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Luvbites by Dr. Tara

This is for both men and women. “Act pregnant now to get pregnant later!” Listen to this episode and you’ll know why. Today I am joined by Gabriela Rosa! renowned fertility specialist, best-selling author, Harvard university awarded scholar, founder of the Rosa institute–an organization dedicated to helping couples make healthy babies. We chat about sex and the stigmas around fertility and pregnancy, stages of ovulation, and tracking vaginal mucus. All great stuff! We ended with a rapid round of "10 Quickies with Dr. Tara" Listen and learn my luvs...Oh and have an orgasmic day!For more sex and relationship realness, follow me on social media: luvbites.co and subscribe to my juicy newsletter at www.luvbites.coLinks to Connect with Gabriela Rosa:@gabrielarosafertilityhttps://www.instagram.com/gabrielarosafertility/@gabrielarosa_talksexhttps://www.instagram.com/gabrielarosa_talksex/maude - The Best Massage CandleLink: https://getmaude.com/drtaraUse Code: DRTARA for $5 off your orderDame - Amazing Hands-Free VibratorLink: https://dameproducts.pxf.io/c/3065362/925198/12599Use Code: DRTARA for 10% discount*All Rights Reserved. Dr. Tara International Inc.

15 Mar 2022

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GABRIELA ROSA; LIVE FROM AUSTRALIA; Infertility; Rosa Institute;, “Fertility Challenge;” Public Health, Author, Sex Talk, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, MPH, ‘22

Conversations with Calvin; WE the Species

CONVERSATIONS WITH CALVIN WE THE SPECIES    GABRIELA ROSA: THE ROSA INSTITUTE; INFERTILITY and more.  https://www.youtube.com/c/ConversationswithCalvinWetheSpecIEs 135  Interviews. GLOBAL Reach. DEI. Earth Life. Amazing People.  PLEASE SUBSCRIBE **  GABRIELA ROSA; LIVE FROM  #AUSTRALIA #infertility; Rosa Institute;, “Fertility Challenge;”  #PublicHealth, Author, Sex Talk, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, MPH, ‘22  YouTube:   CONTACT: linkedin.com/in/gabrielarosa Websites: naturalfertilitybreakthrough.com  (Company Website) naturalfertilitybreakthrough.com/free-fertility-consultation/  (Fertility Assessment) naturalfertilitybreakthrough.com/blog  (Blog) Twitter:   gabrielarosa  ** BIO: I am the clinical director at the Rosa Institute and have developed a solid track record in driving public health education initiatives, conducting clinical research studies, and supporting couples with reproductive health concerns. Over the course of my career, I have acquired a reputation for considerable success with assisting patients in taking home healthy babies, even when other treatments have failed. Among my skills is the ability to communicate effectively, with proficiency in English and Portuguese, with stakeholders across all levels of business. I am adept at facilitating comprehensive training programs and healthcare challenges.  I am a leader with the ability to supervise diverse teams in highly regulated environments by leveraging innovative leadership strategies. In addition, I have proven policy development and implementation, strategic consultancy, as well as operations management skills. I possess a sensitive approach to duty execution, which is an integral trait for any professional collaborating with patients experiencing infertility and other reproductive challenges. I have published four of my own books. I have also contributed to scientific publications, as well as dozens of podcasts, implementing and driving public health education in the field of reproductive medicine across multiple media platforms.  In 2021 I complete all requirements to graduate with a Master of Public Health (Clinical Effectiveness) from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. I have also obtained a Master of Science in Medicine, with a focus on Reproductive Health and Human Genetics, from the University of Sydney, as well as a Bachelor of Health Sciences in Naturopathy from the University of New England. In addition, I have obtained an Advanced Diploma in Naturopathy, as well as Diplomas in Botanical Medicine and Nutrition from the Nature Care College.  My extensive training and proven track record in implementation have equipped me with the required skills and expertise to serve as a valuable asset to any organization.  ** AUDIO: SPOTIFY http://spoti.fi/3bMYVYW GOOGLE PODCASTS http://bit.ly/38yH3yP edits by Claudine Smith- Email: casproductions01@gmail.com


6 Mar 2022

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Gabriela Rosa | How To Keep Sex Hot And Less Heavy When Trying To Conceive

