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Event design – what it is and how to do it well, with Ruud Janssen

Meetings & Events Podcast

Event Design has come into the spotlight lately as the design of events took on an abrupt and radical disruption through the onset of the pandemic. At first, it was just holding on and figuring out a way to actually produce virtual events, but now with some expertise in virtual event production and the light at the end of the tunnel for safe gathering at scale, being intentional about your event design and event strategy is paramount. In this episode, our guest could arguably be enshrined as one of the Fathers of Event Design, and together we discuss what Event Design is, and how it works, from a co-founder of the Event Design Collective, Ruud Janssen.


17 May 2021

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EP 61: Innovation in Event Design - Ruud Janssen on playing Alphorn, Building the Event Design Collective, Creative Comments and More

The Jens Heitland Show

Innovation in Event Design - Ruud Janssen on playing Alphorn, Building the Event Design Collective, Creative Commons and More. | Brought to you by The Event Design Collective. More on that below.Welcome to the Jens Heitland Show where I meet with experts of different fields to connect the dots of innovation and entrepreneurship.This Episodes will bring us into the Event Design space. Ruud Janssen (@RuudWJanssen) is an Event Designer, Founder and Managing Partner of The Design Collective.Links to my guest:Ruud Janssen on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ruudwjanssen/Event Design Collective: https://edco.global/This episode is brought to you by the Event Design Collective. The Event Design Collective (EDCO) provides a visual tool to design, prototype & document events. EDCO enables you to articulate how your event creates value. I have used and experienced the tools and of course the book and can highly recommend you to have a look at the EDCO Shop:  http://bit.ly/Podcast-EdcoIf you enjoy this podcast would you be so kind to leave a short review  on Apple Podcast/iTunes? It takes less than 1 minute and really makes a difference to convince future interesting guests to join for an interview.Sign up for Jens Heitland's Newsletter ("connect the dots") at http://bit.ly/HeitlandInnovationDiscover Jens  Heitland's Mission to Empower one million people to innovation: http://bit.ly/onemillioninnovateursFollow Jens Heitland on social: https://linktr.ee/jensheitland


3 May 2021

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Changer les comportements, changer les événements - avec Ruud Janssen / Entrevue [Épisode 6]

Que des solutions

Co-auteur du "Event design handbook" et co-créateur du "Event Canvas", Ruud Janssen nous partage sa vision des événements et pourquoi nous devons prendre le temps de les repenser. Dans un français dont il s'excuse (mais qui est, avouons-le, impeccable!), ce Hollandais-Suisse ayant grandi en France (de là sa francophonie) nous raconte son parcours, les raisons qui les ont poussés, lui et ses collègues, à créer le Event Canvas et l'avenir de cette méthode, notamment la sortie d'un nouveau livre en juin. Dans une entrevue où l'on perçoit sa générosité et son amour des gens, Ruud partage avec Claudine sa passion pour des événements réussis, des événements qui transforment leurs participants. Les nombreuses références à la musique viennent du fait que Ruud, Marylène et Claudine se sont connus dans le contexte du Festival des harmonies et d’une formation Event Design. 00:00 Origine de l’Event Design, à cause des événements médiocres 06:00 14 février 2014, création du Event Canvas 07:00 But d’un événement, la transformation (on pouvait se plaindre ou proposer un changement) 11:00 Se regrouper pour mettre notre modèle sur une feuille = la simplicité est la complexité résolue 14:30 Les chouchous (ses éléments préférés parmi les 14 éléments du Event Canvas) 19:00 Analyse d’un événement selon la partie prenante 23:30 1% du temps d’événements à investir en design 28:00 Créer une histoire ensemble (avec analogie culinaire) 30:00 Impact de la pandémie sur l’Event design, dextérité digitale et la chance du débutant 40:00 Les périls des événements virtuels (à voir https://www.wonder.me/) Observations Live vs Online https://app.mural.co/t/emg2607/m/emg2607/1585653613571/9780e1c085f98863765c37740063f25bdc8bc39a 48:00 Le pouvoir des événements (en ligne ou non) ou “suspendre l’incrédulité” 53:00 Noetic & ineffable, “il faut le vivre pour le croire” 61:00 Intention + humanité + résilience = magie 63:30 Nouveau livre à venir : Design to change (http://edco.global/change) 72:30 Event Design Handbook (premier livre), pour mettre l’humain au coeur de l’expérience 74:30 Faire confiance à l’équipe et au processus & exploser les concepts (pas un sport solitaire) Liens en vrac : Event Design : https://edco.global/ “Moscow Mule” (le cocktail signature du Event Design) https://www.saq.com/fr/moscow-mule-ec Appli Signal : https://signal.org/fr/ Formations à venir : https://shop.edco.global/events/ Pour commander le livre Event Design Handbook : https://shop.edco.global/shop/books/event-design-handbook/

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18 Mar 2021

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The SeeArts Podcast #17 🌟 Change, Frame, Protoype 💫 with Ruud Janssen on the Event Canvas

