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TRL 127: The $1000 Per Hour Business Model with Ben McAdam

That Remote Life | Interviews with Digital Nomads and Location Independent Entrepreneurs

💬  Topics Discussed: Why Ben decided to dive down the rabbit hole of online business Why having a child can be the ultimate productivity hack, and how to do it without having a kid. How to get clients when you are just getting started How to transition from trading your time for money to building a true service business How to productize and price your services and make sure you are staying profitable How to come up with your pricing without guessing When do you know it's time to raise your prices Why your low prices may be your biggest weakness How to maximize your profits using value-based pricing How to reach a truly high hourly rate like $1000 or $5000 per hour How to set better goals that are meaningful and help you get to your real desires Leave a Review ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Subscribe to the YouTube Channel 🎬🎒 Resources: Parable Launch Party Profits Collective Bean Ninjas [book] Rich Dad Poor Dad [book] The E-Myth Revisited Upwork Toptal Dynamite Jobs Remotivate Fiverr Pro Asana Trello [book] 7-Day Startup [article] What's Your Hourly Rate? [article] How to Set Your Prices [article] Your Prices Need to Cover More than You Think Connect with Ben on Facebook

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5 Oct 2021

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Maximize Your Profit, Plus The Good & Bad Of Partnerships - Ben McAdam

Next Level eCommerce

Why do you feel like you’re working harder and harder for just small improvements?We forget that - what got you here, won’t get you there.  Profit margin becomes important. Finance becomes important. Team becomes important.These are the things that are usually holding you back.Ben McAdam helps businesses generate more profit by thinking and acting strategically.Listen now to find out how you can generate more profit, and get back into growth mode.Links to everything discussed can be found at:www.nextlevelecommerce.co/98Stop Falling Behind In Your Bookkeeping & Have Isaac's Team Do It For Youwww.nextlevelecommerce.co/books

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13 Jul 2021

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Finding Passion in the Profits with Ben McAdam

The Meaning Movement: Helping You Find Your Calling, Create Your Life's Work, and Make Career Change

When you decide to make a career change, how do you choose your new path? While you can't know exactly where the road will lead, but you can know at least the general direction that the path will take you. This is exactly what Ben McAdam decided to do. With a background in music, he wanted to learn business. He followed that thread and it lead to some surprising places — and ultimately to what he's doing today. As a virtual CFO and profits coach, he helps businesses and business owners improve their financials and ultimately, make more money. In this episode you'll learn: What Ben does How to see opportunities everywhere How to pursue both responsibility and passion How Ben finds passion in accounting and in his music His career path transition The role of a Financial Controller Ben's process for going through different transitions Ways you can monetize your passion Ben's advice for Start-ups Show notes at: https://themeaningmovement.com/ben


15 Jun 2021

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89: How to Uncover Hidden Profit Opportunities for Small to Medium-Sized Businesses with Ben McAdam

Hire and Empower with Molly McGrath

Where is profit hiding in your business? Ben McAdam shares his framework for five places to uncover hidden profit opportunities for small to medium-sized business owners. Attorneys learn how to be great attorneys but nothing about actually running a business. Ben's approach is a meld of strategic finance and accounting with business coaching. He encourages us to start by looking within our financial reports for more revenue opportunities. Treat your Profit and Loss report as a dashboard for your business. Know your numbers and anchor to your numbers because the numbers don’t lie. Schedule regular accountability meetings with your accountant, so you know the numbers and where to make adjustments. Look for opportunities to decrease expenses while increasing investment in products, services, or employees showing a good return. Ben’s 5 point framework consists of reviewing costs, raising prices, increasing order size, recurring revenue, and productivity. What You Will Learn in this Episode What to pay attention to in your income statement How to use financial reports as an accountability system Where to look for opportunities to create recurring revenue Why it’s ok to scare off some customers when raising your prices When it makes sense to bundle your services Links and Resources Hiring & Empowering Solutions on Facebook www.hiringandempowering.com https://www.linkedin.com/in/molly-hall Connect with Ben McAdam https://profitscollective.com/ https://profitscollective.com/still-more-profitable-after-customers-flee-your-price-rise/


