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9 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Chris Snyder. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Chris Snyder, often where they are interviewed.

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9 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Chris Snyder. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Chris Snyder, often where they are interviewed.

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Sherpa Founders Series: Making Bank: An Evolution of Opportunities with Banks.com – with Chris Snyder

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Chris Snyder's career, in essence, has been creatively providing bespoke solutions for clients. Chris speaks about the evolution of opportunities he encountered with Banks.com, the network effects and marketplace models that challenged him during development, and how he is hoping to build a $50M+ company!
Sep 23 2020 · 1hr 35mins
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Doggie Dental Hygiene & How Your Dog’s Teeth Can Affect Their Quality of Life with Board- Certified Dentist, Dr. Chris Snyder

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Don’t we all want our dogs to be comfortable and have the best quality of life possible?

Keeping their teeth and gums healthy is a big, but often overlooked, part of that. 

Today, we are joined by Dr. Chris Snyder from the University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine, and we are talking all things teeth. We'll learn about how to care for our dog's teeth, an online resource for effective dental products, signs of oral pain to be on the lookout for, why tennis balls are bad for toys, anesthesia-free dentals, and much more.

Dr. Chris Snyder is joining us from Madison, Wisconsin. He is a board-certified veterinary dentist, a clinical associate professor at the University of Wisconsin, and a founding fellow of oral and maxillofacial surgery with the American Veterinary Dental College.

If you've ever wanted the opportunity to hear from a board-certified veterinary dentist, now's your chance! Be sure to tune in.  

Show notes available at www.caninecanceracademy.com/podcast-ep-7

Don’t forget to say hello on Instagram @thecaninecaneracademy and on Facebook Canine Cancer Academy 

Aug 10 2020 · 28mins

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#175 How to Coach Kids with Chris Snyder and Nadine Dubina from the US Olympic and Paralympic Committee

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This week on the Way of Champions Podcast, we welcome Chris Snyder and Nadine Dubina from the US Olympic and Paralympic Committee. We dive into how to put fun back into coaching, how to handle push-back from coaches about coach development, and early sport specialization.    Be sure to check out the Quality Coaching Framework on the Team USA website.    Chris Snyder is the director of coaching education for the United States Olympic Committee. In his current role, Snyder focuses on supporting the USOC sport performance department and Team USA coaches His responsibilities include discovering and providing resources to enhance sport culture and the National Governing Bodies that service sport in the United States. Previously, Snyder served as the manager of coaching education and training for U.S. Lacrosse in Baltimore. He has coached competitive sports for more than 12 years.   Nadine Dubina is the Manager of Coach Development for the United States Olympic Committee. Passionate about people, learning and sport, Nadine blends these values with an experiential learning facilitation style to create coach development workshops, courses, and presentations that are unique, practical and purposeful. Nadine believes in and collaborated on creating the 6 guiding principles of the USOC’s Quality Coaching Framework and uses this as the basis for all of her coaching work. She has an ongoing role in the USOC’s National Team Coach Leadership Education Program (NTCLEP), Coach Accelerator Program (CAP) and International Coaching Enrichment Certificate Program (ICECP). Nadine earned an M.A. in Sport Psychology and is currently pursuing her Ed.D in Coaching and Teaching Studies. She was a competitive gymnast and has coached and judged gymnastics at various levels for 10 years.   Listen on, iTunes, Spotify, and Stitcher   Highlights from the Podcast:
  • What does a day at the USOPC look like for Nadine and Chris?
  • How do we out the fun back into coaching?
  • What is the push-back in the coach development community?
  • How can a coach can build on the experiences of previous sessions?
  • High-performing vs High-performance coaching
  • Chris and Nadine talk about the coaching education programs free on https://howtocoachkids.org
  • “If you want to be a good coach, you better be a good teacher!” 
  • When is a good time for an athlete to start specializing?
  • What if a kid doesn't want to specialize in one sport?
  • Why shouldn’t we (with kids under the age of 12) put all the best kids on one team and beat other teams?
  • "The worst thing a club can do: pus a bad coach with the lowest level athletes." 
  • How does setting an age-date disadvantage certain kids?
  • What is it like at the USOPC leading up to the next olympics?
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Jul 05 2020 · 1hr 19mins
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Episode 23 - Interview with Chris Snyder

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On episode 23 of The Healthcare Security Cast we are joined by Former Chief of Police and current Manager of Security Specialized Services at UHealth in Salt Lake City, Utah, Chris Snyder. Chris discusses many topics with us including rebranding and growth of a security program as well as training and how his team is leveraging IAHSS resources and training. 

