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Melvin Rose - Keller Williams

Story Behind The Agent

Tune into another great interview with Melvin Rose at Keller Williams. He tells us his story of how he got into real estate, and how he utilitizes the power of social media to generate business.  https://www.kw.com/agent/UPA-6587385233703010304-8 Chambers-Miltenberger Team NMLS# 1428257 | 2043530 . The information contained herein (including but not limited to any description of C&F Mortgage Corporation and its lending programs and products, eligibility criteria, interest rates, fees and all other loan terms) is subject to change without notice. Restrictions apply.  This is an advertisement and not a commitment to lend. C&F Mortgage Corporation NMLS# 147312 Equal Housing Lender


6 Feb 2023

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Reaction to the Keller Williams cold calling lawsuit

The Reverse Selling Podcast with Brandon Mulrenin

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19 Jan 2023

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From 2014: Del McCoury Band, The Travelin' McCourys feat. Keller Williams, Susan Werner, and more

NPR's Mountain Stage

This encore episode was originally recorded in 2014 in Charleston, WV. The show features The Del McCoury Band, The Travelin' McCourys feat. Keller Williams, Susan Werner, Mandolin Orange (Watchhouse), Sarah Lee Guthrie & Johnnie Irion. Podcast support is provided by Diversified Energy. https://bit.ly/3Bh34QO

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7 Dec 2022

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Things Grow Where Our Minds Go, Success Secrets from Serial Entrepreneur and Former CEO of Keller Williams, Chris Heller

Dave Lukas, The Misfit Entrepreneur_Breakthrough Entrepreneurship

This week’s Misfit Entrepreneur is Chris Heller. Chris is the former CEO of Keller Williams Realty International. Chris has been a driving force and innovator in the real estate industry for over 3 decades and personally has sold over 3400 homes and ranked top 10 in the USA year after year. He’s currently the Chief Real Estate Officer of OJO Labs, where he is shaping partner strategies, creating a cohesive structure and adoption between real estate professionals, consumers, and OJO. But I didn’t ask Chris on to talk about how to sell homes, although we may get into some topics around that. No, I asked him to come on to discuss how he built his incredible businesses and to discuss his best-selling book, Dominant Thoughts – Things Grow Where Our Minds Go. ​ https://chrisheller.co/ When Chris was a sophomore in college, his dad called him up and told he was going to get his real estate license and work selling time shares in Lake Tahoe for the summer. He was super introverted. He was thrown into the deep end, but he quickly became very good at it. He then moved to San Diego where he bought his first real estate. He got burned out going to school part-time working 7 days a week selling time-shares. He then got into working in marketing. Eventually, he started a company with his roommate. Within 6 months, he had 40 employees. They were growing fast and moved into an office space. Within 6 months of that, they were out of business? His roommate/business partner had gotten into drugs and became an addict. It was dysfunctional and Chris had to get out. He did. It was 1989 and a real-estate broker whom he had met previously reached out to see if he wanted to sell homes. He took to gig and ended up being rookie of the year and never looked back. He went on to become one of Top 10 agents in the country out of 30,000+. He then went to Keller Williams and became a top agent there. He moved into leadership building out their international business. He didn’t know what he was doing but figured it out and made it successful. They then asked him to be CEO of the company, which he did. He left in 2017. He met another self-made billionaire, the founder of Loan Depot and after meeting with him multiple times, he was asked to be the CEO of a new company funded by Loan Depot. He started on the board at OJO Labs and eventually moved over to be CEO. You recently published Dominant Thoughts. Talk to us about our conditioning and the way we think determining our results… 90% of what it takes to be successful is how we think, how we approach things, and how we react to things. The strength of your mind is critical to succeed in life. Rules for Winning and Rules for Life – can you give us some of those? Under promise and over deliver. When you do this, you set yourself and the client up for success. Do the RIGHT thing. In all areas of life, even when it is painful, hard, or not what everyone else is doing. Find the joy in everything you do. Do not worry what others think. Do not let what others think take you off your path or keep you from doing the right thing. Best advice on how to train the brain and develop thought patterns to handle adversity? Chris used affirmations and visualizations to train his mind. “I’m never down. I’m either up or getting up.” Nothing forges steel like fire. Adversity and getting through prepares you and helps you to handle more of it. We all have fear. The issue is whether we let it control us or not. Move through your fear very fast. Acknowledge it, feel, but then move through it to the other side. The stronger the mindset, the better we are. How do you develop a strong mindset? Minimize negative inputs and maximize positive inputs. Don’t spend time with people who are negative or sap energy from you. Spend as much time as possible with those that challenge you and make you better and fill you with energy. Strong body, strong mind. When we are physically in a good place, we are better equipped to deal with adversity. Be proud to earn your stripes. You talk about the one thing you can control to make the biggest difference in success, what is it? The honest answer is that there is more than one thing, but it is most important to show up mentally and emotionally prepared to take on the things you need to take on. Being present and not letting your mind be run by fears or insecurities. You also must develop discipline. Discipline is a muscle to be built. Your ability to follow a schedule and be disciplined day in and out helps to achieve mastery. The more discipline we are in area of life, the better that are of life. Principles for making decisions. What should people consider? 2 pieces. The first is why are we making the decision? The second is what are we getting out of it? You have to think through what the best outcome is for all involved. It is also importantly how quickly we can learn to make good decisions. Learning to make quick decisions and deal with potential consequences, is important. There typically never a “perfect decision.” What are some of the principles you’ve used to build great businesses? Lead by example. Being authentic and true to yourself. People appreciate the truth – whether is good or bad news. Help your people and don’t be afraid to stretch them to help develop them. Empower them – even when they don’t think they are capable. Where do you see the real estate market going over the next 2 years and what opportunities do you see that people should look for? Markets always go through cycles. The next cycle is a downward trend after a 10-year uptrend with the last 2 years being almost turbocharged. In the next stage, there be more inventory, the velocity of sales will slow and there will be price pressure to go down. This creates opportunities for buyers and sellers. But where we have been in a seller’s market, things will shift. Things are relative. If a seller is selling their house for less, then they are buying a new house for less, etc. No one knows how much things will adjust, but we must be prepared for things to change and look for opportunities. Best Quote: 90% of what it takes to be successful is how we think, how we approach things, and how we react to things... Chris's Misfit 3: Don't be emotionally attached to the outcome. Be committed. Tell the truth. Simple, but important for all areas of life. There is never a good reason not to do it. Keep your integrity. Always be working on your “2 E’s,” your effectiveness and efficiency. Where can you be more effective and more efficient. Show Sponsors Simple Texting: Free for 14-day trial and 500 extra free credits! Text “MISFITS” to 833-2TRY-SMS (833-287-9767) Ecom Automation Gurus: 15% discount off any of EAG's services. Go to www.ecomautomationgurus.com and mention Dave Lukas or The Misfit Entrepreneur podcast on the booking page when you schedule a call


