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Mark Shepherd: Clearfield Mayor, Business Owner, Davis County Commission Candidate

Happy Grateful Blessed with Tami Tran

Mark Shepherd was born in Salt Lake City but grew up in Albuquerque, NM.He has lived in Clearfield for the past 23 years. Mark’s ‘non-political’ life includes being the Principal Broker for the Shepherd Real Estate Group, a local, independent real estate brokerage which he founded in 2018. His business focuses primarily on military relocation, both to and from Utah. Mark served nearly 9 years on the Clearfield Planning Commission before being elected to the City Council in 2007. After 6 years on the Council, Mark was elected as Clearfield City’s Mayor in 2013 and is now serving his 3rd term as Mayor.  Mark has served as an Honorary Commander for the 388th MXG for three years and is presently serving as the Honorary Commander for the 466th FS. He was appointed by Utah’s Governor to serve on the Military Installation Development Authority (MIDA) which has responsibility for development of Enhanced Use Lease (EUL) properties throughout Utah. He serves on the Utah Defense Alliance and on the Board of Directors for the local Air Force Association chapter. He served for two years as the Chairman of the Military Communities Council for the National League of Cities, and now serves as the Vice-Chair for the Finance, Administration and Inter-governmental Affairs (FAIR) committee.    He is a Board Member for the Utah League of Cities and Towns and is running for Davis County Commission.Mark has been married to his wife Tammie for the past 31 years. They are the parents of seven children and three grandchildren. In his “spare” time, Markwill likely be found at a Real Salt Lake soccer game, searching for his ball at one of the local golf courses or at the gun range practicing his aim. Whichever activity that day might bring, you will almost always find one of his children by his side. If you’d like to be featured on this podcast, schedule here: https://calendly.com/tamitran/podcast_recording_session


17 Jun 2022

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How Ngage Simplifies Live Chat for Lawyers – Mark Shepherd – Personal Injury Marketing Minute #10

Personal Injury Marketing Minute

When a prospective client walks through your door for the first time, it is common sense to have your receptionist greet them. But what happens when they walk through your law firm’s digital door? When a visitor arrives at your website, they should also be greeted by someone who can answer their questions and connect them with the right lawyer. Ngage offers a unique live chat service specifically geared towards helping law firms convert website visitors into new clients. Mark Shepherd explains how their platform integrates state-of-the-art features to connect with your future clients and improve your conversion rate. Learn more about Ngage’s service platform at https://www.ngagelive.com/


1 Apr 2021

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Mark Shepherd at Beringea


What are the benefits of starting out at a generalist fund? What happens when you meet your colleagues for the first time in fancy dress? How does a MasterChef contestant becomes an investor? We find out when Petra and Lois sit down with Mark Shepherd at Beringea. We discuss all of these questions, plus how Mark got into VC, what his 2 top tips are for landing a job (for all the prospective investors listening!), and what he's currently looking out for (for all the founders out there!) 


16 Mar 2021

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Interview with Dr. Mark Shepherd, My Endocrinologist

The Diverse Butterfly Podcast

In this episode, I interview Dr. Mark Shepherd, my endocrinologist! In this episode, you will learn what Turner Syndrome is, the health challenges that girls and women with Turner Syndrome face, the difference between mosaic Turner Syndrome and classic Turner Syndrome, what he thinks about self-advocacy, etc. Hope you enjoy!


9 Sep 2020

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State of Emergency Re: COVID-19 & Online Education (Featuring Drs. Mary Blackinton, Mark Shepherd, & Kendra Gagnon)

The Healthcare Education Transformation Podcast

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, schools and universities closing and transitioning to online learning and faculty and students are forced to adapt to online education. F Scott Feil talks with Mary Blackinton (Program Director of Nova Southeastern DPT Program), Mark Shepherd (Program Director of the Bellin College OMPT Fellowship Program), & Kendra Gagnon (Clinical Associate Professor and Director of Student Affairs in the Baylor University DPT Program) about the essentials that faculty and students need to do to successfully navigate this change. Myths of the Digital Native Article FREE Online List of Resources for Educators Flipgrid Kaltura Personal Capture ICE Learning Center List of Content Curation Tools CAPTE Response to COVID-19 for Educators Michelle Brock's Humanizing Online Learning Strategies for Creating a Community of Inquiry through Online Asynchronous Discussions CoI Framework A Developmental Framework for Teaching Expertise in Postsecondary Education Kendra's article on EIM Blog on Hybrid Learning Eric Dishman: Healthcare should be a Team Sport TED Talk Tuan Nguyen's article on The Effectiveness of Online Learning EIM Podcast on Transition to Online Education Prior HET Episode on Flipped Classroom Prior HET Episode on Hybrid Learning Contact Information Kendra's Email: Kendra_Gagnon@baylor.edu  Kendra's Twiiter: @KendraPedPT Mary's Email: maryb@nova.edu  Mary's Phone Number: 954-560-7670  Mark Shepherd Twitter: @ShepDPT Mark's Phone Number: 276-608-5603 The PT Hustle Website: https://www.thepthustle.com/ Schedule an Appointment with Kyle Rice: www.passtheptboards.com    HET LITE Tool: www.pteducator.com/het    Anywhere Healthcare: https://anywhere.healthcare/ (code: HET)


