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Episode 49 - Marcus Martinez - More Than Kettlebell Exercises

Pain-Free Performance Podcast

You may know Marcus from social media somewhere swinging around a kettlebell. I mean, his name IS Kettlebell Exercises as his handle. Marcus however is a seasoned coach who has been sought after around the world to coach - not just kettlebells. Marcus is a PPSC Coach and Men's Health Contributor so we have crossed paths a number of times but never really got the time to sit down and talk.We discuss his background, training, kettlebell options, exercises starting points - you name it. I tried to get as much kettlebell information out of him as possible so I can put our my own DVD series (you'll understand once you listen).Enjoy!Episode Breakdown:2:15 - Intro into Fitness6:45 - Varied Approaches of Kettlebell Training8:30 - Learning Kettlebells13:00 - Introduction into Kettlebell Training20:00 - Marcus' Teaching Ventures29:00 - Focus on your Strengths35:00 - Classic vs. Competition Kettlebells40:30 - What's Next for Living.Fit?45:00 - Advice for Younger Coaches


4 Jun 2021

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Conversation with Marcus Martinez, FCA

Coaches’ Conversation Café


23 Mar 2021

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#41 The Kettlebell: A Tool of Strength and Resiliency with Marcus Martinez

Movement Made Better Podcast

Check out this week's podcast episode featuring Marcus Martinez. Marcus became a certified personal trainer in 2001 and hasn’t stopped learning, innovating, and creating. He fell in love with methods such as kettlebells, calisthenics, rings, Indian clubs and more because of their ability to create stronger, leaner, more resilient athletes in record time. Marcus has worked with clients ranging from stay at home moms to elite levels of strength and conditioning, including UFC fighters, Secret Service agents, top-level athletes, military personnel, and more. He has continued to expand his contribution to the masses through the creation of numerous Kettlebell courses. His biggest inspirations are his children. In this podcast we discuss: 00:00 - Intro 02:38 - Different forms of kettlebell training 05:15 - One of the key benefits of kettlebell training 07:32 - What kettlebell weight should you start with?  09:16 - New clients and the kettlebell intimidation factor 10:57 - Kettlebell brand recommendation for a newcomer 15:48 - Marcus’s kettlebell course methodology 17:52 - Bottoms up kettlebell training 20:06 - Where did kettlebells come from? 24:12 - Warm-ups - with or without a kettlebell 29:25 - Marcus’s training split (KB/Dumbbell/Barbell) 31:45 - Using the kettlebell to detect imbalances and deficiencies 34:44 - Kettlebells for cardio conditioning and ballistic strength 39:09 - Marcus’s kettlebell courses and their structure 45:16 - Battle-Ropes - the misunderstood tool More from Marcus: https://www.instagram.com/kettlebellexercises/ www.living.fit/live-virtual-kettlebells https://www.kettlebellkings.com 


3 Feb 2021

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Marcus Martinez | Head Kettlebell Coach, Kettlebell Kings

Sweat It Out

On today’s episode, Anthony and Josh sit down with Marcus Martinez, head kettlebell coach at Kettlebell Kings. Marcus chats about on what he’s been up to since the lockdown started and how it’s been a blessing in disguise, the crazy increase in demand he’s seen for kettlebells since gyms have been closed, how he first became interested in kettlebells and how that lead him to the point he’s at now, and what made him choose to work over at kettlebell kings when he was at a crossroads in his career. Later, they talk about the programs Marcus has been working on over at Kettlebell Kings lately and some things Marcus has been able to find time for outside of work. You can see what Marcus is up to on Instagram @kettlebellexercises and check him out on the website www.living.fit


11 Sep 2020

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Marcus Martinez: What Kettlebells Can and Can't Do For You

BarBend Podcast

Today we're talking to Marcus Martinez, better known online as Kettlebell Exercises on Instagram. Marcus is a master kettlebell instructor on a mission to help people build better bodies with kettlebells, and that means tackling a lot of misconceptions people have about kettlebell training. In our conversation, we discuss what kettlebell training can and can't do for you, big (and sometimes controversial) differences in training methodology, and the most impressive strength feats Marcus has ever witnessed. 