7 Sep 2022

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Interview with Terri Thompson, Realtor with Trinity Team Real Estate at Keller Williams Preferred

Influential Entrepreneurs with Mike Saunders, MBA

Terri has been in the real estate business for 9 years. She was brought on as an office manager at the beginning but was soon drawn to the rewarding challenge of providing homebuyers and sellers with professional, responsive, and attentive real estate services. Terri is extremely familiar with neighborhoods in and around Denver. You can count on her to be available with any questions, prompt response time, and know that she will be diligent from start to finish.As a Colorado native, Terri enjoys all Colorado has to offer, along with spending time with her amazing family and her incredibly adorable pup. Traveling has been a huge part of her life; experiencing new cultures and the incredible food from several different countries.Learn more: https://trinityteamrealestateco.com/terri-thompson/ | https://www.facebook.com/TerriThompsonRE/Influential Entrepreneurs with Mike Saundershttps://businessinnovatorsradio.com/influential-entrepreneurs-with-mike-saunders/Source: https://businessinnovatorsradio.com/interview-with-terri-thompson-realtor-with-trinity-team-real-estate-at-keller-williams-preferred


24 Aug 2022

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#144 Even when people aren't looking, they are looking with Tanya Baker of Keller Williams

The World Class Agency Podcast

Making her debut on the show, today’s guest joins us just as she completes her 7th year in estate agency. She’s done both sales and lettings across corporate and independent life and now runs her own successful business as part of the Keller Williams group. She’s gone from strength to strength throughout her career and today she’s here to tell us how.


24 May 2022

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This is Mo Anderson - From Tenant Farmer’s Daughter to CEO of Keller Williams

This is Oklahoma

On this episode I chatted with 2018 Oklahoma Hall of Fame Inductee Mo Anderson. The youngest of five, born to tenant farmers in rural Oklahoma, Mo Anderson was the first in her family to earn a college degree. She taught music in the public schools before entering the world of real estate. Her first Century 21 franchise quickly rose to the third-highest producing out of 7,500 locations in North America. She served on the Oklahoma Real Estate Commission, including 2 terms as chairman. She convinced Keller Williams Realty Co-founder, Gary Keller, to expand his franchise company outside of Texas. Anderson became the regional owner for Keller Williams Realty Oklahoma. In 1995, Mo became the first CEO and co-owner of Keller Williams Realty International. The Company is now the number one Real Estate Franchise company in the world in size, units, and volume. She currently serves as Vice Chairman of the Board. Deemed one of America’s top 25 Influential Thought Leaders by REALTOR magazine and One of Real Estates Most Influential People, Anderson continues to cultivate the firm’s culture, inspiring 189,000 agents in 32 countries to maintain high standards of character. She is the author of A Joy-filled Life: “Lessons from a Tenant Farmer’s Daughter Who Became a CEO”, and launched MoAnderson.com, an online mentoring community. Anderson’s greatest legacy will be her philanthropic giving. Her local community, charitable organizations, and ministries around the world have been richly blessed by her belief that the higher purpose of business is to give, care, and share. This episode is presented by the Oklahoma Hall of Fame, telling Oklahoma's story through its people since 1927. For more information on the Oklahoma Hall of Fame go to www.oklahomahof.com and follow them on instagram for daily updates www.instagram.com/oklahomahof #thisisoklahoma 

