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#042 - Indian Economic Outlook | Karan Bhasin | Srinivas Thiruvadanthai


In this episode, Roshan Cariappa speaks to Sri Thiruvadanthai (Managing Director, Levy Forecasting Centre) and Karan Bhasin (Economist and Researcher) about the recent GDP numbers which was put by the National Statistical Office. In this comprehensive discussion, Sri and Karan explain how to view these numbers in light of COVID, what caused them to be, the role of the Government and RBI, what we can do to recover, and much more. The podcast is available on YouTube, Apple, Google, Spotify, Breaker, Stitcher, and other popular platforms. If you liked this episode, then please rate, subscribe and share!  #BVPolicy #Bharatvaarta #Covid19


3 Sep 2020

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115|COVID, RBI and Sectoral Balance Approach ft. Srinivas Thiruvadanthai with Srivatsan Prakash

Market Champions

Sri T is the Director of Research at the Jerome Levy Forecasting Center, a macroeconomic research firm. It's an incredible conversation with lots of amazing insights offered. I had the opportunity to sit down with Sri T and get his thoughts on the COVID crisis, the central bank response, sorry advice given to central banks like the RBI and the approach he uses to help forecast profits. All in all, some terms may not be familiar with a layman, but it was an absolutely fire conversation!


10 Aug 2020

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Srinivas Thiruvadanthai on the Sectoral Financial Balance Approach to Macroeconomics

Macro Musings with David Beckworth

Srinivas Thiruvadanthai is a managing director and the director of research at the Jerome Levy Forecasting Center. Sri joins the show today to talk about the sectoral financial balance approach to macroeconomics as well as the safe asset supply challenge. David and Sri also discuss the fallacy of composition in macroeconomics, post-Keynesianism and how it differs from mainstream economic thought, and potential solutions to help ease the cost of being the banker to the world. Transcript for the episode: https://www.mercatus.org/bridge/podcasts/10172019/srinivas-thiruvadanthai-sectoral-financial-balance-approach-macroeconomics Sri’s Twitter: @teasri Sri’s JLFC profile: https://www.levyforecast.com/about-us/srinivas-thiruvadanthai/ Related Links: *Monetary Economics: An Integrated Approach to Credit, Money, Income, Production and Wealth* by Wynne Godley and Marc Lavoie http://dl4a.org/uploads/pdf/Monetary+Economics+-+Lavoie+Godley.pdf David’s blog: macromarketmusings.blogspot.com David’s Twitter: @DavidBeckworth


14 Oct 2019

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Behind The Markets Podcast: Srinivas Thiruvadanthai, Guarav Sinha, & Peter Mallouk

Behind the Markets Podcast

Show from 5/31/19India’s Prime Minister was re-elected in a landslide. Hosts Jeremy Schwartz and Associate Director of Asset Allocation and Modern Alpha at WisdomTree Guarav Sinha talk about what his plans might be for spurring economic growth in the country and what opportunities there might be for investors in that region. Then Wharton Finance Professor Jeremy Siegel joins the show and they talk to the founder of Creative Planning, named the #1 Independent Wealth Management Firm in America by Barron’s. What is his strategy in this volatile market? Tune in and find outGuests:Srinivas Thiruvadanthai - Director of Research for the Jerome Levy Forecasting CenterFollow Sri on Twitter: @teasriGuarav Sinha - Associate Director of Asset Allocation and Modern Alpha at WisdomTreePeter Mallouk - Founder and President of Creative PlanningFollow Peter on Twitter: @PeterMalloukCheck out their website: creativeplanning.com/ See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


31 May 2019

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Behind the Markets Podcast: Steve Cordasco, Srinivas Thiruvadanthai, & Gaurav Sinha

Behind the Markets Podcast

Show from 4/12/19How much money will you really need to retire? In this episode of Behind the Markets hosts Jeremy Schwartz, Jeremy Siegel and Liqian Ren talk to the CEO of the Cordasco Financial Network, named one of the top financial advisers in the Philadelphia Area by Smart Asset. They also focus on investment opportunities in Japan, China and India. Tune inGuests:Steve Cordasco, Founder and CEO of the Cordasco Financial NetworkFollow CFN on Twitter: @CFNPlanFor more info on CFN visit their website: https://cfnplan.com/Srinivas Thiruvadanthai, Director of Research for the Jerome Levy Forecasting CenterFollow Sri on Twitter: @teasriFore More on the Jerome Levy Forcasting Center: https://www.levyforecast.com/Gaurav Sinha - Associate Director of Asset Allocation and Modern Alpha at WisdomTreeYou can also follow our hosts on twitter: @JeremyDSchwartz and @RLiqian See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


12 Apr 2019

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Bespokecast Episode 22 – Srinivas Thiruvadanthai


We’re happy to announce that the newest episode of Bespokecast is now available on major podcast platforms.  Be sure to subscribe to Bespokecast on your preferred podcast app to gain access to our full collection of episodes.  We’d also love for you to provide a review as well! In this episode of Bespokecast, we talk to Jerome Levy Forecasting Center Managing Director and Director of Research Srinivas Thiruvadanthai. Srinivas is one of the most original and informed economic thinkers out there, and it was great to dive into his perspectives on profits, inflation, and monetary policy. Srinivas also shared some fascinating perspectives on higher education, his experience growing up in India, and the application of two of his pastimes – bridge and cricket – to analysis of the economy and markets. We also spend a large chunk of time discussing modern monetary theory and the Anglo-Saxon model of government. Please note, during the conversation we discuss the “profits perspective”, which you may want to read about in more detail. You can do so at this link. We also mention a talk from Professor Robert Putnam of Harvard’s Kennedy School of Public Policy. You can see that talk here. If you like what you hear today, you can learn more about our firm by visiting our website, bespokepremium.com. Bespoke offers financial market research and insight to investors of all types, ranging from individuals to large institutions. You can also follow us on Twitter @bespokeinvest. The post Bespokecast Episode 22 - Srinivas Thiruvadanthai first appeared on Bespoke Investment Group.

1hr 6mins

23 Feb 2018