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See It to Be It : Brand & Website Design (w/ Danielle Tucker)

Living Corporate

Amy C. Waninger welcomes Danielle Tucker, the founder and CEO of Professional Speaker Websites, to the show on this week's See It to Be It. Professional Speaker Websites is a web agency dedicated to empowering speakers, executives, and corporate trainers to elevate their brand so that they can attract more of the right clients and secure more speaking opportunities. As the strategist of choice for experts featured in ABC, FOX, Essence, and Black Enterprise, Danielle's simple and refreshing approach of partnering strategy and design will empower you to intentionally broadcast your brilliance!You can connect with Danielle on LinkedIn.https://livingcorporate.club/3u36ZKBCheck out her website, Professional Speaker Websites.https://livingcorporate.club/3fsNBBn


19 May 2021

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How To Plan, Budget & Run A Profitable Music Event with Danielle Tucker

Female Entrepreneur Musician with Bree Noble

Danielle Tucker, Founder of the Pandemic-Proof Summit, breaks down how she plans events, determines her budget and ensures that it's a profitable event. This discussion applies to any musician running an event such as a release party, festival, online concert, etc.


13 May 2021

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Danielle Tucker On How To Set Your Rate & Value Your Time & Energy

The Working Singer Podcast

Singer & Vocal Coach Danielle Tucker talks about how to value our time as singers, what to consider when setting our rates, and creating The Pandemic Proof Singer Summit. Register FREE the Singer Summit https://thesingersummit.com/ref/14/ - Book your FREE 20 minute vocal assessment with Jamila HERE. - Thanks VocalMist! Use code WORKINGSINGER2020 at checkout to get $10 off your first order! Visit myvocalmist.com. Learn more about today’s guests and get episode show notes at http://www.theworkingsingerpodcast.com. Listen to this episode on Apple Podcasts, Spotify Like this episode? Help more singers discover this podcast by leaving a review on iTunes. Follow on Instagram & Twitter: @theworkingsingerpodcast or @jamilafordmusic. Join The Working Singer Podcast Facebook Group here. General Inquiries: hi@theworkingsingerpodcast.com. Help support The Working Singer podcast here.--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/theworkingsinger/messageSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/theworkingsinger/support

1hr 1min

26 Apr 2021

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Episode #82 Danielle Tucker- Singer, producer, vocal coach and innovate with online summits

Rex Andrew Show

1hr 2mins

2 Apr 2021

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Danielle Tucker On The Right Way To Manage Time And Resources For A Music Event

The Profitable Musician Show

From releasing an album to holding a concert, planning and hosting a music event is a tedious and challenging undertaking, especially today when almost everything is done virtually. But with proper planning and adequate help, the rewards it can yield are more than just exciting. Joining Bree Noble is singer and vocal coach Danielle Tucker. Danielle shares the most effective strategies in holding music events, both online and in-person, detailing what it takes in terms of time, resources, promotions, expenses, and target audience. She also emphasizes the importance of doing reverse planning when preparing for such events, focusing on why you are doing it rather than what you can get out of it.


23 Mar 2021

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Episode 33: Key Tips to Have Your Website Speak to Event Planners Without You Saying A Word with Danielle Tucker

Speak Black Woman! Podcast

Is your website working for or against you as a speaker? Danielle Tucker gives tips and tricks on how to take your website from lame to luxury so event planners want to book you! For more information about the Speak Black Woman Movement visit SpeakBlackWoman.com.


18 Mar 2021

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Danielle Tucker From Expat with No Plan to Luxury Brands

The Enterprising Expat

Welcome to The Enterprising Expat  This week we are travelling from Alabama to South Africa, hoping to Malawi and then striking out to Ecuador. Danielle Tucker is kept seeing signs that her and her husband were supposed to go to South Africa. She wasn’t sure how or why.  So they packed their bags, Sold what they couldn’t carry and hopped on a plane!  When they landed that’s when they thought about what to do next!  In this episode we talk about how to deal with family who keep asking you “when are you coming home”?  Danielle’s Granny throws so much shade on their plans to live abroad  What this newly-wed couple did on the bad days when their was no one to lean except one another  Moving from Freelancer to business owner  Running an online business when load shedding is the norm  Please subscribe to the show so that you never miss an episode I’d love to continue the conversation, do you have a question about the episode?   You can leave me a voice note on my website https://www.podpage.com/the-enterprising-expat-1/ You can follow the show on IG https://www.instagram.com/theenterprisingexpat/ Please share the episode with another expat -  so that we can all bloom where we are planted.  Want to comment on the show?  Got a question?  Leave a voice note on the webpage here https://www.podpage.com/the-enterprising-expat Creative Director at Professional Speaker Websites. She help Speakers, Coaches, Authors, and Consultants to book more speaking engagements by leveraging the power of their online brand and website.  You can find out more about Danielle on her website https://professionalspeakerwebsites.com/


20 Feb 2021

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The Twilight Zone: Motivation w. Danielle Tucker

The Rayman Wyatt Show

Danielle & I had a wonderful conversation about her journey, life and much more...Join in and let us know what you thought about the show.