1hr 10mins

24 May 2022

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Keller Williams

Roots, Rednecks, and Radicals

Keller Williams is a stalwart singer/songwriter and performer. His music crosses genres combing bluegrass, folk, reggae, jazz and funk. His career dates back to the mid 90s and in that time he’s recorded and toured all over the world. I recently caught up with him before his set at WinterWonderGrass. We met backstage and talked about his music, and his most recent album. I hope ya dig it! 


28 Apr 2022

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Best of - Introverts Make Great Realtors with Jay Papasan, Vice President of Keller Williams

The Real Estate UnSalesperson

#126 -  Most of the top Realtors are introverts!  That is a surprising finding by Jay Papasan after nearly two decades training numerous top producers as the Vice President of Learning with the Keller Williams franchise, the world's largest real estate company.  Jay, an introvert himself explains why introverts do so well in real estate. He also shares his belief of why you should be investing in real estate.In addition to his work at Keller Williams, Jay is also a best selling author of many books including The ONE Thing, which has sold over 2 million copies worldwide and garnered more than 500 appearances on national bestseller lists, including #1 on The Wall Street Journal’s hardcover business list and has been translated into 39 different languages.You won't want to miss this informative interview!While you're here, please leave an interview of this podcast.Join The UnSalesperson Community!Would you like to connect with fellow unsalesy Realtors and introverts in real estate and learn how they are doing it, share ideas on creating a great business in an unsalesy manner, get inspiration and motivation?I have created the UnSalesperson Community! Unlike the mass market advice, here’s your unique opportunity to learn from like minded people. Bounce ideas off of them and me. Some of the guests who have been on my podcast are in this community.Click here for more info.Support the showGet the UnSalesyGram Newsletter!Would you like to get some great ideas on how to successfully sell real estate in an unsalesy manner along with some inspiration and motivation? Sign up for my free UnSalesyGram Newsletter here!Visit TheRealEstateUnsalesperson.com for more great content!Love the show? Support it at patreon.com/unsalesperson


28 Apr 2022

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Ep.541 ~ Building a $300 Billion Real Estate Agency from the Co-Owner of Keller Williams ~ Jay Papasan

The Business Method: Interviewing Billionaires, Founders of Billion Dollar Companies & the World’s Most Successful People 🎧🔥

On the show today we are welcoming an individual who has been recognized as one of the most powerful people in Real Estate. He is the Vice President of publishing and executive editor at one of the highest rated, and largest real estate companies on the planet, Keller Williams Realty. Keller Williams has over 1000 offices around the world with more than 175,000 agents working for them. In 2018 alone Keller Williams Realty generated over $332 Billion, yes I said Billion, in sales.  His name is Jay Papasan, and he is the VP for Keller Williams International, a co-founder of KellerINK, and Keller Capital.  He is the co-author of numerous best-selling books including The One Thing, which has sold more than 1.5 million copies, it’s been translated into over 40 languages, it has over 10k reviews on Amazon at 4.5 stars and the book has appeared on more than 500 national bestseller lists. Today, we are going to talk with Jay about the principles outlined in The One Thing, how he uses those principles in his life to achieve massive success, and a bit about this multi-billion dollar behemoth Keller Williams!      3:58 Intro      6:28 How Jay Papasan Started      7:29 The Expansion Of Keller Williams      8:11 History of Keller Williams    12:58 Profit Sharing    18:03 Qualifications To Hold A Franchise For Keller Williams    22:41 Resources of Studies For The Keller Williams System    23:10 Franchise Documents Research    26:13 The Role Of Jay Papasan In Keller Williams    35:13 The Philosophy Of “One Thing”    38:21 How Many Hours Jay Spent On That “One Thing”    41:56 Realistically Hitting Goals    44:58 The Importance Of “Focusing Question”    49:01 Self-Accountability To Achieve Goals    53:25 The Downside Of Sharing Goals To Other People    55:59   Four Thieves Of Productivity  1:03:58 What sets Jay Apart Contact Info: https://www.jaypapasan.com/ https://the1thing.com/  🎧 Website:  https://www.thebusinessmethod.com/jay-papasan 🍏 Apple Podcasts:  http://bit.ly/TheBusinessMethod 💻 Google Podcasts:  http://bit.ly/TheBusinessMethodGooglePodcasts 🎙Spotify:  http://bit.ly/SpotifyTheBusinessMethod Follow Chris Reynolds on Social Media: Instagram: https://www.Instagram.com/chrisreynoldslive  Facebook: https://www.Facebook.com/chrisreynoldslive YouTube: https://www.YouTube.com/chrisreynoldslive LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/chrisreynoldslive

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30 Mar 2022