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#194: John Howard on Asia

Asia Rising

Mr John Howard, former Prime Minister of Australia (1996 - 2007) on Asia, his legacy, and Australia's place in the region. His new book, A Sense of Balance, is published by HarperCollins Australia. Recorded 19 October 2022.


10 Nov 2022

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A Sense of Balance: Defining Us as a Nation and Guarding Our Future – John Howard

The Sydney Institute


1hr 1min

8 Sep 2022

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John Howard on a Sense of Balance and why concerns about the inevitability of China surpassing the U.S are misplaced.

Between the Lines

In a wide ranging conversation John Howard reflects on the issues he raises in his new book A Sense of Balance. An update on Myanmar where the military oppression of the pro-democracy movement intensifies.

2 Sep 2022

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John Howard

Writers at Stanton

Australia's second longest serving Prime Minister on how a sense of balance has defined us as a nation and how it will safeguard our future.

31 Aug 2022

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Trump, Costello, al-Zawahiri - Former PM John Howard opens the book

Something To Talk About

John Howard was elected to the House of Representatives for Bennelong in 1974 and what followed has read like a political fairytale. He became Australia’s 25th Prime Minister after leading the Coalition to a resounding victory in 1996 and became our second longest serving PM. The former Prime Minister led the nation through some truly testing times - the economic recession of the 1980s, the Port Arthur massacre but also through major historical moments like 9/11 and the Sydney 2000 Olympics. This episode of Something To Talk About was recorded in Sydney on August 3rd 2022.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


20 Aug 2022

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Former Prime Minister John Howard: Leading A Country To Greatness

A Life of Greatness

What does it take to lead a country in its most powerful position? Joining Sarah Grynberg is Australia’s 25th and second-longest running former Prime Minister, John Howard, who’s honorary achievements in his term included achieving nationwide gun control legislation, and significant reforms in industrial relations and taxation. In this deeply moving conversation, Sarah and Mr Howard discuss; comforting a grieving nation after the Bali bombings and boxing day Tsunami, the election of Donald Trump and the importance of meaningful connections. If you are looking to be inspired and uplifted in your life then this deeply charged conversation and Mr Howard's noble thoughts will not only open your mindset to see life’s bigger picture; but show you how leadership can be harnessed: by believing in a higher power.   Follow Sarah for more inspiration & wisdom: Instagram: instagram.com/sarahgrynberg Website: https://sarahgrynberg.com/ Facebook: facebook.com/sarahgrynberg Twitter: twitter.com/sarahgrynberg YouTube: youtube.com/sarahgrynbergSee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

1hr 1min

16 Aug 2022

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The way forward: A conversation with John Howard

Menzies Research Centre

John Howard experienced both the highs and lows of politics during 33 years in Parliament, 14 of which were in Opposition.In this Watercooler Conversation with Nick Cater, Australia's second longest-serving prime minister draws lessons from the Liberal Party's 2022 election defeat and urges unity and a focus on Liberal principles and policy.Email Nick Cater watercooler@menziesrc.orgSupport these podcasts by becoming a premium subscriber from just $10 a month: www.menziesrc.org/subscribeNick Cater is executive director of Menzies Research Centre


1 Jul 2022

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It’s Not Communication You Need, it’s Connection – with Guest John Howard (178)

Therapist Uncensored Podcast

We often focus on being understood through words, but guess what? Words and verbal communication can be mildly irritating to our nervous system. Learn what works and what doesn't when trying to build closeness and connection with those you love. Tune in for this week's episode as co-host Sue Marriott and John Howard discuss the power of mindfulness and spirituality on our minds and body, and the lasting roles they play in all types of relationships.See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.


21 Jun 2022

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Calgary John Howard Society With Leslie McMechan

The Discovery Pod

The Calgary John Howard Society (CJHS) is a charity that has been reducing crime and making Calgary communities safer since 1949 by helping youth and adults make positive changes and move away from criminal behavior. They do this by addressing the root causes of crime through education, employment programs, housing, and support so individuals have alternatives to breaking the law. Joining Douglas Nelson today to share what the charity is all about is Leslie McMechan, the Executive Director at CJHS. She also gives some insight into the great work that they do. 


8 Jun 2022

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UK Property Expertise with John Howard

Expat Property Story

www.expatpropertystory.comUK property expert John Howard’s forty years’ experience makes him the ideal investor to offer an opinion on the state of the UK property market as we head toward the third quarter of 2022.Rising inflation, properties taking longer to sell, reduced prices, house builders’ share prices falling and an increase in distressed housing stock all point towards a UK property market slowdown at best and a crash at worst. This makes buying at a discount all the more important and John offers advice on how to do it. He also argues that expats may be in a better position to ride out a UK property blip. Times have changed in the post-pandemic property landscape and John suggests ways in which expats could do bigger projects with the increased use of online communication platforms. Back in 2018, the Expat Property Guy and his wife finally complete their student HMO in Nottingham.Chapters:Expat Property Story (1’37”)Joke (5’37”)Postcode Challenge (5’54”)John Howard’s three golden rules (8’34”)The importance of buying at a discount (9’58”)The danger of Joint Ventures (11’09”)Due diligence (13’03”)Slowdown (14’32”)House price affordability 17’47”)Estate agents (19’51”)Expats with money to spend (21’29”) Pushing the boundaries as an expat investor (24’20’) (Risk (26’25”)5 a side property team (28’51”)Highlights (32’45”)


24 May 2022