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Dr. Deena Brown, Author-Speaker-Entrepreneur

Inside The Minds Of Authors

Happy Anniversary Friends! We are celebrating our year anniversary all week long with five incredible authors. We are kicking off our celebration with the amazing Dr. Deena Brown. This charismatic author, speaker and entrepreneur will leave you inspired with her Shift movement. Make sure to follow Dr. Deena on all social media @drdeenaspeaks and connect with her. As part of our birthday celebration I’m giving away my FREE worksheet, Four Steps to Flesh-out an Idea. Here is the link my friends: https://bit.ly/3rUCfeW


29 Mar 2021

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068: Mindset Mastery with Dr. Deena Brown

I Am Sherri Goodall

Dr. Brown leads people to discover, maximize and lead with their strengths by creating impactful leaders through the process of Vision, Alignment, and Execution. Dr. Brown knows first-hand how strengths and leadership are keys to business effectiveness and growth. Her skills were honed through over two decades as an educator and school administrator with the Department of Defense. In that senior leadership capacity, Dr. Brown worked throughout the world to create and develop leaders, and to seed and nurture high performance teams. Dr. Brown has added value to others speaking on her powerful message of leadership transformation. You can find her on Instagram/Twitter @drdeenaspeaks --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/iamsherrigoodall/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/iamsherrigoodall/support


2 Mar 2021

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#26 Becoming Coherent with Deena Brown | Leading, Shifting, Lies and Truth

Becoming Coherent

I have come to TRULY love these duets...I listen, I learn and each person who shares their brilliance here shifts something for me, personally. Dr. Deena C. Brown was a delight to connect with...here's a little about her... as you dive into our discussion around leading, shifting, the Lies and the Truth."I've been there, trapped by the ideas everyone else told me would fit my life. I know what it feels like to live and lead outside the mold. Let me show you how. I'll take your moments of chaos and indecision to create clarity around your ideas and products. You'll always know what to do next after a call with me. That's the SHIFT. Your truth. Your sacrifice. The lies that hold you back. That's where we'll start and center our work."Listen to Dr. Deena's Podcast: Walking Through Glasshttps://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/walking-through-glass-the-podcast/id1454527119Find her on Instagram: @drdeenaspeaksYouTube: http://www.youtube.com/c/DrDeenaSpeaks•••Learn more about my approach to creating coherent change inside your business & beyond at www.becomingcoherent.com or follow me on IG|FB|LI @becomingcoherent©2020 Becoming Coherent Inc.


24 Jul 2020

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Dr. Deena Brown /// Proving Words /// Season3:E087

More In Common

Dr. Brown's superpower helps #entrepreneurs, #start-ups, mid-large cap enterprises implement effective strategies that cover business process improvements, strategy and innovation insights, performance solutions for teams, and culture change interventions. Dr. Brown is an internationally best-selling author and keynote speaker who has been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox as a highly sought business and leadership growth expert. As an Executive Director of The John Maxwell Team, she is certified to facilitate, speak, train and coach individuals and groups in the areas of leadership development, professional skills and personal growth. Her sweet spot is helping Corporate Executives, Entrepreneurs, and Business Owners Lead with Confidence, Communicate with Influence, Connect with Authenticity, and Collaborate Strategically. Her mission is to Inspire Entrepreneurs, C-Level Executives, and Organizational Leaders to seek significance versus simple success. Her passion is to Empower leaders to lead with intentionality and integrity. In 2017, Dr. Brown founded The Leadhershift Movement™ providing a safe-space for professional women to get clear about their Why, confident about the What, and consistent about the How. "It's not what people call you, it's what you answer to. And no one, NO ONE, can define you but you" - Deena Brown Topics we discuss: Being a Mom to a young black manHer Son being privileged but still black The fear and how she chooses focus What's different about George Floyd's murder Starting her day with GratitudeUsing Gratitude to manage through the negative The three Ps (P3)PositivityThrough praise and gratitudfe Pro and prebiotics ProductivityJust Move What it is to speak up as a Black WomanRisking something to speak out What it looks like going forwardGenerational Change 3 Cs - Clarity, Confidence and consistency The long game One Mindset at a time History of Slavery in America Her background and her journeyBeing a product of bussing References: John Maxwell Certification LeaderShift Gut Health and the Vagus nerve The Black Tax Dave Chappelle (Killing them Softly) Racial Literacy Round Table Chattel Slavery John Punch "Terrible Transformation" Documentary "Warriors don't cry" Credits: Lead editor + Producer: Ruf Holmes Music: Main Theme: "Eaze Does It" by Shye Eaze and DJ Rufbeats, a More In Common Podcast Exclusive. Guest theme:  "Hands to Touch" by DJ Rufbeats created as a More In Common Podcast Exclusive.

