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Episode 32 Collecting Colorful, Well Done Scars with CREAM (Iann Robinson & Jaimie Filer)

What Ya Into?

Hey listener, today we're talking about one of my favorite things to collect, tattoos. Iann Robinson and Jaimie Filer from the podcast CREAM (Cinema Rules Everything Around Me) sit down with me to talk about the ups and downs of collecting tattoos since the 90s. Topics this week include: When old men go to cons. America hates being bothered.Jet Ski Money. B Movie talk. My SD card takes a dump. The return of CM Punk. 33 minutes into this podcast and we're finally talking about tattoos. How many tattoos do you have (a reoccurring theme for all of us). . Giving Jaimie compliments and making him uncomfortable. Back in my day tattoo artists smoked while they were shootin' tatz. The switch from "all my tattoos have meaning" to I want to get something that makes people laugh. Bow before Crom. Getting tattooed outside of tattoo shops. Back in the day when bosses didn't like your tattoos. Meeting people that don't like your tattoos and tell you about it. Iann doesn't like millennials that listen to "Touching in the Ass". Fact: tattoo artists can and will draw your tattoos. If you tattoo me, we're going to have a conversation. So what are you getting tattooed next? 

2hr 3mins

27 Sep 2021

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Episode 20 Collector Cage Match with Iann Robinson

What Ya Into?

Hey listener, put on your favorite luchadore mask and your finest sequined underwear because Iann Robinson has arrived in the Basement to talk about his pro wrestling collection. Topics this week include: Iann's podcasts, People Ruin Everything and C.R.E.A.M (Cinema Rules Everything Around Me). Yelling and taking off your shoes. Wrestling isn't fake, it's predetermined. Wrestling toys, it's own special rabbit hole. Collecting for quantity or quality. My God The Power! The pageantry of professional wrestling aka Pimps on Ice!  Buying championship belts. Sometimes it's cool to meet your heroes. One off collectibles. Two grown ass men have an in depth conversation of how professional wrestling exists in their life today. Death Match wrestling: it's fun, but I don't want to watch a man die. Jazz: "it just sounds like they're making it up". 

1hr 44mins

5 Jul 2021

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Episode 27: Interview with Iann Robinson (Podcaster, Writer, Former MTV VJ)

Podioslave Podcast

In our 27th episode, we’re joined by the one and only Iann Robinson. You were likely first introduced to Iann during his time as an MTV VJ nearly 20 years ago. On top of being a TV personality, Iann has had his hands in multiple areas of the music industry, including writing for online and print outlets, being a radio DJ, playing in bands, etc. If that wasn’t enough, Iann currently co-hosts the CREAM Podcast (Comics Rule Everything Around Me). We talk Iann’s early come up with music, his public access TV days, a deep dive into his time and experience with MTV (so many stories — this is nerdery heaven!), and everything in between. One thing’s for certain: Iann is a music (and comics) nerd just like us.Be sure to check out: CREAM Podcast (Comics Rule Everything Around Me) - @creampodcast513 and head on over to Iann’s Instagram page @iannrobinson - he’s got some cool stuff in the works on the comic book side of things!(On this episode: (0:00) Episode and guest introduction. (4:12) Interview with Iann starts. (86:35) Post interview thoughts and reaction to the episode).--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/podioslave-podcast1/support

1hr 37mins

11 Sep 2020

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Episode 109: Comic Books and Scarification w/ Iann Robinson

The Bastard Sermon Podcast

This week on The Bastard Sermon we had on the incredible Iann Robinson! Iann has stories for days and for absolutely any occasion. Need a story about hanging out with tribes? He's got plenty! Need stories about what it would be like to work at MTV? Please, give him a challenge! Wait he knows the Mick Foley? O yeah, you better tune in!

2hr 12mins

9 Mar 2020

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S3 E12 - Iann Robinson (Apple Technician, "C.R.E.A.M." Podcast)

Out Of The Blank

Iann is a technician for apple products from the basic repair he becomes aware to the worlds reliance in a device his podcast focuses on many things such as the comic book love it seems like everyone has whats better to be a hero live long enough to see yourself become the villain?--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/out-of-the-blank-podcast/support


8 Nov 2019

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Wrestletheticals w/ Iann Robinson

The Wrestle Special

Travis reunites with his former partner and cohost of Knife Edge Chop, Iann Robinson! In this episode Travis asks Iann a series of wrestling themed hypothetical questions that start out generic and get increasingly more insane. Would Enzo and Cass have been one of the greatest tag teams ever? How would Iann convince Jim Cornette the Young Bucks are better than the Midnight Express? Find out now!


8 Jun 2018