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Elle Roberts: How you can gain control of your business in 2021

Talking Business Australia

In today’s episode of the Talking Business Australia podcast we’ll be talking to Elle Roberts from Rare Seed Agency.Elle has been working in the online business space for over a decade and has helped hundreds of business owners through her coaching, courses and consulting. She works with change makers, risk takers, creative entrepreneurs - the rare seeds - to help them regain control of their business.Elle also runs Artful Business Events which delivers a bi-annual business conference dedicated to supporting creative, mission-driven and out of the box businesses.In this episode we cover:Energy leaks that get in the way of your businessCreating better systems and structures to plug your energy leaksAction plans and tackling goalsMaking your content calendar match your goalsRegaining control of your businessFinding small ways to save time - it all adds upThe disadvantages of living regionallyThe advantages of living regionallyThe regional lifestyleWorking remotely is very achievable especially since CovidLinks mentioned in the show:Rare Seeds Agency WebsiteRare Seeds Agency InstagramRare Seeds Agency FacebookTalking Business Australia websiteTalking Business Australia Instagram Talking Business Australia FacebookFind Cath at:The Digital Laneway WebsiteThe Digital Laneway FacebookThe Digital Laneway InstagramFind Mel at:Regional Roar WebsiteRegional Roar FacebookRegional Roar Instagram


17 Jan 2021

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Emma Elle Roberts. The Unplanned Movie. Abortion.

What In The Dang Heck

Cecilia & Megan touch on a serious topic that has been deeply on their hearts all week. Then, Emma Roberts, who played Marilisa from the movie Unplanned, joins us to chat about all things life & on-set romance! Make sure to ring our HOTLINE at 312-775-2615 & hit us with YOUR “what in dang heck” moments! If you’d like our take or advice on a situation, shoot us a DM Hallow App 30-day free trial: Www.hallow.com/whatinthedangheck STAYkini needs brand ambassadors! Email hello@staykini.com if you’re interested! Catholic Sticker Club code “HECKYES" for 20% off site wide plus free shipping catholicstickerclub.cratejoy.com Meghan Ashley Styling use code: BEAUTIFYMYWARDROBE when signing up for the “Starter Pack Special” to get a free copy of Meghan’s book- The Catholic Wardrobe: Musings from a Personal Stylist Megan: @megs__wells  Cecilia: @ceciliapappas Emma : @emmaelleroberts


16 Nov 2020

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BONUS Socially Conscious Business with Elle Roberts on the So Crisp Podcast

Good Girls Don't Podcast

Coronavirus got ya bored and a little nutty?  We have you covered with our special bonus episode series from our good mates in the podcasting world, to bring you delicious ear food every Thursday.  Today we're thrilled to share with you former guest, (Episode 11 Good Girls Don't Smash the Glass Ceiling) Jay Crisp Crow's So Crisp Podcast.  Enjoy! 

1 Apr 2020

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Social Consciousness - Elle Roberts