26 Jan 2021

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Ben McAdam - Entrepreneur

CallumConnects Podcast

Ben is a Profits Coach and Virtual CFO, who helps business owners understand their numbers and grow their businesses, and he's also has sold two businesses of his own. Website: https://ProfitsCollective.com LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ben-mcadam-6290a949/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profitscollective/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ben.mcadam.7/ CallumConnects Micro-Podcast is your daily dose of wholesome entrepreneurial inspiration. Hear from many different entrepreneurs in just 5 minutes what hurdles they have faced, how they overcame them, and what their key learning is. Be inspired, subscribe, leave a comment, go and change the world! Every entrepreneur featured has been recommended by one of our previous guests. www.CallumLaing.com


21 Nov 2020

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Ben McAdam's 4th congressional district race

Live Mic

Rep. Ben McAdams joins Lee to discuss the 4th congressional district race and why he should be re-elected. See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


22 Jun 2020

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Why Amazon FBA Businesses Don't Stay Profitable featuring Ben McAdam of Profit Collective

Actualize Freedom | Amazon FBA with Danny Carlson | Private Label Ecommerce Selling on Amazon

Revenue and profits are totally different beasts, and many Amazon sellers are losing money without even knowing it.Ecommerce accounting is more complex than most businesses, so without the proper systems & training, sellers are likely operating at a loss.Running an Amazon FBA brand without knowing your cash flow projections is a bomb waiting to explode. Cash is king and no one I know knows cash flow better than Ben McAdam.With years of experience dealing with the financial issues unique to Amazon sellers, Ben shares with the Actualize Freedom Podcast listeners his top tips for staying profitable, and how to set up cash flow management systems in your eCommerce business.Links/resources:ProfitsCollective.com


15 Jun 2020

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E96 - Yoda on financially navigating the COVID times (Ben McAdam, buildscalesellsummit.com)

WPMRR WordPress Podcast

Legendary Jedi Master Yoda stops in today to give his thoughts on the rise and fall of the Galatic Republic towards the rise of the Galactic Empire. In this episode of WPMRR, Ben discusses managing during the pandemic, information on the Build Scale Sell Summit, and the benefits of virtual summits.To rise through the chaos, listen in, you will. Episode Resources: Check out the Build Scale Sell Summit Website Send us your questions to yo@wpmrr.com


26 May 2020

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Ben McAdam Talks Pre-Exit Accounting Fundamentals

Ecommerce Exits Podcast | Inside look at Building, Buying, Selling and Scaling Ecommerce Businesses

Virtual CFO Ben McAdam shares the importance of getting to know the fundamental roles of your accounting team and the nitty gritty of forming and selling your company. As well as his role in coaching businesses by focusing on the numbers and helping you grow them.WHAT YOU’LL LEARN Role of financial tasks in Growing an FBA Introducing the Virtual CFO/Profit Coach Tips in maximizing ProfitKEY POINTS The various financial tasks in a business (bookkeeping, accounting, CFO) is crucial in providing a clear picture on the condition and growth capacity of any company. Financial reports are important in informing on the strategies that a company may undertake to ensure a successful and profitable undertaking. It is important to have a change of mindset on how one views taxes and hiring. Attitudes of wanting to pay the lowest tax possible as well as not delegating jobs that the owners are doing may hamper the potential growth of the company. The Virtual CFO not only provides an objective eye in reviewing the financial and operational standing of a company but more importantly provides cash flow projections. This will enable owners to make informed decisions on which expenses the company would be able to bear in the long run. To ensure the success of a business and adequate capital to respond to changes, there should be a good gross profit margin. This is often neglected when pricing a product and have led to the failure of businesses.ABOUTBefore becoming a Virtual CFO or Profit Coach, Brian worked as a bookkeeper and an accountant. This has prepared him in identifying the crucial areas of a company’s financial performance that are often neglected.🎧🎧🎧Thanks so much for joining us this week. Want to subscribe to the Ecom Exits Podcast with Nate Ginsburg? Have some feedback you’d like to share? Connect with us on ApplePodcasts and leave us an honest review! Your feedback will not only help us improve the show, but it will help us connect with more high flyers like you.--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/ecom-exits-podcast/message


6 Apr 2020

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Congressman Ben McAdam test positive for COVID-19

Live Mic

Rep. Ben McAdams is the second member of congress to test positive for the coronavirus. He’s now at home in quarantine. Rep. McAdams describes to Lee what it's like living with COVID-19. See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


20 Mar 2020