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The Tatiana Show Ep. 272 - The Future of the Internet with Colin Cantrell

The Tatiana Show!

Founder and architect of Nexus, Colin Cantrell joined Tatiana and Josh to talk about the future of the internet. Hint: it’s decentralized, open source and easy to use. Colin retells how the internet was designed to be decentralized, but became more of a Mutually Assured Destruction scenario. He goes into explaining the technical background of his company Nexus, comparing it to the “old internet” we have today. According to Colin, the internet and Bitcoin can both be considered prototypes of their kind, they both gained popularity very quickly, and as such, there are security flaws and inconveniences that never got fixed. Nexus is building up slowly, based on satellites and other devices running the Nexus OS, and incentivizing everyone to contribute.  Colin gives his thoughts on how new technologies can reignite our imagination and speaks up for collaboration as a driver of exponential growth. He delivers an inspiring message on the future of humans and the internet.About the Guest:Colin Cantrell is a software architect, avid musician and composer with a strong belief that music will help introduce many people to the benefits of blockchain. Colin taught himself how to code at the age of 12 years old and in 2014 he created the Nexus blockchain and digital currency. Nexus is a 3D blockchain architecture that scales using Cisco’s LISP network and allows developers to code smart contracts in any language. Colin takes pride in consulting enterprise use cases and developing blockchain software solutions that can be easily integrated with the end user in mind. As the son of Jim Cantrell, founding member of SpaceX and current CEO of Vector Space Systems, Colin built his first rocket at the age of 16 years old. Combining his interests in space and decentralization, Colin’s ultimate goal is to provide hardware for space communication while creating a world where people have a greater connection to one another. If you like this content, please send a tip with BTC to 1Q2QHoNowg8D2QzWhBQU1YrraG771aCpgS More Info: Tatiana MorozCrypto Media HubVaultoro Nexus Jackalope FestivalFriends and Sponsors of the Show:Proof of Love*You have been listening to the Tatiana Show. This show may contain adult content, language, and humor and is intended for mature audiences. If that’s not you, please stop listening. Nothing you hear on The Tatiana Show is intended as financial advice, legal advice, or really, anything other than entertainment. Take everything you hear with a grain of salt. Oh, and if you’re hearing us on an affiliate network, the ideas and views expressed on this show are not necessarily those of the network you are listening on, or of any sponsors or any affiliate products you may hear about on the show


25 Aug 2020

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Pentagon Makes Plans To Counter A Bitcoin Rebellion, Quantum, Chakra's, Numerology and Even Vampires W/ Colin Cantrell

The Liberty Advisor Show W/ Tim Picciott

Wow.  In this Episode, Tim Picciott talks with Colin Cantrell of Nexus Earth.  Colin is a pioneer in the blockchain space and is the son of Space X Co Founder Jim Cantrell. Tim and Colin touched on a wide range of issues.  When we say wide range… we mean everything from Chakras to numerology to quantum and even vampires! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OKifYZzr9CQ Itunes: https://bit.ly/libertyadvisor More Podcasts: www.thelibertyadvisorshow.com Lbry.tvhttps://lbry.tv/$/invite/@Thelibertyadvisor:c Bitchute   https://www.bitchute.com/accounts/referral/thelibertyadvisor/ Learn more about Tim’s services: www.thelibertyadvisor.com Free 15 min Investing Consultation www.bit.ly/booktimp Subscribe to our emergency text list and receive a free ebook “How it’s Rigged – The Economy” Text LibertyAdvisor  (one word, no spaces) to 71441

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15 Jun 2020

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Colin Cantrell On Tritium And Tim Picciott At Classic Crust Pizza Phoenix

The Crypto Show

During the Blockchain Across America Meetup at Classic Crust Pizza in Phoenix Colin Cantell creator of NXS aka Nexus Earth drops in to update us on Tritium the new Nexus platform. "The Dishes are done man"Tritium is complete and will be rolled out Nov. 11th.The info in this episode is the first release.Then Tim Picciott "The Liberty Advisor" gives us the latest on politics,finance and crypto. This was another fun episode with great crypto friends.


25 Oct 2019

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NEXUS Creator Colin Cantrell

The Crypto Show

On this episode of The Crypto Show/Digital Cash Evolution on 1100 AM KFNX in Phoenix, Colin Cantrell the creator of NXS Nexus Earth an innovative crypto currency joins us in studio. Colin discusses his new Ethereum like protocol being added to Nexus called Tritium. Colin also weighs in on Microsoft purchasing GitHub and much more.


8 Jun 2018

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222 Crypto Waves 274 - The Crypto Lark Colin Cantrell Nexus _ NXS Interview Space, 3D blockchain, Cryptography, & the Future_pd_05162018

Crypto Waves: The Crypto Lark Podcast

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23 May 2018

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Tatiana Show - Scott Nelson Of Sweetbridge & Colin Cantrell Of Nexus

The Tatiana Show!

