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23 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Andy Bell. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Andy Bell, often where they are interviewed.

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23 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Andy Bell. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Andy Bell, often where they are interviewed.

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Erasure - The Neon (with Andy Bell)

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On an extra episode this week, we're joined by the legendary Andy Bell to go track by track through Erasure's brand new album (their 18th!), The Neon. Let us know your thoughts @trackbytrackuk
Aug 21 2020 · 48mins
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What is CUBE CSS? with Andy Bell

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We're talking about CUBE CSS. What is it, and how does it differ from approaches such as BEM, SMACSS, and OOCSS? Drew McLellan talks to its creator, Andy Bell, to find out.
Jun 30 2020 · 51mins

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Closer With... Andy Bell

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In episode 3 of 'Closer With...' I catch up with guitarist, musician and DJ Andy Bell. We caught up online in May to talk all things music, how he's adapting to lockdown, what the future holds for live music and his particular dislike of birds feet...it was great to talk with him so I hope you enjoy!

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Jun 08 2020 · 1hr
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Decades of Dance Music Quiz Last 16 - Laura Whitmore V Mango (RD7) | Andy Bell V Darren 'Daz' Dalton (RD8)

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We are down to our final two matches in the last 16 winners tournament.  In round 7, Arveene is joined by the competitive and highly knowledgeable Laura Whitmore as she goes up against one of Ireland's hottest rappers and lover of sneakers, Mango of MangoMathman.   In round 8, we have the legendary rock star Andy Bell go up against one half of Waterfords disco don's Get Down Edits, Mr. Darren 'Daz' Dalton. Tune in to see who makes up our last two quarter finals spots as we seek to find the most knowledgeable person in the music industry and the winner of the Decades of Dance 1920 - 2020 Music Quiz.   

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May 07 2020 · 32mins

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Special Guest - Andy Bell - Ride / Oasis / Beady Eye

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Welcome to episode 105 of Off The Beat & Track Podcast with me Stu Whiffen.

This episodes special guest is Andy Bell of Ride / Oasis / Beady Eye / Hurricane No1

I met with Andy at WeWork London and he came armed with a bag of tunes containing 7 fantastic records each which have sound tracked his life to date and we go in on that journey discussing growing up, school and how that shaped his creative path. We cover a lot of ground in this episode, chatting about his bands,signing to Creation Records, the formation,split and reformation of Ride, joining Oasis and so much more

Hope you enjoy this chat and if you do please subscribe and follow the podcast on the social media links below

Listen to all Andys song choices here


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Apr 23 2020 · 55mins
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The Centre for Mental Health with Deputy CEO Andy Bell - #CoProChats

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Support the Mental Health movement? Listen now to our CoPro Chat with Andy Bell, Deputy Chief Executive of the Centre For Mental Health.
Learn more about Andy & the Centre for Mental Health via: 
centreformentalhealth.org.uk - Check out the Centre's campaigns on Twitter:

Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/coproducecare/message

Mar 02 2020 · 36mins
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Andy Bell - John 5

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Andy encourages us from John 5
Feb 09 2020 · 44mins
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394: Andy Bell on Taking Side Projects to 11(ty)

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Show Description

Andy Bell brings his collection of side projects to the podcast to talk about including Piccalilli, Boiler Form, Web Components Club, Hylia for Eleventy, and Front End Challenges Club.

Listen on Website →


Andy Bell

Guest's Main URLGuest's Twitter

A freelance web designer who’s trying to make everyone’s experience on the web better with a focus on CSS, progressive enhancement, accessibility and design systems




Jetpack adds loads of features your self-hosted WordPress site, with the overall theme of bringing the power of WordPress.com servers to your servers. Flip on an image CDN. Flip on site backups. Flip on Markdown. Flip on security scanning. Flip on more powerful search. And so much more.


If you build bigger and fancier apps and website, you might be interested to know that Netlify recently launched Monorepo support - one of their long-standing feature request among their customers. Before, there was no easy way to use the same repository and deploy it across multiple Netlify sites.

When you specify a base directory for your site, Netlify's build engine will only publish and deploy a build if there are changes in that directory.

Jan 13 2020 · 1hr 6mins
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Episode 422 - DB Sports Companion Show 05/14/19 - Special Guest Andy Bell

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Ross Patterson, Jarred Taylor, and Dan Hollaway chat about Kawhi Leonard's magical shot, who will win the Zion Williamson lottery tonight, the Conference Finals of NHL and NBA, why the Tiger Woods lawsuit is BS, and we sit down with action sports star Andy Bell to chat about his life and career.
May 14 2019 · 1hr 44mins
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Ben Elton, Andy Bell

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Ben Elton is co-writer of The Young Ones and Blackadder, a bestselling novelist, playwright, director and writer of Upstart Crow. He talks about his new and timely novel about identity, politics, middle age and murder; his life as a semi-Australian empty-nester, and why he’s about to embark on his first UK stand up tour in 15 years.

The shortest shepherd in England, Sally Urwin, reveals why she gave up her city life as a marketing manager to work on a sheep farm in Northumberland and the joys and challenges of the lambing season.

Listener Chris Lockwood recalls playing football the unofficial England women’s team at the 1971 World Cup in Mexico – at the age of 16.

Matt Bateman is playing in the British Quidditch Cup this weekend. He explains the game, his position as “beater”, and the difference between The Quaffle, Bludgers and The Snitch.

Andy Bell, best known as frontman for the electropop duo Erasure, describes his life growing up in Peterborough with darts playing parents, how he likes to challenge his voice, and his alter-ego Torsten.

Singer-songwriter Jack Savoretti shares his Inheritance Tracks - Forever Young sung by Joan Baez, and Kathy’s Song by Simon and Garfunkel.

Presented by the Rev. Richard Coles and Suzy Klein.

Producer: Louise Corley
Editor: Beverley Purcell.
Apr 06 2019 · 1hr 24mins