So Crisp with Jay Crisp Crow

Elle has depth of character and endless ocean of compassionate drive that she brings into everything she touches. She’s an OBM, event and conference organiser, twins advocate, one of the most relaxed and engaging speakers I’ve watched do her thing (best bit, she doesn’t even know how good she is). She recently launched a brand new agency and - super importantly to us - is the Podager for the So Crisp Podcast.From the Artful Business Conference and Events - bringing together artisans from all over Australia, to her work supporting social impact and enterprise projects, Elle is propelled forward by something that seems to burns inside her.Today we’re peeling back just a couple of the layers to find out what makes Elle tick on this very special, final podcast of our first season.PLEASE NOTE: In this episode, I mention my illness being invisible as "fortunate". This isn't a label I comfortably use anymore but was rather a repeat of what society told me was true about my disability. I reject both the inference that my disability is 'less than' just because you can't see it from the outside and also that people with visible disabilities are 'unfortunate', and, listening back, I realise I didn't explain this eloquently enough with my tone of voice in this podcast. My sincere and deep-hearted apologies for anyone listening who thought this might be the case.The Crisp TakeawaysBeing vocal about your values is not about "using" them as a marketing tactic - it's about connecting with other businesses and customers who share the same values and who also believe in being socially conscious in business.Admitting you have strong values and that those personal values affect the way you do business, allows you to be more strategic about it, have a bigger impact without necessarily doing more and it means you can just show up in your business as yourself more fully.Intersectional Feminism - what even is that word? I talk to Jennifer Zeven about it in Episode 1.“As soon as you try and do something good in the world, people will tell you all the ways that you are not doing it perfectly.”Burnout comes when you think you have to keep pushing the boundaries like eating well and sleeping. Hustle culture is so damaging and distracts people from the work they should be doing - like systems, profit management, and strategic planning.If you are trying to leave the world in a better place than you found it - you have a socially conscious business.This episode was proudly sponsored by Rare Seed Agency. Elle and her team are ready to help you regain control of your business and cultivate growth!


19 Dec 2019

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Interview with Emma Elle Roberts about Unplanned Pro-Life Film

Apologetics Simplified

In today's episode we interview actress Emma Elle Roberts about the Pro-Life Film Unplanned. This is the first of two episodes about abortion. The film is about Abby Johnson who was a notable Planned Parenthood abortionist who assisted in a sonogram guided abortion and what she saw changed her life forever. Emma Elle portrayed real-life person Marilisa who was instrumental in Abby Johnson's story.Follow Emma Elle on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter at @emmaellerobertsSupport Apologetics Simplified on Patreon:www.patreon.com/apologeticssimplifiedLet’s get social!Follow me on…Instagram: www.instagram.com/apologeticssimplifiedFacebook: www.facebook.com/apologeticssimplifiedTwitter: www.twitter.com/ApoloSimplifiedFor resources: www.apologeticssimplified.com/resourcesGuests and their recommended resources may or may not reflect the views of Leah or Andrew.


2 Jul 2019

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Working Alaska Ep13: Elle Roberts with Arctic Network Solutions

The Real Estate Dude

Elle Roberts manages the safety side of the business at Arctic Network Solutions. She is also a published author, former firefighter, and survivor of a coma. Elle is one of the most introspective people I have had the pleasure of hosting on the podcast. Each step of her life she takes in and analyzes to see what she wants to sustain and what needs to change moving forward. It was fun to talk to her about putting each piece together to get to where she was today. 

1hr 7mins

27 Jun 2019

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089 | Pioneer Seeker w/ Elle Roberts & Ashleigh Rae | The Thrive Factor Book Series

