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Developing the practice of regeneration with Bill Reed

The Regenerative Real Estate Podcast

Bill Reed is an internationally recognized planning consultant, design process facilitator, lecturer, teacher, and author in sustainability and regeneration. He has been a leading figure in the green building movement as a founding Board of Director of the US Green Building Council and one of the co-founders of the LEED Green Building Rating System.His work and that of Regenesis has been to pioneer regenerative development—an approach to land use, community development, and the built environment that has defined the leading edge of sustainability--across the globe. Bill has been an outspoken advocate that is committed to proving that human activity can be a source of health and regeneration, rather than destruction and degradation. Living up to this promise will require humans to step up and develop a firm grasp of the complex working of natural systems in order to harmonize and evolve with nature.

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17 Nov 2020

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Regenerating Architecture - An Interview With Bill Reed

The Architects Possibility Podcast

Buildings don’t exist in a vacuum.  But we have often thought of them that way – independent objects plunked down on a piece of land with little or no regard for the impact they have on the surrounding environment or the communities they house.  Efforts to mitigate the consequences have given rise over the decades to various approaches to sustainability. But sustainability isn’t enough. Enter Bill Reed - an internationally recognized planning consultant, design process facilitator, lecturer, teacher, and author in sustainability and regeneration.  Bill and I discuss the principles of regenerative development and its impact on architects, the profession, and how we see our role in creating the built environment.


20 Oct 2020

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SPIN-OFF: Bill Reed


Bill Reed, the Chief Event Strategy Officer of American Society of Hematology, speaks on Derrick on his views on Black Lives Matter and how leadership can guide us to a more inclusive and diverse industry. 


15 Sep 2020

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Bill Reed: The Special Business Friend

Sweet Talk

Next up on Sweet Talk is Bill Reed, Chief Operating Officer at Sweet Fish. In this one, we discuss... What is the same about Sweet Fish compared to all other companies he's worked at. The most common reason he's had to fire people over the years. His love of flying. His "open-door" policy to adopting everyone at Sweet Fish (I think I heard him right...). His willingness to be a mentor to anyone interested.


27 Jul 2020

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Andy Goldstrom, Bill Reed, & Paul D’Souza on Thought Leader Life Credibility Specials (MLP079)

Mitchell Levy Presents AHA Moments

Get to know these successful thought leaders and find out how they present themselves and their crafts as experts in their fields.Andy Goldstrom (https://aha.pub/AndyGoldstrom) is the Managing Partner at Midcourse Advisors, TechStars Atlanta Mentor and a university instructor. Based on his background as a two time Inc. 500 entrepreneur and executive, he has learned how to exploit opportunities and minimize costly errors. From these experiences, he developed a proprietary system called Business OffenseTM that gives business leaders the blueprint to accelerate success. One of Andy’s recent success stories involved repositioning a real estate firm’s value proposition that enabled them to win two multi-million dollar accounts within 90 days. Andy is a strategic thinker, a detailed leader and a consummate professional. If you are a leader of a service-based business and experiencing challenges that prevent growth and success, consider reaching out to Andy Goldstrom by visiting his website http://midcourseadvisors.com/.Bill Reed (http://aha.pub/BillReed) is the CMO and CSO at NeuronLeaders, member of the board of directors at Aretanium, and leadership consulting partner at The Ken Blanchard Companies. He is a certified ABM and sales enablement strategist, certified leadership coach, best-selling author, and Navy veteran. Bill conducts sales enablement, development, training, and coaching for companies. He is dedicated to helping his clients get their salesforce fully engages with the latest, effective, and personalized sales enablement tools, thereby increasing their productivity and company profits. If you’re using a #SalesEnablement methodology system and approach but haven’t actually addressed the fundamental component of engagement, consider reaching out to Bill Reed by visiting his website, https://neuronleaders.com/.Paul D’Souza https://aha.pub/PaulDSouza, is an author, speaker, chief revenue officer, teacher of meditation, executive coach, and sales and strategy consultant who helps companies increase revenue. Paul has been turning businesses around since 2003 by helping CEOs create effective marketing strategies, sales strategies, and delivery processes so customers can have an amazing experience with the company. If you’re a CEO who’s not hitting that number and feel like you could lose your job, you’ve got to reach out to Paul D’Souza at https://aha.pub/PaulDSouza.Global Credibility Expert, Mitchell Levy is a TEDx speaker and international bestselling author of over 60 books. As The AHA Guy at AHAthat (https://ahathat.com), he helps to extract the genius from your head in a two-three hour interview so that his team can ghostwrite your book, publish it, distribute it, and make you an Amazon bestselling author in four months or less. He is an accomplished Entrepreneur who has created twenty businesses in Silicon Valley including four publishing companies that have published over 800 books. He’s provided strategic consulting to over one hundred companies, and has been chairman of the board of a NASDAQ-listed company. Mitchell has been happily married for thirty years and regularly spends four weeks in Europe with family and friends. Visit https://mitchelllevy.com/mitchelllevypresents/ for an archive of all the podcast episodes.Connect to Mitchell Levy on:Mitchell Levy Present AHA Moments: https://mitchelllevy.com/mitchelllevypresents/Thought Leader Life: https://thoughtleaderlife.comAHAthat Radio: https://AHAthatRadio.com Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


