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Anointed Word - Minster Gail Collins "Jesus Can Change Your Mind."

Christian Television Network East Tennessee Podcast Network

Bishop Anthony “Tony” Collins was born in 1957 in Orlando, Florida to a Christian father and mother – Emmett and Annie Collins. He has been married to his only wife Gail since 1981 and has only two children both from this union – daughters Erica and Lauren. He is also the grandfather of five handsome boys and two lovely daughters, by the grace of Jesus Christ. At the age of 23 he surrendered his life to Jesus. He has held positions of Christian authority in several denominational churches. He  as served as the leader of several ministries including men’s ministry, taught Sunday Morning Bible Study, Teen Ministry, Trustee Ministry, and served as a Deacon prior to being called into the ministry to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ in April of 2000. After having been an associate pastor for several years, on July 4, 2004.  Bishop Anthony Collins answered the call of The Lord to start an intentionally multicultural, non-denominational Christian church in Knoxville, TN and The House of Worship was born. God has given him a clear vision of Black, White, Hispanic and Asians worshiping together. It is a vision of the rich, poor, morally good and morally struggling, hand in hand in pursuit of a closer relationship with Christ Jesus. His vision is of a church open to all people regardless of background, ethnicity, socio-economic status or class. Currently The House of Worship has a diverse congregation along with a diverse spiritual leadership team. By God’s grace, the result of his obedience and spiritual tenacity has been a long list of miracles and changed lives. The House of Worship meets each Sunday at our church located at 190 Manhattan Avenue, Oak Ridge, Tennessee. We are conveniently located and there is plenty of parking and we are handicap accessible.   Bishop Collins was consecrated as a Bishop, in Apostolic Succession, in August of 2018.  Bishop Collins is President of Houses of Worship International Christian Partnership that is working in conjunction with The House of Worship to build an orphanage and school in Mexico.  Jesus is using Bishop Collins, The House of Worship, and HOWICP to positively impact the world for Christ.


15 Mar 2021

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Gail Collins

Origins runc tallita

Gail Collins was the first woman to hold the position of Editorial Page Editor for the New York Times


26 Aug 2020

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Republicans and the Virus Economy: Harold Meyerson; plus E.J. Dionne, Katha Pollitt & Gail Collins

Living in the USA

Harold Meyerson reports that Republicans in the Senate voted against expanded unemployment benefits almost unanimously. And the bailout support for big banks and corporations has many fewer restrictions than the small business funding support. But moments of crisis are also moments of opportunity, and number one on the Dem's list should be Medicare for All.Also: E. J. Dionne, the Washington Post columnist, talks about what it’s going to take to beat Trump in the Age of the Coronavirus – his new book is called “Code Red: How Progressives and Moderates Can Unite to Save Our Country.”Also, Katha Pollitt has some advice about how to spend all those hours at home – watching movies on TV -- and reading the classics.And finally, the great Gail Gollins of the New York Times op-ed page talks about the adventures of older women. Her book, “No Stopping us Now,” is out in paperback.


2 Apr 2020

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WMC Live #305: Gail Collins. (Original Airdate 01/19/2020)

Women's Media Center Live with Robin Morgan

Robin on impeachment, Harvey Weinstein, endangered women mayors, wrestling, how things are getting better, and days-long orgies of same-sex box crabs. Guest: NY Times columnist Gail Collins on her new book about older women, No Stopping Us Now.


19 Jan 2020

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Gail Collins on the Adventures of Older Women in American History

Just the Right Book with Roxanne Coady

From colonial times when qualities valued for sought-after wives were that she should be civil and up to fifty, to proposed legislation in 1915 that would have made it illegal for a woman over forty-four to wear cosmetics for the purpose of making a false impression, to today when we celebrate Ruth Bader Ginsburg lifting weights and issuing wise Supreme Court decisions, we are reminded that the stature of older women has been a roller coaster rides over U.S. history. These tidbits are a smidgen are what we learn in Gail Collins’s new book, No Stopping Us Now: The Adventures of Older Women in American History, out now from Little, Brown. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


16 Jan 2020

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Gail Collins and the Adventures of Older Women in American History