Law Of Effortlessness

Pioneer Seeker Thrive Factor ArchetypeWelcome to the Law of Effortlessness Podcast with your #businessyoda host, Shannon Bush today joined by two cheeky and pioneering women, Elle Roberts and Ashleigh Rae. In this episode, Shannon Bush speaks with Elle Roberts and Ashleigh about the Pioneer Seeker Thrive Factor Archetype. This lady is the early adopter of new ideas and technology and is constantly innovating. She is also cheeky and playful and others can find it difficult to keep up with her. Elle starts off the episode with some information about herself and her business, and how its evolved. Elle identifies when she learned about her archetypes and lists them as Mentor Teacher, Inspirer Believer, Liberator Engineer, Shapeshifter Alchemist, and Pioneer Seeker. She shares with us how she felt when she learned what her archetypes were, and how learning them clarified some things about herself.Elle talks about how difficult it was starting her business as a single mom, and how shy she was about it starting out. She explains how she had to learn the aspects of a business that she didn’t know, and how she reached out to others to join her in her business. Elle shares with us the disadvantages and challenges of being a Pioneer Seeker, and how she wants to learn and try everything. Elle imparts some words of wisdom on us about being a Pioneer Seeker, and how it shapes you.In part two of this episode, you’ll hear from Ashleigh Rae, her business and how she first came to meet her Pioneer Seeker Archetype in early 2018, along with her other two Thrive Factor Archetypes – the Inspirer Believer and Shape Shifter Alchemist. You’ll hear how at first, Ashleigh didn’t know what to do with the knowledge of her archetypes, and how she didn’t love them or interact with them – and then how she began to embrace them.She identifies which archetype she has had the most trouble with, and talks about the challenges that each archetype brings into her life. Ashleigh Rae also talks about how her archetypes have helped her, both in her business life and in her personal life. She mentions other personality tests she’s done before, and how she felt like they never really fit her. She identifies the weaknesses of other personality tests and emphasizes how strong the archetype test is and how she uses it to profile her clients. The episode ends with Ashleigh giving advice for those who share her archetypes, and giving words of encouragement. To hear Ashleigh’s advice, tune in to this episode! And if you’re curious about your archetypes, check out Shannon Bush’s The Thrive Factor Book!Pearls of Wisdom “I’m a huge ideas person, and it took me a long time to wrap my head around this. I had to learn it’s OK to embrace and hug the Bright Shiny Objects.” – Ashleigh Rae“Your archetypes are a filter to guide you in how you want to show up, and what you want to do” – Shannon Bush“I often feel like how come there are not more people standing right here with me, and learning about that Pioneer Seeker and that adventurous, you know, just keep going doing the next new thing, was like oh, that’s why it feels like there’s no one next to me. It’s not that nobody wants to be my friend, it’s that I’m in this different space” – Elle RobertsFind Out More About The Thrive Factor Book Herewww.thethrivefactorbook.com.auWatch the video series here>> Thrive Factor Book Video Interview SeriesConnect with our Pioneer Seekers hereElle Roberts WebsiteArtful Business Conference WebsiteAshleigh Rae on LinkedInVirtually Awesome on FacebookConnect with Shannon Bush hereCreative Possibility www.creativepossibility.com.auThriving Entrepreneur Circle Facebook group for women in businesshttp://bit.ly/tecircleThe post 089 | Pioneer Seeker w/ Elle Roberts & Ashleigh Rae | The Thrive Factor Book Series appeared first on Creative Possibility.


3 May 2019

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Ep11. 2019 Elle Roberts - Online Business Manager

The Busy Mum Podcast

In todays episode of the busy mum podcast, I speak with Elle Roberts who is an online business manager and a marketing strategist. We talk about all things business, family and working from home. Let’s Dive In.


10 Mar 2019

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Trevor sits down with Indianapolis essayist, artist & organizer Elle Roberts to talk art and life in Indy. Enjoy!

1hr 3mins

31 Oct 2018

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Hollywood Spotlight with Jared Lotz and Emma Elle Roberts - PODCAST #144

