsletter to receive your free copy of The Travel Book Guidebook. You will also receive quarterly dispatches & reports with podcast interviews, travel writing resources, & book recommendations. Thanks for your support!Listen to the Episode on YouTubeListen to the episode on YouTube on the Travel Writing World channel. Remember to subscribe to the channel. Intro MusicPeach by Daantai (Daantai’s Instagram)Disclaimer*Some of the links on this site are affiliate links. This means that, at no additional cost to you, this website will earn a very small commission if a purchase is made using these links. Also, "as an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases" using the Amazon links on this site.


4 May 2020

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15: Rajat Ubhaykar on his book 'Truck De India- A Hitchhiker's Guide to Hindustan' (Part-2)

Books and Authors

Dhaba food, blingy truck bodies, infernal heat, the generosity of truck drivers, and the ubiquity of corruption, Rajat Ubhaykar's book combines sociological and cultural insights with anecdote and reportage to give you a vivid picture of the lives of Indian truckers.


21 Apr 2020

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14: Rajat Ubhaykar on his book 'Truck De India- A Hitchhiker's Guide to Hindustan' (Part-1)

Books and Authors

Dhaba food, blingy truck bodies, infernal heat, the generosity of truck drivers, and the ubiquity of corruption, Rajat Ubhaykar's book combines sociological and cultural insights with anecdote and reportage to give you a vivid picture of the lives of Indian truckers.


21 Apr 2020

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1.3: Rajat Ubhaykar - Travelling from Kashmir to Kanyakumari in Trucks

Books and Beyond with Bound

What's it like spending your days in trucks without devices to keep you company and how do you make a book out of that?  Tara and Michelle are joined by Rajat Ubhaykar, the author of Truck de India! Did you know he wrote this book after spending months on the road travelling with ‘truckies’ all over India to get a glimpse into their lives? Rajat talks to us about his experience practically hitchhiking across India without a plan, encountering all sorts of different characters and stories, and everything he learned from his experience. We ask him everything – from what sparked his desire to embark on such an incredible journey to the challenges he faced and what a day on the road was actually like. What did his parents think? Did he ever get bored? How did he deal with the uncertainties and dangers posed by his journey? We explore Rajat’s unique experiences through hilarious anecdotes, insightful observations and fun facts. We talk about powerful topics like privilege, history and art, the Indian truck economy and Rajat’s favourite travel destinations. From his book deal to his editing process, Rajat tells us everything – like the fact that he doesn’t believe in the concept of drafts, how he chose the right beta readers for his book and the inspiration behind his book cover.'Books and Beyond with Bound' is a podcast where Tara Khandelwal and Michelle D'costa talk to some of the best writers in India and find out what makes them tick. Rajat Ubhaykar trained as an electrical engineer at IIT Kanpur and went on to study journalism at the Asian College of Journalism after a stint in management consulting. A recipient of the PoleStar Award in 2016 for his reportage, his work has appeared in publications such as Mint, Outlook Business, Roads & Kingdoms, and Madras Courier. He lives in Mumbai and spends his spare time reviewing books, collecting trivia, and exploring India's archaeological sites. Truck de India is his first book.  You can get your copy of his book here- https://www.amazon.in/Truck-India-Hitchhikers-guide-Hindustan-ebook/dp/B07Y8R2YXYTune in every Wednesday for a new episode.Follow Bound on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter: @boundindia Follow our podcast on Instagram: @boundpodcastsYou can check out our website at https://www.boundindia.com/podcast/


14 Apr 2020

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Podcast: Rajat Ubhaykar on hitchhiking 10,000 km across India, on trucks

From the bookshelves of Forbes India

The IIT engineer-turned-journalist discusses his recent book, Truck De India, a gritty, unconventional travelogue


11 Mar 2020

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#19 – Rajat Ubhaykar (Journalist and Author of the book – Truck De India) – Hitchhiking 10000kms with Truckers of India and writing for a living

