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028 :: It's Okay To Want A Divorce - How To Know When It's Time To Leave & Choose Yourself Featuring Nicole Amaturo


Welcome back to another episode! For this conversation, I invited one of my dear friends Nicole Amaturo on to share with us HER story around how choosing divorce was one of the most empowering decisions she’s ever made. Nicole is one of the wisest souls I know, and her energy feels so safe - I instantly feel at peace when I hear her speak. She is such a gift and I am so excited to introduce you to her! Inside this episode, we dive deep into: Why she’s proud to be divorced; The difference between abandoning a relationship & choosing yourself; How to navigate divorce when there are children involved; Having an empowered vs a victim mindset; Cutting cords with an old lover; And SO much more around healing & integrating the different pieces of yourself that have experienced hurt in the past relationships. Connect with Nicole over on Instagram @nicoleamaturo and on her website: www.nicoleamaturo.com! If you’d like to connect with me further: come hang out over on Instagram @oliviaseline. And to work with me further: check out my current offerings over at www.oliviaseline.com - let me know if you have any Q’s! As always, thank you so much for being here & hanging out with me today! Don’t forget to leave a review if you loved it, and share this episode with anyone you know who will dig this conversation! X


5 Feb 2020

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020: Can’t Lose Weight? What’s Stopping You: Featuring Nicole Amaturo

The Jess Gronas Show

Finding yourself STUCK when it comes to losing weight? Tired of trying and not being successful? Nicole, Personal Growth and Love Coach, shares how our inner child experiences can be inhibiting us from achieving our weightloss goals. We work through some personal examples of inner child work to come to an understanding of the power we have to achieve our goals. Website: nicoleamaturo.com Instagram: @nicoleamaturo Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nicole.amaturo Facebook Group: MANIFEST LOVE through SELF-LOVE


5 Dec 2019

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Ep. 19 | Manifesting Love and Money through Inner Child Work with Nicole Amaturo

Woke Witches Podcast

For today's episode, I got to interview one of my favorite people ever, my personal growth and love coach Nicole Amaturo. We dove deep in this episode--talked about love, dating, money, clients, and how it all comes back to the worthiness our inner child feels, and how to connect with the small version of us in order to heal, grow, and welcome in the abundance of love, money and all the things that we desire. ----------- This is the FINAL WEEK to enroll in UNLEASH Reloaded! Contact me on Facebook or Instagram for specialized payment plans, or enroll directly here and then celebrate the HELLLL outta yourself and tag me in your Instagram story so I can celebrate alongside you! Cannot wait to begin on May 20th, this program is going to blow your mind and light a fire in your belly and bring so much healing to your soul. ----------- Connect with Nicole! www.nicoleamaturo.com Facebook: Nicole Amaturo Instagram: @nicoleamaturo ------------ Continue the conversation inside The Manifest More Society on Facebook!


14 May 2019

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033: Attracting REAL LOVE with NICOLE AMATURO


Nicole is a love coach who helps women heal and manifest their dream love through self-love. This episode is packed full of all the information you need to stop attracting the wrong ones and how to bring the right ones in. You can find Nicole online here: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nicole.amaturo MANIFEST LOVE THROUGH SELF-LOVE Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/683322608538932/ Instagram: instagram.com/nicoleamaturo Connect with me:  I love hearing from you! If you resonated with this episode, share it with me on Instagram. Take a screenshot and tag me (instagram.com/niki.ferguson) in your stories and I’ll give you a shoutout in mine! Other places we can hang out online: instagram.com/niki.ferguson facebook.com/groups/financialfreedomfemales https://www.facebook.com/niki.ferguson1 Get access to my Empowered AF Resource Library here -> https://nikiferguson.lpages.co/ultimate-positivity  --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/niki-ferguson/support


14 Mar 2019

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42: First Love Yourself with Nicole Amaturo

The Energetics of Business

In today's episode I chat with Self Love and Personal Growth Coach Nicole Amaturo. We talk all the things receiving, attracting the partner of your dreams, your relationship with yourself, letting things flow with ease, and celebration. Hang out with Nicole here: https://www.instagram.com/nicoleamaturo/ Manifest Love Through Self Love https://www.facebook.com/groups/683322608538932/


22 Feb 2019