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23 Jul 2020

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Josh Levine and Dr. Deena Brown 06/30/2020

Talent Talk

On this episode of TalentTalk, we first welcom Josh Levine, CEO of Rebel Industries and Host of Rebel Radio Podcast. Josh Levine & Chris Dyer share a love for interviewing artists and entrepreneurs so it was a dynamic interview. Starting out as a music journalist, Josh knew he needed to share his skills elsewhere. Somewhere he could use the channels of art and culture to inspire passion in others. He reminds us that "artists with long careers have a great internal compass." hear more about his journey of honesty and integrity, after learning the hard way. Josh now invests in his teams by providing opportunities for them to be entrepreneurs themselves... by believing in them and their success. Chris next spoke with return guest, Dr. Deena Brown, Senior Associate Director EMBA Career Services at University of California, Irvine and Founder of The Leadhershift. On this podcast, learn about Dr. Deena's superpower, helping leaders implement new strategies. She reminds us that leaders need to think of their people first, including their safety and mental health... all of it. And that it's ok to say, "I don't have all the answers right now." Tune in while Chris and Dr. Deena discuss how to not let your ego get in the way of excellence. Look for your blind spots and create a healthy system within your organization. Many thanks to our very talented guests for their wisdom and support. 


10 Jul 2020

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Dr. Deena Brown: Leadership and Racial Literacy

Freedom Designers

Dr. Deena Brown is a growth and leadership expert and premier authority in transformational leadership practices that inspires, empowers, and transforms mindsets. Dr. Deena has an uncanny ability to infuse her energy and enthusiasm about the POWER of change into her audiences so that SHIFT happens. Dr. Brown currently is the host of Walking Through Glass: The Podcast; an internationally best-selling author and keynote speaker who has been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox as a highly sought leadership growth and development expert. Connect with Dr. Brown:www.renaissanceleadershipsolutions.com Instagram/Twitter @drdeenaspeaks @theleadhershiftmovement Anti-Racist Masterclass on June 20, 2020: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-anti-racist-masterclass-shift-from-awareness-to-action-tickets-108954736550

1hr 8mins

15 Jun 2020

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Jazz & Tech Lounge - (Ep - 1508) -Mindset Mastery with Dr Deena Brown

Bshani Radio

Mindset Mastery with Dr Deena Brown


11 Jun 2020

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Filter Free with Tahera Rene Christy - Episode 9 - A Conversation with Dr. Deena Brown

Filter Free with TRC

Dr. Deena C. Brown is a dynamic inspirational speaker, entrepreneur, radio/tv personality. and catalyst for change. Her purpose in life is to inspire, empower, and transform lives.Dr. Deena C. Brown, is a 20+ year veteran educator who works with clients to create sustainable growth by developing leaders at every level within organizations. Dr. Brown is a certified John Maxwell leadership speaker, teacher, and DiSC consultant with a purpose and passion for helping individuals, leaders, and organizations connect the dots between their core values and transformative leadership for the 21st century and beyond.Dr. Brown served 16 years overseas with the Department of Defense (DoD). In addition to completing the competitive DoDEA Center for School Leadership, Dr. Brown graduated from San Diego State University with a B.A. in Economics; was awarded a M.A. in Education from Old Dominion University; and earned her Ph.D. from the University of Southern Mississippi in Educational Leadership and Research.After identifying a significant deficit of women in key leadership roles, Dr. Brown founded The Leadhershift Movement. The Leadhershift Movement is designed to help women shift the way they think about themselves as women and how they LEARN, EXPERIENCE, APPLY, and DEVELOP (L.E.A.D).The Leadhershift Movement provides a safe-space for professional women to get clear about their Why, confident about the What, and consistent about the How.Book Dr. Deena to Speak About:Diverse and Inclusive WorkplacesTransformational LeadershipTalent Acquisition and DevelopmentDeveloping Millennial Leaders💰Buy the Book 📙The A-Z Guide of Mindful Leadership: 26 Affirmations to Activate the Intentional Leader Within In You 👉🏾bit.ly/A-ZGuideMindfulLeadership --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app