17 Aug 2020

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Marcus Martinez: Kettlebell Flow

Vital Metabolic: The Art and Science of Strength

On today’s episode of Vital Metabolic, hosts James Wheeler and John Parker speak with Marcus Martinez, Master kettlebell coach for Kettlebell Kings and highly experienced kettlebell trainer. Marcus is a trainer who specializes in kettlebells and kettlebell flow. Marcus speaks about what brought him to kettlebells, how he uses them in training, and why he prefers to stick to a vegan diet. Episode Highlights:  4:25 - John reads a quick bio for Marcus. 5:40 - When did you pick up your first kettlebell and what was your experience like? 7:40 - When Marcus started using kettlebells in 2006, there was not much information online to help him learn how to train with them. 9:10 - Did you do any other strength and conditioning in your life prior to kettlebells? 12:40 - Do your foundations come from the hard-style work? 15:10 - How do you apply general principles, or more specific principles, with the thought of sport or just daily life in mind? 18:45 - What are some exercises that get us out of the sagittal plane and more into the transverse and frontal planes? 24:40 - Marcus’ main reason for starting his Instagram was to show kettlebell exercises and what all is possible with the kettlebell. 25:55 - Marcus always makes sure he uses a weight that is significant in a way that is taxing for him. 29:00 - Can you explain the difference between a chain, a complex, and a flow? 31:20 - Marcus speaks about his experience with Olympic lifting. 34:30 - In the classes you teach, do people often have goals? How do you work with those? 37:22 - For Marcus, kettlebell flow is a way to play, which helps him mentally and makes it a very different experience. 39:30 - Marcus also speaks about how kettlebells help him with grip training. 41:30 - Marcus speaks about his diet and being largely plant based. 43:30 - For Marcus, being (mostly) vegan has helped him to feel his best. 45:13 - Marcus speaks about what his meals look like and his balance of macronutrients. 47:17 - The group discusses low-carb diets and why they do and don’t work for different people. 50:00 - Marcus answers some rapid-fire questions. 53:00 - Marcus tells listeners where to find his courses and follow him on social media. 3 Key Points: Kettlebell flow allows you to move in ways that you wouldn’t necessarily plan. Kettlebell flow can be a way to “play” and make exercise a different type of experience. Diet plays a significant part in your overall health, and it’s important to get the right macronutrients.. Tweetable Quotes:  “As soon as you pick up a kettlebell, you realize just the unique anatomy of the bell, how different it is from anything else.” -Marcus Martinez “You need to become the expert on you.” -Marcus Martinez Resources Mentioned:  James: Facebook Instagram Twitter John: Facebook Instagram Twitter Email: questions@vitalmetabolic.com Sponsor: Kettlebell Gains Apparel Sponsor: Great Lakes Giriya Marcus: YouTube Instagram Facebook The Kettlebell Difference Living.Fit


23 Jul 2020

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FBR #53 Marcus Martinez @kettlebellexercises

Fitness Break Room Podcast

This was recorded in 2019 so some of the information might be dated but Marcus' story is very inspirational.  Check out Marcus on Instagram at:  @kettlebellexercises @living.fit

1hr 15mins

23 Jun 2020

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Marcus Martinez: How to Unleash the Power of the Kettlebell

