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9 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Talaat McNeely. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Talaat McNeely, often where they are interviewed.

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9 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Talaat McNeely. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Talaat McNeely, often where they are interviewed.

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Episode 18 | 7 Year-End Money Moves You Should Make | Guest: Talaat McNeely

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2020 is almost over! It is time to get your year-end plan together. And in this episode, we are talking with Talaat McNeely from HisAndHerMoney.com about the year-end money moves you should be making.

Listener questions answered:

What is the best way to start saving for a child's future college fund?

Should I rent and save 15% for retirement or reduce my retirement savings and put it toward a down payment on a house.

Other notes:

Moves you should make before year-end

1. Review your last 12 months of spending
2. Obtain a recent copy of your credit report
3. Take a look at your debt balances
4. Establish new short-term goals
5. Assess all of your investments
6. Determine your contributions to charity
7. Make sure you have sufficient life insurance

Episode Sponsor:

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Nov 25 202027mins
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Talaat McNeely - How to quickly and easily repurpose your content

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This year has CHANGED the way your audience consumes content! Are you meeting people where they WANT to be consuming your content?

Could you open up new audiences by repurposing your content?

In this chat, Talaat McNeely joins me (https://www.hisandhermoney.com/) to chat about repurpoing & taking advantage of NEW opportunities for 2021!

Full show notes here: https://doyouevenblog.com/how-to-quickly-and-easily-repurpose-your-content/


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Nov 16 202052mins

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M&M 114: YouTube Growth Tips from a Creator with 100,000 Subscribers - with Talaat McNeely

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Are you ready to get serious about growing your YouTube Channel?

It all starts with taking the right steps. Talaat McNeely has grown his YouTube Channel to over 100,000 subscribers and he's sharing with us the steps that he took.

Talaat answers 4 questions from the FinCon Community about how to create better content and keep your viewers coming back.

For more, go to https://finconexpo.com/grow-youtube-channel-100000-subscribers

May 27 202039mins
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His and Her Money (with Talaat McNeely)

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Money is often listed as one of the top contributors of stress for most couples. But what happens when you and your spouse don't see eye to eye when it comes to finances? Or maybe neither of you were ever taught how to manage money well? In this episode, host Jerrad Lopes is joined by Talaat McNeely, founder of His and Her Money, to discuss his personal journey of becoming debt free and how couples can do the same.

Feb 24 202044mins

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How To Play On The Same Money Team As Your Spouse, with Talaat McNeely

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Did you know that conflict over finances is one of the leading causes of divorce today? Surprisingly though, the problem isn鈥檛 the lack of finances, it is that couples aren鈥檛 on the same page when it comes to their money. My guest this week knows a thing or two about overcoming financial stress in a relationship, because he鈥檚 been there.

Talaat Mcneely is the co-founder of His & Her Money. Together with his wife, they help couples build stronger marriages by teaching them how to play on the same money team.

You can find the show notes for this episode at https://maplemoney.com/talaatmcneely

Our sponsor, Borrowell, wants all Canadians to feel great about their credit. To help, they鈥檝e taken a product that was once over $20/month, and made it completely free. For a copy of your free credit score, credit report, and monthly updates, visit https://maplemoney.com/borrowell

Oct 02 201928mins
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075: Tai and Talaat McNeely Paid Off Their Mortgage 25 Years Early

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Find out how Talaat and Tai McNeely worked together to pay off his $30,000 of consumer debt and more recently paid off their $330,000 mortgage in just 5 years!

Guest Biography

Talaat and Tai McNeely "America's #1 Money Couple", are Financial Educators that are on a mission to get individuals and couples on the same page financially, and to experience the joys of financial freedom. They are co-authors of Money Talks: The Ultimate Couple's Guide To Communicating About Money. They are also the hosts of the top rated podcast, "The His and Her Money Show". Talaat and Tai McNeely (His and Her Money) have been featured in numerous publications such as Black Enterprise, FoxNews.com, MSN.com, Essence, and Business Insider.