14 Jan 2020

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Dr Deena Brown: The Hiring Power of Relationship Capital! Or You’ve Been Cat-fished

Hire Power Radio

Offers do not get turned down because of the MONEY… They are turned down because you failed to Understand who the person is and then demonstrate a mutual alignment of career & personal goals to your organization. The Truth is People turn you down because of the lack of care!  Today’s Quote: "Truth is, I'll never know all there is to know about you just as you will never know all there is to know about me. Humans are by nature too complicated to be understood fully. So, we can choose either to approach our fellow human beings with suspicion or to approach them with an open mind, a dash of optimism and a great deal of candor." - Tom Hanks Guest Bio:  Dr. Deena C. Brown is the founder and CEO of DC Brown International, a leadership and growth company created to pioneer innovative strategies that transform organizations into culturally diverse ecosystems. Dr. Brown’s trademark C3 Blueprint for Success provides a strategic roadmap for organizational leaders to communicate and connect across a multi-generational workforce. Dr. Brown’s body of work includes identifying and remediating leadership gaps that are barriers to innovation and growth. After identifying a significant deficit of women in key leadership roles, Dr. Brown founded The Leadhershift Movement. The Leadhershift Movement is designed to help women shift the way they think about themselves as women and how they develop and respond as leaders. The Leadhershift Movement provides a safe-space for professional women to get clear about their Why, confident about the What, and consistent about the How. Show Highlights: Our approach How we humanize the process to gain greater engagement Process to Engage Approach to talent What is the problem? Ignoring the root of hiring. The human factor, the relationship capital Mindset Ignore the obvious Organizational view- transaction We need to fill the hole Disconnect on the level of importance for the person they are hiring. Simple things are ignored… Dealing with a new population of employees that are looking for more than just a paycheck Why Offers are really Accepted or Turned Down We lie Arrogance & Ignorance Rick’s Input Our approach is Selfish We have become conditioned to believe that the company is the PRIZE Not the case in this market Positioning is a one size fits all …. Centered around perks & benefits Listen to understand, not to respond Solutions Being aware transparent  What have we done about this? Training Using the data to support the discussion Awareness Brought to the attention & proper training Learning to remove ignorance Identify the gaps (pain) Education shift in mindset The 3 C’s Clarity in Vision, Mission, and Organizational Values that paint a clear picture for potential hires. Consciousness about what today's workforce values such as authenticity and relatability which is more influential than a paycheck. Consistency in regards to expectations and responsibilities of your workforce. Rick’s Contribution Engagement starts before the hire is madeToo much focus on the money & perks What a person desires is far more powerful  Key Takeaways: Care about the Human relationship Having clear values … are you who you say you are Provide growth opportunities to augment or improve a person’s life


20 Jun 2019

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Ep 54 - Dr. Deena Brown

The Amani Experience Podcast

Dr. Deena Brown discusses why you shouldn't give fear a vote, how to manage the ego and why the fear of success is so common. Enjoy the show! Show Notes: 5:28 - A Camp meeting in Mississippi  9:16 - “we all walk on the same journey but take different paths. “ 12:02 - Transitional Depression 15:21 - “50% of knowing who you are is knowing who you are not ...”  18:18 - Persistence is the most important characteristic for creatives.  19:31 - “Don’t give fear a vote!” 22:06 - why the fear of success is so common.  27:12 - “I’m not going to carry their monkeys ...” 30:41 - “adversity is an opportunity to ante up ...” 32:41 - “29 plus tax and gratuity!!” 36:55 - "Trust and believe in yourself you are enough ...” 39:10 - “Being stubborn will cause you to be stuck ...”  44:02 - Lisa Nichols, John Maxwell and myself. 48:48 - “know in your life what is ego and what is essential ...” How to Reach Deena: Website | Instagram | Twitter |  Linkedin | Youtube Book Recommendations: "The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth“ - John Maxwell “The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership” - John Maxwell “The Nordic Theory of Everything“ by Anu Partanen


29 Jul 2018