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#8 - Ben Tyler


Nazarbayev University's Warren Rocco and Aiman Khamitova host NUclearPods, a podcast devoted to Ideas That Matter in Education in Kazakhstan and beyond.


14 Jun 2021

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My Husband, Ben Tyler

I Wanna Know with Hannah Tyler

Ben Tyler is web developer and software engineer who specializes in data visualization- but that is just what he does during working hours. He is also a trail runner, mountain biker, skier, map lover,  music aficionado, devoted dog dad and soon to be human dad, creator of many things on the internet...just to name a few.  I sat down with my husband and asked him how he finds the time to do all of these things he is so passionate about and how he even got into having so many passions and hobbies he is good at. Ben tells us what his dream job is and what his definition of success is. I am such a proud wife and will take any opportunity to brag about Ben- if you are into music, coding, writing, reading, or maps please go check out his website for all his offerings and sign up for his newsletter! WebsiteTwitter  (@_btyler_)Music by Connor Lafitte, find him at connorlafitte.com, Spotify, or SoundCloudSubscribe for new episodes each week and find me on Instagram (@hannahftyler) or my website, I would love to connect!


3 May 2021

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SWS EP. 26 - Ben Tyler

Sippin' With Shawn

I have a few drinks with Ben Tyler, talking about his current music project/crowdfunding record, being a parent, adulting, our past experiences at the school of rock, and so much more.

1hr 13mins

11 Mar 2021

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Episode 8: Growing Farmers with Greta Zarro & Ben Tyler of Unadilla Community Farm

Plant Cunning Podcast

Meet  Greta and Ben of Unadilla Community Farm in West Edmeston, NY. Their  project focuses on educating beginner farmers with the skills required  for farming and homesteading. Their interns help them grow fruits, nuts,  herbs, greens, vegetables to serve the local community through their Veggie Box Program. The interns can choose the classes they wish to take, and which long term projects the wish to work on to hone skills such as carpentry, stone masonry or herbalism.  We hear about their two pronged approach of changing the  world via community organizing, political advocacy and activism on the  one prong and on the other, actively creating the alternatives to the  systems they are working to change by being as self sufficient as possible  through farming and homesteading, sharing food with the local  community, and training as many folks interested in these skills as  possible.  We dive deep into the permaculture world talking about  building a food forest and 'dynamic accumulators'. Enjoy! Unadilla Community Farm Website  National Young Farmers Coaliton  The Dynamic Accumulator SARE Grant information Dr. Dukes Plant Study Database --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/plantcunning/messageSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/plantcunning/support


11 Nov 2020

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Episode 10: Ben Tyler: "Sad, in a way."

the terey summers podcast

This episode's title is a bit of an inside joke. I reference it in this podcast, so if your curiosity has bit the baits, you'll find your soon enough. It's just a listen away. And along with that listen is 45 minutes or so with one of Arizona's great creatives. Ben Tyler is a writer, a director, and actor, a comedienne, and an Arizona historian of sorts. All this is in this episode. But what is only touched on is the great capacity this man has to make me laugh. He never fails. I don't think it is a venture he takes on, but it is the result of his natural wit, humor and timing that just does it to me and does it for me. I laugh at Ben. He makes me laugh. And I gotta tell ya, I love him so much for that. That, and so many other reasons. Meet Ben Tyler.

1hr 6mins

18 Aug 2020

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Ben Tyler: Arizona’s playwright

Story Babble

A consummate and versatile actor, Ben did a lot of the heavy lifting for Citrus Valley Playhouse from 2004-2008. But long before we came around Ben had made his mark on Arizona entertainment. Whether it was as a writer and cast member of the Wallace and Ladmo show or the creator of the wildly popular sketch musical GUV! or countless other creations, Ben has distinguished himself as Arizona’s playwright. He’s got some good advice and great stories. Sponsor: Forever Young Foundation


8 Aug 2020

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Ep. 42 - Ben Tyler - NextGenGolf - @nextgengolfclub

Enjoy The Walk Golf Podcast

Ben Tyler from the NextGenGolf crew joins the show to talk true "Common Man Golf". He talks us through the way NextGenGolf got its start in the NCCGA (The National Collegiate Club Golf Association) to the now post-grad representation of their tour that is now the City Tour. NextGen Golf represents everything that Dante & the crew loves about golf and has preached since day one that the game needs far more of! He also outlines their plans of where they're holding their championship this summer for the city tour championship! (Hint: its a classic) Also, Ben lets us in on how a new partnership with the PGA of American has opened up some exciting new opportunities ahead! Hope you all enjoy the show! If you want to know more about what NextGenGolf is doing, head over to https://nextgengolf.org/ If you'd like to follow everything we do and stay up to date on our latest releases, follow us on Instagram @enjoythewalkpod as well as heading over to our website https://www.enjoythewalkpod.com/--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/enjoythewalk/support


7 May 2020

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Tales Of The Side Hustle | Amy Miller | Jodi Darby | Alicia Jo Rabins | Ro Tam | Ben Tyler

OPB's State of Wonder

We're revisiting one of our favorite shows from last year. The jobs that make art possible, and the ones threatening to take over everything. We’re talking with artists about the work they do for love, for money, or some mix of the two.


9 May 2019

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Tales Of The Side Hustle | Jodi Darby | Ben Tyler | Alicia Jo Rabins | Amy Miller | Ro Tam

OPB's State of Wonder

The jobs that pay money. The jobs that pay out in other ways. The jobs that make art possible: Artist Jodi Darby talks about driving a big rig, comedian Amy Miller pierces the thin façade of success, Alicia Jo Rabins talks about deepening her spiritual practice through teaching, and drummer Ben Tyler, in search of fast cash, finds himself in some very fast company.


1 Dec 2018

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Ben Tyler from the Client Enrolment Academy talks to us about Story Telling

Incredibly Different

This high energy podcast from Ben was awesome for me because just before it, Ben showed his true talents and allowed me to get right to the heart of my own powerful story. He has offered his free storytelling cheat sheet here - https://subdomain.clientenrollmentacademy.com/story-that-inspires-action14068538


22 Aug 2017