SeeArts Podcast 🌟 Building the co-creative Bridge between Arts & Business 🎭🚀

 Today, we are talking about creative pivots and the Event Design Collective has been shaping the way towards better events. The whole events industry got massively disrupted and we want to ask Ruud Jansen about the state of the union of events: The Switzerland based Entrepreneur Ruud Janssen has been an innovator and game changer in the Hospitality and Meetings & Events Industry since 1994. With his business partner Roel Frissen he co-created Event Canvas methodology and with an evergrowing community, this collective aims at creating common language for Meetings & Events. Ruud shares with us with story of growing up in different countries around the globe and experience a variety of cultures with a fascination for learning languages.  For him the event canvas is what sheet music is to musician. A way to decode and collaboratively understand that the goal of an event is to create a certain change within the stakeholders and ultimately create value.The power of a piece of paper lays in the context that people can relate to it and how memories and stories used to be shared, the printing press allowed the further spreading and learning of the past knowledge beyond verbal storytelling. The event canvas takes the gut feeling that we all have and makes it more accessible and visible.In the process, that I have gone through as well to be come a Certified Event Designer, there are certain challenges as a team but this process showcases once more that if you are learning together, you are staying together as the curious way of learning something also bonds synapse and at the same time powerful human connection are built. Nobody likes to change but in the present moment we need to get digital dexterity to stay on top of our game what Ruud accomplished with his team through continuously testing, prototyping and setting a certain standard. (e.g. a spare modem!!)He stays motivated through learning and in his mastermind practise he appreciates the work of Paul Rulkens and his theme of strategic quitting.An interesting way to discover the digital pivot is for Ruud that awareness that the from home facilitation allows him some 60-70 days due to no travelling. He recommends to use these times for new experiences and not doing more of what has already been done. HIs master decompression hack is the alphorn which also helped him to become a more reliable member of the local musical community.He recommends to hack your own creativity in talking and listening to inspiring persons and explore unexplored spaces together with them. Meanwhile, he loves these adventures, there is also some highly systemic parts of his life e.g. the rhythmic clock of his dogs.The main chance of events from an organisational perspective is as well that is gives an outside person a DNA of the company - a gradient of the abilities and on the long run, events can be also viewed as "living organism" with a certain human note to it - meaning that events that have happened for more than two decades might be in a mid-life crisis with the need to reinvent and other events going through a teenage phase or are still in a diaper-start-up mode. It is interesting to discover the rejuvenation potential or at least stay young at heart.For the online facilitation, it requires some ability to improvise and think three steps ahead, but at the same time one hack is to point out upfront that "if we don't break anything, we aren't experiencing" hard enough as a kind of jail free card with connotation to celebrate failure.More information about the Event Design Collective with great free resources www.eventdesigncollective.com#EventCanvasSupport the show (https://paypal.me/falabares?locale.x=de_DE)

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27 Jan 2021

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Ep 6: The Event Design Canvas with Ruud Janssen

Extraordinary Events Podcast

The Event Design Canvas is an amazing visual project management tool to guide teams through the event design process - focusing on stakeholders and designing for impact. Modeled after the Business Design Canvas, this tool has helped countless groups achieve the near impossible by getting all decision makers on the same page. No, I am not affiliated with the organization. Yes, I am a super fan. In this one-on-one interview with co-creator Ruud Janssen, discover insights about the creation of the Canvas, experience an enlightening conversation about typical mindsets I have found from young professionals going through the design process, and how the Event Design Collective is pivoting online amid COVID-19.  For further information about the Event Canvas or the Event Design Collective team: Eventcanvas.org and edco.global/core-team Make sure to follow our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/eventinitiative/ for more information and a behind the scenes look at everything we have going on!


27 Aug 2020

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#112 Cherish the time (ft. Ruud Janssen)

Finding Frequency

#112 Claim the time, cherish the time. We're attending the largest event in our lifetime.You can find me, Werner Puchert on LinkedIn and Twitter.


21 Apr 2020

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"Embracing nature in event design" A conversation with Ruud Janssen.

The Talking Point: The IMEX Group Podcast

Today in our episode we’re embracing nature in event design with Ruud Janssen, Managing Partner & Co-founder, Event Design Collective GmbH. You'll find out how nature can inform the event design process, how events are shifting to experiences and how event planners can use nature to influence the behaviour of attendees. If you're interested in learning more about IMEX, our shows, our values and why we call our company 'The heartbeat of the global business events community', visit our website: www.imexexhibitions.com. Facebook: www.facebook.com/IMEXGroup/, LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/imex/, Twitter: www.twitter.com/IMEX_Group, Instagram: www.instagram.com/imex_group/


31 Jan 2020

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S1.E5. Ruud Janssen. Designing Events To Inspire Behavior Change.

Catching the Next Wave

What are events? What are they for? How much time do you invest in designing them comparing to the time they last? Does it make sense to spend 1% of that time to strategise what change you hope to inspire Ruud Janssen, the co-author of the “Event Design Handbook", talks about behaviour change, the event design process and living in the moment. Important Links: “The Experience Economy” by B. Joseph Pine II and James H. Gilmore “My dear Hamilton: A Novel of Eliza Schuyler Hamilton” by Stephanie Dray and Laura Kamoie


5 Sep 2018