Lifestyle Architecture Lab

Rajat Ubhaykar The Episode will play in a new window In this episode, I’m talking to Rajat Ubhaykar who is a journalist and author. His first book “Truck De India” launched in late 2019 and since then it’s trending in top travel books in India. In this book, he shares his 10000km hitchhiking adventure throughout India with Truckers. He documented the lives of truckers, the highway economy and busted a lot of myths about truckers.In this conversation, we talked about his book, his writing process, a lot of stories he actually lived through while on this crazy journey, including an insurgent attack in northeast IndiaIt was a great experience talking to Rajat about his own story and his documented journey called “Truck De India”.So without further adieu, please enjoy this conversation with Rajat Ubhaykar. Links and references from the episode – People mentioned – Dharini Bhaskar, Editorial Director, Simon Schuster IndiaRahul Dravid (Ex-Indian Cricketer) – His role model Books mentioned – The Four-hour work week by Tim Ferriss book mentioned by HimanshuThe shadow of the sun by Ryszard KapuscinskiSapiens by Yuval Noah HarariAge of Frenzy by Mahabaleshwar Sail and Vidya Pai Films mentioned – 303 – a german road trip filmBefore series App mentioned – SplenDO – To do list app Interesting references – Polish journalist Ryszard KapuscinskiSainik School, Satara – where he studiedDifficult challenges while hitchhiking with truckers – Irregular eating and routinesBrutal Heat in the Truck CabinsThe sleeping routine was a messPee and Poop routines were restricted to Dhaba’s public toilets and on the way hotels.Chewing tobacco was one of the most common addiction he found in truckersIn some parts of Punjab and Rajasthan Truckers have opium as a common addictionTrucks in northeast travel in convoys of 200+ escorted by para-military forces. It’s very common on this Highway – NH39Many times Petrol Pumps are not functioning and women sell diesel and petrol on the roadside in plastic bottles.2015 he travelled north, east and west India and 2018 in his second leg of the journey he travelled to South India.Few of Rajat’s Published Articles – Outlook Business articles – A Season Of ExodusLife In The Slow Lane Article in Roads and Kingdoms (an American Magazine) GST – Goods and Services Tax launched in India on 1 July 2017 in a historic midnight (30 June – 1 July) session of both the houses of parliament convened at the Central Hall of the Parliament in India.GST made it smoother for truckers while crossing state borders.Weird signs on Trucks (he saw in his journey) Malik ki Gaadi Driver ka Paseena, Chalti hai Sadko par Banke HaseenaIraq ka paani (on diesel tanks) Quotes mentioned – Where there is a will there is away.All kind of physical endurance has to be derived from Mental endurance.For truckers, breakfast is never breakfast, it’s usually brunch.Fortune favours the brave.Writing is torture in general, writing anything. Trying to get stuff out of your head in a coherent manner and then editing it. It is all very unnatural in away. It requires a lot of discipline and will power. When you start off on a book-length project, you don’t see the end, it’s very easy to be overwhelmed by the entire task that is in front of you. I broke down the big tasks in small pieces and make it seem doable. But then the book keeps evolving when you start writing. So it’s a very organic and evolving process. So it’s best to keep your mind open.80 Per cent of Success Is Showing Up – Woody AllenWhen I was having a writing block, I used to go and read more.We like to think that we are in control of our lives, but I think a lot of it is not in our hands and it is all serendipity and luck. The ways you can connect with Rajat Ubhaykar – InstagramTwitterHis Blog You can buy his book “Truck De India” (Click book cover below to go on Amazon.in) – This podcast is brought to you by audible. I love audiobooks and I’ve been using Audible for years. Whenever I’m commuting to work and back. Almost always I’m listening to a book. Because I don’t get as much time to read as I would like to. Audiobooks help me read books in a whole new way. For you, the listeners of Lifestyle Architecture Lab podcast, Audible is offering a free audiobook download with a free 30-days trial, the free audiobook is yours to keep even after the trial ends. I have a few audiobooks to recommend – Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind – This is one of those books which will take you back to ancient times and teach you so much. I recently read it and it just blew my mind.The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman – This is one of the greatest bedtime books. Neil Gaiman’s voice just makes this book much more wonderful. The story and the narration is just amazing. You can download any one of these audiobooks or thousands more for free right now, just go to audibletrial.com/HimanshuSachdeva for your free audiobook. Listen to this podcast on one of your favourite platforms – Connect with me – TwitterInstagram Previous episodes along with show-notes available here. Credits and License: My awesome intro background – The Real Broadway Musical by Narch and Dan Mace (Thanks guys)Outro background – Tight Shorts – Andrew Applepie Have something to say? Join the conversation in our Facebook community group! The post #19 – Rajat Ubhaykar (Journalist and Author of the book – Truck De India) – Hitchhiking 10000kms with Truckers of India and writing for a living appeared first on Lifestyle Architecture Lab.


