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1KHO 93: Somebody Just Has to Go First | Shannan Martin, Start With Hello |

The 1000 Hours Outside Podcast

Shannan Martin is one of my favorite storytellers and she includes a never-told-before story in this episode. I cried while we were recording together and then again while editing (a first for me.) Shannan does such a beautiful job breaking down the essence of building community and reminding us of why it is oh, so important. Feelings of loneliness are becoming more and more common but we can start with the small seeds of a smile, wave, and short conversations. We talk about so much in this one and you will learn a tremendous amount through Shannan's touching stories. Don't miss this one! Learn more about Shannan and sign up for her newsletter at www.shannanmartin.com And check out Shannan's newest book called "Start With Hello" here >> https://amzn.to/3GJw4UM


25 Nov 2022

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Episode 418: Shannan Martin - How Do We Live as Citizens of God’s Kingdom in our Local Communities?

That Sounds Fun with Annie F. Downs

I'm so happy that my dear friend, Shannan Martin, is in the studio today to chat about her new book, Start with Hello. This book is a practical guide on how to move toward each other in community and it is SO GOOD! What an important conversation that we ALL need! We talk all about loving your people well, the importance of making space for grief, and how the tiniest step toward one another matters. Y'all. Get ready! . . . . Find more fun things on this episode by going to anniefdowns.com/podcast. . . . . Sign up to receive the AFD Week In Review email and ask questions to future guests! #thatsoundsfunpodcast . . . . . Thank you to our partners! Awana: Try one month of Talk About for FREE with special promo code TSF. Start today at talkaboutdiscipleship.com ThirdLove: Right now, you can get 20% off your first order at THIRDLOVE.com/SOUNDSFUN Shopify: Sign up for a free trial at shopify.com/soundsfun. Raycon: Go to https://buyraycon.com/thatsoundsfun and use code SOUNDSFUN15 to get 15% off your order. Cabinets To Go: Right now, get a full custom 3D design of your new kitchen at cabinetstogo.com/THATSOUNDSFUN. . . . . . NYTimes bestselling Christian author, speaker, and host of the That Sounds Fun Podcast, Annie F. Downs shares with you some of her favorite things: new books, faith conversations, entertainers not to miss, and interviews with friends.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


13 Oct 2022

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248: Start With Hello with Shannan Martin

The Next Right Thing

All the world's a neighborhood and everyone's my neighbor. How to begin to live as such? Today's guest submits it's simple: Start with hello. Today I'm glad to welcome one of my favorite writers and also favorite humans, author Shannan Martin. Her most recent book is called Start With Hello (And other simple ways to live as neighbors). In it, she speaks directly to that part of us that wants to reach out, wants to belong, wants to embody connection with our community in a way that is tangible, accessible, equitable, and with hearts bent toward justice. Listen in.   Links + Resources From This Episode: Start with Hello by Shannan Martin Falling Free by Shannan Martin The Ministry of Ordinary Places by Shannan Martin Find Shannan on Instagram Order The Next Right Thing Guided Journal Grab a copy of my book The Next Right Thing Find me on Instagram @emilypfreeman Download a transcript of this, and every, episode at emilypfreeman.com.


11 Oct 2022

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HH#527 Start With Hello with Shannan Martin

The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey

If you have been listening to my show for a while now, you may be familiar with today’s guest. Shannan Martin joined me back in 2015 on Episode #45 to share about her family’s life and mission. Today we talk about a number of things, including the practice of waking up and how Shannan defines ‘neighbor,’ plus systematic injustice and the black squares that everyone posted on social media in 2020. Shannan is the author of The Ministry of Ordinary Places, Falling Tree, and her newest book, Start With Hello, which releases October 11. Connecting with neighbors in intentional ways is something that screams “Shannan and Corey Martin.” Shannan says Start With Hello started in her family’s neighborhood as she found her heart gravitating toward connecting with the people around her, especially people who don’t look like her. Shannan says her calling is to live as a neighbor, which she defines as anyone who her life intersects with. Everything she knows about living as a neighbor she said she learned from her neighbors. We can love our neighbors like Shannan by being intentional, starting with hello. Connect with JamieFacebook //  Instagram // YouTubeGET ALL THE LINKS FROM THE SHOW HERE


