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32 of The Best Podcast Episodes for James Gunn. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about James Gunn, often where they are interviewed.

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32 of The Best Podcast Episodes for James Gunn. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about James Gunn, often where they are interviewed.

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Episode 191 - The Career of James Gunn w/ Tim Burdick

The Cosmic Geppetto Podcast
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Brad & Tim talk about the Past, Present & Future of Director James Gunn.

Amy Kenerup shares how she is keeping entertained during The Quarantine.

Apr 09 2020

1hr 4mins


Cult Following Xtra #5 - Q&A w/Kurt Russell & James Gunn, 2020 Oscars Recap, The Lodge Review

Cult Following
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We're back with another new episode of Cult Following Xtra. This week, Victor Moreno does a full recap of all the winners and losers and high and lows of the 2020 Academy Awards, which featured a sweep by Bong Joon Ho's Parasite! Plus, Victor reviews BIRDS OF PREY, THE LODGE, and we have a brand-new never-before-heardinterview and Q and A with Kurt Russell, moderated by director James Gunn from Beyond Fest 2016 where Kurt talks about his career, his partnership with John Carpenter, and the production and background behind BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA which was celebrating its 30th anniversary that year. All this and more on Cult Following Xtra!

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Reviews and more

Feb 10 2020

1hr 24mins


HALL OF FAME: James Gunn (Ep. 85) 1.5.15

The Movie Crypt
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With GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY writer/director James Gunn cemented himself as one of the greatest filmmakers working in Hollywood. (We called it with SLITHER many years earlier but hey- sometimes it takes people a few years to realize that we're always right!) Recorded way back in December of 2014 and released on January 5, 2015, this "Hall Of Fame" episode truly features one of the best conversations you'll ever hear with the now super star director.

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Dec 13 2019

1hr 56mins


James Gunn’s Slither!

The Horror Vision
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In this episode, we gather to watch and discuss James Gunn’s 2006 slime-encrusted masterpiece, Slither. Ray was a bit concerned this one would be too gross for him. Was he right? Click play and find out.

The discussion also includes but is not limited to: Anthony’s return to Clive Barker’s Nightbreed, Shawn’s final verdict on AHS 1984, Tori’s reaction to Jennifer Kent’s Babadook follow-up The Nightengale, Ray’s theatrical screening of Robert Eggers’ The Lighthouse.

Oh yeah, and our Classic Corner pick this episode is none other than Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining!

Nov 23 2019

1hr 55mins


Do Movie Critics Hate Joker, POC For Professor X and Magneto ? , James Gunn Reveals Cast of DC's The Suicide Squad Geek Talk Podcast

Geek Talk
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Geek Talk Podcast 


1. Do Moive Critics Hate Joker ? 

2. Marvel Studio's Looking to Cast POC For Professor X and Magneto 

3. James Gunn Reveals Cast of DC's The Suicide Squad  

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--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.

Sep 14 2019



05. How to Create a Demand Generation Engine with James Gunn from TechnologyOne

Interactive Minds digital marketing podcast
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When it comes to marketing automation, demand generation engine can provide an effective and accountable way of providing an on-going stream of qualified marketing leads to your sales team. 

Welcome to Interactive Minds, where each week digital marketing and business professional Louisa Dahl, shares with you the tangible takeaways and recipes for marketing success. She is joined by a host of passionate marketers, innovators and digital leaders from across the globe. If you want easily digestible marketing tips from the industry’s top leaders, this is the podcast is for you.

In this episode, Louisa gets her marketing geek on with James Gunn, marketing operations manager at Australia’s largest enterprise software company, TechnologyOne. James is a marketing automation specialist and former consultant who has spent his career working with high-profile technology companies in the UK and Australia.

During the episode, James and Louisa work through a case study of how James and the marketing team at TechnologyOne has implemented a demand generation system that not only provides the sales team with on-going stream of quality leads, but that has also lifted the perceived value of the marketing function within the business.

What to look forward to in this episode:

  •  A background to James’s career and his role at TechnologyOne
  •  Why he’s so passionate about marketing having a seat at the revenue table
  •  The best way to approach a project like this internally
  •  Moving from a single to multi-touch attribution model
  •  Marketing automation tools James is using
  •  What does a demand generation engine actually mean
  •  Creating a demand generation engine at TechnologyOne – step by step
  • Making the best use of external consultants
  • Defining what a lead generation process looks like
  • Building an automation journey that makes sense to the customer
  • Making the most of existing systems like Marketo
  • Important metrics around using a demand generation engine
  • Results, key learnings and tips


James Gunn - LinkedInTechnologyOne - website

Louisa Dahl: LinkedIn Interactive Minds Website

Join Interactive Minds' Facebook Group

Jul 29 2019



Episode 156 - James Gunn's Return to Guardians of the Galaxy 3 & Jim Keefe

The Cosmic Geppetto Podcast
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Remember a while back when Brad and Tom Bacon talked how disappointed they were that James Gunn was fired from Guardians of the Galaxy 3? Turns out they were worrying about nothing. Tom is back to talk about Mr. Gunn returning to the franchise.

Jim Keefe is an amazing comic strip artist who currently is working on the nationally syndicated Sally Forth. He talks to Brad about the challenges of the format and growing up loving comic books.

The Digressions:
* John Romita is amazing
* Bill Watterson doing guest art for Pearls Before Swine
* What worked and what didn't with Suicide Squad
* Joe Kubert and The Kubert School

Apr 09 2019

1hr 31mins


The Return of James Gunn to Marvel Studios/Cosplay Connection - Casey Miranda

The Marvelists
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This week on The Marvelists we are joined with comic fan Tina Ramos as we talk a ton of topics including the return of James Gunn to Marvel Studios! On top of that, Eddie conducts an interview with cosplayer Casey Miranda as a part of the Cosplay Connection series!

This episode’s audio is edited by audio engineer Jon Sherburne.

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Mar 29 2019

1hr 30mins


Disney/Fox, James Gunn, Trailers Galore, Bill & Ted, Google Stadia and a Troutful of sports.

Anything & Nothing
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  • Disney/Fox Deal
  • James Gunn
  • Avengers Endgame Trailer
  • Toy Story 4 Trailer
  • Stranger Things Season 3 Trailer
  • Bill & Ted 3
  • Google Stadia
  • Troutful of Sports

Mar 22 2019

1hr 21mins


Episode 111: Lori Loughlin The New Joanne the Scammer, James Gunn Ain't Savin DC

Grass Routes Podcast
Episode artwork
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The Grass Routes Podcast team wants to first start off by saying that we send our thoughts and prayers to the families affected by the New Zealand mass shooting.

Brandon Killabh Hall, Erin Ashley Simon, Regular Naz and Wylson start the episode off with Corey Booker and Rosario Dawson dating (08:18), Aunt Becky aka Lori Loughlin and the big college scandal (24:32), Lilly Singh getting the new late night show (40:40) and of course we got on our Nerd wave with the Avengers newest trailer (53:16)

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Grass Routes Podcast is a deep dive into the Culture, touching on the future, past and present of both the hosts Brandon "Killabh" Hall and Erin Ashley Simon and your favorite influencers, celebrities and artists. Our podcast explores the honest, personal and vulnerable stories, thoughts, opinions and introspective statements that helped shape our guests and hosts into who they are, their careers and more.

Mar 19 2019

1hr 9mins