21 Mar 2020

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OMPT Fellowship Regulations/Changes: The Impact on Fellowship Programs featuring Dr. Mark Shepherd

The Healthcare Education Transformation Podcast

Brandon & Dr. Mark Shepherd (Assistant Program Director of the Bellin College OMPT Fellowship Program) did a Facebook Live video on 1/8/2019 discussing the pressing issues regarding OMPT Fellowship Programs including mandated changes from accreditation bodies, admission requirements, mentorship requirements, and much more. Mark shares this perspective as an assistant program director how these changes will affect programs and the profession on a whole. Mark's Email Address: mshepherd@eimpt.com American Board of Physical Therapy Residency and Fellowship Education Website: http://www.abptrfe.org/home.aspx AAOMPT Website: https://aaompt.org/ IFOMPT Website: http://www.ifompt.org/ Evidence in Motion Website: https://www.evidenceinmotion.com/ Talus Media's Residency/Fellowship Page: http://www.talusmedia.org/category/residency-fellowship/ Eric Robertson's Interview on Residency/Fellowship Education with Karen Litzy: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/370-dr-eric-robertson-pt-dpt-fellowships-residencies/id532717264?i=1000417281186&mt=2 Bellin College Post-Graduate Physical Therapy Programs: https://www.bellincollege.edu/academics/post-graduate-physical-therapy-programs/?fbclid=IwAR0K7Q8qVQ0CPQoufaGX2_0f4Q2gstb_2Ta7f0OuLDocpnyV3zptcXlbTrc Residency Education in Every Town: Is It Just So Simple?: https://academic.oup.com/ptj/article/94/1/151/2735483 Postprofessional Cartography in Physical Therapy: Charting a Pathway for Residency and Fellowship Training AAMT Blog Article on APTA/ABPTRFE Fellowship Standards: https://osteopractor.wordpress.com/2018/02/28/apta-abptrfes-new-fellowship-admission-criteria-violate-sherman-act-anti-competitive-damage-aaompt-fellowship-programs/ Kevin L. MacPherson, Mark Shepherd, Jamie Childs Everett, Adam Fritsch, J.M. Whitman & Kim Dunleavy (2018) Perceptions of the professional and personal impact of hybrid fellowship training: a qualitative study, Journal of Manual & Manipulative Therapy, DOI: 10.1080/10669817.2018.1542850 (if desire full article, email brandonpoen@gmail.com)  The Impact of Physical Therapy Residency or Fellowship Education on Clinical Outcomes for Patients With Musculoskeletal Conditions Jason Rodeghero, Ying-Chih Wang, Timothy Flynn, Joshua A. Cleland, Robert S. Wainner, and Julie M. Whitman . Journal of Orthopaedic & Sports Physical Therapy 2015 45:2, 86-96 https://www.jospt.org/doi/pdfplus/10.2519/jospt.2015.5255      Gregory W Hartley, Kathryn E Roach, Kendra L Harrington, Stephanie McNally; Program-Level Factors Influencing Positive Graduate Outcomes of Physical Therapy Residency Programs, Physical Therapy, Volume 99, Issue 2, 1 February 2019, Pages 173–182, https://doi.org/10.1093/ptj/pzy125https://academic.oup.com/ptj/article-abstract/99/2/173/5134175?redirectedFrom=fulltextThe PT Hustle Website: https://www.thepthustle.com/ Schedule an Appointment with Kyle Rice: www.passtheptboards.com    HET LITE Tool: www.pteducator.com/het    Anywhere Healthcare: https://anywhere.healthcare/ (code: HET)     Biography:   Dr. Mark Shepherd is the Assistant Director for the Orthopaedic Manual Physical Therapy Fellowship Program at Bellin College. He currently practices at Active Life and Sports PT in Baltimore, Maryland and had most recently practiced in the outpatient Orthopedic Department at Johns Hopkins Hospital where he served as clinical faculty for the Johns Hopkins/George Washington University Orthopedic Residency Program. He currently teaches in the South College DPT program and has developed a blended-model PTA program for Rasmussen College. Dr. Shepherd's clinical and research interests include chronic and persistent pain disorders, spinal and extremity manual therapies and clinical reasoning in physical therapy. He has presented at both regional and national physical therapy conferences speaking about professional development as a new professional and post-professional residency and fellowship training.


