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Leading in A Male Dominated Industry and Processing Over $5 Billion in Payments with Suneera Madhani

Too Big For Your Boots with Liv Conlon

Suneera Madhani, Fattmerchant’s Founder & Chief Executive Officer, is a payments and technology innovator who has catapulted her business idea from startup to processing over 5 Billion in payments — disrupting the payments ecosystem as the “Netflix” of credit card processing (Fast Company). Suneera’s inspirational startup story and her success in raising 20 million in venture capital as a minority woman - has been featured in high profile publications such as Forbes, Fast Company, Yahoo Business, Tech Crunch, Huffington Post, and the countless others. Suneera is a regular contributing writer for Forbes, Fortune and INC Magazine as well as a key note speaker for conferences such as Money2020, Collision and Tedx to name a few. She’s been recognized as 2018’s The Most Influential Woman in Payments (Payment Source), CEO of the Year (Business Journal), Top 40 Under 40 (Business Journal), Entrepreneur of the Year (Business Leaders Award), Women to Watch (Entrepreneur) and Ernst and Young’s winning women of 2019. We discuss Fattmerchant and the 'Netflix of Credit Card Processing,' Using Rejection as a Spur to International Success, CEO School Podcast and the 2% Club, How to Run a Business with a Social Enterprise at it's Heart and so much more. 


21 Apr 2021

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69. Shannan Monson and Suneera Madhani on Lessons Learned from the Pandemic, How Pivots Can Lead to More Opportunities, and Looking Ahead to the Future

CEO School

In this week's Wine Down Wednesday, Shannan and Suneera share the lessons they have learned the last year as their business and personal lives pivoted during the pandemic. Suneera discusses learning to let all the expectations and pressures go, and how the pandemic helped her to stop and smell the roses and positively changed views on professionalism. Shannan shares that her first lesson from the pandemic is to stay true to the vision but flexible on the details. She also speaks to the impact and power of online communities when the world was shut down and how it’s such an important connected point for women in your digital space.  This episode is sponsored by The Club, a Quarterly box and digital monthly community to help you level up and leadership and life. Learn more today at join.theceoschool.co/theclub Follow @ceoschool on Instagram for inspiration and exclusive behind-the-scenes you won’t find anywhere else. We also have an absolutely incredible FREE resource for you–it’s the 7 lessons we learned building 7 and 8 figure businesses, these are complete game changers and we want to give it to you, completely free. All you have to do is leave a review of the podcast–why you love listening–screenshot the review, and email it to hello@ceoschoolpodcast.com and we’ll send it your way.


17 Mar 2021

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276: Overcoming Rejection to Build a High-Growth SaaS Business - with Suneera Madhani

The SaaS Podcast - SaaS, Startups, Growth Hacking & Entrepreneurship

Suneera Madhani is the co-founder and CEO of Fattmerchant, a payment technology company that makes it easy and affordable for businesses of any size to accept modern forms of payment, track data, and stay competitive.The SaaS Podcast is sponsored by:Gusto, an easy, online payroll, and benefits service built for modern small businesses. In other words, a people platform — one place to pay and take care of your hardworking team.Exclusive Offer - Get 3 Months Free!Show Notes:https://saasclub.io/276Learn More About SaaS Clubhttps://saasclub.ioBecome a Premium Member:http://thesaaspodcast.com


3 Feb 2021

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Cultivating Self Confidence & Success with Suneera Madhani

The Self Worth Edit

Today's guest is Suneera Madhani, the founder and CEO of Fattmerchant -- a payment technology company that has revolutionized the payments landscape as "the Netflix of credit card processing." Suneera catapulted her business idea from startup to $5B and has been named the Most Influential Woman in Payments, CEO of the Year, one of Florida's Most Influential Business Leaders and Fortune's 40 under 40.In addition to building and growing Fattmerchant, this mom of two is also working to pull other women up through the leadership ranks and to even the playing field for female founders with the CEO School. In this episode we cover:Who you become on your way to real success How to cultivate an ongoing sense of self confidence A 3-bucket method to living life with less guilt and more fulfillment The unique challenges South Asian women face on the road to success and self confidence RESOURCES:Websites: Fattmerchant.com | CEO SchoolInstagram: @suneeramadhaniJoin The Club--selfworthedit.com / Instagram: @theselfwortheditJoin the newsletter for email reminders of new episodesEnjoying The Self Worth Edit Podcast? Leave a 5-star rating and review on Apple podcasts to show your support!


