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David Vance Live with John Tamny

David Vance Podcast

John Tamny is Vice President of FreedomWorks, editor of RealClearMarkets, a senior fellow at the Market Institute, and a senior economic adviser to Applied Finance Advisors. His new book is called "The Money Confusion: How Illiteracy about Currencies and Inflation Sets the Stage for the Crypto Revolution"! Please help support our work and Buy Me A Coffee https://www.buymeacoffee.com/DavidVanceV or support us via https://donorbox.org/let-free-speech-prevail David Vance SHOP Premium Podcast https://www.podbean.com/premium-podcast/davidvancepremium Be part of the Community with David https://thedavidvance.locals.com Gettr: https://gettr.com/user/davidvance BrandNewTube:  https://brandnewtube.com/@TheDavidVanceChannel Rumble: https://rumble.com/c/DavidVancePodcast Telegram: @davidvance1 A Tangled Web:  https://www.atangledweb.org Also try my second channel with ilana Mercer Hard Truth Podcast: https://HardTruthWithDavidVanceAndIlanaMercer.Podbean.com


31 Oct 2022

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John Tamny on The Bryan McClain Show - 28 October 2022

TNT Radio

GUEST OVERVIEW: John Tamny, author of The Money Confusion: How Illiteracy about Currencies and Inflation Sets the Stage for the Crypto Revolution, is Political Economy editor at Forbes, senior economic adviser to Toreador Research & Trading, and editor of RealClearMarkets.com (RCM). Mr. Tamny frequently writes about the securities markets, along with tax, trade and monetary policy issues that impact those markets for a variety of publications including the Wall Street Journal, Investor’s Business Daily, Financial Times, National Review and London’s Daily Telegraph. His upcoming book scheduled for release in April is titled Popular Economics: What the Rolling Stones, Downton Abbey, and LeBron James Can Teach You About Economics. He’s a weekly guest on Forbes on Fox on the Fox News Channel.


27 Oct 2022

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HR 3 John Tamny: Despicable Loan Forgiveness| Scott Garliss: CA's Power Supply & You 9/8/22

Rush To Reason

HR 3 John Tamny: Despicable Loan Forgiveness| Scott Garliss: CA's Power Supply & You 9/8/22 by John Rush


9 Sep 2022

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Featuring John Tamny; Director At Freedom Works On Trail Of Misinformation Tony Fauci Leaves Behind

Kevin McCullough Radio

Featuring John Tamny; Director At Freedom Works On Trail Of Misinformation Tony Fauci Leaves Behind by Kevin McCullough Radio


22 Aug 2022

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SLP395 John Tamny - Inflation & Optimism

Stephan Livera Podcast

John Tamny of FreedomWorks and Editor at Real Clear Markets joins me on the show to chat about his alternative take on inflation, fractional reserve banking, as well as why we should be optimistic about things going forward: Defining inflation Debate on Austrian economics & FRB Is monetary stability possible? 2 years of Hysteria Optimism for the future Links: Twitter: @johntamny Site: Freedomworks.org Site: Realclearmarkets.com Sponsors Swan Bitcoin Braiins.com Voltage Unchained Capital (code LIVERA) CoinKite.com(code LIVERA) Stephan Livera links: Show notes and website Follow me on Twitter @stephanlivera Subscribe to the podcast Patreon @stephanlivera


18 Jul 2022

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Episode 191: "Lessons from the Street: Stephen Schwarzman's Book Prompts Bill to Compare Insights into the World of Money” with John Tamny

The Bill Walton Show

In this episode, my friend John Tamny interviews me about legendary Wall Street leader and Blackstone founder Stephen Schwarzman’s book What It Takes: Lessons in the Pursuit of Excellence. There are many fascinating insights and lessons in Steve’s book which we can all benefit from.  A few highlights: Steve Schwarzman started Blackstone with a unique strategic plan.  There’s a tremendous lesson in how he approached building his firm.  For any young man or woman who wants to build a business, or any type of organization, Steve Schwarzman’s book would be a great place to start learning about “what it takes.” When Steve Schwarzman tells his team “don’t lose money” it’s about a mindset. Think through the downsides, what Jay Pritzker called “the horribles.” Both, in part, became billionaires from thinking this way. One of my favorite Steve Schwarzman Rules: “Worrying is an active, liberating activity. If channeled appropriately, it allows you to articulate the downside in any situation and drives you to take action to avoid it." Great advice. Private equity’s been demonized by a lot of people with agendas and who know nothing about it. True, it’s a competitive and tough business, but it’s created a lot of value over the past 4-5 decades. Look at the record. Do companies become woke because their young woke new hires demand it? Disney employees clearly seem to be running the asylum, not its CEO. Is this also true for Wall Street? One of ways our culture has changed, and not for the better, it that we seem to have lost the ideal of pursing excellence. In my private equity experience, making an investment successful was exhilarating. Under President Xi, China’s becoming “uninvestable” for Western businesses. Even Chinese private equity investors say China’s turned hostile to capitalism. No longer simply a competitor, China’s turned enemy.  In “What It Takes” Steve Schwarzman writes that had we not had FAS 157 mark-to-market accounting, the meltdown we had in 2008 would not have happened. I agree.  One history’s great ironies is that Dodd-Frank, the bill to supposedly cure the ills of the 2008 meltdown, is named after Barney Frank and Chris Dodd, who pushed banks to drop their underwriting standards to promote housing. When you’re running an investment company there’s a real tension between the roles of CEO and CIO (chief investment officer). It’s a balancing act you must get right to succeed. John Tamny is Vice President of Freedom Works and editor of Real Clear Markets, and author of the terrific book, When Politicians Panicked, which is about the government mishandling of the coronavirus pandemic. John’s other books includeWho Needs the Fed, Popular Economics and The End of Work.           He asks some tough, penetrating questions and we hope you’ll find the answers illuminating. Steve’s book holds many many stories and lessons about “what it takes” to be both a leader and investor.            Hope you’ll listen in.


