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Retooled African: Changing Africa One Mind At a Time with Rozan Ahmed

African Retooled

They say strength comes from within, so how can we as Africans collectively build the workforce of the future for the continent’s prosperity? In this episode, we speak to Rozan Ahmed, recently named one of the Most Influential Persons of African Descent, and a global powerhouse who uses art, music, and fashion to drive conversations that seek to empower the everyday African’s mindset towards greatness.


3 Nov 2020

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Rozan Ahmed on Sudan's Ban on Female Genital Mutilation (07.05.2020)

Life Beats

On 30th of April 2020, Sudan made history by criminalizing the act of female genital mutilation (FGM), a dangerous and deeply embedded cultural practice. Writing for Vogue Arabia, Rozan Ahmed, a Sudanese writer shares the background and history of Sudanese women fighting against this practice, and why she says change will not be instant despite this landmark law. Listen to #Pulse95Radio in the UAE by tuning in on your radio (95.00 FM) or online on our website: www.pulse95radio.com Follow us on Social. www.facebook.com/pulse95radio www.twitter.com/pulse95radio www.instagram.com/pulse95radio


7 May 2020

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Rozan Ahmed , Activist and Visionary

Third Culture Africans

About Rozan Ahmed Rozan Ahmed is a visionary, humanitarian, writer, and much more. Throughout her life journey, she’s become a bold force for change. She advocates for the arts, a cultural ambassador, and exemplar of the African Renaissance.  About this episode Rozan Ahmed is a champion of finding your voice and living your authentic self. In this podcast, learn from Rozan’s journey as an immigrant refugee to a leading voice in the global African story. She talks about her experiences in Grime culture, moving onto the next medium, and the inspirations behind her various endeavors. Ownership of the African Renaissance is something currently on Rozan’s radar. What does it mean to be an African today? How can Africans be a part of the conversation instead of having labels thrown our way?  In this episode, we talk about: 00:00: Introducing guest Rozan Ahmed 4:19: The early journey of Rozan and “Grime” culture 9:53: Diving into Rozan’s early background in Kuwait and the UK; visiting Sudan and its influence on her 12:39: Bringing together her intersectional school of thought. 14:42: Discussing how she found her way across different mediums 17:15: Rozan finds her way to encouraging and championing local voices 19:19: What does owning the African story really mean? 20:55: Getting real about the financial aspect of what Rozan does 24:16: Being a disruptor before “disruption” was a thing 27:42: Choosing the service model over building wealth then sharing 30:11: On the African Renaissance, which Rozan sees as an ongoing process 35:01: Breaking away from labels and discovering your true self 38:36: What entrepreneurship really means  40:24: Equalizing the global African movement 44:11: The relationship between identity and economy 45:36: Rozan’s proper name pronunciation 46:44: Where to find Rozan and wrap up Mentioned Resources Rozan Ahmed Malée Zeze Online


6 Apr 2020

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Cultural Connections and Elevation with Rozan Ahmed (13.01.2019)

Life Beats

Meet creative visionary Rozan Ahmed, someone who is a pioneer in the space that merges culture, creativity, and entrepreneurship, to elevate people into embracing their unique identities. She shares her story with Sally talking everything from Kanye West to the UN, to using her voice to promote Arab and African art and culture, to forming an organisation that gives orphans access to big dreams and possibilities. Listen to #Pulse95Radio in the UAE by tuning in on your radio (95.00 FM) or online on our website: www.pulse95radio.com Follow us on Social. www.facebook.com/pulse95radio www.twitter.com/pulse95radio www.instagram.com/pulse95radio


13 Jan 2019

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Having Impact the "Multi-Potential" Way - Rozan Ahmed

When Women Win

Rozan Ahmed is a “multi-potentialite” – someone who has multiple passions and takes pride in working across all of them, rather than having a single track. She is known affectionately as “Renaissance Woman” and her vision is to solve world problems through a combination of entrepreneurial, philanthropic and curatorial activity. Rozan is a champion of the arts for social exchange, youth development, and mental well-being, and believes that local creativity is the currency which will spur Africa’s return to economic growth and continental pride. We discussed Rozan’s diverse experiences such as her most recent project, the Magic Drive, which builds confidence in orphans by conducting fashion shows at their orphanages; how she used art and culture to disseminate the mandate of the UN; and her creation of Saudi Arabia’s first ever female super hero, Latifa. We talked about the impact of the Gulf War and how becoming a refugee affected her family. Finally, we got some practical tips on how to explore the African continent. My favorite quote was "the transformation was instant". To find out more about Rozan please visit her on Instagram or check out her website. A huge thank you to Naseba and the 2018 Dubai Women in Leadership Economic Forum for making this interview possible. And finally... we are running When Women Win’s first-ever give-away! You can win an original copy of Latifa, the first Saudi super heroine comic. All you have to do to enter the competition is leave a review for When Women Win on iTunes – and DM me a picture of it @rananawas. My producer will randomly pick one lucky winner on Christmas Day, at 12noon Dubai time. Good luck!


26 Nov 2018

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Rozan Ahmed: Writer, Creative Director and Advisor

Africa State of Mind

Lee Kasumba chats to Rozan Ahmed, an internationally established writer, creative director, advisor, advocate, and popular commentator who plays an influential role in leading new frontiers and shifting attitudes in the worlds of fashion and entertainment.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


30 Jun 2018