9 Jan 2019

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Kendra Gagnon & Mark Shepherd- Teaching Hybrid Learning & Innovative Methods of Faculty Development

The Healthcare Education Transformation Podcast

Dr. Kendra Gagnon and Mark Shepherd are a part of the faculty teaching at Evidence in Motion (EIM). Kendra and Mark come on HET Podcast to share their insight on EIM's and South College/Baylor DPT hybrid learning curriculum. They further elucidate what a hybrid program is, what are the benefits to this approach, the critiques of the program, and some theories behind how this approach can change the way we look at educating healthcare professionals.  Biography Kendra Gagnon, PT, PhD Kendra initially started out as a pediatric physical therapist graduating with her masters back in 2001. Just a few years out of PT school she found her way to a PhD program in 2005 at the University of Kansas. She was part of the first DPT cohort. She started to teach and found that was her passion. She taught at University of Kansas for a few years and then at Rockhurst University for 3 years.  She was brought in to South College to teach pediatric content at their hybrid program. She kept her passion for teaching creatively to the new DPT hybrid program at Baylor University. New hybrid class started in January 2018. She  served as Chair of the Academy of Pediatric Physical Therapy (APPT) Communications Committee. Dr. Gagnon is active in the Academy of Pediatric Physical Therapy (APPT) and currently serves  as the Digital Media Editor for the journal Pediatric Physical Therapy.  Kendra Gagnon Linkedin page:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/kendragagnon/ Kendra Gagnon Twitter Page: https://twitter.com/KendraPedPT Kendra Gagnon Personal Website: https://kendrapedpt.com/ Kendra Gagnon Baylor University Faculty Page: https://www.baylor.edu/chhs/index.php?id=948706 Mark Shepherd  Mark started out his career graduating from Sacred Heart University with his DPT. The program at Sacred Heart University used problem based learning as a facilitator for retention. Mark went on to pursue orthopedic residency at Body Dynamics Inc. and fellowship with Evidence in Motion (EIM). Mark was able to springboard these opportunities into teaching opportunities as well at George Washington University and most recently South College where hybrid approach was being applied to the curriculum.  Mark Shepherd Twitter Page: https://twitter.com/ShepDPT Mark Shepherd's LinkedIn Page: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mark-shepherd-b7a847149/ Mark Shepherd's CV: https://my.evidenceinmotion.com/SIS_DocumentRepository/6016_6016_20170502035828_=_Mark%20Shepherd-%20CV_EIM.pdf List of Resources From Episode  Michelle Brock's Humanizing Online Learning: https://brocansky.com/humanizing-online-learning Strategies for Creating a Community of Inquiry through Online Asynchronous Discussions: http://jolt.merlot.org/vol10no1/denoyelles_0314.pdf  CoI Framework: https://coi.athabascau.ca/coi-model/ A Developmental Framework for Teaching Expertise in Postsecondary Education: http://connections.ucalgaryblogs.ca/files/2017/11/CC4_Teaching-Expertise-Framework-Fall-2017.pdf Kendra's article on EIM Blog on Hybrid Learning: https://www.evidenceinmotion.com/blog/2018/05/25/hybrid-education-is-not-special/  Mark's article on EIM Blog on PT Residency: https://www.evidenceinmotion.com/blog/2018/08/03/residency-training-in-pt-are-we-prepared-for-the-future/ Eric Dishman: Healthcare should be a Team Sport TED Talk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VT3XyORCFDA Tuan Nguyen's article on The Effectiveness of Online Learning: http://jolt.merlot.org/Vol11no2/Nguyen_0615.pdf Other Links The PT Hustle Website: https://www.thepthustle.com/ Schedule an Appointment with Kyle Rice: www.passtheptboards.com    HET LITE Tool: www.pteducator.com/het    Anywhere Healthcare: https://anywhere.healthcare/ (code: HET)

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5 Oct 2018