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Factors in excessive use of police force, with retired police captain James Mitchell

People Who Read People: A Psychology Podcast

A talk with James Mitchell, a retired police captain who worked in Prince George's County, Maryland. We talk about the U.S. problem of excessive police violence, with the goal of understanding some of the factors that can lead to unjustified and too aggressive police responses. Issues include: George Floyd's death and how the cops handled that; how mental health issues relate to police response issues; how cops can escalate a situation whether they mean to or not, and more.  

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19 Apr 2021

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Optometrist James Mitchell on providing outreach services

The Talking Country Health Podcast

James Mitchell is an Optometrist based in Western Victoria. Born and bred in Warrnambool, there was no doubt for James that he would return to his home town after completing his optometry studies. James always knew he wanted to be involved in outreach work to help rural communities with limited access to eye health services. The opportunity to take his work on the road presented itself straight out of uni, which now sees James regularly visiting ACCOs, local medical clinics and schools all over Western Victoria. Tune in to this bite size episode to hear how James has navigated working rurally as a young health professional, and what he loves most about it. Are you a health professional interested in providing outreach service to Victoria’s country communities? Check out RWAV’s outreach programs to see how you can get involved: www.rwav.com.au/outreach-programs The post Optometrist James Mitchell on providing outreach services appeared first on The Talking Country Health Podcast.


9 Apr 2021

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Episode 1 - James Mitchell and Carolina Larrazabal


James Mitchell and Carolina Larrazabal are the founding couple behind BuildX Studio, based out of Nariobi, Kenya. ‘Building a radically better tomorrow’ is their company tagline and the best way of defining their lifes work. With backgrounds in architecture and design, James, Carolina and their team are trail blazing with new materials in construction, new ways of doing business with their Design-Build model and bringing more women into the construction industry, through the BuildHER program. Whilst their work is focussed in Africa, their ways of working have global application. https://www.buildxstudio.com https://twitter.com/buildxstudio


1 Apr 2021

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Sex, Life & Love Intentionally w Angela and James Mitchell


Let's talk about sex! Today we strip off cultural taboos and expose the modern hangups, kinks and quirks of couples growing together. James and Angela Mitchell are entrepreneurs who's small business "Love Intentionally" helps good couples stay great through workshops and facilitated "Love Camps" – so in this episode we dig into a wide range of topics from young crushes through the bumps of adolescence into the potential pitfalls of mature relationships with kids and households and compounding complexity.So listen to this one with someone you love... It's business time!Note: Intro and Outro music is a clip from Flight of the Conchords "Business Time" ©2008 Sub Pop Records - Available on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, Google Play and more.

1hr 14mins

3 Mar 2021

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022: Surviving A 20 Hour Bus Ride After The Icelandic Volcano Ash Grounded Flights (with Christopher James Mitchell)

Travel Horror Stories Podcast

What would you do if… While studying in Oslo, you decide to fly out to Croatia for the weekend and back in class by Monday for an exam. The only thing is an Icelandic volcano ash cloud grounded all flights resulting in a 20-hour bus and boat ride in order to get back to Oslo. About The Guest(s) Christopher  Mitchell is a Canadian travel writer and content creator based in Toronto but he’s laid roots in Oslo, Seoul, Istanbul and a few other spots. He’s been writing about and documenting his travels for about ten years. He’s visited 80 countries along the way and has no plans on stopping anytime soon.  Website: Traveling Mitch Resources. Tips & Tricks: Pay attention to travel advisories  The difference between a good story and a bad story is pretty slim Things don’t always go right went travelling. Stay open-minded When on a tropical island try the mango ;) Related Blog Posts, Podcast Episodes & Books: One Day in Oslo, Norway - A Quick-Hitting Oslo Itinerary - Traveling Mitch Things To See In Oslo In 2 Days (Viking Approved) - Rudderless Travel Sponsors: Toronto Bloggers Collective (Toronto Based Facebook Group)Website | Facebook Group GPSmyCity Blog Post & App Articles Standard Luggage Blog Post | Buy Now SquadCast - Tool for recording remote podcast interviews Website


19 Jan 2021

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Healthy Habits Case Study - James Mitchell

Building Blue Zones

Today Nick talks with James Mitchell about forming health habits for the high performer. James Mitchell is a very high performer at work and with his family, but has noticed that his health and wellness has fallen to the wayside when his baby Jack was born. This episode uncovers wellness self awareness, goal setting, and adding more structure to a busy life. For more information on how Nick or DeMarco can help with your health and wellness goals, reach out to nicholas_ryan28 or demarcogatti27.--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/building-blue-zones/support


23 Nov 2020

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Crowbar on teaming with David Flair in WCW, wrestling for ECW and TNA, James Mitchell being one of the best managers in wrestling

Ringsiders Wrestling

We spoke to former WCW/ECW and TNA star, Crowbar! Follow Ringsiders on Twitter: http://twitter.com/RingsidersPod Follow Ringsiders on Instagram: http://instagram.com/RingsidersPod Follow SPRKIX on Twitter: http://twitter.com/sprkix Follow Callum on Twitter: http://twitter.com/HoochMcGraw Follow Jamie on Twitter: http://twitter.com/RedWolfJB Check out SPRKIX (http://sprkix.com) for pro wrestling apparel


13 Nov 2020

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Plated, the Chef's Table with James Mitchell

54Lights with Kondwani Mwase

This just in…54Lights podcast sat down with Montreal Chef James Mitchell to talk about his culinary business. Over the years, Chef Mitchell has been methodically plying his trade so that his business can thrive and survive during the chaos of COVID. From chef’s tables to cooking classes, Jaime (as he’s known to some) has made something sustainable in a time where organizations are teetering on the brink. And thanks to the his family meal plans, The House of James Mitchell seems poised to weather the storm of our current pandemic. Listen.Like,Share.