YouTube video here! Topics include: --"The Economy of the Supply Chain" --"The Federal Reserve" --"The Nexus Conference" --"Satellites and Nexus" About the Guests: - Scott Nelson represents Sweetbridge, a blockchain-based economic framework that transforms supply chain and logistics collaboration through a fast, fair and flexible value exchange that unleashes working capital for the benefit of all participants. - Colin Cantrell represents Nexus, a decentralized computer network that has its respective cryptocurrency. The idea behind the system corresponds with the meaning of the word “nexus”, namely a connection or a series of connections linking two or more things. If you like this content, please send a tip with BTC to: 1444meJi7YjgQGNg3U8Z6qYZFA5cgz4Gmj More Info: CryptoMediaHub.com Vaultoro.com sweetbridge.com nexusearth.com/conference.html Friends and Sponsors of the Show:TheBitcoinCPA.com CryptoCompare.comFreeRoss.orgThirdKey.SolutionsSovrynTech.comSexAndScienceHour.com

1hr 5mins

8 Sep 2017

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Erik Voorhees & Colin Cantrell

The Crypto Show

On tonight's episode of "The Crypto Show," Our first guest is Erik Voorhees of ShapeShift, who discusses Washington State's attempt to license that company and endanger its clients personal data. As a result, ShapeShift decides to pull out of hostile territory, operation Dunkirk style. We also discuss ShapeShift's purchase of KeepKey, one of the major crypto-hardware devices on the market, in an all-Bitcoin transaction, and what that means for the hardware device and its users. In the second hour, we have Colin Cantrell of Nexus, a cryptocurrency and community with a truly broad scope to its vision Colin also addresses a little-recognized threat to Bitcoin and all of digital security: the advent of quantum computing. It is a must-listen segment.In the final segment we hear from co-host Danny about his relief efforts along the coast after Hurricane Harvey. He also describes Harlan Dietrich's and Martin Pennington's trip with a boat to the coast for the same reason. We mention how these efforts would not be possible without the Dash charity fund that The Crypto Show receives, a large donation from Bitcoin.com's Roger Ver, several thousand from random listeners, and most most magnanimous of all, 10 Bitcoins donated by Bill Kline. Colin Cantrell has also pledged to donate to the cause. Thanks to all of them and anyone else who have sacrificed their crypto toward the cause of hurricane relief!

1hr 12mins

4 Sep 2017

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Colin Cantrell – Creator of NXS Cryptocurrency, Inspired by Bitcoin’s Protocol

Finding Genius Podcast

Colin Cantrell explains how Nexus, an alt coin cryptocurrency, was inspired by Satoshi Nakamoto's whitepaper and subsequent Bitcoin protocol code. Colin also discusses several key weaknesses of the Bitcoin protocol, such as synchronizing various clocks, and offers solutions on how he would solve them. Some of Nexus' (NXS) inner workings are also explained: how Nexus applies a decentralized, mathematically regulated, transparent, crypto currency designed for stability and sustainability. He talks about why bitcoin nodes are decreasing and what potential problems may affect the bitcoin protocol's security and integrity of its Blockchain. Quantum Computing and quantum resistant algorithms and cryptography is also discussed. If you're a Bitcoin fan and know (even a little) about how the Bitcoin protocol actually works then you will be impressed with Colin's innovations, inspired by the Bitcoin protocol, to make Nexus (NXS) coin an up and coming and powerful cryptocurrency.


3 May 2017

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Colin Cantrell, creator of Nexus Coin (NXS)

Finding Genius Podcast

What do you do when Bitcoin's platform doesn't meet your cryptocurrency needs? You re-program the entire thing, from low level database structure, to the mining algorithm, to the network timing protocol, to the hash size, private and public key size, the whole works. Insane? Well, Colin Cantrell (who I think is literally a prodigy and a half) has done just that to create Nexus Coin. (NXS) If you understand the Bitcoin protocol, no matter how much you know, I think you'll be floored when you hear what Colin has created and launched with Nexus Coin. THIS is an interview NOT TO MISS for serious Bitcoin fans. I'm serious. Listen, subscribe, review us. Then donate some Satoshis to our pub key on future tech podcast dot com to keep us cranking.


26 Jan 2017

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Nexus Creator Colin Cantrell - YMB Podcast E102

You, Me, and BTC: Liberty & Bitcoin

Main Page: http://ymb.tc/e102This is episode 102 of You, Me, and BTC – your liberty and Bitcoin podcast!Today we have another special guest with us, Colin Cantrell, the creator of Nexus. His project encompasses all all kinds of technology but we’re especially interested in the decentralized computing network and its corresponding cryptocurrency, the Niro. Mr. Cantrell will explain how Nexus got started, what problems it can solve, how it’s different from Bitcoin, and much more.Stay tuned for a great show! Your hosts today are Daniel Brown and Tim Baker. Enjoy!Leave a comment and tell us if you think the improvements in Nexus will eventually make it to Bitcoin!We’d also like to thank this episode’s sponsors, LuckyBit and BitcoinTalk.club.If this Bitcoin podcast was interesting, entertaining, or anything else, please use the share buttons to let others know about it! Every little bit of support helps.Tips appreciated: 1Kiy8x4pwMS7RQuH7xDeVcfqeup7gUTqA


11 Dec 2015