25 Jan 2021

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8. How Rejection Led Her to 5 Billion in Transactions Ft Suneera Madhani

Permission to Offend with Rachel Luna

Can imposter syndrome and a 7-figure business coexist? My guest today on the Permission to Offend podcast is Suneera Madhani! Oh my gosh are you in for a treat! Suneera is the Founder of Fattmerchant, Co-Founder of CEO School, daughter of Pakistani immigrants, Fortune’s 40 under 40 and Forbes’ named best places to work in 2020. In this episode, Suneera lays it all out how giving herself permission to believe in her big ideas led her to founding a wildly successful financing business, becoming one of the 2% of businesses with female founders that hit 7-figures, and now teaching other women to do the same through CEO School. Her story and all the business gems she drops are incredible! And even through all her accomplishments, she still battles imposter syndrome. #relatable As you’ll hear in this episode, Suneera had so much value to share and such an inspiring story - I could have talked to Suneera for hours! Grab your journal, it’s a noteworthy conversation! Questions Suneera & Rachel Explore in Today's Episode  - What needs do your customers have that you may be overlooking? - What business school fails to teach you -   How do you learn to be a CEO and step into the CEO mindset? -   How do you use failure as fuel for learning that leads to success? -   What is Suneera’s secret to success and energy as a mom and business owner? Hint: it’s not “balancing all the things.” This episode is brought to you by the Faith Activated Journaling Experience. The Faith Activated Journaling Experience is a year-long experience for the strong, ambitious woman who wants to activate her faith, reclaim her worth and build her wealth through journaling in just 5 minutes per day. If you want to manifest more freedom, gain more clarity, and earn more money, the Faith Activated Journaling Experience is right for you.   Rate, Review, & Subscribe on Apple Podcasts “If you want to live your best life, listen to Rachel Luna, this woman knows her stuff!”


29 Oct 2020

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Disrupting the 2% Club with Suneera Madhani


Suneera Madhani is the Founder and CEO of Fattmerchant, a revolutionary payment processing technology company helping businesses around the world accept modern forms of payment, stay competitive, and track data without breaking their budget. She is the co-host of the CEO School Podcast, a show dedicated to helping more female founders break through their financial glass ceilings, skyrocket their sales, and achieve $1-million - or more - in annual revenue. Her inspirational story of building her fintech business from the ground up and raising over $20-million in venture capital as a minority female founder has been featured in countless media publications, including TechCrunch, Forbes, and Fast Company. She has been recognized as The Most Influential Woman in Payments by Payment Source in 2018, one of the Top 40 Under 40 by Business Journal, and one of the Women to Watch by Entrepreneur Magazine. Suneera joins us today to share the humble beginnings of her company, Fattmerchant and what inspired her to launch the revolutionary payment platform. She explains how her payment platform works, why she decided to offer a flat-fee processing option, and how it impacted the way companies continue to conduct business. She shares her experience of repeatedly being rejected by colleagues and potential business partners about her business idea and why she finally decided to ‘bet on herself’ by taking the plunge into entrepreneurship on her own. We discuss Suneera’s ‘3 Bucket Principle’ for achieving work-life integration and why she doesn’t believe in the concept of work-life balance. Suneera also shares the inspiration behind launching the CEO School community and podcast and her mission to help more female founders disrupt the 2% club and break through the million-dollar-revenue mark. “There’s no such thing as a work-life balance. It’s really the work-life integration.” - Suneera Madhani This week on SocialFly’s Entreprenista Podcast: Launching an innovative payment technology as a female founder How Suneera honed in on the customer experience and pain points around accepting modern forms of payment The challenge Suneera faced when pitching her business idea to her former colleagues and potential partners The importance of getting comfortable with rejection and continuing to persevere How staying resilient and solution-oriented helped Suneera’s company continue to grow year over year How the COVID-19 pandemic impacted Suneera’s company and their strategy for continuing to grow despite the economic downturn Aligning yourself with your company’s core values and mission Suneera’s ‘3 Bucket’ Principle, how she uses this principle to juggle her work-life and home-life, and why she doesn’t believe in the concept of work-life balance The inspiration behind the CEO School community and podcast and Suneera’s mission to help more female founders break through the ‘2% club’ Why it’s critical for entreprenistas to be willing to take risks and avoid perfectionism How Suneera manages her time to accomplish her goals Our Favorite Quotes: “What’s going to get you from here to six-figures is not what is going to get you from six to seven-figures, and it’s going to be different getting from seven to eight-figures.” - Suneera Madhani “You have to find a way to know that you’re getting to your destination no matter what is coming your way.” - Suneera Madhani “Abundance comes when you’re not seeking it.” - Suneera Madhani Resources Mentioned: GiftHub Connect with Suneera Madhani: Fattmerchant CEO School Podcast Fattmerchant on LinkedIn Fattmerchant on Instagram Fattmerchant on Facebook Fattmerchant on Twitter Suneera Madhani on LinkedIn Suneera Madhani on Instagram Suneera Madhani on Twitter Say “Hello!” To DigiCards™ Are you ready to take your virtual team meetings to the next level? Are you tired of yelling “You’re on mute!” at your computer screen and letting the important points you were trying to make get lost? If you’re tired of leading unproductive, distraction-filled team meetings, then it’s time for you to say “Hello!” to DigiCards. Each pack of virtual meeting cards include 20 color-coded professional cards designed to streamline your meeting communications while allowing each meeting to create an opportunity for collaboration and fun. Say “Goodbye!” to waving your arms, being ignored, and frantically typing in the chat. Start your next virtual meeting with DigiCards - the virtual meeting cards for entreprenistas. To grab your deck of DigiCards and bring fun, engagement, and collaboration back into your team meetings, visit www.hellodigicards.com. Use the coupon code: Entreprenista10 to receive 10% off your first order. Become An Entreprenista! Thanks for tuning into this week’s episode of The Entreprenista Podcast - the most fun business meeting for female founders, by female founders. If you enjoyed this episode, please subscribe to the show and leave a review wherever you get your podcasts. Apple Podcasts | TuneIn | Spotify | Stitcher | iHeartRadio | GooglePlay Be sure to share your favorite episodes across social media to help us reach more amazing female founders, like you. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn and for more exclusive content, tips, and insight, join the Entreprenistas Facebook group and visit the SocialFly website.