29 Sep 2020

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Ep. 07: Spotlight on Business Continuity Programs in Healthcare | James Mitchell

The Failover Plan Podcast

Episode Summary: This week, Shane interviews James Mitchell- the Director of Organizational Resilience at the 724-bed Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston, TX. His responsibilities encompass Emergency Management, Business Continuity and Enterprise Risk.  The last few months he has been heavily involved with a historic pandemic response at Texas Children’s which involved a 140+ day activation of their incident command system. And he graciously sat down with me so we could talk about how he approaches his program, the unique challenges healthcare presents to business continuity, and how he ensures his executive team is always aware and engaged.  Key Points: 0:28min- James’ background 3:06min- How he got into healthcare Business Continuity 6:16min- Why this particular hospital started their program 8:00min- Overview of the program he’s created 10:43min- Approaching the BIA development through the lens of what's important during normal times vs hurricane events 12:22min- The approach he takes to building BC plans in a healthcare 15:30min- Using what he describes as an “internal consulting” model to BC  17:20min- How to you keep plans fresh when time amongst staff is hard to get 19:07min- How the team approaches the testing of their plans 20:03min- Engaging leadership; How the structure of the program helps 21:45min- Participation increases due to a large scale hurricane exercise 22:47min- Is he lucky? Or is the secret sauce quality instead of quantity when executives are involved. 26:28min- The role of his BC program in non-traditional activities like COVID 31:10min- How did the BC planning actually get used during COVID 34:12min- Dealing with Hurricanes and COVID at the same time 37:00min- Tools James has implemented to help his program (Mass Notification, etc.) Guest Bio: James Mitchell has served at Texas Children’s Hospital for nearly five years and is the Director of Organizational Resilience. His responsibilities encompass Emergency Management, Business Continuity and Enterprise Risk.  The last few months he has been heavily involved with a historic pandemic response at Texas Children’s which involved a 140+ day activation of their incident command system as well as a large scale response to some of the worst regional flooding ever to occur in the United States caused by Hurricane Harvey. Prior to 2020, he led his team and organization in increasingly complex and more realistic exercises culminating in the development and execution of a series of large scale, multi-agency active shooter and mass casualty exercises that can be seen in the videos linked below. Prior to Texas Children’s, James held roles at global companies such as BP (energy) and Invesco (investments) focused on development and integration of new teams and processes with responsibility for IT Disaster Recovery, Crisis Management and Business Continuity. He loves the work he does and greatly respects all of those just starting out in this profession as well as those who have made it to the end and have such remarkable knowledge and insight to share. Links: LinkedIn Email Some exercises which James and the team developed: Woodlands Active Shooter & Mass Casualty Exercise (March 2017) DeBakey & Texas Children’s Active Shooter & Mass Casualty Exercise (October 2016)


10 Aug 2020

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008: Anxious About Traveling Amidst COVID-19 (Allison Green & Christopher James Mitchell)

Travel Horror Stories Podcast

Christopher speaks with Christopher Mitchell & Allison Green from the podcast I’m Anxious About to discuss being anxious about traveling + COVID-19. On I’m Anxious About Christopher and Allison have candid and funny discussions about things they are anxious about. Although airlines preparing to fly again most people are not ready. Anxiety when travelling already leaves most people on the Tarmac – on a good day. What happens when we throw COVID-19 into the mix. About The Guest(s) Christopher James Mitchell Christopher Mitchell is from Toronto but has lived in Oslo, Seoul, Istanbul. He's been documenting his travels for about ten years and has visited over 80 countries. along the way, and helping others with their travel itineraries. Website: Traveling Mitch Podcast: I'm Anxious About Allison Green Allison is a California native who went rogue, travel full time. On her blog, she shares stories about quirky cities and outdoor adventures all while living a travel-centred life. Website: Eternal Arrival Podcast: I'm Anxious About Resources, Tips & Tricks: Slow travel VS Fast Travel - Figure out what type of traveller you are. Figure out what you like and don't like based on your interests. Try and avoid FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) Accept that you may not be able to see everything and may need to return. This can lead to burnout. Plan as much as you can but be prepared for things to not go as planned Re: COVID-19. Consider the destinations data (Confirmed Cases). Also, consider the destinations' ability to handle an increased number of confirmed COVID numbers. You don't want to be a burden on the destination's health care system. Re: COVID-19. Now is a good time to explore your own backyard Arrive at the airport early to unnecessary stress (long lines at check-ins, at security, getting to your gate etc) Before booking your flight research the Airline COVID-19 policies and procedures. Also, inquire about the Airline's return policy and/or book with a credit card or credit card with specific flight insurance. Deep Breathing & Self Talk can be helpful during turbulence - more of this in the next episode with Dr. Stacie Appel Boyar, Counselor, MSEd, LMHC as well as meditation. Embrace the destination. Don't compare it to where you came from. "When you travel, remember that a foreign country is not designed to make you comfortable. It is designed to make its own people comfortable" - Clifton Fadiman Related Blog Posts, Podcast Episodes & Books: I'm Anxious About Airports - I'm Anxious About Podcast What I've Learned From the COVID-19 Pandemic Thus Far - Traveling Mitch Sponsors: Toronto Bloggers Collective (Toronto Based Facebook Group)Website | Facebook Group GPSmyCityBlog Post & App Articles Standard LuggageBlog Post | Buy Now SquadCast – Tool for recording remote podcast interviews

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28 Jul 2020