11 Jan 2021

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032: Get Paid to Speak and Sell Your Services With Danielle Tucker

Scale Your Way

Today I am chatting with prior CEO Roundtable member, Danielle Tucker. Danielle is the founder of Professional Speaker Websites. She helps build luxury websites for coaches and speakers who want to get paid to speak and position themselves as thought leaders within their industry. Danielle shared so much wisdom in this episode on how you can start to build your credibility as a speaker and land paying speaking opportunities! She gives incredible insight into positioning yourself as an expert and the importance of testimonials. We discuss her journey from an accidental entrepreneur to where she is now. She talks about everything from why she decided to niche down her ideal client, her client process and the challenges she’s faced as a CEO -- learning how to be a leader and grow her team. I think you’ll enjoy hearing her advice and thoughts on why you have to be brave on your journey to scale your way! What’s in this episode: Why she calls herself an accidental entrepreneur  Her tips for positioning yourself as an expert to your audience How to get paid for in-person and virtual speaking gigs What you can do to drive traffic to your website Why she decided to niche down her ideal clients Challenges she faced while growing her team Connect with Danielle: Website | Instagram | Facebook About Danielle:Danielle Tucker is the founder of Professional Speaker Websites, a company that specializes in luxury websites for coaches and speakers who are READY to get paid to speak, and position themselves as the leading thought leader in their industry. Through strategy, design, and messaging, Danielle empowers speakers with a website that not only looks good but also functions as a marketing machine to get you booked for in-person and virtual speaking engagements. After you experience Danielle you will know why up-leveling your website is ESSENTIAL if you want to be taken seriously as a speaker and thought leader! Enjoyed this episode? Then make sure to join us in my free Facebook Group so we can continue the conversation! Click here to request access.  Want to know when new episodes are released? Subscribe on your platform of choice so you can learn all of the scaling strategies I’m implementing in my own business and with my clients.  Let’s be friends. Send me a DM on, Instagram or Facebook. 


4 Nov 2020

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59. How this website designer is traveling the world while converting clients consistently using the lean launch method with Danielle Tucker

Jereshia Said

My guest today is Danielle Tucker is living an extraordinary life, traveling the world while running a successful niche web design business. Even though she’s been doing web design for well over a decade she entered the online space four years ago when she and her husband decided to quit their jobs, sell all their possessions, and book a one-way ticket to South Africa. Embarking on a nomadic adventure, she became incredibly motivated to start an online business while learning how to service the needs of clients while traveling abroad. Before successfully landing big clients via the lean launch method, Danielle spent a lot of time and effort niching down. After enrolling in Services That Sell, she was able to get crystal clear on her ideal type of client and what it would take for her to stand out and portray the value she could provide them with. She’s worked hard to niche all the way down to help speakers through her web design. Applying the lean launch method, she is able to convey the value she can provide, helping her customers to book more speaking engagements and get their message across to their audience. Key Highlights of the Episode This episode was extremely actionable and insightful. Here are a few key highlights: Invest big for big transformations - Leading up to her enrollment in Services That Sell, Danielle invested in a handful of coaches, consultants, and strategists. She came to realize that the bigger the price tag of an investment, the greater the level of transformation she could expect.  Market to your ideal client - While this sounds simple, so many business owners try to market to everybody. Instead, try to get in the head of your ideal client. Get down to the finest details. Do your research and you’ll be able to figure out exactly what they need from you. What feels fun vs what’s really needed - When building your business not everything is going to be 100% enjoyable. Sometimes it’s easier to focus on what’s fun and forget about what actually needs doing. This is when a bit of discipline is needed as you have to push through any resistance and focus your efforts on what’s needed to make the greatest impact on your business. The lean launch - Danielle has been able to land a bunch of five-figure clients from utilizing the lean launch sales method. This simple, two-step approach involves putting out live videos and converting clients over the phone. Danielle has had to overcome a lot of nerves, but by planning for success, she’s pushed through all her anxieties and is now converting clients consistently. Knowing your figures - Are you intentionally taking the actions that will get you the results you desire? Danielle found herself becoming very intrigued by how certain people can work less yet earn more money than others. Knowing your figures will allow you to reverse engineer what you need to focus on in order to earn a specific income. And lots more! Tune in now. This episode is brought to you by THE CONTRACT SHOP: Support for our show today came from The Contract Shop.  If you don’t have a solid Coaching Agreement, this is the PERFECT time for you to visit www.jereshiahawk.com/contract to get yourself a contract that protects your business, your bank account, and most importantly, Future You. The Contract Shop provides contract templates and all the legal paperwork you need to run your business well. Within 10 minutes, you’ll have the Coaching Contract template that is customizable to suit your business. It is super easy to add in your own details and you’ll feel waaaaaay more confident knowing your contract has been vetted by someone who actually knows what they are talking about.  Visit www.jereshiahawk.com/contract to get your Coaching Contract Template today!


7 Aug 2019