5 Oct 2022

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JOE S8E18 - Lisa + Friends: Shannan Martin

Jesus Over Everything

Lisa welcomes her long time friend, author, speaker and blogger Shannan Martin to JOE today. Shannan and her family moved to what some might call "the wrong side of the tracks" a while back and that brought her to write her new book Start With Hello. Jesus left us with two commandments - one of them was to love our neighbor as ourselves. How can we actually do that when we don't know our neighbor? Listen in today as Lisa and Shannan discuss how to fulfill this in our world today. Links: Sponsor A Child with Compassion Start With Hello Book Shannan's Books Website Instagram Twitter Cozy Earth Coupon Code Jesus Over Everything Advent Collection 1 A JOE Production. For more information, contact lainie@lisawhittle.com


30 Sep 2022

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Season 5 | Chapter 3: Shannan Martin

Cheer Her On

Shannan Martin is a gem of a human being who sees beauty in the sky above and the earth below her feet. She's an author (and hi, her new book Start With Hello is a book twin with WCBL!) and in this episode we unpack chapter 3, which is aptly named, "The Glory is at the Ground Level." Come listen in as we look for goodness and find the love of God in the simplest and most normal locations.  Join the lauch team book club: www.thegoodbook.com/not-lost


29 Sep 2022

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Simple Ways to Live as Neighbors with Shannan Martin

The Connected Mom Life

We crave community, but the reality is that we often feel a bit lost on how to pursue it in today’s world of stressful jobs, privacy fences, and political climates. In this episode, Shannan Martin, author of Start with Hello, walks us through her own story of creating community – even as a self-proclaimed introvert who does not feel like being neighborly comes naturally at all – and offers us thoughts on simple, manageable, and practical ways we can pursue it too. SHOWNOTES: https://www.theconnectedmomlife.com/77 Connect with Shannan! @shannanwrites www.shannanmartin.com Pre-Order Start with Hello (and Other Simple Ways to Live as Neighbors) LET’S CONNECT! Instagram @theconnectedmomlife Join our Mom Friend's Community ARE YOU A FAN OF THE PODCAST? If you loved today’s episode, would you head to your favorite podcast app and leave a rating and review? The more ratings and reviews the podcast gets, the more moms will be in-the-know that we can stop "playing it cool" and actually connect!

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19 Sep 2022

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#159: Reimagining Community After Adoption with Shannan Martin

The Adoption Connection | a podcast by and for adoptive parents

Many families feel isolated while parenting children through adoption. Either they don't feel understood by friends and family or they just don't have time for community like they used to.Shannan Martin, is an adoptive mom and the author who found her voice in the country and her story in the city. This week she speaks about how she found community in unexpected places and now practices radical hospitality.Click here to download a transcript for this episode.Relevant LinksConnect with Shannan on InstagramThe Ministry of Ordinary Places* by Shannan MartinFalling Free: Rescued from the Life I Always Wanted* by Shannan MartinJoin the Village (use code: podcast)*This is an affiliate link


11 Jan 2022

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Episode 9 - HOW TO BE A GOOD NEIGHBOR with Shannan Martin

We All Need Each Other

What does it mean to be a good neighbor? "Show up needy," says author Shannan Martin in this conversation with host Aaron Charles. Martin shares about the lessons her family has learned while living in a place they never expected.   Find the video versions, more episodes and show notes at https://www.transformation58.com/podcast


15 Sep 2021

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REPLAY — 5WPD 205: Help Me Minister in Ordinary Places – Shannan Martin

Jesus Over Everything

Guest host: Shannan Martin, author of Falling Free and Ministry of Ordinary Places 5 Word Prayer: Help me minister in ordinary places. Learn more about Shannan Martin at Shannanmartinwrites.com Produced by Unmutable™.


29 Jul 2021