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Episode 28 - Dan McCarthy: Third-degree black belt in BJJ under Bernardo Faria

LimitLess Radiocast

Listen in as we sit down with a man, who is not only an amazing person, but living life to the fullest! He will push himself just as hard as you - in training BJJ and life! Dan has been training martial arts for 35 years and has made a recent life move to Tennessee and is already emerging himself into teaching there and training hard.Dan has been blessed to train with some of the greatest BJJ instructors in the world and a great quote to live by on the mat from Dan is this: "Simply put in your best effort, and if you feel tired, remember to train for your partner - not just for you!"Dan talks about how he re-invented his game at 49 years old and you can, too, if you're willing to push yourself!We talk about a ton of BJJ scenarios, as well as certain things to do and not to do, while rolling. Dan wants to thank all those who have impacted his game - and life!Be on the lookout for LimitLess Tape coming soon!Everyone: Get your orders in now!Wholesale orders/pricing available:Order 18 packs of tape ( 4 rolls per pack ) and you’ll receive a FREE countertop display. Individual packages available, too!For questions, you can message our page or contact us below:  LLRadiocast@gmail.comFollow us on social media:Facebook - LimitLess RadiocastInstagram - @LimitLess_RadiocastLike, follow, and thank each of our sponsors for sponsoring LimitLess Radiocast!Thanks to the following for sponsoring our show:For your local beer needs:www.magiccitybrewingcompany.comFor your coffee needs:www.mhbeans.comBe sure to check out additional LimitLess Radiocast sponsors, where you can get a discount on products:     Put in LIMITLESS20 at checkout for both companies to get a 20% discount:www.rollamongus.com - Created as a singular place to purchase both Lanky Fight Gear and Standard Kimono Company jiu-jitsu goods.  Lanky Fight Gear provides the best fitting gear for taller, thinner, and long-limbed athletes.  Standard Kimono Company offers affordable, plain gis and gear in a wide range of sizes. www.battlebalm.com & www.battlebalmcbd.com - All natural pain trauma and recovery balm.Support the show (https://pod.fan/limitless-radiocast)

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23 Aug 2021

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BJJ Fanatics 475: Bernardo Faria

The BJJ Fanatics Podcast

Bernardo Faria joins the show to talk about managing training expectations, growing an academy, the fact that everyone thinks their BJJ sucks and balancing life with training. He also gives technical insight to the Over Under Pass and pressure passing!


29 Jul 2021

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Aaron Benzrihem - Bernardo Faria's First Black Belt

Forever White Belt

Aaron Benzrihem is Bernardo Faria's first Black Belt, having earned his previous brown belt from Alliance Marcelo Garcia Association.  Aaron is a multiple time Fight To Win Pro Veteran and Winner, Multiple Time IBJJF Medalist and has competed in several tournaments winning and making the podium in almost all of them.  He has a fantastic YouTube channel teaching Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and it is clear he is driven by a passion to spread the art that helped shape his life.  He is a young and ambitious entrepreneur and newlywed who has practiced several other martial arts including Muay Thai, Jeet Kune Do, Boxing, and Wrestling. He was an instructor at The Bernardo Faria Academy, he is also the first employee hired by BJJ Fanatics where his role as Senior Product Manager keeps him busy at present. This is one of those rare young (27 as of this recording) up and coming instructors that I akin to a fantastic growth stock opportunity. Meaning if I could put money on him to compound in value I would. Once you see Aaron's YouTube channel you will see why, he has an approachable yet, highly technical, yet easily digestible way to teaching BJJ which checks all those boxes which is a rarity for someone with so much runway left. I can see why Bernardo Faria decided to not only coach and mentor him but to award Aaron as his very first black belt, what a tremendous honor. Aaron is refreshingly candid, surprisingly self aware, an absolute gentleman, and a class act. Make sure to check out his two instructional's on The Leg Drag and The Half Butterfly on BJJ Fanatics and make sure to check out his amazing YouTube channel with over a years worth of highly produced content, it's quality stuff. Also, check out Aaron and his wife Bruna's dog training company Rise K9 Dog Training that not only does all sorts of dog training but also trains worst case scenario dogs on their last strike it's amazing stuff.  https://risek9training.com/. Some housekeeping notes, we recorded this before the infamous Gordon Ryan and Andre Galvao slap heard round the world so it's almost spooky how Aaron mentions this "beef".  Also, just a reminder to please give us a 5 star review on iTunes and check out our Forever White Belt merchandise at https://teespring.com/forever-white-belt, and become a patron by clicking the "Support" button at the https://anchor.fm/foreverwhitebelt/web page, also Like our Facebook page to get all the latest at https://www.facebook.com/foreverwhitebelt, and check us out on all the socials by searching for Forever White Belt.--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/foreverwhitebelt/messageSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/foreverwhitebelt/support

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9 Mar 2021

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Episode 125 | BJJ Fanatics Co-Founders, Bernardo Faria & Michael Zenga | How To "Roll" with Digital Marketing

