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Episode 14 // A biblical view of mindset coaching with Kirsten Kemp

Bluebird Uncaged Podcast

Today we have Kirsten back on to talk about mindset coaching from a Biblical perspective, how it can be beneficial for dancers,  red flags to look for when choosing a mindset coach and how it can lead us closer to Jesus. Find Kirsten on Instagram and YouTube: @twintalksballet and her personal site KirstenKemp.com


19 Feb 2021

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Kirsten Kemp: Shifting the mindset for optimal performance

Movement Toward Change

“If you can be fascinated by your own technique, your own artistry, the different tones of the music you are hearing…your mind will naturally  go to that zone of focus." In this episode we speak with Kirsten Kemp. We discuss shifting the mindset for optimal performance, transitioning to a career outside of dance, redefining success, creating achievable goals, connecting to the joy of dance, and more. About Kirsten: Kirsten is a mindset coach for ballet dancers based in Austin, Texas. She has a variety of certifications from the International Board of Coaches and Practitioners and a BFA in Ballet from the University of Utah. Kirsten is a former professional dancer with the Oklahoma City Ballet and the creator of TwinTalkBallet, an online community of over 20,000 dancers. She is also a ballet instructor on faculty at Balance Dance Studios, in addition to guest teaching across the US, and instructing many students privately. Website: https://kirstenkemp.com/Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/twintalksballetInstagram: @twintalksballetSupport our podcast: https://www.patreon.com/movementtowardchangeMovementtowardchange.org Instagram: @movementtowardchange 


27 Oct 2020

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Interviews: Mindset ft. Kirsten Kemp (TwinTalksBallet)

Beyond the Corps

Stay tuned to hear a fantastic conversation about the struggles a dancer can face at all stages of his/her career, the best positive mindset tips, and how we should actually be changing some aspects about how the industry treats their dancers.

1hr 25mins

20 Mar 2020

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29: How handle judgement for your life and career choices | stories and tips with my twin sis Kirsten Kemp

Answer the Call with Kelsey Kemp

Thinking about leaving your job to try something new? Are you starting a business or a passion project? If so, you probably know the fear of judgment is ALL TOO REAL, especially if you're doing something surprising, unique, or alternative. If anticipation of holiday small talk and "sooo what are you up to?" conversations have your mind swirling with fearful thoughts like "what will people think? Will they judge me!?", then this podcast is for you. In this episode, my twin sister, Kirsten, and I cover: How to communicate your career or life decisions with confidence, even if you're feeling insecure How to set up emotional boundaries with people who might be discouraging or unsupportive How to be resilient and self-assured so you can let go of the need for approval CATCH KIRSTEN AT: Instagram: @twintalksballet www.kirstenkemp.com ------------------------------------------------------ ⚡️Apply for Career Coaching: Schedule a free, 30 min consultation with me to assess how career coaching can help you identify your true calling and land the exact job that will pay you to fulfill it: Learn more and apply at www.kelseykemp.com/coaching ------------------------------------------------------ 👯‍♀️Let’s Connect! Website // www.kelseykemp.com Instagram // @kelsey_thecalledcareer LinkedIn // www.linkedin.com/in/kelsey-janna-kemp


24 Dec 2019

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Kirsten Kemp - Mindset Coach for Dancers - 015

Ballet to Business

From an outsiders perspective, you can't help but admire a dancer's grace and effortlessness. However, if only people knew what was actually going on in that dancer's mind... "That was horrible. I'm an awful turner. I'm never going to be good at that step."  Many dancer's struggle with a negative mindset, and yet we fail to understand how these thoughts really cost us and actually limit our dancing. But combating these negative thoughts is exactly where Kirsten Kemp thrives.  Hear the story of how navigating her knee injury while dancing at Oklahoma City Ballet was absolutely necessary in giving her the wisdom and heart behind her coaching business for dancers today. SHOWNOTES Follow @TwinTalksBallet on Youtube and Instagram private coaching services kirstenkemp.com Come Back Stronger Course

1hr 25mins

29 Oct 2019

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9: Kirsten Kemp - on losing a life-long dream and following an idol, not a calling

Answer the Call with Kelsey Kemp

KEMP TWINS COMIN' ATTCHA in one of my favorite episodes thus far. Do you have a dream that you're desperate for God to fulfill? Does your upper lip start to sweat at the thought of surrendering that dream and trusting God wherever He leads you? In this interview, Kirsten talks about: Her lifetime pursuing a career as a professional ballet dancer How difficult it was to have that dream taken away from her at 24 years old How God has used that experience to give her more purpose, fulfillment, and peace in her life than ever before How you can become free in Christ and trust God to use your life for His glory, redeeming your dream more powerfully than you can imagine Kirsten now serves ballet dancers as a mindset and transition coach, helping thousands of dancers through her YouTube and Instagram channels (@twintalksballet). ON TOP OF ALL THAT GOOD STUFF (which, I was genuinely so inspired and encouraged by. Even though we spend nearly every waking second with each other, she served up so much wisdom I hadn't thought of before!) YOU'LL ALSO HEAR:  Our twin dynamic in full swing A bit about our upbringing and faith background How both Kirsten and I were following idols, not callings Us spilling the tea on the false doctrine and heretical churches we were exposed to in our early adult years Exact steps you can take to truly come to know and follow Jesus (not just have head knowledge or half-hearted belief) The blessing and redemption of following God instead of following your desires Going from white-knuckling your dream to surrendering it to God POWERFUL QUOTES: Red flag that you're following an idol not a calling: bargaining with God to keep you going in what you want, telling God “you need me here and this is how I should be playing out this mission.” "True surrender of your dream is trusting that God’s will is better than your earthly desires." "If Jesus is not clearly more desirable than anything else in your life, you need to seek to know Him first." When we idolize our dream career, it’s easy to start praying like “God’s job is to save us from losing our dream.” “I felt like I was trying to manipulate God, I kept on making up reasons why God predestined me to fulfill this dream.” "God wouldn't truly be good if He granted us all of our desires that ultimately separate us from Him, because He is the only true source of love and hope in eternal life." ------------------------------------------------------ ⚡️Apply for Career Coaching: Schedule a free, 30 min consultation with me to assess how career coaching can help you identify your true calling and land the exact job that will pay you to fulfill it: Learn more and apply at www.kelseykemp.com/coaching ------------------------------------------------------ 👯‍♀️Let’s Connect! Website // www.kelseykemp.com Instagram // @kelsey_thecalledcareer LinkedIn // www.linkedin.com/in/kelsey-janna-kemp

1hr 22mins

6 Aug 2019

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"Saved By The Bell" star Kirsten Kemp Becker

Down With The 90's

Now, she's a real estate expert and popular TV Host/Personality on the TLC Network... but millions of us remember her as Bayside High's resident tomboy, Rhonda Robestelli ... and much to pretty-boy Zach Morris' chagrin, she kissed on the first date. Heyyyyyy Zackeeee! Listen to us chat about her EXTREMELY unique life as a child entertainer, her thoughts on SBTB and her ever-evolving career.


9 Oct 2013