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You Seemed Fine Yesterday with Monica Johnson


Happy Wednesday, Loudmouthers! Although a little late in the calendar sense, this week we are talking Disability Pride Month. Monica and I went to private school together YEARS ago and I'm so happy to be able to reconnect with her for this episode. Monica is a hairstylist in St. Louis, Missouri who was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in 2017. She talks about her story, killing it in her career, the Olympics and so much more. I hope you guys enjoy the episode as much as I did catching up with Monica.MERCH: https://loudmouth-3.creator-spring.com/Advocacy Resources: https://ncdj.org/resources/organizations/https://rtcil.org/disability-historyFollow Monica:Monica Grace Hair: https://www.instagram.com/monicagracehair/Twitter: https://twitter.com/monicatmeowsFollow Me:Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/loudmouthpod/  Twitter: https://twitter.com/loudmouth_podGmail: loudmouthpod1@gmail.comPatreon: https://www.patreon.com/loudmouthpod--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/appSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/loudmouthpod/support


4 Aug 2021

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S3E29 Stop People Pleasing with Monica Johnson

Manifestation Lizified by Elizabeth Rachel

In today's episode, I got the fun opportunity to sit down with confidence coach Monica Johnson of Inner Soul Communications.We talked all things:How Monica is a self-proclaimed, “recovering ‘yes’ girl and what that meansTips for how to stop people pleasing and just say no!Coping with workplace burnout after the fact; how to get back to yourselfBalancing masculine and feminine energy for productivityRelevant Links:Learn more about Monica at Inner Soul CommunicationsSleep Chronotype Quiz


2 May 2021

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Let’s Talk Mental Health, the series, with Monica Johnson, NADD-DDS

Yeah...But Are You Listening?!?

Yeah...But Are You Listening??? kicks off our mental health series by welcoming Monica Johnson, NADD-DDS to the mic! Monica is a graduate of of North Carolina Central University and also has her Master’s degree in counseling studies with Capella University. She is a faithful member of Zeta Phi Beta, Incorporated, a wife and proud mother to 3 boys - Jamison, Jaiden and Jayce. During our chat, Monica shares both professional observations and personal obstacles, making our conversation as authentic as it gets. Monica opened up about challenges with parenting, therapy, and depression while sharing her wins and offering a new perspective on communication.

1hr 29mins

17 Feb 2021

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104 Monica Johnson - Marketing Walkable Neighborhoods


Marketing Walkable Neighborhoods


21 Sep 2020

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VoyageATL Podcast: Meet Monica Johnson of MARJ Consulting


Meet Monica Johnson of MARJ Consulting.  www.monicasjohnson.com Twitter: @mojohnsonspeaks


2 Apr 2020

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Nationally-Recognized Strongman Pro Monica Johnson Is An Inspiration For All Of Us!

The I Love CVille Show With Jerry Miller!

Monica Johnson joined me live on The I Love CVille Show and shared her inspiring journey from Charlottesville's Prospect Neighborhood to a second place finish in the US Nationals Strongman Corporation competition this past weekend.As Monica was training for 12 weeks prior to US Nationals, her 23-year-old sister, River, unexpectedly died one week before the competition while her mother suffered with failing health issues. Monica, who will soon be a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), discussed how she managed her grief while successfully competing at US Nationals."A piece of me died inside when River passed," Monica explained. "I'm in the gym sobbing, dead-lifting and just sobbing because I knew my sister would not be with me anymore."Monica was born into an unstable family in the Prospect Neighborhood. She eventually earned an invitation to Quaker-based Tandem Friends School, where she started as a sixth grader and matriculated through graduation as the only person of color in her entire grade."It was a journey for all of us. A lot of my classmates had to think of race in context of 'Monica.' I had to face a lot of racial and identity issues early on in life [at Tandem Friends]," she said. "Often times, people, including my family and friends, would tell me that I sounded 'white.' That was really hard for me to hear. I didn't understand what that concept meant. I had to do a lot of self exploration early on."Upon graduating from college, Monica, who saw her weight surpass 300 pounds, realized she had to focus on her health because she "wanted to live to 100 years old and get around on a scooter one day." As a result, she discovered a Charlottesville-based gym and started focusing on exercising and working out. With the help of others, she realized she had incredible strength and then, as she said, "Strongman found me."Today, Monica is a nationally recognized Strongman Professional, an evangelist for empowering women of all shapes and sizes, an advocate for prioritizing mental health and comfortably secure with her body type and image."I am who I am. I'm just Monica," she said. "I want my life to speak the language of love. I want to be there for people. I want people to love themselves. I want to be a positive light in a world that can be so dark at times."

