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#162: “Dear Joan Chittister”: Letters to Openness in Womanhood (with Jessie Bazan) (REPLAY)

Ministry Monday

It’s summertime, which means that many of us might be traveling, or just have a little bit of free time on our hands. Here at Ministry Monday we are pulling out a book that made a big impact on us: “Dear Joan Chittister”. “Dear Joan Chittister” is a collection of letters to its namesake, Joan Chittister, a Benedictine sister in Erie, Pennsylvania. Joan Chittister is known for her advocacy on women’s rights, peace, human rights and the renewal of the Church. We spoke to Jessie Bazan, the editor of “Dear Joan Chittister”, in November of 2019 about the book. It was a short but sweet episode, and we think it’s a perfect interview to replay. And if you haven’t added it to your short stack of summer reading, we highly recommend it!  

12 Jul 2021

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The Public Intellectual and the Next Generation, feat. Joan Chittister

Faith And Reason 360

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28 May 2021

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EP106 - Highlights from the SDI Renaissance Conference - Sr Joan Chittister, Fr Richard Rohr, Roshi Joan Halifax, more

SDI Encounters

If you regularly listen to this podcast, you have heard the advertisements for our SDI Renaissance virtual conference. We hosted this virtual gathering a couple of weeks ago now, and we as a staff are still processing, debriefing, discerning. We do know that overall, we feel like it was really successful – we’ve heard from a lot of participants that they were really glad for the time together, surprised that it could work virtually – and I will say for myself, even though we were on our devices and meeting over zoom, that it FELT like a conference. This is my third SDI conference, having been in St Louis in 2018, and Bellevue in 2019 – and this one had the same energy, and the same tiredness frankly! But it was a really rich time, with a broad diverse representation of the public square of spiritual direction and spiritual companionship. I wanted to offer you a few highlights from our time together, and also inform you that we are offering for sale the recordings of our conference keynote presentations and all our workshops -which is over 90 hours of video content on spiritual direction – via our website, sdicompanions.org. But here we’re offering a couple of minutes from each keynote presentation as something of a recap. If you missed SDI Renaissance, it's not too late - we are offering for sale recordings of all our keynote presentations and our 40 workshops - over 90 hours of video content on spiritual direction and spiritual companionship - available from our website, sdicompanions.org. Recordings are only accessible until July 25, 2021, so act soon! --- SDI Encounters is supported by: EXPERIENCE AN INTERFAITH LEARNING CENTER, A SACRED COMMUNITY, AND A SPIRITUAL HOME AT ONE SPIRIT, TO BE OF SERVICE IN TODAY’S RAPIDLY CHANGING WORLD. EXPLORE OPPORTUNITIES IN SEMINARY, AND INTERSPIRITUAL COMPANIONING AND COUNSELING CERTIFICATE PROGRAMS, AND EXPERIENTIAL COMMUNITY WORKSHOPS AND EVENTS THROUGHOUT THE YEAR. VISIT 1SPIRIT.ORG/ENCOUNTER TO DISCOVER WHAT’S POSSIBLE.


10 May 2021

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The Public Intellectual as Relentless Challenger, feat. Joan Chittister

Faith And Reason 360

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23 Apr 2021

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The Job of the Public Intellectual, feat. Joan Chittister

Faith And Reason 360

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20 Apr 2021

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Evening Prayer - Sr. Joan Chittister

WPC Tiburon

Rob offers evening prayer...

11 Sep 2020

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Joan Chittister: Presence and Perpetual Goodness

Sounds True: Insights at the Edge

Sister Joan Chittister is an American theologian, Benedictine nun, and the author of more than 50 books. For over 40 years, she has passionately advocated on behalf of peace, human rights, women's issues, and church renewal. This week's podcast shares with you an excerpt from Sister Joan's audio program, Catching Fire: Being Transformed, Becoming Transforming, a seven-hour conversation with Tami Simon intended to spark the fire of the divine within each one of us.

