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Tom King - Sheriff of Babylon #1-12

Xtinction Agenda

Chris, James, and James hit the LZ running, moving straight into the ruined heart of a once vibrant but oppressed country. Tom King guides the way. Mitch Gerads makes it real. We are smitten (almost). We are troubled (completely). But at least there is progress. At least there is that. "I want a cigarette before you kill me"


15 Oct 2022

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Tom King On Danger Street Gothan City Yr One Human Target and More

Word Balloon Comics Podcast

2hr 46mins

24 Aug 2022

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Researcher of the Month: Tom King Discusses the Effectiveness of School-Based, Peer-Led Wellbeing Interventions

Dr Kathy Weston's Get a Grip! Parenting Podcast

Our Researcher of the Month, Tom King, discusses his recent paper which reviews the evidence for peer-led mental health and wellbeing interventions, widely used in schools worldwide. He talks us through why they are so appealing to schools and outlines the potential benefits and risks. 


11 Aug 2022

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DC Comics Ep 434: DC Comics TGIF - Tom King: Wasting Time, Monkey Prince Has Crabs & Poison Ivy Eats Meat / Weird Science DC Comics

Weird Science DC Comics Podcast

DC Comics Ep 434: TGIF - Tom King: Wasting Time, Monkey Prince Has Crabs & Poison Ivy Eats Meat - Three DC Comics for the Thank Grodd It's Friday Show! Join our Patreon and help us feel loved for as little as $1/Month @ Patreon.com/WeirdScience This Week's Badass Patreon Spotlight Show: Multiversity: Teen Justice #2 & Nubia: Queen of the Amazons #2 Click Here for Weird Science Links: https://campsite.bio/weirdsciencecomics Keywords: DC Comics, Comics, Comic Books, Batman, Justice League, Superman, Flash, Wonder Woman, DC Comics Podcast, movies, pop culture, television Time Stamps:0:00:00 - Intro0:07:01 - Monkey Prince #60:32:31 - Poison Ivy #20:49:57 - Batman: Killing Time #5

1hr 17mins

9 Jul 2022

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Tom King - Vision Vol. 2 #1-12

Xtinction Agenda

James wanted to tell James that Tom King is worth a look, even if he done went and turned trash nowadays. Towards this end, he convinced his colleague to jump into some Vision comics. Both of them got a lot more than they had expected! "So first, I pray that there is a God."


12 May 2022

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Tom King talks Rorschach

Elseworlds Exchange

What the title says! See more at youtube.com/comicpopreturns and help keep the lights on at patreon.com/comicpop! 

1hr 5mins

6 May 2022

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497. Tom King, Phoenix Lights, a UFO Hotspot

Podcast UFO

Guest Tom King was in Phoenix during the Phoenix Lights event on March 13, 1997. He discusses his longtime interest, Phoenix as a UFO hotspot and his extensive UFO filming.Show Notes

1hr 54mins

9 Mar 2022

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403: The Riddler with Tom King (RECAST)

Geek History Lesson

Edward Nygma has plagued the Batman as the Riddler for years, and since he's going to be the main villain of the new film THE BATMAN, we recast one of our favorite episodes. Learn the origin of The Riddler with Batman writer Tom King! (Originally aired 2017) Don't forget to check out Jason's new comic - SUPER BEST FRIEND #02 on Kickstarter! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/jawiin/super-best-friend-1-2-a-superhero-adventure-comic You can purchase signed copies of Jason & Ashley's books like JUPITER JET here: https://www.jasoninman.com/store GHL RECOMMENDED READING from this episode: http://geekhistorylesson.com/recommendedreading Follow the show on TWITTER - https://twitter.com/GHLPodcast Visit our Facebook fan page: http://www.facebook.com/geekhistorylesson You can find Ashley at https://twitter.com/AshleyVRobinson and Jason at https://twitter.com/Jawiin. Thanks for showing up to class today. Class is dismissed!

1hr 5mins

22 Feb 2022

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Tom King geeks out!

Elseworlds Exchange

And he hates my awesome Predator idea. See more at ComicPop on Youtube and help keep the lights on at patreon.com/comicpop! 

1hr 18mins

5 Feb 2022

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Tom King Pt 2 Supergirl, Human Target CIA memories and More

Word Balloon Comics Podcast

Part 2 of last night's live chat with Tom

1hr 23mins

1 Feb 2022