Show notes: http://www.inspiredmoney.fm/075

In this episode, you will learn:

  • The power of couples working on their finances together.
  • A glimpse into Talaat's financial infidelity, meaning that he tried keeping his debt a secret before marriage.
  • Tips on how Talaat and Tai paid off their mortgage in just 5 years -- 25 years ahead of schedule!

Find more from our guest:

Mentioned in this episode:

Runnymede Money Tip of the Week:

  • A couple ideas for paying off your mortgage early.
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Special thanks to Jim Kimo West for the music.

Jan 22 201943mins
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A $330,000 Mortgage Crushed in 5 Years with One Income - with Talaat McNeely

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Talaat McNeely recently paid off his $330,000 mortgage after 5 years of dedication and perseverance. He did this on a single income and now officially owns his home outright. Here's how he did it.

Aug 27 201853mins
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Tai + Talaat McNeely: How One Couple Survived Financial Infidelity

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鈥淲hen I came up against this discrepancy in my character, it was tough to combat.鈥 - Tai + Talaat McNeely

Everyone worries about their partner cheating on them, but there鈥檚 actually a different type of infidelity that is much more common and leads to just as many divorces: Financial Infidelity.

Most people don鈥檛 think about it, but when you lie to your partner about your financial standing or hide purchases or keep secret stashes, you are being dishonest no matter how you attempt to justify it.

Yes, even having that secret credit card to buy those shoes you can鈥檛 live without is deceitful.

A marriage should not only be about honesty, but working together for success. That includes your financial success.

I have a lot of people who tell me that their family always taught them to have a secret account just in case.

My response is always, 鈥淛ust in case what?鈥 If you are starting your relationship with an exit plan, maybe you need to reevaluate the person you are thinking of spending the rest of your life with.

The way your family treated money doesn鈥檛 need to be the way that you do. There鈥檚 a lot of things my family has done that I would be ashamed to do, and money is no different.

Don鈥檛 mimic what your family members do if it鈥檚 not supportive of the life or relationship you desire. Learn from their mistakes. If your aunt is giving you this advice, and she鈥檚 on her fifth husband, that might tell you something. If it鈥檚 your sister trying to help, but her husband is unhappy because he feels like a child living on his mother鈥檚 allowance, there鈥檚 a problem.

Take the positive aspects from other people, get rid of the negative, and consider the source.

On this episode of the Redefining Wealth Podcast, we are joined by a power couple: Tai and Talaat McNeely. These two started off their relationship on the wrong foot, financially, but overcame their struggles together.

Now they have a wonderful relationship that鈥檚 open and honest about their finances, and something they have learned to work on together.

Download this episode today to learn the mistakes they made early in their relationship, and how they learned to overcome their financial problems by being a team.

鈥淎re you interpreting what your parents did with their money through the correct lens?鈥 - Tai + Talaat McNeely
Feb 22 201852mins
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PB37: His & Her Money ft. Tai & Talaat McNeely

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We welcome in 2017 with the awesome couple behind HisAndHerMoney.com, Tai and Talaat McNeely. His and Her Money is a journey of how two high school sweethearts fell in love, got married, but were total opposites when it came to handling their finances. Between being the proud parents of three children, Tai and Talaat find time to share their personal stories on love, money, and personal finance to help others find the financial freedom they have found. On this week's episode we discuss: Why you need to attach a personal mission statement to your budget goals How following "the norm" can lead you financially astray "You need more discipline, not more dollars." Advancing your financial discussion as your relationship advances, "as your relationship graduates, so should your conversations about finances." Resources: View His and Her Money on YouTube Announcements: Take the first ever P&B Audience Survey today! Check out our new PATREON page! We鈥檙e raising funds to grow the show so we can create more great content that helps you get ahead professionally and financially. Debt Free Or Die Trying is out now! Cop it in that Amazon! Looking for more career development and debt freedom tips? Join our email list at PaychecksandBalances.com/email for exclusive content including show updates, digital giveaways, and more. We don鈥檛 spam. We just keeps it real. Yes, keeps. LIKE us on Facebook.com/PaychecksandBalances or follow us on Twitter @PayBalances and Instagram at the same name!
Jan 10 20171hr