Physical Preparation Podcast – Robertson Training Systems

Marcus Martinez has loved fitness and physical training from an early age. He always wanted to own a gym, so he studied finance at Chapman University to learn how to run it as a business. While he was in the finance and accounting world, Marcus continued working on fitness training and received his first training license in 2001. It was around 2007 when he started his first kettlebell gym after falling in love with the kettlebell. Today, Marcus is the Master Coach for Living.Fit and Kettlebell Kings. He continues to share his love and passion for fitness and the kettlebell with his clients and 145,000 followers on Instagram. Marcus joins me in today’s episode to discuss the power of kettlebells. He explains how he progressed from working in finance to becoming a full-time fitness coach. He illustrates the physical differences between kettlebells and other gym equipment and explains how it can affect training. Marcus also shares some of the basic kettlebell workout routines and exercises beginners should master, and highlights the importance of mastering the kettlebell’s fundamentals before moving on to the more exotic drills and exercises that are out there. The kettlebell is so much easier to learn but it comes with a lot of nuances that we need to understand. Scale it back to the basics and respect the process. – Marcus Martinez This week on the Physical Preparation Podcast: What led Marcus to the world of physical preparation How Marcus transitioned from his gym to his current career as a Master Coach What prompted Marcus to take his first kettlebell course The advantages of using kettlebells over more traditional equipment Basic kettlebell routines and exercises beginners should master Why Marcus is always introducing new kettlebell workouts The reason Marcus started teaching his kettlebell workshops What Marcus covers in his kettlebell workshops The biggest mistakes people make with their kettlebell training Why you should treat the kettlebell like any other gym equipment The importance of mastering kettlebell fundamentals Marcus’ advice to his younger self Why Marcus will choose competition over standard kettlebells Marcus’ upcoming plans for kettlebell certifications Connect with Marcus: Kettlebell Kings fit Marcus Martinez on Instagram Marcus Martinez on LinkedIn Marcus Martinez on YouTube Stop the Frustration! Get the Complete Coach Certification Are you a young fitness trainer or coach? Are you frustrated by the results you’re getting or the lack of resources available to learn the skills you need to be successful? Are you struggling to get enough clients or wondering how long you’ll be able to follow your passion for helping others? It’s time to stop the frustration and stop worrying. It’s time to get certified! If you’re serious about improving your results, serious about becoming a better coach, and serious about increasing your bottom line, then you need the Complete Coach Certification. In this massive course, you’ll learn: How to use the R7 system to create seamless, integrated and efficient programs for clients and athletes of all shapes and sizes How to create the culture, environment and relationships with everyone you train so you can get the absolute best results The exact progressions, regressions, and coaching cues I use in the gym – from squatting and deadlifting to pressing and pulling and everything in between And much, much more This certification course is jam-packed with everything I’ve learned over the last 20 years of my career. So if you’re ready to get serious about the results you’re getting for your clients and the impact your programs have on your income, head over to www.completecoachcertification.com to sign up for the Complete Coach Certification course today! Spots are limited, and the next certification is set to launch in March 2020. Join my FREE Insiders List to learn more, stay tuned for our launch details and save $200 when the course opens! Subscribe, Rate & Share! Thanks for tuning into this week’s episode of The Physical Preparation Podcast – your one-stop-shop for fitness trainers, coaches, and athletes. If you enjoyed this episode, be sure to subscribe on iTunes, Stitcher, and SoundCloud and leave your honest review. Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and don’t forget to share your favorite episodes with your friends on social media. Thank you! The post Marcus Martinez: How to Unleash the Power of the Kettlebell appeared first on Robertson Training Systems.

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31 Jan 2020

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#35 The Kettlebell King w. Marcus Martinez

Conquer Athlete Podcast

Since 2001 Marcus Martinez has been helping people reach their goals through kettlebells. He has extensive experience in teaching, building programs, developing training modules and running fitness businesses. Additionally, Marcus is a pioneer in kettlebell flow, certifications and holds a number of training certifications.   Certifications & Accolades: Certified personal trainer since 2002 through NCEP (National College of Exercise Professionals) RKC Certified IKFF Certified Steve Maxwell Strength and Conditioning Certified Here's what's next: If you're enjoying the show, leave us a rating and written review. Join our free online training community: www.facebook.com/groups/conquertrainingcommunity/ Get 2-weeks of free online programming for serious athletes: www.conquerathlete.com/programs Become a Conquer Athlete: www.conquerathlete.com


23 Dec 2019

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Spork in the Road - Marcus Martinez

Spork in the Road

Marcus Martinez - Illustrator, Urban Designer & Educatorwww.marcusperspective.comMarcus Martinez is a Houston-based Illustrator whose work has reached beyond architecture into diverse areas such as design, medical technology, and urbanism. Joe and Kevin sat down with Marcus to discuss his early influences and experiences in architecture and design, his sketching process, and what excites him about his work as an illustrator.Rivers Barden Architectswww.riversbarden.com


4 Nov 2019