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Todd Coleman Explains the Future of COVID-19

The 905er Podcast

As the Omicron variant continues to paralyze the 905 and all of Ontario, we asked epidemiologist Dr Todd Coleman what we should be doing to live with COVID-19 as we enter the third year of this pandemic. Todd Coleman received his PhD in Epidemiology and Biostatistics in 2014 from the University of Western Ontario. After his PhD studies, I worked as a postdoctoral fellow at Ryerson University, then, as a Public Health Epidemiologist with the Middlesex-London Health Unit. Currently, he is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Health Sciences at Wilfrid Laurier University, where he teaches courses in Epidemiology and Population Health. His research focuses on issues of social inclusion and health equity in terms of health outcomes and health care access in minority groups. This episode of The 905er is brought to you by our sponsor: South River Brewing.  Listen to this episode to see how you can save money on your next order by visiting the link below: South River Brewing It takes money and time to create two podcasts a week. We love doing what we do, but please consider supporting us if you can so we can keep improving, and keep paying the bills. Why not buy us a coffee? Or you can support us by becoming a patron for a month, for six months, or forever. See https://www.patreon.com/the905er. Patreon listeners also get to hear our episodes without commercial interruptions. Thanks to our existing patrons! You can join them at https://www.patreon.com/the905er. Supporting the 905er with a monthly donation enables us to do this podcast, to make it better and better, and to make sure it reflects your priorities. Please consider joining our growing team. Nicholas Paul: sound editing. The Quadrafonics: fantastic opening and closing tunes! Don’t forget to check out 905er.ca, even if you get the podcast delivered to you automatically. We post additional news and stories there when we can, and welcome submissions and ideas for additional content.


25 Jan 2022

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Episode 30: Todd Coleman

Falconry Told Podcast

Originally from Illinois, Todd is a recent transplant to the Palmer Divide in Colorado, where he's been learning to adapt to hunting jackrabbits with his Harris's hawk after flying red tails on squirrels and cottontails for years. Once part owner of a stable isotope lab, Todd also utilized the lab to analyze feathers of migrating, juvenile sharp-shinned hawks trapped at the Cedar Grove Ornithological Research Station as part of his thesis research at the University of Illinois. He continues to participate in raptor research when possible.


31 Dec 2019

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J Todd Coleman: Creator of Hit Computer Games Ep.16

The Colaborator Podcast with Douglas Caballero

This episode is for the computer gamers, the lovers of MMO’s - massively multiplayer online games. Our guest J Todd Coleman created the legendary games Shadowbane and Wizard 101. Todd’s enthusiastic personality pops in this interview. We talk about his entry into computer game design way back when players had to use dial up in the 80’s and 90’s, we obsess over the TV show “Halt and Catch Fire,” and Todd lays out what it takes to make a successful MMO. So take notes. The Colaborator Podcast is an in depth conversation with luminaries in entertainment, tech, and other industries about the convergence of media and technology. If you’d like to watch our interview, we have a video version at watch.colaborator.com.Hosted by Douglas Caballero, executive at Colaborator and longtime TV host and producer for Current TV, The Young Turks and The CW. Business Inquiries: podcast@colaborator.comJ Todd Coleman- www.twitter.com/jtoddcoleman www.crowfall.com/JOIN COLABORATOR, the marketplace where video professionals can apply directly to top company jobs, and create their own projects using our easy online tools. Company or Professional? Join today!www.colaborator.com www.twitter.com/colaboratorpcn www.facebook.com/colaboratorpcn www.instagram.com/colaborator

1hr 11mins

6 Mar 2017

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How to Raise $2 million on Kickstarter & find 50,000 fans. Crowfall’s J Todd Coleman & Gordon Walton

Crowd Scene | Crowdfunding Success Stories

Creative Director J Todd Colman and Exec Producer Gordon Walton are two of the most influential figures in the gaming industry. Venturing into the world of crowdfunding for the first time with their passion project, “Crowfall", they built a base of 50,000 fans before they even started their Kickstarter campaign, and more than doubled their fundraising goal to reach nearly $2 million in 30 days. On this episode of Crowd Scene they tell Mike and Pete exactly how they did it. Both Todd and Gordon are highly articulate, and very generous with their recommendations on what to do and what not to do in crowdfunding. They also share their 'Guest Picks', talk about how to keep a big, creative team moving in the same direction, and how, as crowdfunding evolves, it’s become necessary to be transparent with your backers and see them as collaborators. This episode is a lot of fun.

1hr 23mins

20 Jul 2015

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