5 Oct 2020

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FattMerchant Suneera Madhani and Dr. Dan P. McAdams

School for Startups Radio

August 21, 2020 FattMerchant Suneera Madhani and Dr. Dan P. McAdams

21 Aug 2020

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1. Why You Should Bet on Yourself with Suneera Madhani

CEO School

In this episode, you'll hear Suneera's story as she shares her experience as a daughter of immigrants whose entrepreneurship was a necessity, not an option. She tells all about the beginnings of Fat Merchant, the value of always putting the customer first and getting scrappy when you are starting out.  Suneera shares about the importance of building a team around you, defining core values your employees can rally behind, and taking the time for self-development. You'll walk away inspired by her resilience and grit to keep going with all the odds stacked against her. Connect with Suneera: instagram.com/suneeramadhani This episode is brought to you by The Icon Method, our proven playbook to win back your time with passive income.  Follow @ceoschool on Instagram for inspiration and exclusive behind-the-scenes you won’t find anywhere else. We also have an absolutely incredible FREE resource for you–it’s the 7 lessons we learned building 7 and 8 figure businesses, these are complete game changers and we want to give it to you, completely free. All you have to do is leave a review of the podcast–why you love listening–screenshot the review, and email it to hello@ceoschoolpodcast.com and we’ll send it your way.  See you in the next class!


3 Aug 2020

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Behind-the-Scenes of Running an 8-Figure Business w/ Suneera Madhani

Her Life By Design

Suneera Madhani is the founder and CEO of Fattmerchant, a payments processor that was deemed the Netflix of credit card processing by fast company and to date has processed over $5 billion in payments. Suneera is a regular contributing writer for Forbes, Fortune and Inc. magazine as well as a keynote speaker for conferences such as Money 2020, Collision and Ted X. Suneera Joins Her Life By Design to talk about how she built Fattmerchant from a startup to over $5 billion in payments processed and how she raised $20 million in venture capital. We talk about how to juggle life & business and how to build culture and establish values in your company. We also talk about why there are fewer successful female entrepreneurs and what we can all do to change that. [2:39] Who is Suneera? [8:14] Raising VC Funding [13:46] What to watch for when your company is growing fast [18:23] Building teams [26:25] Work-life integration [33:24] Team Management [40:16] What is ICON Method? [47:39] Think BIGGER! To connect with Suneera Madhani: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/suneeramadhani ICON Method: https://www.instagram.com/ceoschool Fattmerchant: https://www.fattmerchant.com To connect with me, Christina Galbato: Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/christinagalbato Website: http://www.christinagalbato.com Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/christinagalbato Join the Her Life By Design Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/herlifebydesignpodcast/