28 May 2020

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NRO #23: Bill Reed (@humboltandjackson)

The National Restaurant Owners Podcast

Bill and I met a few years ago when we did a pop-up at his shop, Humbolt & Jackson in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Bill has recently ( very recently) sold his "baby" and his now looking at what's next. His insight into what it takes to put a concept together is priceless, and his passion for the restaurant  industry is something I really admire. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/restaurantowners/message


23 Apr 2020

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Holding multiple wholes and approaching essence on the path toward regeneration with Bill Reed (E36)

Making Permaculture Stronger

I'm so happy to know Bill Reed (from Regenesis Group) and to have him back on the show for the second time I've had someone on for the third time. If you listened to either of the prior chats you already know you're in for a treat. Thanks again Bill and I'm already looking forward to interview number four.


22 Apr 2020

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040920 Bill Reed

Marc Bernier Show Podcast

040920 Bill Reed by Marc Bernier


9 Apr 2020

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Bill Reed - Spies of The Deep

Discussions of Truth

New York Times best selling author of Red November talks about his latest work: Spies of The Deep: The Untold Truth about the Most Terrifying Incident in Submarine Naval History and How Putin Used The Tragedy to Ignite a New Cold War.   His book is available at Amazon and /or Barnes and Noble.  https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/spies-of-the-deep-w-craig-reed/1134711733 *pardon the technical glitch in program.  starts about the 39min mark--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/iantrottier/support


9 Apr 2020

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Bill Reed - Principal at Regenesis Inc.