7 Jun 2022

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Episode 186: John Tamny and I Don't Agree About Everything, and That's OK

The Bill Walton Show

Author John Tamny joins me on this episode for a freewheeling back and forth about some of today’s big concerns. John, a free market fundamentalist and original thinker, almost always has a contrarian take on things. John’s books include Who Needs the Fed, When Politicians Panicked, Popular Economics and The End of Work. Some of the questions we get into: Elon Musk’s plans for Twitter Why credit's never there when you need it What it means when Jeff Bezos says your margin is my opportunity Has social media censorship been overstated Have social media companies created a market opportunity for Musk Should we have more engagement with China, not less Is the Fed just an outsourced function of Congress Why you're hard pressed to find examples where governments have created much wealth Are the agendas of big multinational companies and government converging What it might mean if Elon Musk sells more Tesla stock to buy Twitter Did Twitter’s censorship of the Hunter Biden laptop story matter Has Wall Street, just like Silicon Valley, taken a hard left turn. And John’s upcoming book Bringing Adam Smith Back into the American Home Join in for a fun and of course, contrarian conversation with John who’s favorite phrase is “I am skeptical.”


10 May 2022

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Episode 169: George F. Will on “American Happiness and Discontents” with Don Boudreaux and John Tamny

The Bill Walton Show

In this episode we get to talk with George F. Will about his latest collection of essays, American Happiness and Discontents: The Unruly Torrent, 2008-2020, and also about his magnum opus, The Conservative Sensibility.  Joining in on the conversation are John Tamny, Vice President of FreedomWorks, editor of RealClearMarkets, and author of When Politicians Panicked,  and Don Boudreaux, Professor of Economics at George Mason University, research scholar at Mercatus Center, who runs the go-to blog for free market economic thinking, Cafe Hayek. Always witty and erudite, George offers up his views on today’s pressing concerns, queried, challenged and amplified by John and Don, two very smart men.  Among our questions: How and when do Americans recover the liberties lost from over two years of government  lockdowns and mandates?  Why did so many libertarians acquiesce? Public choice theory says that people in government are not any different than people in the private sector. Is this still true? A prosperous and free society depends on trust. Will America’s government health establishment be able to recover the public’s trust? Can woke progressivism’s long march through American institutions be reversed? And more: on families, voting rights, campaign finance, college campus fragility, social media’s power, judicial restraint, closed questions in an open society, majority rule, self-regarding versus other regarding acts, China’s future … almost everything except baseball. We’ll get to that next time. Definitely worth a listen.

1hr 2mins

25 Jan 2022

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406: Forced Economic Despair & Replacement Currency with John Tamny

American Monetary Association

The political response to Covid-19 cased a massive economic event that led to a self-fulfilling prophecy. The monetary response of the government has led to inflation concerns that won't be going anyway anytime soon. Jason Hartman is joined by John Tamny, author of the new book When Politicians Panicked The New Coronavirus, Expert Opinion, and a Tragic Lapse of Reason, to discuss our current economic climate and whether it's time to replace the US currency with something from the free market. Key Takeaways: [1:32] Politicians chose economic despair in March 2020 [5:20] Declaring a crisis leads to a self-fulfilling prophecy [9:17] You need people doing every kind of response to things like Covid so you can gather more information [13:04] John's views on inflation [16:28] Housing always shows the devaluation of the dollar [21:09] There are many efforts going on to get away from floating exchange rates [25:47] John believes markets can produce a better currency than the US Treasury Website: www.RealClearMarkets.com www.FreedomWorks.org When Politicians Panicked: The New Coronavirus, Expert Opinion, and a Tragic Lapse of Reason


8 Jul 2021

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John Tamny on <em>When Politicians Panicked</em>

The Human Action Podcast

Financial journalist John Tamny has written the definitive book on the disastrous political mismanagement of Covid-19—and the resulting (still unfolding) calamities. When Politicians Panicked is a superb analysis of the economic tradeoffs ignored by alarmist Covid policymakers, and a blow by blow account of their bungling in the early months of 2020. But this is also a book about economic growth, employment, markets and prosperity, with well-supported arguments written in Tamny's clear prose. Tamny helps readers See the Unseen, namely that terrible consequences of lockdowns far exceed any danger posed by the virus. Let's hope the experts he skewers in this book take notice.Mentioned in this EpisodeWhen Politicians Panicked: The New Coronavirus, Expert Opinion, and a Tragic Lapse of Reason by John Tamny: Mises.org/Panicked JohnTamny.com

2 Jul 2021