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49 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Rachel Hollis. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Rachel Hollis, often where they are interviewed.

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49 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Rachel Hollis. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Rachel Hollis, often where they are interviewed.

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Rachel Hollis on The Montage At The End Of Your Life

Essentialism with Greg McKeown
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Rachel Hollis (CEO of The Hollis Co) & Greg discuss the silver lining of quarantine, taking time to appreciate the things you love, and never being afraid to fail in order to succeed. This powerful episode also touches upon the difficulties of female entrepreneurship, and the importance of living life to the fullest. 

Essentialism Podcast

Greg McKeown

Wheelhouse Entertainment


  • Hosted by Greg McKeown
  • Produced by Greg McKeown and Wheelhouse Entertainment
  • Executive Produced by Greg McKeown, Avi Gandhi, Brent Montgomery, Eric Wattenberg, and Ed Simpson
  • Edited by Emma Gladstone and Deanna Markoff

Jun 29 2020

1hr 13mins


Part 1: Toxic Positivity + Rachel Hollis

The Very Vulnerable Podcast
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This isn't to call her out. But, on today's episode I wanted to dig into Toxic Positivity in this 2 part series! 

Other places to learn from:




Jun 12 2020



Girl You Betta Apologize; The Problem With Rachel Hollis

Co-Conspired Conversations
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Rachel Hollis is known for allegedly stealing the work of women around the world. This time she plagiarized the work of Maya Angelou. When called in she gave a fake apology, was called out on Buzzfeed and used victim shifting tacts, and social media targeting to attempt to silence BIWoC.

Join Lettie, Weeze, and Myisha as they discuss the problem with Rachel Hollis.

May 10 2020


437: Racism, Rachel Hollis, and How Leaders Truly RISE

The Shameless Mom Academy
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Leadership is typically a series of imperfect action steps. 

Leaders tumble, fall, and crash just like anyone else.

But when a leader tumbles, falls or crashes, there is an audience watching to see how they will stand back up, pick up the pieces, and put things back together. 

When a leader crashes and harm is done to others in the wake of their errors, people watch even more closely. 

When harm is done, trust is eroded.  Trust is broken between the leader and anyone who was harmed, obviously.  But trust is also broken between the leader and anyone who is watching if the bystanders don’t see the leader take active steps to rebuild trust with those who were harmed.  Those harmed hope to be held.  Those watching hope to see the leader offer protection to those hurting. This is how everyone can recover and heal and know that they are in a safe community.

Positive leadership looks like owning your mistakes and owning when you’ve caused harm without providing excuses or placing blame on others.

Positive leadership looks like having uncomfortable conversations publicly.

Positive leadership looks like recognizing your blind spots and committing to active and ongoing learning so you can see them more fully.

Positive leadership looks like inviting feedback when you have caused harm and engaging in conversation with those who are hurting.

Positive leadership looks like protecting people in your community from abuse and trauma.

Positive leadership looks like pushing pause on the day-to-day parts of your work to rebuild trust where you have broken trust.

We are all leaders - whether you are leading families, PTAs, soccer teams or companies.  You are a leader.

You are going to screw up.  You will crash.  You will cause harm.

How will you rebuild trust after you cause harm?

Listen in to learn how leaders can do better when they cause harm, especially as it pertains to race and protecting people of color in your community.  This episode is inspired by a leader who recently crashed and then opted not to protect those harmed.  A community became fractured and the erosion of trust was massive. This example is a powerful example of how leaders, especially white leaders, need to do so much better. 

Women of color to follow on Instagram (follow these women, buy their books, listen to their podcasts, and support their work):


May 04 2020



EP 14: Show Up and Fight For Joy with Rachel Hollis

Marilyn Denis Does a Podcast
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With four kids under the age of 13, and a schedule that is normally jammed packed with speaking and book tours, the New York Times best-selling author of “Girl Wash Your Face”, chats with Marilyn about how to uplift our spirits during this difficult time. From watching tearjerker movies and allowing yourself to have a good cry, to the daily practice of finding gratitude, Rachel reveals how she is taking this time to slow down, show up, and fight for joy during this crisis.    

May 01 2020



Hope in the Chaos with Rachel Hollis

The Christy Wright Show
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If you’re like me, you might feel helpless right now. Discouraged and probably overwhelmed. I am with you. I can’t change what we are all going through together, but I wanted to do something. So I decided to put together a quick, scrappy and imperfect series to help shine some hope in the chaos we are in. I threw it together, texted a few friends to see if they would want to join me and put it on the calendar. I’m calling it Hope in the Chaos. Today I’m joined by my friend, Rachel Hollis.   We are going to walk with you and talk with you and process this with you. We’re going to pray and talk about what anchors us during this storm.   Would you join me for this? There’s no ask. No sale. No agenda. I just want to be present for you as we figure out how to get through this together in the coming days. I care about you friend, and I’m here for you. ❤️   You can view this entire series and receive the recap emails with journal questions if you visit

Apr 20 2020



#308a: Everything You Need to Know About Working From Home (But Were Too Afraid To Ask!) with Rachel Hollis (COVID-19 Series)

Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield
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Like many these days, you might be finding yourself working virtually -- and whether this is new to you or not, there are some simple strategies you can implement to stay focused, on track, and moving forward as an entrepreneur.