Inflection Point with Lauren Schiller

Jane Fonda. Ruth Bader Ginsberg. Nancy Pelosi. Elizabeth Warren. Maxine Waters. Are "older" women taking over? By 2034 there will be more people 65 and older than there are people under 18. And by and large, women are outliving men. So what might all these older women mean in terms of a possible power shift, historically speaking? Listen to my conversation with Gail Collins, New York Times columnist and the author of the new book, “No Stopping Us Now. The Adventures of Older Women in American History” We explore how attitudes toward older women have shifted in America over the centuries – from the Plymouth Colony view that women were marriageable if "civil and under fifty years of age," to quiet dismissal of post-reproductive females, to women’s role as perpetual caretaker (even when she might need caretaking herself), to the first female nominee for president. Lauren spoke with Gail on stage for the Jewish Community Center of San Francisco in October of 2019. Support our production with a tax deductible contribution at inflectionpointradio.org/contribute. Thank you!


8 Jan 2020

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A Conversation with New York Times Columnist Gail Collins

Now What? With Carole Zimmer

She’s written 9 books and she loves digging up facts like these. Mamie Eisenhower, wife of the 34th President, wore a pink inaugural gown that had more than 2,000 hand-sewn rhinestones in it. And New York Times Op-Ed columnist Gail Collins also says Mamie liked pink toilet seats. In addition to Collins, we also hear from Betty Friedan about the people who used to be called stewardesses, writer Nora Ephron about how she got her skin to clear up, Bella Abzug on the elusive idea of equality and Shirley Maclaine on why she’d never want to be 20 again.  That’s all on this episode of “Now What?” produced with help from Steve Zimmer, Gabe Zimmer and Stephanie Hou. Audio production is by Nick Ciavatta.


17 Dec 2019

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#1638: Gail Collins’ “When Everything Changed” and “America’s Women”

The Book Show

New York Times columnist Gail Collins has written a new book on a subject that is timelier than ever: women and aging in America. Author of the acclaimed New York Times bestsellers “When Everything Changed” and “America’s Women,” Collins was the first woman to serve as the editorial page editor of the New York Times. […]


10 Dec 2019

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Gail Collins | No Stopping Us Now: A History of Older Women in America

Free Library Podcast

A columnist for the New York Times and a member of its editorial board since 1995, Gail Collins was the Gray Lady's editorial page editor from 2001 to 2007, the first woman to hold that position. Her books include America's Women: 400 Years of Dolls, Drudges, Helpmates and Heroines; Scorpion Tongues: Gossip, Celebrity and American Politics; and As Texas Goes ... : How the Lone Star State Hijacked the American Agenda. In her new book, Collins offers a history of American women and aging, drawing a bead on our evolving attitudes on the matter while proposing that for ladies of a certain age, the best is yet to come. (recorded 10/29/2019)


31 Oct 2019

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216. Gail Collins (NY Times columnist) – The brief social media life of Glam-ma

Think Again – a Big Think Podcast

In 1972, the year I was born, there was apparently a famous TV ad for Geritol. My guest today describes it thus:“…a husband spoke to the camera while his wife draped herself over his shoulder, smiling like something between a model and the brainwashed resident of a creepy commune…”My wife’s incredible. She took care of the baby all day, cooked a great dinner and even went to a school meeting—and look at her!”Her potion of eternal youth, of course, is Geritol. It’s got all the vitamins and iron she needs. This perfect woman grins silently at the camera as her husband concludes: “My wife: I think I’ll keep her.” Though what constitutes “getting old” for women in America has been a moving target throughout US history, it has rarely been a picnic. But our history’s also full of women who have raised hell and pushed back in a hundred different ways against the cultural and literal corsets America keeps trying to stuff them into. My guest today is New York Times columnist and celebrated author Gail Collins. Her new book is No Stopping Us Now: the Adventures of Older Women in American History. It’s a bumpy, often exhilarating ride through the lives of older women in America from colonial times up to the present day. And Gail’s good company as our wise, wisecracking stagecoach driver. We’re headed West, and there’s hope on the horizon.Conversation starter clips in this episode: Liz Plank on masculinity, from episode 214 Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices


19 Oct 2019