15 Jul 2020

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BI 319: SaaS Success Story: How Suneera Madhani Has Grown Fattmerchant Into a $5B Success

The Bright Ideas eCommerce Business Podcast | Proven Entrepreneur Success Stories

[00:12] — Suneera introduces her company, Fattmerchant*Fattmerchant deals with integrated payments for small to medium-sized businesses. It takes the various ways businesses can accept payments and brings them into a single and unified platform.*She was a part of a processing company before launching her own. She was disappointed in the lack of transparency in the marketplace, particularly on fees.*Suneera had been selling merchant services before and handling payments for a variety of large companies for a long time.[02:00] — Fattmerchant launch & customer profile*Suneera launched Fattmerchant in 2014. In the same year, it made $5 million in payments.*In five years, they were able to reach as high as $5 billion in payments.*The company was self-funded, with Suneera getting the company up and running for a year. They’ve raised about $20 million in venture capital with a big growth trajectory in sight.*Their ideal customers are small- to medium-sized businesses processing $100,000 to $20 million annually.*Currently, they have over 6,000 US-based customers.[05:42] — How did they attract more customers?*Fattmerchant used what its competitors lack and innovated ways on how they can make online payments possible and more efficient.*They focused on their marketing strategies, starting with building an incredible website and spent a considerable amount on paid advertising.*They went online and established a pioneering payment system.[10:24] — A precise and powerful ad campaign*Fattmerchant's ads say “Unify your payment experience.”*They included a savings component to their model. *The value proposition is in Fattmerchant’s products and price.*The company uses different campaigns. Aside from text ads, they employ dynamic videos and also use review sites. [12:43] — What does their offer look like?  *The offers are dependent on the campaign and the platform used. For example, their Google AdWords campaign is on the low funnel.*The goal is just to be visible regardless of the platform. *The call to action varies depending on where the funnel is.[17:58] — Building the team*When you need experts but can’t afford them, you have to learn and implement on your own.*Fattmerchant initially enlisted the help of an agency to assist them with their marketing approach. The company eventually started to bring in experts.*They invested in more experts as they continue to grow.[21:02] — Engaging in partnerships*At first, she was not a fan of this idea. She wants to be in control of who sells their services. *Now, integrated partnerships became one of their fastest-growing divisions.[24:12] — Integrated partnerships & reaching out to potential partners*You need a great API that a potential partner can understand easily.*Fattmerchant’s sales cycle with partners takes nine months.*According to Suneera, the sales part is easy. On the other hand, the implementation takes skill to ensure the partnerships are fruitful.*Have a great ABM strategy on the partnership side.*They have SDRs, but you can leverage email campaigns and setting appointments.[30:30] — How can you do inside sales better?*You can automate many things but you can’t replicate the human touch when closing the deal.*Understand your customer.*Tell them why the solution is an excellent fit for the needs of their company. *Close the deal with that customer.*Fattmerchant’s payment consultants are their closers. Their close rate is 40% of SQLs.[39:21] — Why company culture is crucial to your SaaS success story*The core values behind Fattmerchant's SaaS success story: One Team, Create Joy, and Get Shit Done.*In their case, their core values came out organically. This culture and core values became their anchor in every challenge that they face.*This also led them to not be hasty in hiring their employees. *They made sure their new hires fit both the job description and the company culture.*Your company must be intentional and deliberate in implementing your core values.*Don’t lose your culture as you continue to grow.[46:28] — Fattmerchant’s hiring process*Applicants submit a video application.*The HR team screens them and interacts with them via phone interview.*If the applicant is a good fit, the HR team invites them for a two-part face-to-face interview.*A random peer is always included among the panelists. This is to ensure the process is not limited to a managerial or executive standpoint.*They conduct personality testing on some roles to keep teams diverse and balanced.Resources links can be found at https://brightideas.co/319/


23 Jun 2020