Love & Guts

#242 Gabriela Rosa is a world-renowned fertility specialist, reproductive health educator, and sexuality researcher. Since 2001, Gabriela and her team of clinicians blend evidence-based science into a holistic, supportive, education-focused approach to fertility treatment. Her proven and effective methodology delivers a 78.8% live birth rate even when other treatments have previously failed. In 2021, Gabriela launched the TalkSex™ with Gabriela Rosa podcast to educate and explore through holistic conversations with other researchers and experts the world of desire, pleasure, and satisfaction, aiming to create a new path of self-discovery for those on and off the fertility journey. In this episode we cover What inspired you to start the podcast “Talk Sex”  Sexual challenges couples face when trying to conceive, particularly when the journey has not been easy. The emotional and psychological consequences What the research states about sex when trying to conceive Strategies to help keep sex fresh, loving, less heavy, and fun and to preserve the relationship And so much more Gabriela would love to give the love and guts listener a free physical copy of her latest book, Fertility Breakthrough: Overcoming infertility and recurrent miscarriage when other treatments have failed. The customized coupon code Love&Guts or love&guts

1hr 5mins

14 Feb 2022

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E30 | Hormones, Health, and Fertility with Gabriela Rosa

Thoughts from Limbo

Gabriela Rosa is a world-renowned fertility specialist, author, and reproductive health educator. She explains why our hormonal health is vital for both our physical and mental health and wellbeing – whatever your sex, age, or life plans. Gabriela is the founder and director of the Rosa Institute and a Harvard University awarded scholar with two decades of clinical experience in helping couples overcome reproductive challenges. Her latest book Fertility Breakthrough: Overcoming infertility and recurrent miscarriage when other treatments have failed, is available now at the link below: https://naturalfertilitybreakthrough.com/product/fertility-breakthrough-overcoming-infertility-and-recurrent-miscarriage-when-other-treatments-have-failed/Use the coupon code: TFLGR for your FREE copy. For updates on Gabriela's latest initiatives, visit www.naturalfertilitybreakthrough.com or follow Gabriela on Instagram and TikTok @gabrielarosafertility @gabrielarosa_talksex


2 Nov 2021

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Ep 101. Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) and Preparing For Fertility with Gabriela Rosa.

Level Up With Sharelle and Dani

After an incredible episode 26, we are so excited to have Gabriela Rosa, fertility specialist, back on the podcast! We discussed all things PMS including whether it is normal, factors that make it worse and how to manage/ relive symptoms. Gabriela then shares her wisdom on the best ways to prepare for fertility and when to actually start. This goes for both males and females!

 This episode has many key take- aways that you can apply straight away. Please find this detailed document provided by Gabriela which expands on the points we discussed: https://naturalfertilitybreakthrough.com/medical-conditions/premenstrual-syndrome-and-premenstrual-dysphoric-disorder-with-gabriela-rosa/ IG: https://www.instagram.com/gabrielarosafertility/ https://www.instagram.com/levelup_podcast_/ https://www.instagram.com/daniantonellos/ https://www.instagram.com/sharellegrant/ You can listen to Gabriela's podcast here: https://talksexpodcast.com/ where Sharelle and I feature on episode 02 "Body Confidence." Please leave us a review to let us know what you think of our podcast 😊  xxx

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1 Nov 2021

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How to conceive even if you've struggled previously. Interview with Gabriela Rosa

