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Mason Dixon Distillery - Yianni Barakos

Fermented Adventure The Podcast

This episode features Yianni Barakos of Mason Dixon Distillery.   Yianni was 11 years old, when his grandfather shared how to make Tsipouro, which is Greek Moonshine, that is made from grapes.  He took Welch's Grape Juice and bread yeast and fired up the rudimentary still.  Thankfully he didn't burn the house down but a passion for making sensational spirits was born.   He is the 2nd generation born in the United States.  His family emigrated from little villages in Greece after World War 2.  He lives by his grandparents legacy... Creating Jobs and livelihoods for the community.  Every step of the way Yianni has figured it out, overcome obstacles and has created an amazing distillery that offers "Great food... great drinks... great conversation.     331 E Water St, Gettysburg, PA 17325 - www.masondixondistillery.com - (717) 398-3385 - Facebook Highlights from our discussion: Gettysburg National Military Park Smooth Ambler Tsipouro Single Malt Hollabaugh Bros Wellspan Copper Fox Distillery Gettysburg Ouzo Pear Brandy Wild Yeast Yamas!!!

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15 Sep 2020

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PATREON PREVIEW- Made in Gettysburg! Mason Dixon Distillery with Yianni Barakos

Addressing Gettysburg

Yianni Barakos was told by his doctor that he might as well get on disability because he'll never be able to work again. Yianni said, "Yes, I will", became his own advocate and found a doctor who said "i can help". Now, Yianni is the proud owner of the successfully delicious Mason Dixon Distillery in Gettysburg. What does this have to do with the battle? Only the fact that Mason Dixon grows much of what goes into their liquors right on the battlefield. Did you know that the Park Service allows this? Well, they do.    Yianni is a very interesting guy and he and I sat down to talk without any particular direction or subject matter in mind. It kinda gets a little personal at points, but, Addressing Gettysburg is more about human interest than anything else; whether it has to do with the Battle of Gettysburg or the people who help you enjoy learning about it or visiting the battlefield. Enjoy and please check out Mason Dixon Distillery on your next visit to Gettysburg


16 Dec 2019

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