Effort Over Everything with Jason Khalipa

Jason is sitting down with BJJ Fanatics co-founders, Bernardo and Michael, to chat all things digital marketing. The three discuss: How BJJ Fanatics got their start Building complimentary partnershipsContinued education and its role in business Making major pivots in business operationsHow to effectively utilize social media to build your business Exploring jiu jitsuToday is a must-listen for everyone looking to build their digital presence and, in turn, build their business. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show! Let's go!Connect with JasonText Jason: 408-706-2569Follow BJJ FanaticsVisit the NCFIT SHOPBecome a part of the NCFIT CollectiveVisit NCFIT online


25 Nov 2020

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Bernardo Faria - When You Work Hard, People Notice (E131)

The Gospel of Fire

Bernardo Faria is a four-time BJJ black belt world champion, a school owner, and the co-founder of the BJJ Fanatics site, one of the most successful online retail stores in grappling. We discuss his athletic career, his business model, and more.


7 Sep 2020

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Episode 116 - Bernardo Faria

The Chewjitsu Podcast

Bernardo is a multiple-time Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Champion, owner and head coach of The Bernardo Faria Academy, and one of the co-founders of the popular martial arts website www.bjjfanatics.com Bernardo talks about taking the unusual path of making a career out of Jiu-Jitsu, why winning the Jiu-Jitsu Worlds at purple belt was a pivotal point in his career, Bernardo’s training regimen that won him numerous world titles, how Bernardo learned about new BJJ techniques,  Bernardo’s first experience in America and training with Gabriel Gonzaga, how to stayed motivated, the importance of being genuine, having a constant willingness to learn, life after BJJ and his decision to retire, working with elite athletes when filming instructionals in BJJ Fanatics, how the saying “Huge honor for me” started, how Bernardo has dealt with retirement and the importance of having a plan after retiring, balancing life after retirement, and much more. Thanks to our podcast sponsors: Charlotte's Web CBD. Head over to www.charlottesweb.com and use the promo code Chewjitsu to get 15% off of your total purchase. Epic Roll BJJ. Check out www.epicrollbjj.com and use the promo code Chewjitsu to get 15% off of your total purchase. JiuGo - The Original Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Card Game. Go to www.jiugoplay.com and use the promo code Chewjitsu and get 10% off your purchase. Check out exclusive podcast interviews and conversations, videos, and tons more at www.patreon.com/thechewjitsupodcast

1hr 44mins

17 Aug 2020

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Episode 34 With Marcelo Garcia And Bernardo Faria

The WNO Podcast by FloGrappling

Legends Bernardo Faria and Marcelo Garcia call in to the podcast.

1hr 26mins

4 Apr 2020

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19: #OpenMat com Bernardo Faria

Jiu-Jitsu in Frames

Fala, galera! O entrevistado dessa semana aqui do Open Mat é Bernardo Faria. Ele é um dos fundadores do BJJ Fanatics e cinco vezes campeão mundial. Durante a pandemia do coronavirus, Bernardo foi o primeiro a disponibilizar alguns cursos do BJJ Fanatics on-line de graça. Por isso, conversamos um pouco sobre essa iniciativa, sobre o lado empreendedor de Bernardo e claro, sobre como era a vida dele de competidor. A huge honor for me, Bernardo :) muito obrigada e até a próxima semana, galera.Para quem quiser assistir a entrevista, também está disponível no YouTube. Segue: https://linktr.ee/jiujitsuinframes (https://www.youtube.com/redirect?v=4dfLFGCY5lA&redir_token=W2V-bSggojlQwyj38zBGhuT3UX18MTU4NTI0NjcwMkAxNTg1MTYwMzAy&event=video_description&q=https%3A%2F%2Flinktr.ee%2Fjiujitsuinframes)E não esquece de seguir a gente no Instagram também: https://www.instagram.com/ (https://www.youtube.com/redirect?v=4dfLFGCY5lA&redir_token=W2V-bSggojlQwyj38zBGhuT3UX18MTU4NTI0NjcwMkAxNTg1MTYwMzAy&event=video_description&q=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.instagram.com%2Fjiujitsuinframes%2F) jiujitsuinframes

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26 Mar 2020

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50. bernardo Faria giving BJJ instructional videos for free due to coronavirus

Mondragonmma microcast

50. bernardo Faria giving BJJ instructional videos for free due to coronavirusRelated links for 50. bernardo Faria giving BJJ instructional videos for free due to coronavirus: Reply to this episode on ykyz: https://ykyz.com/p/0b5d75b76ef40a787847180fab51dc8f6e94e253 Mondragonmma microcast: https://ykyz.com/c/microcast?&username=mondragonmma


19 Mar 2020

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Episode 357: Bernardo Faria returns!

The BJJ Fanatics Podcast

Bernardo Faria returns to the show after 3 years! He talks about the development of his game, effective positions for older practitioners and the formation of BJJ Fanatics. He also gives technical insight on the half guard and over/under guard passing! Click “read more” for listening options and show notes! Listen on iPhone Android listening […]

1hr 31mins

2 Apr 2019