The Healthy Post Natal Body Podcast

 Every now and again I am extremely lucky and manage to book a guest like Gabriela Rosa (MPH (CLE), MScM(RHHG), BHSc(ND) and many others things beside) for my little podcast.Gabriela is a world-renowned fertility specialist and, after you've listened to her talking to me for an hour, you'll know that she is the real deal. A best-selling author of 4 books, a Harvard university awarded scholar, and founder, and clinical director, of the Rosa Institute.She, very kindly, gave up an hour of her time to talk to me about all things fertility related.She explains that it takes, on average, 8 (!!!) cycles of IVF for people to fall pregnant.How you can conceive naturally even after IVF treatments have failed.That fertility is a team sport.Why she tells people to "act pregnant to get pregnant".Why you need a personalised approach when trying to get pregnant, rather than relying on what worked for other people.How she has achieved a 78% success rate with her method.And much, MUCH more.This is one of my favourite interviews ever and I didn't even mind doing it at 1.30AM in the morning.Gabriela is very kindly offering every listener of the Healthy Post Natal Body podcast a FREE physical edition of her latest book; Fertility Breakthrough; Overcoming infertility and recurrent miscarriage when other treatments have failed. Usually this is $41 so this is very kind indeed. Just enter code "HPNBFREE" at checkout from Monday the 4th of October onwardsYou can find Gabriela onFacebookhttps://www.instagram.com/fertilitybreakthrough/https://www.instagram.com/gabrielarosafertility/You can listen to her podcast "Talk sex with Gabriela Rosa" soon on all the good podcast platformsRemember to follow us on Instagram and Facebook for the competitions, wisdom and cute videos. Visit healthypostnatalbody.com and get 3 months completely FREE access. No sales, no commitment, no BS. Email peter@healthypostnatalbody.com if you have any questions or comments  If you could rate the podcast on your favourite platform that would be a big help. Playing us out this week; "Jazzolino" by Fabio Poian

1hr 13mins

3 Oct 2021

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#107 - Gabriela Rosa

Transmitter Podcast

Gabriela Rosa is a fertility specialist and founder of The Rosa Institute, which helps “couples create healthy babies, despite previous reproductive challenges,” her website says (https://fertilitybreakthrough.com/). Rosa is also an author and host of the TalkSex podcast.Get a free copy of her book – “Fertility Breakthrough: Overcoming infertility and recurrent miscarriage when other treatments have failed” – by using promo code GRTPP.Claim $10 of FREE bitcoin: https://www.swanbitcoin.com/transmitterpod/Join our SubscribeStar army:  https://www.subscribestar.com/transmitternews 

1hr 16mins

21 Sep 2021

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Episode 049 | Gabriela Rosa, Fertility Specialist

The Daily Process

Gabriela Rosa, MPH (CLE) ScM (RHHG), BHSc (ND) is a  world-renowned fertility specialist, bestselling author, and  the founder and clinical director of the Rosa Institute—an  organisation dedicated to helping couples create healthy  babies, despite previous reproductive challenges.  Since 2001, Gabriela and her team of clinicians have been  implementing her unique F.E.R.T.I.L.E. Method®- a proven  and effective methodology at the heart of each of Gabriela’s  signature programs. In almost two decades, over 136,000  couples in more than 100 countries worldwide have benefited  from reproductive education and regained their power. We learned so much from her and can see why she is the leader she is in the world as a fertility specialist. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/appSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/thedailyprocess/support

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4 Aug 2021

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Solving The Fertility Puzzle - Gabriela Rosa

Australian Weight Loss Surgery Podcast

Jacqui talks with Fertility Expert Gabriela Rosa about the challenges some couples face with Overweight and Infertility.Best selling author on the subject, Gabriela discusses the connection between setting the best scene for conception,  and how the overall health of the "team" hoping for a miracle can be supported.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


4 Aug 2021

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Infertility and Miscarriages with Gabriela Rosa

Better Health with April

Gabriela Rosa is a world-renowned fertility specialist, bestselling author, and the founder and clinical director of the Rosa Institute—an organization dedicated to helping couples create healthy babies, despite previous reproductive challenges.Since 2001, Gabriela and her team of clinicians have been implementing her unique F.E.R.T.I.L.E. Method®- a proven and effective methodology at the heart of each of Gabriela’s signature programs. In almost two decades, over 136,000 couples in more than 100 countries worldwide have benefited from reproductive education and regained their power.Following the same path as her patients, Gabriela found a way to improve her own chances of conceiving by implementing her methods and practices, helping her change her fertility twice and resulting in the births of her two boys.Free Book! Expires: February 17, 2021, at 11:59 PM Sydney time (GMT+11)1. Please click on this link to redirect to the product page: https://thefertile.me/Fertility-Breakthrough2. Add to cart and type in the coupon code betterhealth and hit 'Apply Coupon'3. Your total should show zero and proceed to checkout. 4. Fill out all the necessary shipping details needed for the purchase.5. Review your order and hit 'Place order'.


9 Feb 2021