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5PCP| Planting Churches in Small Towns with Ben Shaw

Society of Reformed Podcasters


19 Aug 2022

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Archaeology in PNG - Ben Shaw

Fuzzy Logic Science Show

Ben Shaw is an archaeologist and  senior lecturer in the School of Culture History and Language at the ANU (Australian National University).  We talk about his work in Papua New Guinea. Interviewed by Tom


3 Jun 2022

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Bro. Ben Shaw-"How We Did it"

Holiness Preaching Online

Ministers conference 2007


9 Mar 2022

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RI 5 with Ben Shaw

Where The Living Room Used To Be

Ben Shaw and I talk about his favorite things in Rhode Island... and we get even more hyper-local on this episode as Ben shares what all 37.8 square miles of Aquidneck Island has to offer from his view. We cover past record stores, where he hung out to eat pizza, and the music festivals that mean so much to him! And, tune in to hear Mr. Shaw break the code on RI's best drink!!!  I ended the episode with one of my favorite songs by Ben Shaw. The song is "Modal Interchange" from Ben's self-titled jazz album released in 2020. As you may have heard, this album was recently re-released as a limited edition song book that you can pick up at benjaminshawmusic.com or my site livingroomutb.com // Interview recorded January 15th, 2022 via Zoom// Intro music by Cedros// Hosted by James Toomey // /// If you enjoy the episode please leave a rating or review wherever you're listening right now! ///


22 Feb 2022

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Sound Advice with Ben Shaw

Where The Living Room Used To Be

On this mini-episode Ben Shaw shares his thoughts about practice routines, as well as building confidence, trusting your taste and persevering as a musician!  At the end of the episode, you'll hear Ben's song "Somewhere in Rhode Island" that he performed live at AS220 on December 2nd, 2021. I highly recommend you visit their YouTube channel - TV220- for almost 100 live stream performances from Rhode Island artists including a good handful from Ben and they're definitely worth checking out.  // Interview recorded January 15th, 2022 via Zoom// Intro music by Cedros// Hosted by James Toomey // /// If you enjoy the episode please leave a rating or review wherever you're listening right now! ///


15 Feb 2022

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Ben Shaw - mental health and musicians

Where The Living Room Used To Be

During my interview with Ben Shaw we took a bit of a detour and started to talk more deeply about mental health as musicians. As you'll hear, both he and I have had to work on our mental state and seek outside help. This is a very important issue in the arts community so I wanted to pull this out from our full conversation to give it more attention and reach people about this specific issue. If you're having trouble with your mental health please talk to a friend or reach out to a professional to get some help. You are not alone and trust us... it will make a difference.  The end of this mini-episode includes Ben's song "Between The Leather And The Headlights" // Interview recorded January 15th, 2022 via Zoom// Intro music by Cedros// Hosted by James Toomey // /// If you enjoy the episode please leave a rating or review wherever you're listening right now! ///


8 Feb 2022

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Ben Shaw (jazz saxophonist, classical composer, singer-songwriter)

Where The Living Room Used To Be

On this episode, I welcome multi-instrumentalist, Ben Shaw. Not only does Ben play several instruments he also writes and performs many different styles of music - from folk and jazz to classical and hip hop. In our conversation we cover his journey of being musician that was barely accepted into the band at his middle school to becoming a nominated composer in international classical music competitions. Along the way Ben has written several albums and accompanied artists such as Math The Band, The Dear Hunter, Mau, and Chrissy Stewart... to name a few. In our conversation, we discuss the release of his new songbook for his jazz album. I'm grateful to have been a part of Ben Shaw: The Charts coming together and you can all pick up a copy starting on February 6th at The Parlour jazz jam or by visiting benjaminshawmusic.com or my website livingroomutb.com shortly after that Interlude song order: Mau - live on AS220 Sessions June 2021 "Contiguous" by Milkbread "String Quartet no. 1- I. Aggressive" by Ben Shaw (from his album Op. 1) "Loans On Love" by Ben Shaw "Working Title" by Ben Shaw (from his self-titled jazz album) "Untitled Folk Melody" by Ben Shaw (from his self-titled jazz album) // Interview recorded January 15th, 2022 via Zoom// Intro music by Cedros// Hosted by James Toomey // /// If you enjoy the episode please leave a rating or review wherever you're listening right now! ///

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1 Feb 2022

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#34 – Innovation - was ist das? (mit Ben Shaw, Associate Partner bei Stryber und Mentor beim InsurTech Hub Munich)