My dear friend, Rachel Hollis, originally interviewed me for her podcast RISE, and because we both want this episode to reach as many entrepreneurs and individuals affected by the recent crisis as possible, we are releasing it on the Online Marketing Made Easy podcast as well.

I hope with all my heart that you find this episode helpful, insightful, and inspiring.

Now, why did Rachel come to me looking for guidance on how to run a virtual team and work from home without losing focus?

Probably because I’ve been building a virtual team for almost 11 years, which means I’ve got a couple tricks up my sleeve for being successful in the online workspace.

Here’s a preview of what we talked about...

  • How to set expectations and what tools are best for staying on track.
  • The importance of sticking to a task and how to make sure your team does the same.
  • How to show up for your team and lead in turbulent times.
  • How to minimize context switching -- trust me when I say that this one is a lifesaver!
  • Tips for staying focused.
  • Strategies for maintaining healthy work habits and setting up your workspace.
  • The importance of over-communication to your team and collaborators.

This episode is courtesy of our guest, Rachel Hollis, and the RISE podcast (where it first appeared). To receive more tangible and tactical tools from New York Times Best-Selling author, Rachel Hollis, check out RISE.

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Mar 28 2020



Handling The Emotions Of Uncertainty (With Guest Rachel Hollis)

The Ken Coleman Show
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The Ken Coleman Show is here to help answer your questions about career, passion and talent so you can maximize your potential and get closer to landing your dream job. Do you have a question for Ken? Call us live from 12-2 p.m. ET at 844-747-2577 or email

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Mar 24 2020



136: Rachel Hollis LIVE from RISE Business - Four H's and an O

RISE podcast
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We're gearing up for our first-ever INTERNATIONAL women's conference, so we wanted to bring you some fire business strategy from our fearless leader herself. This keynote was delivered last fall at our RISE Business conference and was designed to help business leaders and entrepreneurs at any level reassess their progress and their strategies, as only Rachel can. This year we're bringing RISE Business back home to Austin! Learn more here:


Are you ready to put the lessons from this podcast into ACTION! Our next women's conference is coming to Toronto on March 5-7th, and it promises to be a LIFE-CHANGER! What can you expect by coming to a RISE conference? Expect to be energized and motivated. Expect to cry and make new friends (fun fact: most of our attendees come alone - but they don't leave that way). Expect to reconnect with those dreams and goals you’ve been carrying around for years, without any idea of what to do with them. Expect to be inspired to RISE! Get your tickets here ->

Something HUGE is coming this month - it's your favorite bus without wheels - Audible Presents: The Rachel and Dave Hollis Variety Show LIVE in Austin + theatres across North America! On Tuesday, March 24th, you can catch the first on-stage edition of the Start Today Morning Show, followed by a live recording of the RISE Together Podcast, ending with a dynamic interview with Dave Hollis about his new book led by none other than his wife, Rachel Hollis. Attend in person in Austin at the historic Paramount Theatre, or catch it in one of 800 theaters streaming the event across the US and Canada. Grab your friends, call your mom, and buy your tickets today! Bonus: All Austin attendees will receive a free Audible version of Dave's book at the event. Click here to get tickets ->

Dave's first-ever book, Get Out Of Your Own Way, is coming this March! This book is for everyone, and we mean EVERYONE: women who loved Girl Wash Your Face, men who did or didn't read Girl Wash Your Face, personal development skeptics, personal development devotees, anyone and everyone who has a life and knows it could maybe get a little better if they could just get out of their own dang way! The best part is Dave has created some really cool extras, like a FREE e-course, for people who pre-order the book, so get to it! LET'S GOOOOOO! ->

Mar 03 2020

1hr 4mins


97: Where is Rachel Hollis??

Start Today Morning Show
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It's Tuesday, y'all! Today on the morning show that no one is talking about, Dave is answering all your questions about ANYTHING and EVERYTHING! Rachel is on set filming her new show that's coming out in April, so Dave is solo once again to talk about his coaching series, being on a film set, and SO MUCH MORE!

Come hang out with us weekdays LIVE at 9AM CST on Facebook and Instagram, and catch up on episodes you missed here!


Y'all. We are still pinching ourselves about the latest news out of our podcast network - Trent freakin' Shelton is launching a brand new show with the Hollis Company! That's right, Straight Up with Trent Shelton debuts on December 4th and will drop new episodes EVERY WEDNESDAY! Trent is going to bring honest, raw, life-changing wisdom straight from his heart to your ears on a weekly basis. His style is so unique, his message so powerful, we just KNOW this is going to be your new must-listen podcast. Subscribe to Straight Up with Trent Shelton on iTunes, Google, Spotify, Stitcher, or wherever you listen to podcasts by clicking this link!

Feb 04 2020