8 Mar 2020

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39: Trucking through India - A Hitchhiking Adventure with Rajat Ubhaykar

The Sandip Roy Show

What a hitchhiker learned from riding across India in trucks and the insight it gave him about how corruption works.


15 Dec 2019

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61: TMS Specials: Around India on Trucks and Highways with Rajat Ubhaykar

The Musafir Stories - India Travel Podcast

This week, The Musafir Stories speaks to Rajat Ubhaykar, a journalist from Mumbai who talks about his journey around India on trucks and highways! Today's destination: India! Nearest Airport: n/a Nearest Railway Station: n/a Prerequisites - n/a Packing - n/a Time of the year - April Length of the itinerary: n/a Itinerary Highlights: Rajat talks about his roller coaster of a journey traversing India on trucks as he set out to document the lives of truckers and the highway economy of India. Rajat's journey was covered in 2 legs, first leg was Mumbai-Srinagar-NE, the second leg covered the eastern and western coastlines of India. Rajat talks at length about the lives of the truckers, the kind of stereotyping they are subject to, the reality of life on a highway, and how things evolved over the 2 years of his journey. Rajat's travelogue about his journey is set to hit the book stands later this year, make sure to check it out! Links: Links to blog post https://roadsandkingdoms.com/2017/truckin-on-in-india/ On building of truck bodies in Sirhind, Punjab - https://www.outlookbusiness.com/enterprise/trend/life-in-the-slow-lane-1826 On hitchhiking with nomads from Jammu to Srinagar - https://www.outlookbusiness.com/enterprise/trend/a-season-of-exodus-1889 Two pieces on trucking on NH39, India's most unsafe highway that passes through Nagaland & Manipur - https://www.outlookbusiness.com/enterprise/trend/when-not-just-goods-but-fear-too-piles-1976 https://www.outlookbusiness.com/enterprise/trend/a-convenient-arrangement-2084 On overloading and corruption on the highways - https://www.outlookbusiness.com/enterprise/trend/death-on-wheels-2197 More about the Guest: Twitter: @rajatub Photo by Harsh Fuloria on Unsplash Follow the Musafir stories on Twitter Facebook Instagram website: www.themusafirstories.com email: themusafirstories@gmail.com itunes - https://apple.co/2LPtTA3 Google podcasts - http://bit.ly/2toY7lj or voice or google search "Ok Google, play The Musafir stories podcast" website - http://bit.ly/2xFZqOV Saavn - https://bit.ly/2J5rIqi Spotify - https://spoti.fi/2HLPSVi pocketcasts - https://bit.ly/2xu3Ewg castbox - https://bit.ly/2sqBDQi Overcast - https://bit.ly/2LN9wnf Stitcher Radio - https://bit.ly/2JiBbhw audioBoom - https://bit.ly/2oZZowS TuneIn - https://bit.ly/2xyQH4a RadioPublic - https://bit.ly/2snY9u0 iHeartradio - https://ihr.fm/2xvOG8R Deezer - https://bit.ly/2L7GmOo


11 May 2019