1hr 8mins

5 May 2020

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EP 24: The Time Is Now with Sister Joan Chittister

Soul Sister Conversations

In this episode of Soul Sister Conversations, Dana Lloyd and Elaine Shannon speak with Sister Joan Chittister about her most recent book The Time Is Now: A Call To Uncommon Courage. She makes a passionate appeal to be an everyday prophet. She reminds us that staying quiet creates a false sense of peace when we are witness to atrocities that are happening around us. She calls us out for people who say they are too busy or don’t know how to be prophet. She reminds us it is our responsibility to educate ourselves on the topics that matter to us and then do something about it. Sister Joan also shares her thoughts on empowering women specifically addressing why women push back against other women. This episode will inspire you to do more. You will be changed by Sister Joan’s words, insight and courage. Perhaps the best advice she gives, “Don’t ask who the prophets are. Be one.”


7 Jul 2019

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Sister Joan Chittister: The Time is Now

Super Soul

Author, activist and Benedictine nun Sister Joan Chittister discusses her newest book, The Time Is Now: A Call to Uncommon Courage. In a powerful conversation, Sister Joan defines what it means to be a prophet in today's modern world, and challenges us to combat complacency and apathy in our own lives. She outlines the key steps we can all take to lift America (and the world) out of its current state of polarization and political disarray. Rather than wait for others to solve the problems of inequality, injustice and poverty, Sister Joan explains why it is both our moral and spiritual responsibility to take action ourselves, making the world a better place for all.


27 May 2019

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277: Sister Joan Chittister on Fruits of the Spirit

The One You Feed

Sister Joan Chittister is a Benedictine Sister of Erie, Pennsylvania. She is the author of over 50 books and is the winner of 14 Catholic Press Association Awards. Sister Joan is an international speaker who inspires both her audience and readers with her passion for justice, equality, and peace – especially for women, in both society and the church. In this episode, Eric and Sister Joan discuss her book, Radical Spirit: 12 Ways to Live a Free and Authentic Life.Need help with completing your goals in 2019? The One You Feed Transformation Program can help you accomplish your goals this year.But wait – there’s more! The episode is not quite over!! We continue the conversation and you can access this exclusive content right in your podcast player feed. Head over to our Patreon page and pledge to donate just $10 a month. It’s that simple and we’ll give you good stuff as a thank you!In This Interview, Sister Joan Chittister and I Discuss…Her book, Radical Spirit: 12 Ways to Live a Free and Authentic LifeHow words matterThat experiences matterHumility as the cornerstone of spiritualityThe sanctification of the humble spiritSelf-superiority in American cultureBe who you are, know who you are, respect others around you and take your place in the human raceHumility is having an accurate picture of who you areHer take on AAHow holiness is the same everywhereThat narcissism is a disease in our cultureBeing willing to face yourselfHow self-deprecation and self-aggrandizement are really the same thingsNot thinking about yourself all the timeThe burden of selfThat we’re looking for freedomObedience as she defines it – it doesn’t mean we submit our souls to an authority figure. It’s grounded in the Latin word which means “to listen”How each of us grows into the ability to listenEndurance and StabilityThat you can’t rush your own developmentWe become to be of service to othersHow nothing of value spiritually comes overnightThe role of community in one’s great breakdowns in lifeSister Joan Chittister Links:joanchittister.orgCapterra – find the right software for your business – read thousands of real software reviews. Capterra is the leading free online resource to find the tools to make an informed software decision for your business. Software selection simplified. Go to www.capterra.com/wolf for free todayFor Hers makes convenient, affordable access to birth control available for all women. You get access to licensed doctors online who can evaluate you and if appropriate, prescribe you birth control that can be delivered directly to your door. The One You Feed listeners get their first month of For Hers birth control for just $5 (see website for full details) www.forhers.com/wolfTalkSpace – the online therapy company that lets you message a licensed therapist from anywhere at any time. Therapy on demand. Non-judgemental, practical help when you need it at a fraction of the cost of traditional therapy. Visit www.talkspace.com and enter Promo Code WOLF to get your first week freeSee Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.


23 Apr 2019