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Save the Bridge with Board Member John Powers

Talk of the Commonwealth



1 Apr 2021

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Interview with John Powers

Asian Ethnology Podcast

Interviewer: Ben Dorman In this episode, John Powers (Deakin University) discusses an interdisciplinary project involving historians, anthropologists, scientists, and folklorists concerning rivers that originate in Tibet, which play a key role in global hydrological cycles yet are in crises as a result of multiple threats.  


1 Apr 2021

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#9 – Ship of Fools Cast - Professor John Powers & The Buddha: "A Bull of a Man"

The Ship of Fools Podcast

Dr. John Powers is a Professor of Asian studies, Buddhism & Religion. His books deal with Ancient Indian Buddhism, Indian Philosophy - as dealt with "A Bull of a Man" the work we are dealing with today - and several others on Tibetan Buddhism. Links below. The androgynous, asexual Buddha of contemporary popular imagination stands in stark contrast to the muscular, virile, and sensual figure presented in Indian Buddhist texts. In this groundbreaking study of previously unexplored aspects of the early Buddhist tradition, John Powers skillfully adapts methodological approaches from European and North American historiography to the study of early Buddhist literature, art, and iconography, highlighting aspects of the tradition that have been surprisingly invisible in earlier scholarship. I loved this chat and his excellent book brought me a great deal of enjoyment: https://www.amazon.com/John-Powers/e/B001IQWJPO%3Fref=dbs_a_mng_rwt_scns_share Music & Mixing Credit: Chris Kelly - for all music enquiries, including original music and editing services please contact shipoffoolscast@protonmail.com Find out more at https://ship-of-fools-podcast.pinecast.co Support The Ship of Fools Podcast by donating to their Tip Jar: https://tips.pinecast.com/jar/ship-of-fools-podcast Find out more at https://ship-of-fools-podcast.pinecast.co Support The Ship of Fools Podcast by contributing to their Tip Jar: https://tips.pinecast.com/jar/ship-of-fools-podcast Find out more at https://ship-of-fools-podcast.pinecast.co This podcast is powered by Pinecast.

1hr 35mins

23 Aug 2020

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9. What Is A Virtual Battery? With Extensible Energy's CEO John Powers

SolarWakeup Live! with Yann Brandt

In this episode Yann talks to John Powers of Extensible Energy. Extensible sells the DemandEx platform which is referred to as a virtual battery. The virtual battery allows buildings to operate more efficiently with minimal hardware, lowering the cost of implementation and speeding up the process. By managing thermal loads, DemandEx is targeting the solar industry as an additional solution to lower demand charges. Please like and 5-star this episode on your podcast app.www.extensibleenergy.com


28 Jul 2020

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Does the Evidence Support Joe Biden, or Tara Reade? Katha Pollitt; plus John Powers on TV during the pandemic

Start Making Sense

Did Joe Biden sexually assault Tara Reade in 1993?  Katha Pollitt examines the evidence—and concludes that it supports Biden’s denial.  Especially significant: the PBS NewsHour interviews with 74 former Biden staffers, of whom 62 were women; none said they had experienced sexual harassment, assault or misconduct by Biden. All said they never heard any rumors or allegations of Biden engaging in sexual misconduct, until the recent assault allegation made by Tara Reade.What to watch, and read, while the stay-at-home orders are in effect: John Powers recommends “The Sleepers,” a Czech spy thriller, on HBO GO, and the 1950s Hollywood noir novels of the amazing Alfred Hayes, from New York Review Classics.  John is Critic at Large on Fresh Air with Terry Gross on NPR.Subscribe to The Nation to support all of our podcasts: thenation.com/podcastsubscribe.


20 May 2020

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John Powers: Can software supercharge financial returns for commercial solar projects?

The Freeing Energy Podcast

Listen in as John Powers, the CEO of California-based Extensible Energy, shares how software is helping commercial solar customers boost their ROI and reduce the most expensive parts of electricity bills, all at the same time. Learn how this innovative software approach is leapfrogging slow moving utilities by adding intelligence on the edge.


12 May 2020

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Coronavirus Updates: Mike Davis on the World; David Dayen on the USPS & Medicare; John Powers on TV

Living in the USA

As parts of the US reopened their economies, the Trump Administration defunded the W.H.O., and Dr. Micheal Osterholm reminded that the point of flattening the curve was not to keep everyone from getting the virus, it was to spread-out the infection-rate over time – Mike Davis reports.Next up, we talk with David Dayen of the American Prospect about the need to save the United States Postal Service; he also reports on reasons for the shortage of hospital beds in New York City, the US healthcare system on the whole and Medicare for all.Plus, John Powers of NPR's Fresh Air makes his recommendations for virus-time TV watching.


7 May 2020

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Mike Davis: Back to Work in the Covid-19 Economy? Plus John Powers on Virus Time TV

Start Making Sense

Minnesota’s back-to-work plan is a lot better than Georgia’s, Mike Davis says – it requires employers to provide PPE and bans face-to-face activity—i.e. the restaurants, shopping malls, and tattoo parlors that Georgia and South Carolina have opened.  Mike’s book The Monster at Our Door examined the avian flu.Also: John Powers, critic-at-large for Fresh Air with Terry Gross on NPR, recommends “The Good Fight” and “The Bureau” for virus-time TV watching.Subscribe to The Nation to support all of our podcasts: thenation.com/podcastsubscribe.


29 Apr 2020

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245 - Can software replace batteries to boost C&I solar growth? John Powers, Extensible Energy


Today's guest is John Powers, CEO and Founder of Extensible Energy. He is an energy consultant, energy an economist and a serial entrepreneur with more than three decades of experience in technology development for energy markets. He's worked across a slew of different aspects of this industry, and has an incredible story and a stellar team. And I can't wait to unpack it here on SunCast. We're going to talk about what are all of the inputs that you want to consider as you help your customers deliver the maximum energy efficiency and transition away from their current way of thinking about using energy. Gain access to all the show notes & resources from this episode here You can connect w/host, Nico Johnson, on Twitter, LinkedIn or email Thanks a ton to our podcast sponsors for continuing to help make this content FREE to You! Please check them out and let me know what you think!


10 Apr 2020

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Meltdown in Iowa: Winners and Losers—John Nichols on Politics, Rick Hasen on Elections, plus John Powers on the Oscars

Start Making Sense

The problem in reporting the results in Iowa isn’t just a delay; it’s a disaster—that’s what John Nichols says—for the Democrats, and especially for Bernie, who so far appears to have won at least the popular vote. And if Biden did as badly as reports suggest, that’s a huge boost not just for Pete Buttigieg but also for Michael Bloomberg. But there is one excellent result: This may very well be the last of the Iowa caucuses. Also: there are many other ways elections can go wrong—for example, we could have a cyberattack on the power grid on election day that could cause blackouts in big cities the Democrats need to win. Rick Hasen explains that and other potential threats—his new book is Election Meltdown: Dirty Tricks, Distrust, and the Threat to American Democracy. Plus: Sunday is the Oscars—Hollywood’s own elections. And the nominees for best director are all men. Is that because there are no good women directors? John Powers thinks there are some other explanations. He’s critic at large on Fresh Air with Terry Gross.Subscribe to The Nation to support all of our podcasts: thenation.com/podcastsubscribe


4 Feb 2020