Sustainable Nation

Bill Reed is an internationally recognized planning consultant, design process facilitator, lecturer, and author in sustainability and regeneration. He is a principal of Regenesis, Inc. – a regenerative design, living systems integrator, and education organization. His work centers on creating the framework for and managing an integrative, whole and living system design process. This work is known as Regenerative Development. It is a meta-discipline that unifies the pattern understanding practices of Ecological Design, Biophilia, and Organizational Psychology into a design process that lifts building and community planning into full integration and co-evolution with living systems. The objective: to improve the overall quality of the physical, social and spiritual life of our living places and therefore the planet. Bill Joins Sustainable Nation to Discuss: Using regenerative design principles in business and the built environment How permaculture informs regenerative development Healing the earth in 18 months Moving beyond sustainability to regenerative development Advice and recommendations for sustainability leaders Interview Highlights: Tell us a little bit about the process at Regenesis. You talk a lot about "place" and the "story of place." Tell us what that means and why this is so important when you're leading this type of regenerative work. Yeah, it's the foundation. By place we mean everything in that place: human consciousness, worms, habitat, geology, business, infrastructure and you name it. All of those aspects of life are in what we call "place." So, we don't separate people from place, for instance. They're part of it. And we don't separate nature from place. It's not about placemaking, it's about place as a living organism. Our philosophy is that every place we live in is a unique living organism on the planet and is evolutionary in its own particular, unique way. Unless we understand this, then what gives us the right to build there? We have found that once we work in congruence and in harmony with place, actually ecosystems and social systems recover their health, become dynamically stable and evolutionary all at the same time. The shift that we see when we work with that level of wholeness is profound. I learned so much just chatting with some of your colleagues during the work that we did and just learning how the geography and the history of a certain place, and understanding that that's really what created the culture that's in that place today. It's amazing how crucial it is to understand this to be able to address the specific sustainability issues that place might be facing. Yes. You can't escape mother nature, it just surfaces. You might ask, "So what? What does having that understanding do for us?" If nothing else, it awakens us to fall in love. I like to say that we're dating nature when we do this and it helps a community actually understand, honor and love what and who this place is. It's also a much different motivator than feeling guilty or feeling that we should do something. Although fear is a great motivator too of course, but hopefully we have that impulse of care and mutual reciprocity behind it. You've been talking about this need to transition from sustainability to regenerative development for quite some time. We're now seeing it become more of a topic in corporations, in universities, in communities that are starting to use that language of moving beyond sustainability. How do you think this transition is coming along? What are you seeing in this movement overall? I am seeing some incredible work being done in the regenerative agricultural field. I think it's more easy to understand because people can regenerate. They can see that the soil can be regenerated. But there's a nuance here. Regeneration is not restoration. Restoration is part of regeneration, but regeneration is the ability to do it again. It isn't doing it the first time. So, to regenerate soil or regenerate an ecosystem is not about doing it once. The Re is really important. It's the capability to keep engaging as systems change and as life evolves. So the "Re" is important here. It's rebirth. It's birth, life, death, rebirth cycles. So, how do we learn to understand our role in the system? Farmers typically are closely engaged with their soil, so to some degree they're doing regenerative work if they're paying attention. But about 90% of the world doesn't live on farms anymore. And they're the ones with the votes. They're the ones that are making decisions. How do we build that understanding in a population that basically thinks food comes in plastic wrapped containers. What is one piece of advice you'd give sustainability professionals that might help them in their careers? Number one, work with deep integration. Co-create with community, design team and owners. Once you start working with integration, the question becomes where do you stop integrating? That means that we actually have to start getting into how life works. So, if we're sustaining life then we better understand how life works as best we can. So, the recommendation is understand how to be an ecologist. What are you most excited about right now in the world of sustainability or regenerative development? I think a lot of us are somewhat depressed about the state of the world and how little we've done. But when even three to five years ago, people were not very receptive to this concept, so many people are opening their minds and hearts now to realize that we have to do something differently. So, I don't know if I'm excited about anything in the world of sustainability, I'm excited about the world that people are realizing fundamentally that we have to work in a different way. It's that Greek definition of insanity, doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. I think finally people are realizing we need to change the paradigms out of which we're working. So that's exciting. What is one book you would recommend sustainability professionals read? He speaks a lot about what we believe in. His name is Charles Eisenstein and his new book is called: Climate, a New Story. I'm kind of tired of reading about climate, but he changes the dimensions on that. I recommend that. I'm reading it now and enjoying it a lot. What are some of your favorite resources or tools that really help you in your work? We are collaborative learners. We are learning this as we're teaching it to people. There is no answer book for this work. So, I highly recommend the Regenerative Practitioner Course. I highly recommend reading Carol Sanford's books, because I think both of them talk about this work in a unique way. The resources are really these living system frameworks and you can read about them. Yeah, it sounds so self aggrandizing. I apologize for that, but I just don't know the other resources for these things. JG Bennett's work is a source for these systemic frameworks. They open up a different world and so I'll leave it at that. Where can people go to learn more about you and the work you're doing at Regenesis? Our website is regenesisgroup.com and you can also access our education site, which we just changed the name to Institute for Regeneration. My email address is: reed@regenesisgroup.com. If anybody is really interested, we do have articles on the website. I have more that I can send people. I'm always happy to send stuff out. I'm happy to respond to anybody if they're interested in exploring more. About Sustridge Sustridge is a sustainability consulting firm providing consulting in sustainability strategy development, GHG emissions calculating and management, zero waste planning and guidance in TRUE Zero Waste, B Corp, LEED and Carbon Neutral certification.


17 Sep 2019