In der 34. Folge von sum.talk dreht sich alles um das Thema Innovation. Gemeinsam mit dem diesmaligen Gast Ben Shaw diskutieren Ingolf Putzbach und Jens Hartwig über aktuelle Trends, worauf Innovationen basieren und welche Rolle sie in der Versicherungsbr## Innovation oder Selbstzweck? „Das ist natürlich echt spannend, weil darüber viel diskutiert wird und häufig wird der Begriff auch viel zu lax verwendet. Wenn alles Innovation ist, was ist denn dann überhaupt noch Innovation? Es gibt da auch ein paar verschiedene, überzeugende Definitionen. Die, die ich am meisten mag ist, Innovation zu definieren als Erfindung mal Kommerzialisierung. Dabei geht’s ein bisschen so darum, dass beides nicht bei null liegen darf, d.h. es muss etwas Neues erfunden werden, dass man dann kommerzialisiert. Das kann nicht nur Erfindung sein, aber wichtig und viel wichtiger im Zusammenspiel ist eben die Kommerzialisierung. Man denke an Beispiele wie Apple, die den MP3-Player nicht erfunden haben, aber den IPod unglaublich gut kommerzialisiert haben. So würde ich wahrscheinlich Innovation beschreiben. Wenn es ein Selbstzweck ist, ist es schon keine Innovation mehr“, erklärt Ben. ##Wie wird Innovation in Unternehmen umgesetzt? „Was ich mega spannend finde in diesem Umfeld Innovation ist die Tatsache, dass Desgin Thinking schon fast zu einer Commodity geworden ist. Also das machen große Unternehmen schon seit sieben, acht Jahren. Normalerweise sieht das dann so aus, du setzt dich in einen Raum rein und erklärst dem CEO, wie man sich vielleicht in seinen Kunden hineinversetzt, ohne wirklich mit dem Kunden zu reden. Und diese Fähigkeit, mit dem Kunden zu reden und wirklich zu erkennen, was sind denn die Probleme, so Observation Techniques. Solche Kompetenz fehlt häufig den Großunternehmen. Unsere Aufgabe hat im Endeffekt zwei Seiten, die man beide wie einen Kunden behandelt. Die erste Seite ist eben, wir haben hier ein genaues Geschäftsmodell dafür müssen wir ein Problem von einem Endkunden nutzen. Und auf der anderen Seite, wir haben ein Großunternehmen, dafür müssen wir irgendwas bauen, was sich langfristig dort bewähren kann. Und deshalb kann man jetzt nicht hingehen und sagen, hey ich baue jetzt für eine Versicherung eine Bank, das passt jetzt vielleicht nicht so ganz. Aber es gibt natürlich ganz viele andere Sachen, gerade im Bereich Health, Krankenversicherung, wo der Kunde jetzt viel mehr erwartet von seinem Krankenversicherer, was neue digitale Services angeht. Da könnte der Versicherer jetzt hingehen und sagen, hey ich möchte jetzt hier ein Geschäftsmodell bauen und das würde sich langfristig auch halten.“ Ihr seid neugierig geworden und wollt mehr erfahren? Dann hört doch mal in die aktuelle Folge rein. sum.talk ist eine hauseigene Produktion von sum.cumo Sapiens und erscheint jeden zweiten Freitag.


4 Nov 2021

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Episode 030: Ben Shaw's Cloudy Lemonade, Mtn Dew Major Melon, Grapetiser and Quebec Maple Coca-Cola

Five Star Sodas

We're back! After another busy few weeks of real-world working, we return with another four drinks to review. We also talk about what the boys have been up to, including filming Twin Atlantic's latest music video, planning TRNSMT Festival and working on TV sets across the country. We didn't even get to our first review before we had a sidebar ...We review Ben Shaw's Cloudy Lemonade, a heritage brand from England; another big limited flavour from Mountain Dew - Major Melon from the US; Appletiser's little cousin, Grapetiser, from New Zealand and then wrapping it up with a limited flavour Coca-Cola from Quebec, Canada - the Maple Syrup! Will we see some changes on the leaderboard? 👀👀Five Star Sodas is the definitive fizzy drink review show. Here to taste every fizzy drink imaginable and rate them on their zero through five system. The rules?- If it's not carbonated, it doesn't count.- It must be served chilled.- It must be drank from the container it was purchased in.Check out the team across most social media platforms via @fivestarsodas. You can find links to all social channels - and the Five Star Leaderboard, plus each of the guys personal top 5 drinks - at bighandmedia.com/fivestarsodas

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15 Aug 2021

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Hypertrophy & Strength Training!

Let's Be Real Podcast

TRAINING CHAT with Head Coach Naomi and Co-Coach @benjamin_shaw_fitness… In today's episode we chat all things "Hypertrophy VS Strength Training", what they are and the pros and cons of both. We also chat about how to implement them into your life, what one is better, where to start if you are a complete beginner and how you can get the most out of your training program/body composition... ENJOY! xo Podcast & Coaching: https://www.instagram.com/evolvedyou/ Naomi ZM: https://www.instagram.com/naomi_zeemckillop/ Ben Shaw: https://www.instagram.com/benjamin_shaw_fitness/ Website: http://www.evolvedhealthandfitness.com.au/


15 Jul 2021