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Episode #174 Keto Diets, Fast Food as a Last Resort and More Nutritional Topics with Julian Lo Casto

Muscles and Management

In this episode Gerry welcomes Julian back on the show to talk a variety of topics centered around nutrition.To start, the conversation steers towards social media advice and what athletes need to be weary of when it comes to who they listen to. Then,  Julian and Gerry discuss meal timing and "eating enough," for young athletes. From there, Julian touches on some things you can do when eating fast food if it is a last resort, tips for having a quality breakfast, keto diets and amino acids.All that and more on this episode of Muscles and Management!Support the show (http://www.challengerstrength.com)


10 Nov 2021

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Episode #128 The Importance of Breakfast, Supplementation and Guiding Yourself Through Effective Nutritional Programming with Julian Lo Casto

Muscles and Management

*SHOW TIMESTAMPS FEATURED AT THE END*In this episode, Gerry welcomes Julian back on the show to talk all things nutrition and nutrition for athletes. A few weeks ago, Julian posed an interesting question on social media asking strength coaches what they thought were the most misunderstood areas of nutrition for athletes and their parents. So, this show runs through some of those questions and gets Julian's perspective on them, and MORE!To start, Gerry and Julian give an update on Gerry's quest to get "ripped again," which leads into a discussion about carbohydrates (and the misconceptions surrounding them), athletes thinking they eat "a lot," and the importance of starting your day with a quality breakfast.From there, Julian gives some insight on micronutrients, advice for parents and things they should look for, as well as a discussion on fat, protein, carbs and over-reliance on supplements.All that and more on this episode of Muscles and Management!Episode Timestamps4:50 - “Make Gerry Ripped Again”12:10 - Carbs Are Not the Enemy17:00 - “I Eat So Much”21:30 - Importance of Breakfast & Tips30:20 - Micronutrients32:50 - Advice for Parents & Food Prepping Tips38:20 - Fats41:35 - Priorities in a Diet49:40 - Nutrient Delivery & Lean Protein53:20 - Too Much Reliance on SupplementsSupport the show (http://www.challengerstrength.com)

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18 Nov 2020

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60. Talking all things nutrition and what athletes need to know about what to eat w/Julian Lo Casto

Pugh Podcast

Welcome to the show! I am joined by Julian Lo Casto. He is a Nutrition and strength coach in New Jersey. Follow Julian on all social media accounts Twitter @JulianLoCastoInstagram @JulianLoCastoFollow me on all social media accounts: Twitter: @Anthony_Pugh2 IG: @AnthonyPugh2 Email: Anthony.Pugh222@gmail.com Website www.Clockwork-athletics.com--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/anthony-pugh/support


28 Oct 2020

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Episode #98 Building Nutritional Habits to Enhance High Performance with Challenger Strength Head of Nutrition Julian Lo Casto

Muscles and Management

*SHOW TIMESTAMPS FEATURED AT THE END*In this episode Gerry welcomes on Challenger Strength Head of Nutrition, Julian Lo Casto.Julian is a Precision Certified Nutrition Coach who has handled/lead nutritional programming for Challenger Strength and Challenger Strength Athletes for the better part of the last two years.The two immediately set out and attempt to dispel or validate some myths and beliefs in nutrition and whether or not you should give them a second thought or forget about them immediately.To start, Gerry asks Julian to address everything carbohydrates. From myths about not eating carbs after 5 p.m., whether carbs are the reason for weight gain and the importance of carbs for active athletes.From there, Julian tackles topics such as how much protein you need to gain weight, the importance of nutrient timing for improving your performance in the weight room and in your sport, meal replacement shakes and more. All that and more on this episode of Muscles and Management!Episode Timestamps6:58 - Carbs in the Evening12:40 - Small Meals Vs Big Meals and How to Stay on a Healthy Diet14:40 - Relationship of Carbs and Fat Loss19:10 - Hunger Cues and Culture of Food25:00 - Knowing How Much You Consume30:15 - Carbs & Protein for Athletes and Positive Weight Gain35:35 - Activity Levels of Young Athletes40:54 - Meal Timing for Training and Athletics50:05 - Pregame and Postgame Nutrition58:38 - Eating Strategies While Traveling1:03:40 - Guide on Supplements1:10:50 - CreatineSupport the show (http://www.challengerstrength.com)

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22 Jul 2020

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Episode 155: Julian Lo Casto - Nutrition Strategies for High Level Athletes, The Most Common Nutritional Mistakes Made By Athletes, and MORE!

The Peak Performance Project

Join my free community to get exclusive content and first notice when new podcasts/blogs are released [JOIN HERE]!What's up everyone!Today, I had the pleasure of interviewing my good friend and fellow nutrition coach, Julian Lo Casto. Julian is the Head of Nutrition over at Challenger Strength and like me, he is a former collegiate basketball player.If you enjoyed the episode, go ahead and leave a 5-star rating and review! Also, it would mean a ton if you took a screenshot of this episode and shared it on your Instagram/Facebook story. Tag me and let me know what your biggest takeaway from the episode was! Thanks for listening!Connect with Julian on IG: https://www.instagram.com/julianlocasto/Grab your FREE copy of my 40+ page ebook, 4 Nutritional Mistakes That Are Destroying Your Athletic Performance (And How To Fix Them)by clicking HERE!Text me directly at 818-210-4351Find more FREE content here:InstagramFacebookBlog Articles==> Take ACTION: Apply for coaching!


26 Mar 2020