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Episode 135 - Is Lucy Sheftall Super Strong? (also feat. LORI PASQUALINO)

Ryan Is Super Strong!

Strength Level: FairiesAfter a crazy week off, we’re back!!And this week, bringing the heat with yet another incredibly talented woman named Lucy:LUCY SHEFTALL IS HERE!!!This episode has been a LONG time coming, and it’s ridiculous that I haven’t had her on earlier than episode #135!But, better later than never-er (as they say).Lucy is a wonderful person, crazy talented actress, incredibly informed on politics and the world around her, and most importantly, one of our closest friends.After you listen to this episode, follow Lucy all over social media (@lucy.sheftall) and jump on the bandwagon EARLY!!!!ALSO, it’s important to note that my lovely fiance, and fan favorite of the show, LORI PASQUALINO is guest co-hosting this episode!!!WAHOOOOO!!!!!!Sit back, and get yourself ready for another whopper!OUR PERSONAL THOUGHTS FOR YOU TODAY:Honestly, life is ROUGH sometimes. I only hope you can have loved ones around you that care about you and show you that.These are two of mine. :)

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7 May 2019

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Episode 100 - Is Jeff Knudsen Super Strong? (also feat. LORI PASQUALINO)

Ryan Is Super Strong!

Strength Level: A CenturyWowie zowie, I’ve made it to 100 episodes!Quite the milestone, and for those of you who have made it this far with me, I’m so deeply in love with you.That all being said, today I’ve continued this unrelenting assault of amazing guests with someone who you will surely come to love immediately upon getting to know him a bit.The wonderful, talented, medium strength, BROTHER to me: JEFF KNUDSEN!!!!Jeff has been my brother since the day I was born, and only one other person can say that.
But aside from being a great brother, Jeff is an amazing guitarist, realtor, mixologist, husband, friend, and basically anything else he decides to do.
You are going to LOVE this episode for so many reasons, but another huge one is that I’ve brought on my favorite person, and audience/fan favorite, LORI PASQUALINO to guest co-host this milestone episode!It’s basically like a little happy birthday party for all of us who love this show. :)I hope you enjoy it, and if this is your first time to the show, subscribe today, and become part of the RISS family!!!OUR PERSONAL THOUGHTS FOR YOU TODAY:For real, this podcast is one of my favorite parts of my life, and if you’re reading THIS, you’re a HUGE reason why I mean that.Thank you for supporting my silliness, and for helping me support people who I think are genuinely incredible.

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14 Aug 2018

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Episode 78 - Is Becca Lustgarten Super Strong? (also feat. LORI PASQUALINO)

Ryan Is Super Strong!

Strength Level: Steam HeatThis week, Super Strong Ryan (and special guest co-host LORI PASQUALINO) dive into another entertaining interview with the lovely and talented:BECCA LUSTGARTENLori & Becca have been friends forever, Becca and Ryan have been friends for several years, Lori and Ryan really like each other.Basically, this recipe makes for a real aural explosion of friendship, and we think you're going to love it!PLUS, real music from Lori's "The Live Project", and a tune Becca was involved in creating called "On Columbine" from "Guns! The Album".Everyone on this episode is worth checking out, and then IMMEDIATELY jumping on their bandwagons.Hope you enjoy another great week of RISS!OUR PERSONAL THOUGHTS FOR YOU TODAY:When you look in the mirror today, smile at you.You'll feel good, and mirror you will look even better than before.

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13 Mar 2018

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Episode 67 - Is a Christmas Comeback with Lori Pasqualino and Matthew Grant Super Strong?

Ryan Is Super Strong!

Strength Level: Jinglehorse!Excuse us for not releasing our FIRST FULL EPISODE back on our regular Tuesday......BUT IT'S CHRISTMAS!!!!So instead of coming back on January 2 like Super Strong Ryan told you he would, we brought back past guests, LORI PASQUALINO AND MATTHEW GRANT to talk about Christmas, and sing THREEEEEE LIVE TRACKS on the podcast!SSR is so happy to be back with all of you, coming from the new home studio and bringing episodes with so much bad assery!!Check out Lori Pasqualino and Matthew Grant all over the internet, and MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL OF YOU!!!Oh!And make sure and subscribe so you don't miss ANY new episodes!OUR PERSONAL THOUGHTS FOR YOU TODAY:Merry Happy Christmas and All Other Holidays because happiness is the glue that makes smiles stick to your face forever.

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25 Dec 2017

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Episode 8 - Is Lori Pasqualino Super Strong?

Ryan Is Super Strong!

Strength Level: Top of the line COMMERCIAL riding lawn mower
Someone dares enjoy the company of Nathan over Ryan….on RYAN’s show!?!Proving that having a good voice doesn’t necessarily mean having a good brain, Lori Pasqualino glides into the studio today to fill your ears with inspirational words & insight….until she starts spreading her “Regular Strength Nathan PROPOGANDA”.
To openly admit that you prefer RSN over SSR is a big mistake, and one that will not be forgotten.
But hopefully, fans & friends of the show can still garner plenty of enjoyment & education from this podcast with someone who truly is on the rise here in LA.You can check Lori out on Twitter/Instagram (@LoriPasqualino), Facebook, and most importantly: YOUTUBE!
Search her there to hear her voice, and keep up with her projects!
(You may even see a super strong drummer in some of her vids)

1hr 3mins

20 Oct 2015