40 Days for Life Podcast

Topics We Cover On This Episode [1:07] The March 2019 release of the UnPlanned movie is fast approaching! [6:18] All about the actors playing Shawn and Marilisa Carney [8:02] Introducing Jared Lotz and Emma Elle Roberts [9:19] How Jared and Emma heard about the Abby Johnson story [11:25] What attracted Jared and Emma to be a part of the UnPlanned movie [15:01] Dealing with the potential pushback of being in a Pro-Life film [20:03] How the UnPlanned movie set differed from being on other movie projects [26:20] Jared and Emma talk about the impact they hope the UnPlanned movie will have [30:03] How Jared and Emma prepared to take on the roles of Shawn and Marilisa In March 2019, 40 Days for Life and the Pro-Life movement will leap onto the big screen in the film adaptation of Abby Johnson’s book UnPlanned. The incredible story details Abby’s journey from Planned Parenthood director to Pro-Life advocate. In a unique first for the 40 Days for Life Podcast Shawn and Steve have the opportunity to interview Jared Lotz and Emma Elle Roberts who play Shawn and his wife Marilisa in the movie. In this episode you will learn exclusive behind the scenes insights and stories straight from the stars themselves and see what it took to bring the UnPlanned movie to life. Shawn is ready for his close-up Have you ever wondered who would play you in a movie about your life? Shawn Carney certainly doesn’t have to wonder anymore. Listen in as Shawn gets the unique opportunity to interview Jared Lotz and Emma Elle Roberts who play him and his wife in the upcoming UnPlanned movie. Hear what it’s like to have a movie version of yourself and how Jared and Emma prepared for the roles on this episode of the 40 Days for Life Podcast. What inspires people to be in a Pro-Life movie? It can’t be an easy choice to make. Hollywood as a whole is pretty outspokenly in favor of abortion so going against the grain can put your reputation and career on the line. Despite those realities, Jared Lotz and Emma Elle Roberts are making the decision to stand for life and take part in this incredible effort to get Abby Johnson’s story out to the masses. In fact, this is Emma’s FOURTH Pro-Life film! On this episode of the 40 Days for Life Podcast find out what motivates Jared and Emma to work on projects like UnPlanned and bring Pro-Life values to the mainstream. The set of UnPlanned is unlike any other in Hollywood It’s safe to assume that most people show up at work so that they can get a paycheck. The actors and production crews of Hollywood are no different. This is what makes the people involved in making UnPlanned so special! Of course, no one is coming to work for free, but their motivations go so much deeper than their bank accounts. For them, UnPlanned is a mission to help end abortion by faithfully telling the life story of Abby Johnson. Hear Jared Lotz and Emma Elle Roberts talk about what it’s like to work on a movie with people unified by one purpose on this week’s episode of the 40 Days for Life Podcast. The cast and crew of UnPlanned hope the film has a major cultural impact Most films aspire to do nothing more than tell an entertaining story. UnPlanned is not your average movie. The cast and crew have set out to make a movie that not only brings awareness to the abortion issue but also changes the heart of the culture on the sanctity of human life. Hear Jared and Emma share on what they hope the UnPlanned movie accomplishes and how you can make that dream a reality on this week’s episode of the 40 Days for Life Podcast. Resources & People Mentioned Visit the UnPlanned movie website! Abby Johnson on Twitter Book: UnPlanned Episode 142 featuring Chuck Konzelman and Carey Solomon Email us at movie@40daysforlife.com to learn how you can host a theater for the UnPlanned movie free of charge The Beginning of the End of Abortion - Pick up your copy on Amazon and leave a review! Connect With Jared Lotz and Emma Elle Roberts Jared on Twitter and Instagram Emma on Twitter and Instagram Connect With 40 Days For Life www.40DaysForLife.com On Facebook On Twitter Email Sign Up App Tweets You Can Use to Spread the Word In March 2019, #40DaysforLife and the #ProLife movement will leap onto the big screen in the film adaptation of the book #Unplanned by @AbbyJohnson. Hear from two of the films stars @ItsJaredLotz and @EmmaElleRoberts on this week’s episode of the #40DaysforLifePodcast. @UnPlannedMovie #PrayforLife #Abortion @CarneyShawn is ready for his close up! Find out what it’s like to have someone play you in a movie on this week’s episode of the #40DaysForLifePodcast. @UnPlannedMovie #ProLife #PrayforLife #Abortion What inspires people to be in a #ProLife movie like @UnPlannedMovie? Hear @ItsJaredLotz and @EmmaElleRoberts answer that question and more on this week’s episode of the #40DaysforLifePodcast. #PrayforLife #Abortion The set of the @UnPlannedMovie is unlike any other in Hollywood. Find out why from two of the films stars @ItsJaredLotz and @EmmaElleRoberts on this week’s episode of the #40DaysforLifePodcast. #ProLife #PrayforLife #Abortion The cast and crew of the @UnPlannedMovie hope the film has a major cultural impact. Find out how you can be a part of it on this week’s episode of the #40DaysforLifePodcast. #ProLife #PrayforLife #Abortion


23 Oct 2018