Thank you to our sponsors: 3D Network Technology and Genetec

Special Mentions: Dustin Banks, Lacey Snyder

Next Guest: Sarah McVanel

Listen to previous episodes: brinehamilton.com/podcast

Jun 02 2020 · 35mins

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020 | How Chris Snyder Acquired Banks.com and His Vision Going Forward

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Chris Snyder is the president of Juhll.com and founder, investor, and managing partner at Banks.com, which he acquired in July of 2019. Juhll, his marketing agency, has helped businesses to grow and connect with other organizations and services through a stern focus on handling the backend of each company's development. Dr. Jeremy Weisz is the co-founder of Rise25, helping B2B businesses connect to their 'Dream 100' clients, referral partners, and get ROI, using a podcast. 

In this episode…

What happens when a small agency invests in a new project that turns heads? And when that same project has the potential to revolutionize the way we do banking online with our family and friends. Find out with Dr. Jeremy Weisz, how Chris Snyder of Juhll, Inc took a risk and acquired banks.com.

Chris Snyder, President of Juhll, a digital marketing agency that helps companies grow and better connect with their target audience. Chris explains how, through a series of fortunate events, he and his team were able to acquire Banks.com. Although he doesn't say the exact price, he won't be selling it for $5 million, now or in the near future, because that would be a drastic undervaluation of a company that could very well change the way we do banking. He plans to take banks.com globally and transparency with his customers and team. With the desire to innovate the way we think about banking, Chris may have started a mini-revolution on how we send money to those that matter.

Mar 25 2020 · 24mins
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Exponential: Sharon Hartung and Chris Snyder

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This week featuring Sharon Hartung, Founder of “Your Digital Undertaker”, and Chris Snyder, author of the book “Creating Opportunities; A Volunteer’s Memoir"

Jul 06 2019 · 41mins
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Episode 59: Christina Paolilla & Chris Snyder Mini Morbid

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Christine Paolilla was the "ugly" duckling who blossomed into an "irresistible" swan, thanks to new friends Rachael Koloroutis and Tiffany Rowell who took the struggling new girl in school under their wings. Suddenly Christine had friends, popularity and a new boyfriend Chris Snyder. But, there are people in this world who truly bite the hands that feed them and Christine did just that. This Mini Morbid may make you think twice about who you trust.
Apr 16 2019 · 29mins
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#015. - Chris Snyder - Honkball to Hollywood

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Born and raised in Knoxville, TN on a mission to make it to the Big Leagues. Chris Snyder talks about learning how to pitch at a young age after giving up on the dream to be a left-handed catcher.
Jun 06 2018 · 47mins
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#6 Chris Snyder: US Olympic Committee Coaching Director on the Secrets of Great Coaches

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Chris Snyder is the Director for Coaching Education in the Sport Performance Division of the United States Olympic Committee. His responsibilities include discovering and providing resources to better benefit sport culture and the National Governing Bodies that service sport in our great nation. In addition, Chris is focused on supporting both the Sport Performance Department and Team USA coaches as they strive to be the best they can be.  Chris has coached for over ten years at both the collegiate and high school ranks, and is currently an assistant coach at Air Academy High School in Colorado Springs, Co.   How to reach Chris:   Chris.Snyder(at)usoc.org - Email Chris to get on their Coaching Newsletter www.teamusa.org/adm - Check out their Athlete Development Model   Show Notes:   2:00 - On going from "worst coach ever" to USOC Director of Coaching   10:00 - The big difference between veteran coaches and rookie coaches   14:50 - "We teach coaches X's and O's AND we teach them coaching"   19:00 - What Coaching Educators can learn from London Cab Drivers   24:30 - How preaching the "soft values" matters for Olympic Sports   30:00 - What FUN is (and is not) to Olympians   35:00 - On The USOC Quality Coaching Framework   44:00 - Chris' advice to coaches wanting to change the system   48:30 - What Chris would tell his younger self


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