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047: Partnerships and Go-to-Market with Jill Rowley previously at Salesforce, Oracle, & Marketo

The Partnered Podcast

Join host Adam Michalski as he interviews Jill Rowley.Jill and Adam discuss building partnership ecosystems from a go-to-market perspective and why "surrounding the buyer" is critical now to success.Topics Covered:How Jill thinks about partnership ecosystems and the role they play in the broader go-to-market strategyWhat are the best practices Jill has learned from her experience working and advising at companies like Marketo, Hubspot, Oracle, Salesforce, + moreWhy "surrounding the buyer" is critical to success for SaaS companies todayWhy the reseller partnership doesn't work well in SaaSWhere Jill sees the future of B2B partnerships headingContact Jill:LinkedInSponsors:Partnership LeadersPartnered.ioSubscribe at www.partneredpodcast.com.Interested in joining the podcast? Reach out to hello@partnered.io. 


19 Apr 2021

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#212 The Birth of DemandGen ft. Jill Rowley

DemandGen Radio

Jill Rowley joins me in this podcast episode as we reflect on our partnership and the impact we’ve had on the marketing industry over the last decade. Jill was there when DemandGen was founded and it’s only fitting that she joins me in this episode on the day that DemandGen officially becomes BDO Digital. Listen as Jill and I share how our partnership formed, how we’ve supported each other throughout our careers, and what the future looks like for both of us. Watch the video version of this podcast episode on DemandGen TV: https://youtu.be/LEq8s8V3p4w Additionally, give this podcast a listen on the PartnerUp Podcast where Jill discusses creating partner categories and ecosystems as she did with David/DemandGen: https://www.partneruppodcast.com/blog/010-jill-rowleys-first-podcast-on-partnerships-creating-categories-and-partner-ecosystems --- Check out these other resources!DemandGen Resources Hub: https://bit.ly/2N3myz1 DemandGen Blog: https://bit.ly/3cVwnt9 DemandGen TV: http://bit.ly/37Ds3PS Manufacturing Demand book: https://bit.ly/37zkhVw


16 Mar 2021

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010 - Jill Rowley's First Podcast on Partnerships - Creating Categories and Partner Ecosystems

PartnerUp The Partnerships Podcast

We have the QUEEN of social selling on today's show - the one and only Jill Rowley. This was Jill's first podcast on the topic of partnerships and it was a gem.Jill unpacks the need for partner programs to focus less on attaching yourself to an ecosystem and how to create your own. Plus, you get to hear the stories of how Eloqua creating the Marketing Automation category and how their first partners were created. Ecosystems are required for partnerships to thrive - Jill shares some timeless tactics for how to create yours. And from the lens of a sales professional, you're going to love her take on how to get the most out of your partner program. This episode is sponsored by Crossbeam. Crossbeam is a partner ecosystem platform. It acts as a data escrow service that finds overlapping customers and prospects with your partners while keeping the rest of your data private and secure. Sign up for free at Crossbeam.com


10 Nov 2020

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Connecting Instead of Closing with Jill Rowley

SOUTH POD: Rise of a Region

Remaining financially viable and connected with clients during this crazy time can be a struggle for some companies.  Today on SOUTH POD I am joined by Jill Rowley, a Fund Advisor at Stage 2 Capital, to discuss her successful career and how she continues to put her clients first.


8 Apr 2020

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378: The Dark Side of the Word “Hustle” w/ Jill Rowley

The FlipMyFunnel Podcast

Jill Rowley has been exceptionally vulnerable on social media about her work/life balance. Work is her great passion in life, and her career has taken a high percentage of her time and energy. But now, stepping into a new space as a Partner at Stage 2 Capital, she’s working on changing her lifestyle to achieve more balance in her life. One major way she’s doing it is becoming allergic to the word “hustle,” the idea of the never-stopping, never-slowing grind that can easily become an addiction for professionals. She’s got an amazingly vulnerable story of how she’s learning what actually matters in life and work, and she was kind enough to share it on the podcast in an interview with guest host Carlos Hidalgo.


19 Jun 2019

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[CLASSICS] 001: Jill Rowley | Know Thy Buyer in the Social Selling Generation

Sales Tuners

Takeaways Share: Even if what you share is unrelated to what you’re trying to sell, doing so allows you to show you care, which drives future opportunities. Focus on the Customer: Know the buyer from every angle at the company and personal level. Provide Value: Constantly consume and share content that will be relevant to your buyers. Full Notes https://www.salestuners.com/jill-rowley/ Book Recommendation Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us by Seth Godin Sponsor Costello – What if every sales rep inherited the habits of your best rep? With Costello, they do.


16 Apr 2019

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Social Selling Techniques That Only Humans Can Do w/ Jill Rowley

The Data-Driven Marketer

Jill Rowley, is Partner at Stage 2 Capital and Former Chief Growth Officer for Marketo. Jill is one of the most influential names in the marketing automation space. For social selling, Rowley recommends that you Google a prospect to absorb any: Videos they have appeared in Podcasts Q&As Fireside chats Quotes in articles Online groups they belong to Who they reference on LinkedIn Anything that will help you understand what the person cares about and what  their point of view is In our inaugural regular podcast you’ll learn: Important Sales Lessons. Social Selling = Social Networks Make Social Network Deposits Before You Make A Withdrawal Marketing vs. Sales = Reach Vs. Relationship You Need Data Stewards


26 Mar 2019

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309: Flashback -Engagement: Marketing 2.0 w/ Jill Rowley

The FlipMyFunnel Podcast

Marketing in today’s world is all about engaging with a potential buyer. Or at least it should be. But too often, a seller simply automates the process. There’s no trust, no knowledge and no value to the buyer. How many times have we all received an unsolicited email from someone who clearly sent out that same email to a thousand other buyers?  How did you feel? Probably the same way our latest guest, Jill Rowley, former Chief Growth Officer for Marketo feels about those emails. Jill came on our show to tell us about engagement -- a whole new marketing philosophy.


14 Mar 2019

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The Key Pillars of Social Selling with Jill Rowley (Marketo)

Bowery Capital Startup Sales Podcast

Jill Rowley, Chief Growth Officer at Marketo and Sales for Life, joins the Bowery Capital Podcast to discuss "The Key Pillars of Social Selling."


4 Dec 2018

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754: How to Balance Science & Sincerity In Sales w/ Jill Rowley

B2B Growth: Your Daily B2B Marketing Podcast

In this episode we talk to Jill Rowley, Chief Growth Officer at Marketo. Click here to connect with this guest on LinkedIn.


10 Aug 2018