1hr 3mins

10 Oct 2019

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Episode #74 - Monica Johnson

The Polished Podcast

Today’s episode covers some of the topics that you, our Polished Podcast listeners, have told us you care about most! Mentorship, growing as a professional, and contributing to a healthy workplace environment all come up in our conversation with Monica Johnson—author, advocate, speaker, entrepreneur and coach. On today’s episode, Monica shares about growing up in multiple homes, experiencing numerous abuses, and reclaiming her identity as an adult. “What you can do,” she says, “is take the things that have happened and cultivate them to become a something greater for the greater good.” Monica has been cultivating herself and those around her to become something for the greater good for decades now. A business professional at the Fortune 100 company UPS for the past 27 years, Monica has expertise in cost, taxation, and operational management. She is the founder of the non-profit organization That Girl is S.M.A.R.T. (Successful. Magnificent. Authentic. Resourceful. Talented)—”a purpose-driven organization focused on transforming the lives of young girls from the inside out.”  Monica has given a TED talk entitled Can We End A Culture of Abandonment? and published her book Shift from Broken to Breathtaking: Don't Let What Happens to You Break You, Let It Break Open What Is in You!. She also started One Word Movement “to change lives by empowering individuals to be ignited, informed, and inspired with integrity for a lasting impact.” You won’t want to miss Monica’s thoughts on the difference between a sponsor and mentor, her vibrant, hopeful outlook on life despite tremendous hardship, or her in-depth explanation of her SMILE method, which stands for: Shift to Foster Change Model to Lead the Way Influence Yourself to Lift Others Lead a Team by the Heart Execute and be Ready to Seize the Moment Connect with Monica on Instagram and Twitter at @imonicajohnson.


19 Jun 2019

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Financial & Life Empowerment: Women and Finance Series #7 w/guest Monica Johnson

The CWR Talk Network

The Lionel SHIPman $HAPE YOUR FINANCES Show is a financial and life empowerment show focusing on our lives around money and finances. The show aims to educate and motivate people to improve their financial outlooks and empower them to take charge of their lives and to live life to the fullest. Topic: Women and Finances Series #7: Tune in and hear the challenges and achievements of various women in finance and business. Tonight's guest is Monica JohnsonMonica is a graduate of the University of North Texas and holds a BS degree in Accounting, a Master of Business Administration from the University of Dallas, and a Master of Theological Studies from Dallas Baptist University. She is an author, mentor, educator, TED presenter and a business professional with over 26 years of experience in cost, taxation, and operational management with a Fortune 100 company, United Parcel Service.She uses her engaging personality, her contagious energy and her experiences as a professional and personal coach to spur people to action, reclaim themselves, conquer their problems, pursue their dreams, and find their own sparkle and shine. She speaks the truth in love without holding anything back. Monica empowers others especially women to search within and discover how to reach their highest potential, both personally and professionally. After a session with Monica, they left motivated and inspired to be engaged, enriched, empowered and SMART! Monica is Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Monica Johnson Enterprises LLC, which includes the brands That Girl is S.M.A.R.T., OneWordMovement Charities, a nonprofit organization for mentoring young girls and Publishing House.


1 May 2019

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Uheardme1st RADIO TALK SHOW - Author Monica Johnson


Author Monica Johnson opened her heart and shared with the listeners about her childhood to leadership as she continue to use her motivation and strength to make a difference in women lives and the communities.

1hr 8mins

11 Nov 2018

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Uheardme1st RADIO TALK SHOW - Author Monica Johnson


Author Monica Johnson opened her heart and shared with the listeners about her childhood to leadership as she continue to use her motivation and strength to make a difference in women lives and the communities.

1hr 8mins

11 Nov 2018