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S2 Episode 7 - The Eye of the Beer Holder with James Hughes

The Back Bar Podcast

Next up at The Back Bar is Brewgooder's co-founder James Hughes. This was a great chat with a very impressive entrepreneur, who not only makes one of our favourite things, but also does it with an important social impact purpose behind it all. It turns out there's more to setting up your own brewery than just being able to have a limitless supply of beer, although we do confirm that is a definite perk of the job!As always heroes and zeros errs into passive aggressive behaviour between the hosts and they attempt to sway James to their chosen subject and we put our guest through the rigours of the speed round and see if we can get another 10/10 in the bag! If you're picking up what we're putting down then the best thing you can do is like, like, like and share, share, share! For that you'll have at the very least our undying gratitude, and if this ever really kicks off we'll get you a beer, and it'll be a Brewgooder!TBBP x

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12 Aug 2021

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Bioethicist James Hughes On Human Enhancement Technologies, Political and Social Implications, Democratic Transhumanism, Psychedelics, Moral Personhood and the Illusion of Self

The Superhumanize Podcast

New technologies are coming in the near future that will push the boundaries of what we understand to be human and that will radically change what it means to be human. Cybernetic and biomedical technologies such as cloning, genetic engineering and nanotechnology are just a few of those and could make life better for everyone.What this could mean is the elimination of most diseases, babies free of genetic defects, the creation of non-human sentient beings that may have legal rights and the possibility of near immortality.All of these technologies hold great promise, but they also pose profound challenges to our culture, to our health and our democratic political systems.When humans become more than human - "post-human" or "transhuman" - these new technologies will require new answers for questions, such as: What limits should we place on the freedom of individuals to control their own bodies? Who should own genes or other living things? And which technologies should be mandatory, which voluntary and which forbidden?Democracies must assess and respond to these possibilities now and recognize the tremendous opportunities as well as the dangers, in order to actively decide what kind of society we want for ourselves and our children.My guest today has devoted his life and career to pondering and answering these questions. James Hughes Ph.D., the Executive Director of the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies, is a bioethicist and sociologist who serves as the Associate Provost for Institutional Research, Assessment and Planning for the University of Massachusetts Boston.Dr.. Hughes holds a PhD in Sociology from the University of Chicago, and is author of Citizen Cyborg: Why Democratic Societies Must Respond to the Redesigned Human of the Future.In this discussion, you'll learn...-Technology enhancements we can we expect in the near future...02:45Concerns: The issues we face with the emergence of these new technologiesTrends: increasing control over our bodies, brains and reproductionThe moral questions around controlling the brain-How the moral dilemma plays out in the political arena...08:25-Bioconservatism vs libertarian transhumanism and the 'third' way: democratic transhumanism...15:30Book: Citizen CyborgBioluddism (bioconservatism) vs. libertarian transhumanism (techno progressivism)How being positive about these technological futures and not being anxious about social change is correlated with other social attitudes, particularly gender roles-Transhumanism and religion...21:551600-1700: aspirations of healing the sick, raising the dead, achieving enlightenment, etc.Religious views and transhumanistic views-How James' Buddhist background informs his work...26:20Buddhism discusses the idea of transcending the human conditionMeta-ethical question: Why do we believe that any particular argument for right and wrong is the right argument?-The Self, explained...31:15Buddhism = the rejection of a centralized self, we are verbs, not nounsDebate of patterns in authentic personality"The self is something real, but it's not a real thing. It's a vision"Artificial intelligence may completely lose the thread of the illusion of "self"-Will choosing to remain "biological" be considered a handicap in the future?...37:00Concerns and questions about people having "superpowers"-The utilization of psychedelic drugs in transhumanism ...42:55The inclusion of plant medicine, MDMA, ketamine, LSD and DMT in enhancementsCreating lasting changes in open-mindedness, reduces fear response, increasing our sense of connectionArticle: Tripping Our Way to Social Democracy-When a being has the right to moral personhood...43:15Top 10 things that give a being moral personhoodJohn Locke: Enlightened Thinker (We're just our memories)Moral personhood in animals as the next big debateCognitive enhancements of great apesMainstreaming the bioethics conversation in the political spaceTerri Shiavo case issueZeke Emanuel and pandemic drugsCRISPR gene editing method-James' practices...55:00


9 Jun 2021

Similar People

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BMBL PRE DRAFT POD | The James Hughes Episode | Episode 10

BMBL Anonymous

The final preseason pod from the anonymous guys. The crew breaks down the rookie showcase. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app

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28 May 2021

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Dr. James Hughes-2017

Truth Tabernacle Podcast

A sermon from Awakenings Conference at Calvary Columbus from 2017 by Dr. James Hughes http://truthtabohio.org/ https://www.facebook.com/truthtabohio #UPCI #Apostolic #Pentecostal #Church

1hr 19mins

21 May 2021

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Gift of God - Dr. James Hughes

The Life Church KC

1hr 17mins

28 Mar 2021

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How Will You Handle Offense - Dr. James Hughes

The Life Church KC

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28 Mar 2021

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Building A Strong Family Part 2 of 2 - Dr. James Hughes

The Life Church KC

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27 Mar 2021

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James Hughes -- Technology and the Ethics of Future Humans (Part 2)

Long Now Boston

Technologies are changing humans from the inside. The outsourcing of our short-term memory to smart phones is just the tip of the iceberg. We are moving into an era when human perception, reproduction, genetics, and even physiology and brain function, will be fundamentally enabled by engineering and biological technologies. James Hughes (IEET) will discuss the prospects for engineered super-humans, and the many ethical issues that will be raised.Check out Part 1 of this seminar on Technology and the ethics of future humans with Nir Eisikovits in our podcast feed.


11 Jun 2020

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#1 Advisor on Funnel Rolodex - Finding the Right “Who” - James Hughes - CFR #445

ClickFunnels Radio

James Hughes is the guest on this episode and he is known for dedicating his time to help people grow their businesses  James is the number one advisor on Funnel Rolodex, top-rated freelancer on Upwork.com for marketing strategy and sales funnels. His clients include Mustad Hoofcare, Crypto Daily & the YMCA of Greater Boston.    Funnel Rolodex is where you can provide services or get help with services you need.   If you are looking for help to get started please go to: https://salesfunnelexpert.net https://www.facebook.com/jameshughesonline/


9 Jun 2020

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Episode 3: James Hughes

Red Hills Stories

In this episode of Red Hills Stories, Lyell sits down with Worship Team Director James Hughes.James’ story reminds us that God’s timing is not our timing. We can put walls, barriers, and a rough exterior. In an attempt to hide from our calling, we can even completely remove ourselves from biblical community. But through relationships and the Spirit, God has a way of hitting us like a hammer when we least expect it.All music written and produced by Ryan Johnson and Russ Forstall.

19 Feb 2020